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Under the influence of the ominous aura, blood constantly spurted out of the slaughtered livestock and shot into the sky like fountains, turning into countless blood beads about the size of a fist and suspending in the air, smearing the world red. Attracted by the strong scent of blood, the innumerable ominous aura continuously injected into the blood beads. The strong and sticky scent of blood filled the air and kept penetrating everyone's body through their pores, causing Angelica and Peppermint, who were standing beside Wu Qi, to look pale with terror and dare not to raise their heads.

With saliva dripping out of their big mouths, Gold Horn, Silver Horn, and Catfish were staring greedily at the countless blood beads in the sky, as well as the corpses of livestock on the ground. Catfish had paid more attention to her image, as she had covered her mouth with a handkerchief. But, the python brothers did not care about that, and their mouths dropped open with saliva streaming down like a brook.

Stealthily, Ao Buzun also craned his head out of Wu Qi's chest. He glanced nervously at the python brothers and muttered some curses, then turned to give the blood beads a covetous glance before shaking his head and sinking back down.

On the altar, Princess Zhang Le, with a bone knife in her hand, began to recite a complex mantra. Circles of gray ripples spread around her, turning into a hazy shadow shooting straight into the sky. A few miles from the ground, large dark clouds were gathering, spinning rapidly with gusts of chilly wind blowing out. Forlorn whistling rang out from within the spinning clouds, and fuzzy figures gradually squeezed out of them.

Wu Qi frowned. The ghosts and deities that emerged from the spinning clouds seemed to be a group of malnourished little ghosts. Judging by their auras, the strongest among them was only as strong as a Heaven Immortal, with the rest in the realms of Nascent Divinity, Nascent Soul, and even Gold Core. He shook his head in displeasure. Today was the day of great ominousness, and many clans were holding sacrifice ceremonies at the same time on Pangu Continent. He feared that most of the mighty ghosts and deities had gone to the powerful clans to enjoy a rich blood feast, and would not come to Dong Hai County, a small, remote place that was holding its first blood sacrificial ceremony.

"Damn it! How can you take advantage of us when you are so weak?" Together, Gold Horn and Silver Horn flew into the sky, opened their big mouths, and swallowed the little ghosts and deities who had sprung cautiously out of the dark clouds. The air rang with pitiful howls and shrieks. These visitors from the other domain never dreamed that not only would they not get to enjoy a grand feast, instead, they would become the tonics of the python brothers!

Most probably, Wu Qi and his company were the only group of people under the heaven who could be so fierce and ruthless. There were no other powerful clans on Pangu Continent who would commit such a terrible act - devouring the summoned ghosts and deities just because they were too weak!

The influential and wealthy clans on Pangu Continent worshiped these ghosts and deities with great reverence, so even the weakest ghosts and deities were able to take some of the leftovers from their sacrifices. But, Wu Qi and his company... Well, there was no way to describe what they had done! It was like immediately turning a guest into a dish that went with the wine after inviting them to a dinner! It was simply nasty!

If truth be told, these ghosts and deities were the aggregates of the purest energy, and they also contained the mysterious soul source power. In the hands of Fiends and Demon Immortals, they were the materials to refine magical treasures. But for Ao Buzun, they were simply spirit pills that could nourish his energy and speed up his recovery!

Upon seeing that the python brothers were having a grand feast, Ao Buzun sprung out of Wu Qi's body with his big mouth opened. A powerful suction came out of his mouth as he began to frantically devour the little ghosts and deities that flew out of the dark clouds.

Catfish could no longer hold herself back when she saw Ao Buzun taking action. She simply transformed into her true form and flew up into the sky, then opened her hundreds of feet wide mouth to crazily devour the invited guests. Eventually, Lord Xiansheng also joined them, transforming into a dragon and finishing off the pure energy aggregates.

Wu Qi was dumbfounded at first, but soon, he was tempted as well. These energy aggregates were of great benefit to him as well. His chaotic energy could digest even lumps of earth and stones, let alone these little ghosts and deities who had gathered great energy in their bodies! Throwing his head back and letting out a loud, long roar, he exercised the Dharma Idol divine ability and turned himself one thousand feet tall. Then, with both hands spreading out, a beam of black light shot out of his chest to crazily draw the little ghosts and deities out of the dark clouds like a small black hole.

The suction of the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique was far stronger than that of the python brothers and the others. So, as soon as Wu Qi joined the feast, at least forty of the one hundred little ghosts and deities were devoured by him, and the remaining sixty were shared amongst the others.

Standing under the altar, the faces of Su Qin, Yan Bugui, and one thousand elites of Scouting Office turned dark. With his hands clasped behind his back, Su Qin shook his head and muttered, "This is what happens when all courtesy is lost, righteousness is ruined, and morals fail! It is fine for you to offer sacrifice to the ghosts and deities, but how can you devour them just because they are weak? Y-yo-you... You are more savage than those unscrupulous merchants!"

Shaking his head, Su Qin suddenly laughed, "Oh well, it doesn't hurt to be shameless just once! Compared to the Yin ghosts that come after dead men, the Celestial Five Ghosts made of these ghosts and deities are much stronger!"

With a wave of his hands, countless tiny silver rays shot out of his fingertips and interwove into a giant net of light in the sky. Then, he used the net to scoop up dozens of little ghosts and deities, whose cultivation bases were about the realm of Nascent Divinity, then turned them into fist-sized spirit pearls and tucked them under his sleeves. As soon as Su Qin struck, the luck of the little ghosts and deities immediately ran out. The net covered a hundred miles of area, without any room to escape. Initially, there was still hope for them to escape from Wu Qi and the others, but now with the Su Qin's giant net blocking all the possible escape routes, they had lost their last hope.

Yan Bugui's face turned even darker. "All courtesy is lost, righteousness is ruined, and the morals have failed?" He murmured, "Aren't you holding the candle to the devil by doing the same as them, Old Mister? Aye, the pot is calling the kettle black!"

These little ghosts and deities had no effect on Yan Bugui and those who had practiced the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture. So, he and the one thousand elites of Scouting Office just stood steadily at the same place without attending the feast, barely reserving a sense of righteousness for this world where 'all courtesy was lost, righteousness was ruined, and the morals had failed!'

A total of nearly eight thousand little ghosts and deities emerged out of the spinning dark clouds, but Wu Qi and his company devoured and captured them all. Together, their power was probably the equivalent of all the energy of a mid-tier Heaven Immortal, which was insignificant for Wu Qi. However, the vast soul source power contained in them had greatly benefited him. Although his cultivation base was only slightly increased, the strength of his soul had increased by three times!

With the strength of his soul increased three times, the power of his divine sense was comparable to a first tier Heaven Immortal. As long as he refined and purified the newly gained soul power with his True Flame, his overall strength would surely rise by a large margin.

After spending a little over an hour to devour all the little ghosts and deities, a powerful ghost finally appeared in the dark cloud. A ghost, with six curving horns stretching out of its head, its body covered in white hair and emanating an aura as strong as a top-tier Heaven Immortal, swaggered out of the dark cloud. Upon making its appearance, it threw its head back and let out a loud roar, "All the... sacrifices... mine... You... get out of here!"

This was the most common situation among the ghosts and deities - the weaklings would retreat in presence of the strong, and the strong would enjoy all the offerings. Once the strong ghosts and deities appeared, they would certainly emanate a pressure to drive out the weaklings.

After howling for a while, the mighty ghost was instantly struck dumb when it looked down at the altar.

The surroundings of the altar were clean and tidy, with countless aromatic blood beads and fleshly bodies waiting for it to enjoy. But, none of the annoying little ghosts and deities were in sight. The simple-minded ghost was somewhat overwhelmed. It looked to the left, then to the right, and yet could not find any of the little ghosts and deities. All it could see was Wu Qi and his company, who stood beneath the altar, burping and looking at it with great reverence.

Laughing dryly, the ghost murmured, "Am I the first to come today?"

As Princess Zhang Le squinted at the ghost, who probably had the cultivation base of a third tier Heaven Immortal, the bone knife in her hand quietly sliced through the neck of one of Reverend Yao Yue's clan members. The man was a thirtieth tier Heaven Immortal. Golden blood spurted out of his throat, and was quickly held up by the ominous aura and turned into hundreds of fist-sized golden blood beads. Then, they began to soar into the sky.

The ghost's eyes brightened. "Sacrifice with an Immortal? Excellent!"

The ghost stretched out its big hand to grab the man, who had floated slowly from the altar. But, when its claws were about a hundred feet away from the man, a cluster of black thunders suddenly darted out of the dark cloud behind, and a terrible aura pressed down from the sky. A colossal shadow had appeared silently behind the ghost. With a gently slap, the shadow threw the ghost far, far away.

"Scram!" The shadow cried out indifferently. Countless thunderbolts darted out of its body, which stood over a hundred miles tall. Because of its appearance, the vicinity of Dong Hai City became completely dark, with only occasional flashes illuminating everything.

Wu Qi stared gladly at the shadow. It was a ghost above the realm of Gold Immortal, and of the most powerful kind. The shadow was not its true-self but only the projection. Even the projection itself was as strong as a Gold Immortal, so one could only wonder how strong its true self was. And, because it was so powerful that it could not penetrate the stable void surrounding Pangu Continent, it could only come here with the help of a projection.

As the ghost, who was enveloped in dark clouds, took a deep breath, all the blood beads floating in the air and the bodies of livestock flew up into the dark clouds. Muffled sounds of chewing rang without an end, accompanied by vague praises.

With the bone knife, Princess Zhang Le killed all of Reverend Yao Yue's clan members on the altar. At last, she stabbed the knife into Reverend Yao Yue's forehead, fulfilling her vow to wreak vengeance on him.

Reverend Yao Yue, as well as all of his clan members, flew up into the sky and disappeared into the dark clouds.

Immediately, a great sheet of blood light shot out of the dark clouds, injecting into the bodies of Yan Bugui and the one thousand elites of Scouting Office.

Standing beside Wu Qi, Lord Xiansheng and the others were also injected with the blood light, their bodies trembling violently.

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