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There was no warning or questioning, and even before Wu Qi and his party walked out of the teleportation formation that was still glowing, the captain of the human garrison had ordered them to be killed! Three thousand strong human soldiers surrounded the formation; a thousand holding spears, a thousand halberds, and a thousand crossbows.

Every teleportation formation to outer heavenly realms on Pangu Continent was jointly managed by the Heaven and Great Yu; and every entry point, such as Dayan Immortal Pass, which held important responsibilities of customs, had been heavily garrisoned by both sides. More than five thousand immortal officials and soldiers of the Heaven were stationed here, while Great Yu had eighty thousand soldiers!

At the moment, all the teleportation formations in Dayan Immortal Pass were guarded by numerous human soldiers, while the immortal officials of the Heaven stood at a distance on the top of hills or trees, all talking and gesticulating amongst themselves. None of these immortal officials came forward to intervene; they just watched with bizarre smiles as Wu Qi and his companions were engulfed by thousands of arrows and bolts.

"Damn it!" Wu Qi took a deep breath. He dared not use the True Body of Heaven and Earth; instead, he mustered all his power to exercise the Dragon Transformation technique. Pieces of glistening black dragon scales emerged from under his skin, and by the time the first arrow approached him, he had transformed into a black dragon standing on his hind legs. Without the slightest delay, he stepped aside to stand in front of Princess Zhang Le, protecting her with his massive, scaly body that looked extremely weird.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of arrows hit Wu Qi at the same time; some burst into flames, some erupted into thunderbolts, and some emitted dark smoke which tried to penetrate his body while letting out sharp ghost howls. What was more horrible was that a few arrows had melted on him, smearing his whole body with a nasty green poison.

Neither the flames nor the thunderbolts could penetrate his dragon scales, and with merely a shake of his body, all the dark smoke that contained a deathly aura was immediately dispersed by a great mass of pure dragon aura. But, the nasty green poison was extremely strong; all the dragon scales they touched softened and belched out black smoke with a strange fragrance. Soon enough, the poison had corroded those scales and touched the muscles below.

The sharp pain from the muscles made Wu Qi snort. His eyes went wide as he suddenly spouted a jet of foul black water from his mouth.

After recovering to the realm of Gold Immortals, Ao Buzun had given Wu Qi a strand of his bloodline. That was why Wu Qi was able to transform into a real black dragon now, and even possessed all of their innate divine abilities. The jet of foul black water was called 'Spirit-rotting True Water', which was the ability most frequently used by the black dragons.

The jet of black water, its diameter about the same as a water tank, shot out at a speed hundreds of times faster than the water from a high-pressure faucet, pushing dozens of soldiers with spears or halberds in hands far away. Soaked in black water, the soldiers rolled and shrieked on the ground with chunks of muscles falling off their bodies, all of which emitted think white smoke and looked like pieces of meat just pulled out of a hot pot. In the blink of an eye, the soldiers were reduced to mere skeletons, and their souls had vanished without traces as well.

Lying atop Wu Qi's head, Ao Buzun praised him for being able to unleash such a powerful yet pure Spirit-rotting True Water. Then, the black dragon opened his mouth and stuck out his long tongue to roll up several soldiers who barely reached the realm of Heaven Immortals, swallowing them into his stomach. A few moments later, he burped and spat out a pile of clothes and bronze body armors.

The sudden attack had infuriated the emperors and the ministers of the six dynasties.

Even before they arrived in Pangu Continent, they had learned from Wu Qi what was going on here and what to expect upon their arrival. But when they were really attacked, how could these people, who had always been so proud and regarded themselves as the mightiest people under heaven, hold down their anger?

Yan Dan grunted coldly; a great sheet of grayish-white energy gushed out from behind his back, his Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration springing inside of which with a muffled whistle. As soon as it appeared, the grayish-white energy transformed into numerous arrows and shot in all directions, piercing through the bodies of those around him. Soldiers shrieked as they fell to the ground, their souls sucked into the transmigration disc and ground into pieces.

Not far away from him, Ying Zheng roared loudly for a while as nine vague figures of flood dragons flew up into the sky from behind his back. Accompanied by a deafening dragon roar, he charged into the ranks of Great Yu's soldiers like a heavy tank. With every slash of his Sword of Qin Emperor, dozens of soldiers and their weapons would be cut into two halves. From time to time, he thrust his left fist out, landing each blow into the ground like a meteor that came plummeting down from the sky and creating a huge storm around him. Before the arrows and bolts could get close to him, they were all blown away by the storm and hurt countless human soldiers instead.

Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Meng Ao, Li Xin, Zhang Han, and a whole host of fierce generals of Qin army were on Ying Zheng's side, all slaughtering the enemies without a word. Countless sword lights flashed across the void, and countless soldiers of Great Yu howled miserably while being hacked into pieces. The soldiers killed by others were chopped into three pieces at most, but anyone who stood in front of Bai Qi was chopped into meat paste by the sword lights dashing around him. Blood mist filled the air, and the broken limbs and chunks of flesh were thrown miles away.

The host of fierce generals, including Bai Qi, was like an ambush of savage tigers who had rushed into a herd of lambs. With just a sprint, they had broken the rank of three thousand soldiers into two halves.

Several military officers of Great Yu hurriedly shouted and waved their weapons, calling in soldiers to encircle and suppress this host of fierce men. But as soon as the highest-ranking military officer present had given a few orders, everyone heard a twang; Li Xin had released his bowstring and shot out an arrow, which pierced through the air in a bright light and impaled the military officer, coming out of his back and killing eighteen more elite soldiers standing behind him.

The other military officers watched aghast as their superior clutched his pierced throat and slowly fell to the ground. But, before they could react, Jing Ke had appeared at their side like a ghost. He transformed into a blinding flash of light and pierced their hearts, as well as that of the guards standing near them.

The blinding flash of light skimmed over the ranks of soldiers, killing seven colonels and thirty-eight lieutenants before returning to Yan Dan and transforming back into Jing Ke, whose body was drenched in blood.

Deep, muffled roaring suddenly rang out. Fan Yuqi, whose body was big and tough like a massive iron ingot, together with Lian Po, Yue Yi, and others brave generals of the six dynasties, formed a small assault formation and charged into the ranks of the soldiers. Although there were fewer than thirty generals in this small assault formation, they were all mighty warriors.

Except for the generals of Great Qin who were fighting on their own, generals from five other dynasties had joined the assault formation. They were all famous generals who had killed countless people and commanded millions of soldiers in the past. The murderous aura emanating from any one of them easily outweighed the might of the army of eighty thousand soldiers in Dayan Immortal Pass.

Wherever the small assault formation passed, soldiers were thrown off their feet, flung into the air, and torn into pieces. Of all the military officers and soldiers present, many possessed cultivation bases stronger than this host of savage men. However, Fan Yuqi and the others could easily have killed them with just a random stare or a loud battle cry.

In just a few short breaths of time, all three thousand soldiers of Great Yu who had besieged Wu Qi and his party were slaughtered. At this time, Tian Wen, Zhao Sheng, Qu Ping, and Wei Wuji, the four emperors and their ministers, had not yet been able to attack.

The broken limbs and bodies of three thousand soldiers spilled all over the place, and the ground was covered with a thick layer of blood. Turning a blind eye to the bloody and messy surroundings, the emperors of the six dynasties and their subjects wiped their weapons with their sleeves. They all looked relaxed as if they were only going on a casual outing. Although there were still tens of thousands of Great Yu's soldiers stationed nearby, none of them was taking them seriously.

"A bunch of wild chickens and stray dogs, I could have killed them all by myself! Anyhow, their cultivation bases are pretty decent. If I can train them hard for a year, each of them can become the strongest soldier!" As the general with the most notorious reputation among the rest, Bai Qi was lazily wiping his sword while making a fair assessment of the soldiers.

He was right. Although these soldiers had very decent cultivation bases, and many of them were even stronger than the emperors and ministers of the six dynasties, their combat ability was inferior. In the eyes of Bai Qi and others, these soldiers and military officers of Great Yu guarding Dayan Immortal Pass were merely little chicks who did not yet know what war and massacre was!

The brutal and highly efficient killing stunned everyone present. The commander of Dayan Immortal Pass looked stiffly at the broken limbs and bodies around Wu Qi and others, his body shaking uncontrollably.

Across the distance, the eyes of the Immortal Lord stationed in Dayan Immortal Pass lit up. He grabbed one of his officials and quietly ordered him to find out where Wu Qi and his party came from; or better yet, to draw them over to Heaven and make them the Heaven's officials.

The bizarre atmosphere lasted about ten minutes. As Wu Qi and his companions cleared the blood from their bodies and were about to leave Dayan Immortal Pass, the commander of Great Yu suddenly pointed at them and shouted hysterically, "You are all rebels of Myriad Immortal Alliance! Attention, everyone! Form the Six Gates Formation and kill them all... No, leave a few alive! I want to cut them into pieces, burn their corpses and scatter the ashes to the winds!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Three loud battle cries echoed through Dayan Immortal Pass. All eighty thousand soldiers stationed here, except the three thousand who were killed by Wu Qi and his party, stormed into action. It was only seconds before they formed a massive formation, about dozens of miles in circumference, around Wu Qi and his party.

Dozens of large flying ships took off from a distant valley. With more than three thousand Oracles hovering around them, they sped toward the battlefield.

While chanting a strange mantra, all the Oracles quickly crushed countless bone talismans and sprinkled great sheets of spirit light down, enchanting the soldiers with layer upon layer of magic. Amidst the sonorous chanting, the soldiers' eyes turned red, and their morale soared a hundredfold.

The surrounding natural energy suddenly stopped flowing as six rays of light pierced into the sky from the formation and turned into six gates, sealing off the void.

An enormous pressure came pouring over from all directions, causing Wu Qi and his companions to suddenly feel stiff and hard to move.

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