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More than two hundred Heaven Immortals who came in sixty-odd small groups had gathered above Qianzhang Lake. They were all allies of Myriad Immortal Alliance, some from outer heavenly realms, and some born and raised on Pangu Continent.

Catfish, who had been covering the wound on her abdomen with hands, exercising her cultivation technique to stabilize her condition, and using the herbs collected by Qianzhang Dragon King to nurse her external wound. She stared fiercely at those Heaven Immortals hovering above the water as she suddenly breathed out a deep sigh and said, "We are in deep trouble... Not only can we not eat any of these delicious Immortals today, we might even be eaten by them!"

Princess Zhang Le plucked up her spirit and came next to Catfish, then raised her head to stare at those Heaven Immortals. She shook her head with a frown.

In just over a month, more than two hundred Heaven Immortals were able to accurately grasp Princess Zhang Le and her company's traces, and even found them in Qianzhang Lake. The latent power of Myriad Immortal Alliance on Pangu Continent could only be described as terrifying. On top of that, these pursuers, among whom, the strongest one was a twentieth tier Heaven Immortal, were only ordinary allies from the Wandering Immortal Hall. It was imaginable how strong the other powers of Myriad Immortal Alliance were.

The Heaven Immortals were still arguing about who should claim the rich reward. But, when there were so many of them together, with no one being much stronger than the other, no conclusion could be reached even after one hour of intense debating. After all, the Divine Hall had only promised three requests, and it meant only three of them could enjoy the rewards, while the rest would not get anything at all. So, who would pass up this opportunity without any reason?

Lord Xiansheng came to Princess Zhang Le, dragging the weak and listless Gold Horn and Silver Horn with him. "Catfish will make the escape with Zhang Le while I stay here to fight them. At any rate, I am the Dragon King conferred by the Heaven. They will not dare to kill me." As he said that, he took out the seal that once belonged to Wanying Dragon King and waved it before them, trying to make his words more convincing.

Princess Zhang Le shook her head and said coolly, "How am I going to explain to Wu Qi if he knows I've abandoned his brother?"

With a sneer and a cold gleam flickering in her eyes, Princess Zhang Le clenched her teeth and said, "Li Qinghua, Myriad Immortal Alliance... I'll definitely pay you back a hundred times for today's enmity! Whatever this Myriad Immortal Alliance is, I'll definitely kill and slaughter all the people related to it!"

Even as she said that, she crouched down and pressed her palms heavily at the bottom of Qianzhang Lake. The huge lake suddenly trembled, and the few small energy veins flowing under the lake began to shake. As soon as the energy veins were stirred, the mountains and the earth ten thousand miles around them began to totter and quake. Abruptly, a great number of mountain peaks crumbled and collapsed, ground sunk a hundred miles deep, while numerous rifts were opening up everywhere. From them, a vast earth energy towered several hundred miles into the sky.

The Immortals, who were hovering above the lake and arguing were startled by the sudden commotion. One after another, they quickly flew up into the sky, glancing down at the land around Qianzhang Lake which was quaking and swaying as if the end of the world was here. One of them, a sexy lady who was clad in a palace outfit, gave a sudden exclamation, "What is going on? Why are the energy veins under the lake vanishing?"

She was right. Princess Zhang Le had used a forbidden technique found in the Primordial Dao of Divinity to forcibly devour the seven small energy veins. She was gathering and absorbing their source energy, and transforming them into a five-colored divine ray that circulated within her body. Her injury was rapidly healing, and her power was rapidly increasing. In just fifteen minutes of time, she had pushed her cultivation base to the realm of twenty-fifth tier Heaven Immortal.

On Pangu Continent, the seven energy veins had been considered small. However, the energy contained in each of them was at least ten times more than the strongest energy vein under the Green Cliff Mountain, the heart of Yuan Hua Sect. With all their energy and energy essence absorbed, Princess Zhang Le's cultivation base skyrocketed, and her injury was healing at an incredible speed.

However, the side effect of using such a forbidden technique was that the source of her divine soul had suffered a great loss. In just fifteen minutes of time, it had vanished by about fifty percent! Her once bright and piercing eyes were dim, and her body was shaking violently as thick blood dripped from her hair.

When Lord Xiansheng, Catfish, Gold Horn, and Silver Horn saw the way she looked now, they gritted their teeth so hard that blood was seeping out of the corner of their mouths.

She gave them a faint smile and said in a low voice, "Don't worry. This is the 'Soul Burning and Energy Recovering Technique' found in the Primordial Dao of Divinity. It will consume some source of my divine soul, but will elevate my cultivation base to an incredible level for two hours. This is the best way to save our lives!"

Sounds of meridians breaking could be heard coming out of her body as her cultivation base climbed higher and higher. As all the energy in the seven energy veins was sucked into her body, Princess Zhang Le had, for a time, possessed the frightening power of an eighteenth tier Heaven Immortal. The divine energy in her body became extremely violent and strong, such that she felt every hair of her was filled with a boundless strength. She was like a balloon, and her body could burst at any moment.

The energy in her body had reached the point of bursting. While trembling, Princess Zhang Le murmured with a wry smile, "This is the first time I have used this forbidden technique. Alas, seven energy veins are too much for me." Suddenly, the silver lotus throne flew out from under her feet, unleashing an auspicious light of five-colors to wrap all over her. With her right hand pointing out, the Five Thunders Soul-Shattering Zither given to her by Wu Qi flew out with a melodious chirping. She held the zither with both hands, then stepped onto the lotus throne and flew up into the sky.

The water splashed as Princess Zhang Le, who was clad in a black palace dress, stood on her silver lotus throne with the zither in her arms and shot up into the sky like a fairy. The underground energy veins had disappeared, and amidst the crumbling of earth and mountains, she managed to attract the attention of all with her calm and elegant demeanor. Her appearance seemed to make the heaven and the earth suddenly quiet down.

Mountain after mountain collapsed and the earth continued to cave in, but the attention of all the Immortals present was focused on Princess Zhang Le. Some lecherous Immortals even took deep breaths as they fell for her unparalleled splendor. A handsome Immortal with a pair of amorous eyes heaved a long sigh and said, "No wonder Young Master named this girl to be captured alive. She is just an indescribably beautiful and striking girl... Tsk, I'll have no regrets in this life if I can spend a night with her!"

Princess Zhang Le narrowed her eyes and smiled coldly at the handsome Immortal. She gently placed her fingers on the strings while the enormous divine energy in her body flowed whistling into the Five Thunders Soul-Shattering Zither, causing the strings to rumble. Then, she loosened her fingers. The strings wobbled while a sound wave, visible to the naked eyes as it rushed out like a one-thousand-feet-tall wave in the sea and smashed toward the handsome Immortal.

There was no other sound between the heaven and earth when the Five Thunders Soul-Shattering Zither was played. Even the sound of the collapsing mountains was covered by the rumbling of the strings.

The handsome Immortal was greedily looking at the beautiful face of Princess Zhang Le when the sound of the zither suddenly approached him. His expression changed, and with a wave of his hand, a pink handkerchief flew out and unleashed numerous peach petals to protect him. The sound wave swept across him like a storm, crushing the pink handkerchief and all the petals in an instant, while ripping the handsome Immortal's robe.

Although the Immortal's body did not suffer any external wounds, all his internal organs had been shattered by the sound of the zither, and his immortal soul had vanished amidst the dreadful sound wave.

Princess Zhang Le's body flickered and disappeared. In the next moment, she reappeared before the Immortal. With one hand clutching at his neck, she flung him down into Qianzhang Lake, where Gold Horn and Silver Horn had opened their mouths and were waiting. The brothers ripped the Immortal in half and devoured him in the blink of an eye. The brothers, who had turned weak and listless because of the Realgar Bead, suddenly became vigorous and full of strength.

With her red lips pursed and her head tilted up arrogantly, Princess Zhang Le said, "Since you want to please Myriad Immortal Alliance, then prepare for death. Those who had offended me will have his entire clan exterminated. What is better to compensate your hard effort of pursuing me than having every single one of you and your entire clan slaughtered?"

The divine energy in her body had reached to the point where it must be unleashed in the craziest manner. Princess Zhang Le smiled softly as her fingers ran back and forth on the strings. Immediately, countless thunderclaps rang out in the sky while purple sound waves visible to the naked eyes swept across the air. Amidst the deafening thunderclaps, the fearful sound waves ripped apart the defensive immortal items of all the Immortals, shattering their immortal swords, magical treasures, as well as their bodies and immortal souls.

An immortal item that could attack with sound waves was as rare as a technique that could attack with sound. Therefore, these Immortals did not have any good defensive approaches against her attacks. At the moment, Princess Zhang Le's cultivation base was very close to the realm of eighteenth tier Heaven Immortal. She was absurdly strong, and every stroke of her fingers on the strings would unleash another round of powerful sound waves. With their cultivation base weaker than her, and without any way to defend against the sound waves, many Immortals were killed on the spot. In just one hour of time, she had slaughtered over one hundred Immortals.

Meanwhile, Catfish, Gold Horn and Silver Horn had opened their big mouths and waited in Qianzhang Lake. Any Immortals who fell into the lake would be devoured by them.

Even Lord Xiansheng had his innate fierce spirit stirred when he saw the tragic scene of Immortals falling like rain. He transformed himself into a dragon, opened his big mouth, and joined the feast of the Immortals' flesh and blood. While quietly exercising their cultivation techniques, the flesh that contained an endless energy was quickly digested and turned into their own energy.

Hovering mid-air, Princess Zhang Le kept plucking her zither to unleash sound waves, making all the Immortals cover their heads and scurry away like rats to their holes. The tunes were untraceable as they were unleashed without any fixed targets. Soon, another seventy or eighty Immortals were killed.

By the time two hours had passed, the enormous divine energy she obtained through the mystic technique suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Princess Zhang Le's face turned pale and her body swayed. Without hesitation, she turned into a five-colored beam light and shot back into Qianzhang Lake.

The remaining thirty or so Immortals, who possessed the strongest cultivation base among those who came, suddenly had an inkling of Princess Zhang Le's incredible power. They could tell that she must have strengthened her cultivation base with some kind of mystic technique, and she was at the end of her tether. They were delighted and exalted, quickly unleashing their immortal items to shower Qianzhang Lake with a round of brutal attacks.

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