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With his head cocked to one side, Patriarch Ji Mie studied Lord Xiansheng, Gold Horn, and Silver Horn while letting out an unpleasant laughter.

His eyes were soon removed from Lord Xiansheng as he shifted all his attention on Gold Horn and Silver Horn. With a broad grin on his face, he licked his lips greedily and said, "Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice, be obedient and give me your internal organs! I need them to claim the rewards! Hehe, I'll soon become a Gold Immortal with the three requests promised by the Elders of Myriad Immortal Alliance!"

The brothers breathed slowly as their bodies grew larger and their wings stretched longer. They stared at Patriarch Ji Mie with a nasty look in their eyes, while saliva was dripping from the corner of their mouths. If truth be told, the brothers did not hate Patriarch Ji Mie. Instead, an insatiable appetite had ruled their hearts. There was only one thing that filled their mind now- devouring this old devil.

Lord Xiansheng gave a faint sigh. He looked at Patriarch Ji Mie and said coolly, "There's no such good thing under the heaven. You want us to be seized without putting up a fight? Impossible! If you want our lives, trade it with your own!"

Patriarch Ji Mie shook his head scornfully. "How can I possibly trade my life with yours? I am a twenty-fourth tier Heaven Immortal! You do not have the qualification to trade with me!"

Rubbing his palms, Patriarch Ji Mie gave the sky a quick glance and said, "Save your breath. Either you will surrender, or I'll capture you myself. Do you know how many people are searching for you? As far as I know, many old guys of the Wandering Immortal Hall have come out of their seclusion, wanting to capture you alive in exchange for the three requests promised by the Elders. Tsk, I can't let you fall into their hands!"

As he spoke, Patriarch Ji Mie waved his hands and shot out ten flickers of green light, which thrust toward Lord Xiansheng together with an eerie ghost howl. With a sneer, Lord Xiansheng raised his hands. The whirlpool several hundred miles in circumference above his head began to spin rapidly, and amidst deafening thunderclaps, it shrunk from several hundred miles to just one thousand feet in circumference.

All the members of the dragon clan possessed an incredible ability when it came to controlling water. As the great mass of water was compressed to only one thousand feet in circumference, it was now a hundred times denser than a steel ingot, and the pressure when it spun was even more terrible. An ordinary Heaven Immortal who was dragged into this whirlpool would have his immortal body smashed and crushed to pieces instantly. With a wave of his hands, the whirlpool which had turned turquoise flew whistling forward to greet the ten flickers of green light.

The green flickers plunged straight into the whirlpool and were swallowed up by the rapidly spinning water. Then, a loud boom echoed out as they exploded, crumbling the whirlpool in an instant. Water poured down from the sky and shattered the layer of ice that covered Qianzhang Lake. Dozens of demons, who hid under the ice to watch the battle, turned and dove back into the lake with a strange cry. Although they were fast, the impact still made them bleed from their mouths and noses. Some of them, who were shellfishes before they became demons, even had their shells cracked by the tremendous force.

Lord Xiansheng quivered with blood oozing out of his seven apertures. Not only did Patriarch Ji Mie's Yin thunderbolts shatter his whirlpool, but they also destroyed a thread of his soul hiding in it. His soul was severely wounded, and the glow of his scales was fading.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn were fuming. Hovering next to each other, the brothers opened their big mouths and shot out two beams of light, one red and one white, both shooting straight toward Patriarch Ji Mie. The old devil gave a strange laugh, and with a flick of his hand, a long flag made of human skin and tendon, its handle made of bone, appeared out of nowhere in his hand. The flag fluttered as it appeared, raising a great dark cloud and evil aura from the ground. Shrouded in an immense evil aura, dozens of bone shields flew whistling out from the dark clouds and blocked in front of the beams of light unleashed by the brothers.

Muffled booms kept ringing out as one one-feet thick bone shield shattered after another. However, with every shield broken, the power of the beams would be weakened. When the dozens of bone shields were all destroyed, the beams were completely neutralized, turning into a rain of light that dissipated in the sky.

Patriarch Ji Mie gave a triumphant laugh. With the banner fluttering, he snapped, "What are you waiting for? Surrender now!"

Lord Xiansheng, Gold Horn, and Silver Horn cried out at the same time. They saw stars dancing before their eyes, and they felt as if their souls were about to leave their bodies. Their strength was gone too. Nobody knew what kind of evil weapon that long banner Patriarch Ji Mie had used, but it came with a very strong effect against Gold Horn and Silver Horn. Now, the brothers could not move at all, and were lying limp on the lake.

Horror-stricken, Lord Xiansheng took Gold Horn and Silver Horn's tails and dragged them down into Qianzhang Lake.

Patriarch Ji Mie gave a smirk of satisfaction and said, "Where do you think you are going? Hehe, this is a ten-thousand-years-old Realgar Pearl, a treasure I found many years ago after going through some adventure. It makes the perfect tool to control you two big snakes!" With a flick, a golden pearl the size of a man's head flew out of his hand. As soon as it appeared, it gave off a vast yellow light and boundless yellow gas that engulfed the entire Qianzhang Lake.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn groaned. Their bodies turned even weaker when they were covered by the yellow light and gas. "A ten-thousand-years-old Realgar Pearl? This is absurd! Such vicious item should not exist in this world!"

Lord Xiansheng moved swiftly, dragging the brothers into the lake. But, as Gold Horn and Silver Horn had no more strength left in their bodies, they could not breathe cold air to freeze Qianzhang Lake. Patriarch Ji Mie gave a triumphant laugh as he waved his long banner to shoot out thousands of green flickers, which flew toward the lake like a meteor shower.

Dull explosions kept ringing out. The water of Qianzhang Lake was blown tens of miles high up into the sky, and a layer of pale green flame was burning ragingly on the water surface. It only took a very short moment for the water level to be reduced by thirty-odd miles. As Patriarch Ji Mie kept hurling Yin thunderbolts at the lake, the water level was reducing at an incredible rate. It would not take long before the dragon palace was exposed.

While dragging Gold Horn and Silver Horn down into the depths of the lake, Lord Xiansheng gave the arrogant and unbridled Patriarch Ji Mie a glance over the shoulder. His jaw clenched hard. Just then, a great black shadow flickered beneath the lake. Catfish, who had transformed back to her true form, came silently up from the depths, brushing past him and heading straight toward the surface.

Patriarch Ji Mie was caught off guard by Catfish, who had transformed into a flood dragon that leaped out of the water and slapped him hard with her massive tail. His head was turned by success; therefore, he had neglected self-protection. When faced with the sudden attack, he could only instinctively counter it with the long banner in his hand.

It was true that the long banner was mysterious and powerful, but it was not meant to be a defensive treasure. With her insanely strong force that could easily slap a few mountains away, Catfish's tail broke Patriarch Ji Mie's long banner into seven or eight pieces, and knocked him off into the distance as he let out a heartbreaking wail.

Laughing complacently, Catfish transformed into her human form. As she was pulling out her great hammers and getting ready to give Patriarch Ji Mie another round of attack, a green sword beam suddenly came shooting at her from a corner. Before she could see it, the sword beam had already pierced through her abdomen.

The green sword beam had an extremely poisonous and corrosive force attached to it. Although it only left a tiny cut on her skin, the force had created a bowl-sized hole in her abdomen in the blink of an eye. As blood and pus kept gushing out of the wound, it grew bigger and bigger.

Catfish howled in pain. Without hesitation, she threw away her great hammers, transformed back to her massive true form of a catfish, and plunged straight into the water, back to the dragon palace.

A strange laugh was heard. Three old men clad in black robes, who had the same exact look as if they were some reincarnations of a goat, came flying toward the lake from a distance on a dark cloud. One of them made a gesture with his hand, and the green sword beam that had wounded Catfish flew back into his hand.

Patriarch Ji Mie was so angry that he broke out into curses. He transformed into a dark cloud and rushed back to the lake. Pointing at the three old men and bellowed, "Three Evil Daoists from Mount Black Goat, how dare you undercut me? I am the one who found them first! Don't you think you can take advantage of me!"

Three old men let out a strange laugh and said in unison, "The three requests promised by the Elders are too tempting even for us. So long as we can capture them, we will be Gold Immortals soon! Patriarch Ji Mie, know your place and get the hell out of here!"

Before their voices could fade, numerous clouds wrapped in bright light were seen rushing in from a distance. Amidst a graceful and beautiful immortal tune, seven Daoists who assumed an outstanding air like that of Immortals approached. Some rode a white crane, some a spotted deer, some a green Luan, and some an ox. With a smile on his face, the Daoist in the middle said, "I couldn't agree more. The reward of three requests is too attractive, and that's why we are here uninvited. The preys belong to us, the Seven Saints of Yaxin Island, and nobody can take them away from us!"

Almost at the same moment as the Seven Saints of Yaxin Island arrived, at least another dozens of Immortals were closing in. Some came alone, while some in groups of three to five. All of these Immortals claimed that Princess Zhang Le and her company were the flies in their webs, and that nobody could take them away from them.

All of these Immortals were allies of Myriad Immortal Alliance, and they were somewhat friendly to each other during normal times. However, in the face of the rich conditions offered by the Elders of Divine Hall, nothing could stop them from fighting over the right to capture Princess Zhang Le and her company.

Among the Immortals who had arrived, the weakest one was a thirtieth tier Heaven Immortal, and the strongest one was a twentieth tier Heaven Immortal. Either way, they were experts whom Princess Zhang Le and her company could not defeat.

There was a dead stillness on Qianzhang Lake. Even the insects in the puddles did not dare to make a sound.

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