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A desert, nearly one thousand miles in circumference, laid quietly amidst a stretch of lofty mountains, fully surrounded by towering cliffs and steep, almost perpendicular rock walls. Countless bones of unknown animals were scattered everywhere. The wind blew, carrying sand up in the air and across the opening between the bones. Buzzing noises could be heard coming from patches of about one-foot thick quicksand, and a gloomy aura of danger was lingering beneath it.

Under a steep cliff wall at a corner of the desert, Daoist Chi reclined powerlessly on the ground. His face was somber, and his eyes were staring blankly at the sky. Nobody could tell what he was thinking about. A one-foot and two inches long jade tablet stood askew in the sand next to him, emitting a faint red light and a crystal clear buzz.

The bodies of a couple dozen Sand snakes were messily placed in a heap on the sandy ground before him, together with countless colorful scorpions which had been cut into two halves by sword energies. Some tiny sand ants were running busily across the sand, carrying the gore and flesh of these sand snakes and scorpions back to their nest.

Daoist Chi's body was thoroughly steeped with pale golden blood. A large hole bore through his right chest, where the Daoist robe was ripped and exposed a large patch of his skin, now pitch-black in color. The fang of a venomous sand snake had impaled his chest, leaving behind deadly venom that kept invading his body, devouring his life force.

Suddenly, a flame flickered in the sky above the desert, from which Supremacy Three Flame rushed out together with Wu Qi.

If Wu Qi were to travel here himself with teleportation, it would take him more than fifteen minutes. But, with Supremacy Three Flame's help, both men had arrived with just one single teleportation, and it took them only less than a second.

Daoist Chi's dull pupils constricted abruptly. Staring at Supremacy Three Flame, he asked with shock, "Wu Qi, who is this fellow Daoist?"

Wu Qi rode on a sword beam and rushed before Daoist Chi. With one knee dropped to the ground, he pressed his right palm against the wound on Daoist Chi's right chest. Quietly, he exercised the Hand of Web. A force slowly rotated within his palm, drawing thread after thread of venom out of the wound. The scorching venom followed the force and entered Wu Qi's palm, turning it pitch-dark.

As his body trembled slightly, Wu Qi answered in a deep voice, "This is Supremacy Three Flame, a good friend who I've met today."

Supremacy Three Flame landed next to them on a cloud. He lowered his head to look at Daoist Chi, then said using a strange tone, "Aye, what a lucky fellow! It is a surprise that a little Heaven Immortal like you manage to survive after being bitten by these Green sand snakes..."

Before his words could fade, Supremacy Three Flame suddenly gave a furious roar. The dragon skin fire sack rushed out of his waist, unleashing nine Yin and nine Yang flames which turned into a huge wall of flame that surrounded him. In the next moment, an extremely powerful force poured over from a corner, smashing accurately on the wall of flame, shattering it in an instant and destroying the dragon skin fire sack.

It was vanished completely, without leaving behind any traces.

Supremacy Three Flame howled tragically. He pointed out his finger, and a golden spirit talisman shot out from his fingertip. "The stars spin, the seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields into seas! The Life Exchanging Talisman, go!" He cried, and the talisman crumbled. All of a sudden, his skin bloated up like a balloon, and was quickly followed by a leather ripping and tearing noise that made one's scalp creep. His bloody body wiggled out from under the skin, turning into a dark beam of light that sped away in a random direction.

The golden light emitted from the crumbled spirit talisman enveloped the skin which Supremacy Three Flame had just shed, making it wiggle and transform into three puppets that looked exactly like him. This Life Exchanging Talisman had the same effect as the Soul Replacement Puppet which Wu Qi had used before, an extraordinary treasure that could save its master's life at the most critical moment.

The invisible destructive force hit the puppets, vanishing them without making a sound. Though he had already fled several hundred miles away in a dark beam of light, Supremacy Three Flame gave a painful shriek, as the body below his neck suddenly turned into a light rain that drifted across the sky. A dark beam wrapped his head and continued flying several hundred feet further, before losing momentum and falling heavily to the ground.

Obviously, the power of the Life Exchanging Talisman was not as strong as the invisible destructive force. It had easily destroyed Supremacy Three Flame's puppets, then followed the connection to hit his body, nearly turning him into nothingness.

Even as his head was rolling about on the ground, Supremacy Three Flame opened his eyes and recited a few incantations, preparing to turn into an escape beam and flee from the calamity. But, a beam of bloody light suddenly came shooting over from a corner, piercing his left temple and coming out of the right, nailing him right on the ground.

The beam of blood light was a strange-looking spear, about several feet long and as thick as a thumb. Its body was carved with countless bizarre patterns that looked like a snake's scales. Bloody aura kept spraying out of the snake scales, turning into a large patch of bloody talismans that trapped the head. Supremacy Three Flame let out a despairing howl. His mouth opened widely as he kept growling while drops of blood splattered out of his ripped throat. He looked extremely miserable.

Wu Qi was seized with an utter shock as he watched things unfold before his eyes in the briefest moment.

As he was still extracting the deadly venom from Daoist Chi's chest, Supremacy Three Flame was assaulted by someone and left with one last gasp. Mustering strength to his feet, he rose and cried out sternly, "What is going on?"

Daoist Chi gave a faint sigh, both hands thrusting forward forcefully at the same time. Two immortal talismans blinked with a white light and hit Wu Qi's chest, exploding into a large sheet of clouds and thunderbolts. Wu Qi shrieked as his chest was ripped to shreds, while the explosion knocked him tumbling back sorrily. A severe pain kept washing over his body. The flesh on his chest was completely torn away, and his ribs were smashed to pieces and thrown in all directions, exposing his bloody chest cavity. He hissed and shrieked with pain. His mind was completely blank.

Bringing with him a few disciples who used the name of birds as their titles, Daoist Min sprung out from under the sandy ground not far away. A tiny strip of cloth was seen slowly turning into ashes in his hand. He sighed pleasantly and said, "Luckily, Master had foreseen this and given us this talisman. Otherwise, hmph, though this little fellow has just arrived Pangu Continent not long ago, he has already become friends with such a powerful Immortal."

Without uttering a single word, Mo Luan and a few other Daoists unleashed their sword beams. They did not control their swords with immortal energy like they normally did. Instead, they released their immortal souls, fusing them with their immortal swords. Using the immortal soul to control the sword and fusing them as one was the strongest and the ultimate technique of controlling a flying sword that an Immortal could use. If it were not at the most critical moment, no Immortal would take the risk by fusing his immortal soul with the flying sword.

As the souls and swords fused as one, a blinding radiance burst from them. After that, the radiance quickly dimmed down as the sword beams had transformed into a few one-foot long swords, shimmering brightly as if they were made of crystals. They pierced through the void soundlessly, so fast that even Wu Qi failed to see their traces. He could only feel a coldness wash over his left shoulder, and his arm was torn apart from his body. Then, the sword beams ripped the broken arm into the tiniest blood and gore.

He gave a muffled snort, and with a twist of his body, the Heavenly Outfit of Gale which he had placed in his spiritual ocean to be nourished with innate energies transformed into a gust of green wind and thrust whistling out. He was now clad in a green Daoist robe. The other few sword beams came smashing onto the green wind. Surprisingly, they were repelled and knocked far away. And, when the green wind swept across them, it shook the immortal souls that were attached on the swords and nearly wounded them.

Wu Qi's heart was filled with regret. If he knew the Heavenly Outfit of Gale was such a powerful treasure, he would not place this life-saving immortal outfit in his spiritual ocean, and would not have to suffer an injury today. As the outfit was severely damaged in the past, its item spirit was in a deep slumber, causing it to lose the ability of actively protecting its master when there was a danger. Because of that, he should have worn it at all times!

He was too careless!

In fact, not only the Heavenly Outfit of Gale, as the earth element dragon scale shield was severely damaged from the previous battle, Wu Qi had also placed it in his spiritual ocean, letting it be nourished and healed while its item spirit had long sunk into a deep slumber. Otherwise, with the protection of these two extraordinary treasures, even if he would still be wounded today, it would not be as serious as now.

Clenching his jaws, he staggered a few steps back, staring angrily at Daoist Chi and roaring, "Grand Ancestral-Master, what are you doing?"

Daoist Chi sprung to his feet, took a step forward, and said with a deep voice, "We can't let you return to Green Cliff Planet!"

"Why? You've come all the way here to sneak attack me, a mere Junior, just because you don't want to let me return to Green Cliff Planet? Why are you doing this? Mm? Because..." Even as Wu Qi was bellowing, a thought leaped into his mind, and he flew into rage instantly.

In that brief moment, the insane analytical ability he inherited from Le Xiaobai, as well as the darkest, heaviest life experiences he inherited from Wu Wang, had produced an immediate answer. Wu Qi laughed hoarsely and said, "Ha, because of Zhang Le? Because... because of Yuan Hua Sect's future? For the sake of Yuan Hua Sect, you have to bring Zhang Le under your control? Ha, don't tell me that Patriarch Yuan Hua is going to turn Zhang Le into his granddaughter-in-law?"

Daoist Chi did not answer. He tilted his head, looking into a far distance.

But, Daoist Min spoke with a sneer, "Cut those bullsh*t..." he laughed a strange laugh and said gloatingly, "With Zhang Le's innate talents and divine abilities, of course, we have to make her as one of us. Only then we can calm the restless hearts of all disciples."

And Daoist Mo Luan added coldly, "When Yuan Hua Sect's disciple, Wu Qi, was traveling on Pangu Continent, he was accidentally killed in a war between Immortals. After that, Princess Zhang Le fell in love with Young Master Yuexin, and married him on a later date. They make a perfect match, a sign that the heaven wants Yuan Hua Sect to flourish!"

Wu Qi felt his hands and feet turn cold. He gave both Daoist Min and Daoist Chi a glance, then suddenly transformed into a gust of wind and sped away.

With a teleportation, he came next to Supremacy Three Flame's head, pulling the spear out and throwing it away. Then, he cupped up the head which barely maintained some life force, quickly transformed into a gust of wind, and fled. The bloodline of Gale was roaring within his body, and the Heavenly Outfit of Gale had also injected a wisp of pure wind element energy into his body.

Bringing with them the few Immortals from Yuan Hua Sect, Daoist Chi and Daoist Min ripped apart the void and chased towards Wu Qi.

Wu Qi's cultivation base was, after all, much weaker than Daoist Chi and Daoist Min, who were the veteran Heaven Immortals from Yuan Hua Sect. As a result, not long after he fled, the few Immortals had come next to him with teleportation, showering him with various immortal spells.

The Heavenly Outfit of Gale emitted waves of green light and protected Wu Qi as he continued fleeing into a far distance sorrily. Various immortal thunderbolts, sword beams, and magical treasures came smashing on him like a raging thunderstorm, yet they could only vibrate the green light transformed from the Heavenly Outfit of Gale. None of the attacks were able to touch Wu Qi's body.

Daoist Min stomped his feet with anger and bellowed, "Senior Brother, what are you waiting for? This fellow is protected by such an incredible defensive immortal item. When are you going to use the spirit talisman which Master gave us?"

Daoist Chi breathed a long sigh. An inconspicuous tiny strip of cloth appeared in his hand. With a gentle twist of his wrist, the tiny strip of cloth turned into ashes suddenly.

A tremendous force came without any sign or shape, smashing heavily onto Wu Qi's body.

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