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Outside Ji City, the soldiers and people who had been carefully selected and were completely loyal to the six dynasties stood neatly in innumerable ten thousand-person phalanxes. Together, the six dynasties had assembled more than a billion people here. Except for some members of the imperial clan and generals who were left behind to defend the territory and slowly develop their national strength, the elites of the six dynasties were all here, ready to set out on an expedition to Pangu Continent.

It would have been impossible for the six dynasties to assemble a billion people on the plains outside Ji City if they did not have enough Heaven Immortals today. When ten thousand people got together, they would form a boundless sea of people, and when one hundred million people gathered in one place, it would be an unimaginably monstrous scene. And yet, there were a billion people gathered on this spot!

If it had not been for the cultivators of the six dynasties flying low over the sky and chanting various mantras to calm the people's minds, the massive ranks would have been in chaos already.

At a glance, the plain was thick with heads. When the billion people breathed in at the same time, a gust of strong wind would blow across the area; when they breathed out at the same time, the clouds in the sky would churn and scatter; when they stamped their feet together, the ground would tremble while smoke and dust would rise into the sky.

On a newly erected earthen platform, the emperors and ministers of the six dynasties stood in a row behind Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le. They looked at the couple with complex eyes, all curious to see how they would take the billion people to Pangu Continent. The cost of getting to Pangu Continent through teleportation formation from outer heavenly realms was astronomical. So, if all the billion people were to travel by normal means, the cost would be huge enough to bankrupt the six dynasties ten thousand times.

Wu Qi looked at Princess Zhang Le with a smile on his face. His interstitial world was pure chaos, and although he could materialize mountains, hills, and other terrains as natural as nature, it took a lot of energy and effort to maintain and control them. Princess Zhang Le's interstitial world, however, was already a verdant one, with a vast expanse of land sufficient enough for the billion people to rest for a short period.

Princess Zhang Le gave him a gentle smile and then raised her hands slowly. Beams of five-colored light began to radiate out from between her fingers and quickly formed an arched door in front of her. Through the door, which was about a thousand feet long and wide, everyone could vaguely see some mountains and rivers, a sun and a moon, and all kinds of beautiful scenery, while feeling a steady stream of strong natural energy pouring out of it. The emperors and ministers of six dynasties could not help but take a deep breath when the soothing and refreshing energy came caressing their faces.

Ying Zheng and others stared in shock at the arched door. Just the natural energy emanating from Princess Zhang Le's interstitial world alone was several times more intense than it was on Myriad Immortals Planet, such that they could not even imagine the concentration of natural energy in it. In fact, although the size of her interstitial world was not large, as it contained half of the energy veins of Green Cliff Planet, White Cloud Planet, and Myriad Immortals Planet, the concentration of the natural energy inside was more than two hundred times that of Myriad Immortals Planet.

A blaze of five-colored light burst from the arched door and quickly enveloped hundreds of phalanxes. Then, the light flickered, and all the people enveloped by it suddenly disappeared. One blaze of light after another continued to surge out of the door, as countless people in the plain continued to disappear. It was only a quarter of an hour later that the billion people and over ten million soldiers of the six dynasties were taken into her interstitial world.

A soft and gentle voice rang out in Princess Zhang Le's interstitial world, singing an old ballad. Those who were sucked into the interstitial world felt as if they had returned to their infant years, hearing their old grandmother whispering a lullaby in their ears. Surrounded by a dense, almost liquid natural energy, the billion people and soldiers closed their eyes and fell asleep peacefully.

Natural energy slowly seeped into the bodies of these people and soldiers, slowly changing their body constitution. Even with Princess Zhang Le's mighty divine ability to increase the speed, it would still take months to get back to Pangu Continent from the outer heavenly realm. In the meantime, she would control her interstitial world to slowly improve the body constitution of these people, so that their latent potential could take a great leap by the time they arrived at Pangu Continent.

At the very least, the nearly twenty million soldiers of the six dynasties would be much faster at cultivating the cultivation technique of the human race.

Of course, this adjustment was also targeted. If the people and soldiers of Great Yan received 100 percent of the benefits, then those of the other five dynasties only received ten percent, at the most. Princess Zhang Le was quite clear on this, as she had never been a bleeding heart!

If Wu Qi had not taken a fierce advantage of the other five dynasties during the formation of the alliance—not only all the materials that Great Yan had to offer to Hei Mo had been apportioned among the other five dynasties, he had also bloated the number so that Great Yan and himself could get a fair share— Princess Zhang Le would not have wasted her energy to help the people and soldiers of the other five dynasties!

But now, the five dynasties had already begun to devise the strategy of scraping the land as soon as they arrived Pangu Continent due to the massive amount of materials required. In order to increase their efficiency so that Great Yan and Wu Qi could obtain the materials and offer them to Hei Mo faster, helping free the emperor and ministers of Great Yan from the curses faster, Princess Zhang Le naturally had to give them a little benefit.

After transferring the billion people and soldiers into her interstitial world, Princess Zhang Le turned to the emperors and ministers of the six dynasties.

Sheets of five-colored light sprinkled down from the sky. Apart from the emperors and their most important courtiers, all the members of the imperial clans and the descendants of the influential clans were transferred into the interstitial world. Out of respect for the emperors and the ministers of the six dynasties, they would not be brought to Pangu Continent by means of smuggling. However, their children and grandchildren did not get to enjoy such a privilege.

Soon, only the six emperors and their most important courtiers were left on the earthen platform, about several hundred of them. These were the same people that King Yang Shan had taken to Myriad Immortals Planet, where they had carved out a territory and laid the foundations of the six dynasties.

The emperors and their courtiers exchanged complicated looks, and then led by Ying Zheng, laughed in unison while the courtiers applauded and laughed together. After that, Ying Zheng waved his hand, and a chariot pulled by nine flood dragons appeared before them. Wu Qi, Princess Zhang Le, and everyone else got on the chariot. Soon, a jet of black light shot up into the sky from outside Ji City and sped away toward the nearest administrative center of this heavenly realm.

In Ji City, several members of Great Yan imperial clan who stayed behind fell solemnly to their knees and bowed at the rapidly disappearing black light in the sky. The future of the six dynasties was uncertain. They might create an unprecedented inheritance in Pangu Continent, or they might lose everything. No one could predict the future, or the time when they would meet again.

With Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le leading the way, they soon arrived in Yu Hua Heavenly Realm. In the square in front of the immortal abode in Yu Hua Immortal City, they stepped into the teleportation formation to Pangu Continent.

The atmosphere in Yu Hua Immortal City at the moment was very bizarre and tense. The garrisons of the human race and the Heaven were paying close attention to each other, and it seemed that a battle could erupt at any moment. The once bustling city had become sparsely populated. Except for some native cultivators and immortals, as well as some money-hungry merchants and vendors, the whole city was deserted, seeming like a ghost town.

Outside the teleportation formation to Pangu Continent, the garrisons of the Heaven and the human race stood on opposite sides of the square. The Heaven had three thousand soldiers, while the human race had twenty thousand soldiers camped in the square. Both sides were watching nervously as people walked out of the formation. Nothing would happen if they were immortals or cultivators, but once they were ordinary mortals, the ranks on both sides would immediately fall into chaos.

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le exchanged a glance. They knew this was the result of their killing of Yu Zong.

Yu Zong, who commanded the garrisons of the human race in thousands of large and small heavenly realms around Yu Hua Heavenly Realm, was the supreme ruler of Great Yu Dynasty in the realm. Ever since he was killed by two passing immortals, the higher-ups of Great Yu had suspected if it was the Heaven's plan. So, there was a lot of tension in Yu Hua Immortal City right now, all because of Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le. Although they killed Yu Zong with no specific plan in mind, the murder did not seem so simple to Great Yu's higher-ups.

Pangu Continent was at war, and the consequences would be too grave if the Heaven took the opportunity to attack the garrisons of the human race in outer heavenly realms.

That was why the atmosphere here was so tense. Whenever a mortal stepped out of the formation, there would be a commotion breaking out on both sides. The Heaven's immortal officials had to be on guard against the arrival of the new commander of the human race, and whether this new commander would launch a retaliatory attack on Yu Hua Heavenly Realm. On the other side, the garrison of the human race was ready to protect their new commander, because if even the latter was killed, how were they going to answer the higher-ups?

Because of this situation, when Wu Qi and others walked into the teleportation formation, they did not face too much questioning. The few immortal officers in charge of the formation hurriedly asked Wu Qi and others to select the corresponding formation on Pangu Continent with the attitude of sending off the plague, and then activated the formation to teleport them away.

According to these immortal officials, it would be better for all the strange cultivators to leave this place and go to Pangu Continent rather than continuing to stay here and make things worse.

Right now, Yu Hua Immortal City was like an oversized powder keg that could be triggered instantly by a single spark. Any passing immortal who clashed here with the garrison of the human race was bound to trigger a conflict that would sweep through Yu Hua Heavenly Realm. The consequences would be something that even Heavenly Lord San Yu, the highest official of the Heaven in Yu Hua Heavenly Realm, could not afford to bear.

So, Wu Qi and his party came to Pangu Continent without any incident. With Princess Zhang Le and his help, it took them less than five months to reach Dayan Immortal Pass, which Wu Qi had deliberately chosen and took only three months to travel to Zhong Province from there!

Before the emperors and their courtiers, such as Yan Dan and Ying Zheng, recovered from the shock brought by Pangu Continent's beautiful scenery and excellent natural conditions, troops of human soldiers had surrounded them from all sides. Spears, halberds, crossbows, and all kinds of glowing weapons were pointing in their faces.

A human captain strode over, then pointed at Wu Qi and his party while snapping, "They are the rebels from the Myriad Immortal Alliance… Kill them!"

Muffled twanging kept ringing out as countless arrows and bolts came raining down on them.

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