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Noises came into Wu Qi's ears from outside the fiend formation. Feng Lingling and his company were still putting up a desperate struggle, trying to make their way out of the calamity with all the means that were available to them. Loud and deafening booms kept ringing out, but the formation had screened them, making them seem to be coming from millions of miles away, muffled and unclear. As the formation began to heal itself and eventually restored its normal function, the last bit of sound was completely gone.

With blood rushing out of the wounds where his legs were missing and a twisted face, Wu Qi plunged his way into the Dark Abyss.

He couldn't care less to give the surroundings a glance. Without the slightest hesitation, he produced dozens of drops of Ganoderma Immortal Fluid and stuffed them into his mouth. A vast energy washed through his body in an instant, filling him with a stream of near endless life force. Flesh, tendons, and veins were growing rapidly from his wounds as he quietly exercised the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture. His legs were growing at an incredible rate.

The magical purple mist could be found everywhere, even in this Dark Abyss of the Northern Ocean. As he quietly exercised the foundation chapter of the scripture, dense purple mist began rushing into his body, nourishing his newborn legs and quickly strengthening them. He could even hear popping and cracking sounds coming from within the legs. Those were the sounds produced when the muscles, tendons, and bones were being compressed and tempered.

He panted heavily, wiping away the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand as he gave the surroundings a quick glance.

He was in a massive sinkhole measuring nearly one hundred miles in diameter, plunging straight down for an unknown distance. The hole was copious with evil aura, and filled with no ocean water at all. All the water was blocked at the outside by this evil aura. Some shadows with vague features and fuzzy bodies, along with a long trail of dark smoke behind were seen drifting and wheeling in the air. They were the evil spirits and ghosts who were born amidst the strong evil aura throughout the ages.

They were mindless, driven only by their basic instincts, fighting and devouring one another constantly. Every now and then, some ghosts would pass by Wu Qi quickly, making him shudder with the dreadful air emanated from their bodies. The strongest ghosts here could easily defeat ordinary Gold Immortals. Fortunately, they were trapped here forever, as they could not live outside the evil aura. If they did, Pangu Continent would definitely be struck with a catastrophe.

He carefully concealed his aura as he began to slide down into the Dark Abyss with his back leaning against the steep wall. He dared not to provoke those ghosts. Evil beings such as these were known for their fondness for the warm blood and energy essence of living humans. If they discovered Wu Qi's existence, he would surely be attacked by an endless stream of ghosts. Not even a Gold Immortal could survive such a situation. A naturally perilous land such as this was a dangerous place even for Immortals.

When he had descended over ten thousand miles, he suddenly felt a pain strike his back. A few extremely sharp pricks had pierced his skin.

Before his brain could react, his fleshly body which had been tempered by the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture had responded. It leaned forward with a sudden jerk and moved hundreds of feet away from the wall, avoiding the second wave. Wu Qi glanced over his shoulder. He saw the wall where his back was leaning against just now was wiggling. A strange creature, about three to four hundred miles in circumference, soft and as thin as a palm, its color and hardness similar to that of a rock, had slowly unattached itself from the wall and was drifting towards him.

A few sharp and thin needles, about three feet long and as thin as a hair each, were seen poking out from the strange creature's skin. Sticky, yellowish venom was being sprayed out of the needles. A pungent fishy smell rushed into Wu Qi's nose. It was so stinky that he nearly vomited.

Cold sweat was breaking out from all over his body, and he felt his legs were shivering. He was grateful that his body had reacted soon enough, dashing forward right when these needles broke his skin. He could not imagine what the outcome would be if he let this yellowish venom enter his body. Only heaven knew what kind of bizarre abilities these creatures living in this perilous land possessed. He would have believed if someone told him that this strange creature could kill even a Primordial Immortal with that venom.

He gave the strange creature a fierce glare, cursing under his breath as he continued the descent. He was not quite daring to stir up a commotion here. Too many strange creatures and ghosts roamed the Dark Abyss. He was surrounded by dangers that could kill him with just a careless mistake.

He kept going deeper. Ten thousand miles, one hundred thousand miles, one million miles.

In the end, after losing count as to how far he had descended and how many strange and bizarre creatures he had seen, he finally arrived at the bottom of the Dark Abyss. With utmost cautiousness, he found a rock protruding from the steep wall and hid behind it, craning forward to glance at the bottom.

The bottom of the Dark Abyss was about dozens of miles below where he was hiding.

Or, maybe it was not the real bottom, because the extremely dense evil aura had condensed and curdled into sticky dark liquid like sour milk, forming a black ocean measuring about one hundred miles in diameter under the Dark Abyss.

A nine-headed serpent with a body measuring tens of miles long was floating in the dark ocean, not moving at all. It had nine ugly and ferocious-looking heads, all peering into the sky with mouths wide open, spraying out wisps of dazzling dark mists.

And, its body was clad in a layer of thick armor that looked like a turtle shell, the center of which was raised into a platform measuring one thousand feet in diameter. Patriarch Miao Ying, fully naked, was seen sitting right in the middle of this platform, sitting on top of a man's waist with her legs widespread. The man looked handsome with evil features, an evil aura exuding from his body.

Her eyes were set on the man's face as the man's co*k went deep in her body. They were connecting with each other in the most intimate manner. A pitch-dark evil aura was flowing back and forth at the part where they were connected, and a dark stream could be seen crawling underneath their skins. Every now and then, an eerie ghost howl towered into the sky.

Upon looking at them, Wu Qi knew that the handsome man was the Primordial Immortal item which Patriarch Miao Ying was crafting.

Usually, ordinary Heaven Immortal items came in the shapes of commonly found weapons and instruments, such as blade, spear, sword, halberd, or wok, bowl, ladle, basin. And, their powers came from the force of the Heaven and Earth.

Although Gold Immortal items still took the shapes of common items, when they were unleashed, they could transform into various peculiar creatures and celestial phenomena, and could cast varieties of spells just like cultivators, inflicting great damages to their enemies.

But, Primordial Immortal items were of completely different existences. They were living beings that had little difference from a Primordial Immortal. They had the appearance of a human, an overall strength of a Primordial Immortal, and possessed all sorts of incredible powers that went beyond one's imagination. Only by fusing all the spirit and energy with a Primordial Immortal item could a Primordial Immortal use it with great facility, just like what Patriarch Miao Ying was doing right now.

It was extremely difficult for a Primordial Immortal to find a suitable Primordial Immortal item, because any Primordial Immortal item was actually equivalent to an independent Primordial Immortal. Therefore, unless it was a Primordial Immortal item crafted by oneself, it was basically impossible for a Primordial Immortal to gain control over another one that was crafted by someone else.

A Primordial Immortal who owned a Primordial Immortal item was someone that no one in the same realm would want to offend. A Primordial Immortal item could double one's overall strength, and was almost equal to fighting the enemies with two people.

Judging by how Patriarch Miao Ying had devoted her heart and soul in making love with the Primordial Immortal item, not knowing what was happening outside, Wu Qi could roughly guess that this must be the first Primordial Immortal item she had crafted, and that was also the reason why she was crafting it with such a bizarre method.

There was no record found in the Scroll of Stealing about how to craft a Primordial Immortal item. In the time when the shadow figure who passed him the Scroll of Stealing had lived, all the almighty experts had used numinous treasures which were given birth to by the heaven and earth. Compared to those, Primordial Immortal items were just treasures crafted by people, something much inferior in terms of quality and power. At that point in time, the universe had just been created not long ago, and the world was filled with countless numinous treasures. Who would not use them, but instead spend hard labor on crafting a Primordial Immortal item?

Wu Qi shook his head lightly as he watched the strange posture between Patriarch Miao Ying and her Primordial Immortal item. He was amazed by the method she used, and could not help but wonder what methods had the other Primordial Immortals used, so they could craft a lifeless item into a living being?

A set of dark palace dress and some ornaments were neatly placed next to Patriarch Miao Ying. All the ornaments glistened with a faint glow. Obviously, they were treasures of excellent quality. Among them were three exquisitely crafted rings, blue, green, and purple in color. Wu Qi reckoned that they must be storage treasures of supreme-grade.

Apart from the palace dress and ornaments, a set of seven black colored flying swords were wheeling around her, each having a Daoist clad in black clothes sitting atop, whose features were obscured. It was a set of high-grade Gold Immortal items, with item spirits made of the souls of Immortals. Currently, the item spirits had revealed themselves, forming a Reverse Big Dipper formation to protect Patriarch Miao Ying.

Though they were Gold Immortal items, and could kill any Gold Immortals of mid-tier and below without much effort, as they were not controlled by Patriarch Miao Ying, they were weak against higher grade Gold Immortals. And, if there were some Primordial Immortal whose level was similar to that of Patriarch Miao Ying, these flying swords would be completely useless.

But for Wu Qi, they were lethal weapons that could kill him in an instant. Therefore, he dared not to get any closer to Patriarch Miao Ying.

After giving Patriarch Miao Ying another deep glance, he had all his attention shifted over to the nine-headed serpent. It looked different from what he read in the Scroll of Stealing. The serpent who manifested purely from the innate evil energy had grown a lot. According to the Scroll of Stealing, it was only three thousand feet long, but now, its body stretched at least ten miles long!

The entrance to the Land of Nine Yin Negate Yang was right at the anus of this nine-headed serpent!

It was a spot which no normal Immortals would have thought of, a place where nobody would search!

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