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Wu Qi's fleshly body had been elevated to the peak first tier Heaven Immortal realm in Zhong Ning City. When the blood light fell on him, it could no longer strengthen his body, and instead was quickly digested by chaotic energy and turned into his energy.

In term of both fleshly body and energy, however, Lord Xiansheng and the others were far inferior to Wu Qi. Their physical strength and energy level rose rapidly as they kept absorbing the blood light. Wu Qi could clearly perceive that Lord Xiansheng's energy level was surging at an incredible rate. In just the blink of an eye, he had broken through from thirty-sixth tier to twenty-seventh tier Heaven Immortal Realm. Then, a rapid popping and crackling noise was heard coming out of his body, which had been greatly benefited as well.

All the others had benefited greatly from the blood light as well. Gold Horn, Silver Horn, Catfish, and Ao Buzun had their overall strength elevated to the same level as Lord Xiansheng, while Peppermint and Angelica's cultivation bases were forcibly pushed to the level of thirty-third tier Heaven Immortal Realm. It frightened the two little girls and made them scream. They did not know how to control the enormous immortal energy that suddenly appeared in their bodies, and it seemed that the energy was soon leaking out.

Off to the side, Su Qin was clenching his jaw tightly. His body was blinking and flashing with starlight, and the level of his immortal energy was quickly rising from thirty-sixth tier to eighteen-tier Heaven Immortal Realm. He had been cultivating the Dao for over two thousand years, which made his enlightenment of the Heavenly Dao far greater than that of the others. What he lacked was only the immortal energy; therefore, he reaped the most benefits.

Yan Bugui and the one thousand elites of Scouting Office exercised the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture together. Under Princess Zhang Le's arrangement, Yan Bugui had obtained a large portion of the blood light, and his cultivation base quickly rose to the same level as Lord Xiansheng, while the other one thousand elites were able to break through the thirty-sixth tier Heaven Immortal realm. It was an amazing result to produce one thousand lower-tier Heaven Immortals in just a flash.

As the officiant, Princess Zhang Le alone enjoyed thirty percent of all the blood light. The great powers were constantly pouring into her, and as the powers in her body and those of the ghosts and deities were almost coming from the same source, she did not feel the slightest pain when she received them. Her long hair fluttered while her body was shrouded in divine rays, and a horrible aura was spreading out of her as her overall strength advanced higher and higher. Soon, it was approaching Wu Qi's level.

Boundless ominous aura rushed into the blood light, and was quickly transformed into energy that Wu Qi and the others could absorb. The cultivation base of Princess Zhang Le and the others was still rising. Their auras became stronger and stronger, and gradually, there were purple tribulation clouds gathering in the sky. For those who were cultivating the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, such as Wu Qi, breaking through realms would not attract tribulation clouds. However, when Lord Xiansheng and the others, who were cultivating Immortality, made the breakthrough, they immediately attracted tribulation clouds.

With so many people making a breakthrough in such a small area, and all of them breaking through more than one tier, they had attracted extremely horrible tribulation clouds. It had actually reached the level of a Gold Immortal chain thunder tribulation! The scary aura of thunder tribulation rolled down from the sky, turning the faces of Lord Xiansheng and the others pale. There was no way they could withstand the bombardment of such a severe tribulation.

Wu Qi's face fell at the sight of the tribulation clouds. "Split up quickly!" he shouted. "Each of you has to transcend your own tribulation at least one thousand miles apart from the others!"

But, before his words could fade, the obscure dark shadow in the sky shouted with surprise, "How could there be so many Immortals mixed in the sacrificial ceremony of the human race? The situation on Pangu Continent seems to be getting more amusing and confusing, eh?" Accompanied by a deep whistle, the huge shadow stretched out one hand and shattered the thunder tribulations with just one slap, then grabbed them up and shoved them into its mouth. Then, it chewed at the tribulations as if they were some nuts, and swallowed them down in just seconds.

The Gold Immortal thunder tribulation seemed to have a great benefit to the shadow, as after swallowing them, its obscure appearance looked much clearer. Nodding its head satisfactorily, the shadow said, "Oh humans, if you can offer three hundred and sixty more blood sacrifices of the same quality or better as you did today, I would be fine being the Ancestor God of your clan, and allow you to borrow my power!"

Laughing deeply, the shadow said, "Lady officiant, remember my true name… I am Lei Meng! When you have gathered up offerings equivalent to today's and hold another blood sacrificial ceremony, call me by my true name so that no one may come and fight with me. Hehe… You can also hold three hundred and sixty blood sacrifice ceremonies at the same time, and I'll directly become the Ancestor God of your clan!"

Amidst a deep howling, Lei Meng slowly disappeared, and the spinning dark clouds in the sky shattered abruptly. It was evident that this fellow had destroyed the spatial tunnel Princess Zhang Le had created with spells. It did not want to let other equally powerful ghosts and deities know that Wu Qi was using Immortals as offerings. Even the blood essence and souls of the ordinary humans could bring great benefits to these ghosts and deities, let alone thousands of Immortals and itinerant cultivators!

While frowning, Wu Qi looked at Princess Zhang Le and asked, "Is it good to have an Ancestor God?"

Princess Zhang Le turned into a colorful glow and flew to Wu Qi. Beaming with joy, she nodded and said, "Of course! We can borrow the Ancestor God's power directly if we have one. Depending on the richness of our offerings, we can borrow up to sixty percent of his divine power."

Sixty percent divine power of a mighty Ancestor God, who was as strong as a top-tier Gold Immortal? Although it would cost countless offerings to borrow its power every time, that was still worthwhile, wasn't it? Even Reverend Yao Yue had borrowed a Gold Immortal item from Myriad Immortal Alliance to hunt the Green Dome Shark, which was the same idea. If one wished to borrow a power or equipment that he did not own, he would always have to pay the price.

"Then," said Wu Qi while nodding forcefully, "I must be more enthusiastic about joining Great Yu's attack against the Myriad Immortal Alliance. By doing so, not only can I obtain more military merit, but also sacrifice some of them to Lei Meng. Aye, why do I have a feeling that I am becoming a human trafficker?"

Princess Zhang Le just smiled cheerfully.

The ominous aura gradually dissipated, allowing the golden sunlight to sprinkle down. In the newly cleared fields on the fertile soil, fresh sprouts glinted faintly under the bright sunlight. The ground was clean, without even a drop of blood, even though a grand blood sacrifice ceremony had just concluded. The altar vanished without a trace with just a gentle wave of Princess Zhang Le's hand. A sea breeze came blowing over from the ocean, fluttering Wu Qi and the others' sleeves.

Looking at the towering golden walls of Dong Hai City in the distance, Wu Qi suddenly threw his head back and laughed.

Influenced by his laugh, Su Qin, whose cultivation base had skyrocketed, was the first to burst into laughter. His body was surrounded by swirling starlight, and from time to time, it produced a deep rumble, which sounded like the noise produced by the friction between a star spinning in space and the surrounding magnetic forces. Then, Yan Bugui laughed as well. With a leap, he sprung tens of miles high into the air and punched out, clearing away all the clouds within one hundred miles with an invisible force.

Lord Xiansheng let out a long roar as he waved his hand to produce a halberd. A dark cloud emerged beneath his feet, carrying him up into the sky, flying towards Yan Bugui. Then, he swung and thrust the halberd towards the man. Upon seeing that, Yan Bugui cheered loudly and greeted the halberd with his fists that were tougher than diamonds. For a moment, the air rang with the clashing of metals and deep, thunderous booms. Frightened by the deafening noises, the people in Dong Hai City quickly ran back to their homes, shutting the doors and windows.

Excited by the fight, Ao Buzun brought his three feet long body up into the air, then gestured provocatively at Catfish with his front claws and said, "Hey, ugly fish head, do you wanna fight with me? Hehe, how many years have I not fought with someone? Well, consider this a great honor, as you are my first opponent after I've been reborn!"

Catfish's eyes turned blue with anger as she roared furiously, "I am ugly? Damn you!"

Lifting up the giant hammer and rolling up her sleeves, Catfish roared and rushed towards Ao Buzun. Loud booms rang out once again as both of them locked each other into a fierce fight in the sky. Catfish's hammer was heavy and powerful, and Ao Buzun's body was hard as steel; the two of them fought head-on as if they were sworn enemies.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn exchanged a glance. The brothers shrunk their heads, smacked their lips, and quickly flew towards Dong Hai City. All the offerings prepared for the sacrifice ceremony had been devoured by Lei Meng, and they were hungry now. So, it was only natural for them to find some delicious meats now; otherwise, they would feel very sorry for themselves.

Panic-stricken, Peppermint and Angelica rushed to the front of Princess Zhang Le and Wu Qi. Because of the blood sacrifice, the two little girls had been abruptly promoted from little Gold Core cultivators to thirty-third tier Heaven Immortals. Their divine senses were too weak, and they did not have the experience to control such an enormous power, which made them weep with fear.

Without hesitation, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le quickly confined the enormous immortal energy in the sisters' bodies with restrictive spells, making the energy gradually increase along with their experiences. At last Wu Qi realized that the power obtained through blood sacrificial ceremony was too strong and too rapid. For Immortals, when their experiences and divine senses could not control the skyrocketed immortal energy, their bodies might explode and kill them. On the contrary, the warriors and Oracles of the human race could benefit from the same ceremony without restriction, and there would be no such trouble.

In any case, Dong Hai County had gained a great deal of benefits after unintentionally attracting Lei Meng, a mighty ghost, with Reverend Yao Yue, his clan members, and hundreds of thousands of livestock as offerings.

Now, in terms of combative power, they had Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, two top-tier Heaven Immortals; Su Qin, an eighteenth tier Heaven Immortal; Lord Xiansheng, Catfish, Ao Buzun, Gold Horn, Silver Horn, and Yan Bugui, five twenty-seventh Heaven Immortals; one thousand elites of Scouting Office, who had just stepped into Heaven Immortal realm. In Great Yu, a combined overall strength such as this had been the strength of a third-grade province.

In addition, there were one million common people in Dong Hai County, thirty thousand newly recruited soldiers, and a large amount of money and resources Wu Qi seized from Mount Moon Gazing. Together with Su Qin, a master of government, and the ruthless and decisive Princess Zhang Le, who had no idea of mercy, the development of Dong Hai County immediately entered the fast lane.

A year later, Dong Hai County had become very different from the past.

And in this year, Wu Qi had also plunged into Great Yu's battle against Myriad Immortal Alliance, making countless contributions.

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