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Standing on clouds, Wu Qi and Supremacy Three Flame were flying at high speed towards Xiang Le City.

Supremacy Three Flame was truly a man who shot from his hip. He just talked endlessly along the way. And not knowing how, he suddenly got onto the topic of how he stepped into the path of cultivating the Dao, and why he was so hardworking and never slacked off.

"Back in those years, my luck was heaven-defying. Initially, my plan was to hunt two wild boars and sell them in the city. But, in the boar's cave, I found the 'Great Red Flame Heavenly Scripture'. Aye, little did I expect that I also owned a supreme-grade fire element spirit meridian. It is like... the scripture was made especially for me! And how true is that? I've become a Heaven Immortal in just one thousand years! Haha, when I began cultivating the Dao, my only goal was to live forever!"

"Bah! The restriction enforced by the Human Emperor? Tsk... It is true that many mortals obey the decree. Even if you place an immortal pill before them, and they can become Heaven Immortals immediately after consuming the pill, they will still refuse to use the pill. But me... I'm different! My ancestors were public officials, but later on, they got into some troubles and had their status deprived. I was the son of a Marquis, but I had actually fallen so low and became a butcher! Disdainful glances were what I had on the daily basis, and bullying never ended! So, tell me, why should I fear the restriction?"

"Tsk, when I found the Great Red Flame Heavenly Scripture, I knew that I had struck gold. Immortality was right before my eyes! Right at that moment, I did not think of whatever restriction or decree announced by the Human Emperor. Bringing the treasure with me, I found an active volcano and began my secluded cultivation there. Tsk, tsk... After all, my ancestors were once the high-ranking officials serving Great Yu, and the general knowledge of cultivation had been passed down to me. Well, since it is a fire element cultivation technique, nothing can could go wrong if I cultivated next to a volcano!"

"Immortality... For the sake of immortality, I did not sleep, rest, eat, or drink. After one thousand years of arduous cultivation, I've finally become an Immortal!"

"Haha, after I became a Heaven Immortal, I thought I could be a sort of domineering fellow for some while. Excitedly, I accepted the invitation from the Heaven, thinking of being an official. I thought that I would be able to enjoy delicious delicacies and the finest wines, fu*k the prettiest girls I like, and live a life filled with endless romance and pleasure!"

"Hehe, fellow Daoist Greed, take a guess. What can a Thirty-sixth Tier Heaven Immortal who has just ascended like me do in Heaven?" Supremacy Three Flame stared at Wu Qi with a mysterious look on his face.

Wu Qi shook his head with a smile. How could he know what a Thirty-sixth Tier Heaven Immortal did in Heaven?

Supremacy Three Flame's expression changed abruptly. Gnashing his teeth with anger, he said, "A stableman! They made a Thirty-sixth Tier Heaven Immortal a stableman! I could still accept it if they let me serve some Primordial Immortal or Gold Immortal. But you know what? My first job was a stableman in the residence of a Stargazing Officer from the Fire Division in the Heaven, feeding and bathing the horses for his b*stard, the son of his thirty-eighth concubine! That little fellow had a father who is a Stargazing Officer in the Heaven, but he only had a cultivation base of Gold Core realm!"

Patting his chest with one hand, Supremacy Three Flame cried out furiously, "I was a mighty Heaven Immortal, but I had to kneel on my knees and become a hitching post with which that little fellow used to get on the horseback!"

It terrified Wu Qi, as he asked with a quick tone, "What happened later?"

Supremacy Three Flame gave a wry smile, shook his head, and said, "After that, I purposely made some mistakes, and brought myself a punishment of 180 whippings with a dragon-skinned whip. My status was deprived, and I was expelled from the Heaven, living on the Pangu Continent... You can say that I've become an outlaw, or abandoned myself to vice."

Clicking his tongue, he said with a cold grin, "Since then, I'm pretty cynical about everything. I can live eternally after cultivating Immortality, so why should I make myself a slave of someone else in Heaven? I've decided to work hard in cultivating, earning more energy stones and immortal stones, saving myself a great wealth. Haha! With that, I can still enjoy delicious delicacies and the finest wines, and beautiful female cultivators still line up in a row to tumble down onto my bed. Tsk, an endless romance!"

Wu Qi laughed and gave him a big thumb up, "Fellow Daoist, so the reason you cultivate Immortality is to live in the lap of luxury, and also...?"

An embarrassing smile appeared on Supremacy Three Flame's face. Touching his pitch-black beard, he said in a low voice, "Tsk, why do you think I left Xue Mei in your residence? Tsk... since I rescued her four years ago, aye… With her following me all day and night, it has been a long time since I enjoyed the pleasure of a warm body! In this trip to Xiang Le City, I'll definitely find myself a large group of beautiful girls, and fu*k them for three days and three nights!"

Pulling his beard, Supremacy Three Flame threw his head back and gave a long sigh. "High position and great wealth are what those mortals seek, hoping to be the one who stands loftily above the millions. But, what are we, the Immortal cultivators, seeking? Delicious delicacies, finest wines, a good fu*k at night, and when you are walking on the street at daytime, people respect you, fear you, and give you face! Without all that, since we Heaven Immortals can live eternally, why should we cultivate all the time?"

Wu Qi opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he could not utter a single word for a long while!

Supremacy Three Flame laughed and asked, "What? Have you thought of anything? Fellow Daoist, what is the reason that makes you cultivate immortality?"

Wu Qi sunk into a deep silence, frowning. At last, he breathed out a faint sigh and said, "The reason? Ugh, I was fu*king forced to do this! I had never thought that I would cultivate immortality, and I did not even think about cultivating immortality. I came from a place completely different than you, fellow Daoist. You knew there are Immortals out there, you knew there are people who can live eternally. Most probably, you've been thinking about all this since you were little."

He tilted his head to stare at a passing cloud, his expression blank. "But, what drove me to cultivate immortality? I had never thought of cultivating immortality! Since I was little, I thought the most wonderful thing in the world was to follow my master and Xiaobai, beautifully accomplish a few big projects, and get ourselves a big sum of money. Then, everyone can have fun together. At that point in time, I didn't even know what girls were all about!"

Supremacy Three Flame stared seriously at Wu Qi and gave him a piece of advice, "If that is the case, you really have to understand that girls are the most wonderful things under the heaven! Aye, despite how angry you are, how big of a grudge is brewing in your heart, get yourself a fair and delicate girl, and fu*k her all night long. Everything will be fine the next morning!"

He clicked his tongue, pointing his finger at the sky and saying, "My current goal is to cultivate to the Gold Immortal realm. After that, I will pay the Heaven a visit, and fu*k the few extraordinary beauties who can only be touched by those Gold Immortals! Haha!"

Wu Qi simply ignored Supremacy Three Flame's wicked goal, and continued with a frown, "But later on... In some inexplicable way, I came to this world and began to cultivate immortality. I had never thought that I would live for eternity, and therefore, I've never thought of what I want to do when I can live forever."

"I'll take revenge first!" After thinking for half a minute, only then Wu Qi told Supremacy Three Flame, "I'll avenge my Master and my brothers. I will kill every single people in that sect, completely removing their root. After that..."

With a relaxed smile on his face, Wu Qi stared at Supremacy Three Flame and said, "After that, I'll stay with the girl I love. We might travel around the universe, or maybe find ourselves a place and live in seclusion, who knows?"

Supremacy Three Flame shook his head, his expression strange. He gave Wu Qi a heavy slap on the shoulder and said with a long sigh, "My brother, you are wrong! Staying with the girl you love, traveling the universe or living in a seclusion? Haha, do you really think there is such a good thing under the heaven?"

Grinning coldly, he pointed back at the way they came and said, "Once you step onto the path of cultivating immortality, you can only go forward but not backward! You can only shoulder everything, but not give way! You've to use all your strength to shoulder everything! Traveling the universe or living in seclusion? When you have this thought, you'll be faced with an inevitable death!"

He gave a few more cold laughs and said hideously, "Xue Mei's father, my best friend and my sworn brother, fu*king told me that he had met the girl he owed too much favor in the previous lives, and had decided to live in seclusion with the girl in her clan. After twenty years, they gave birth to a baby girl, but before I could pay him a visit and congratulate him, I was told they had offended someone and were surrounded by a great army!"

He breathed out a long sigh, then laughed hideously and said, "All the members of their clan were executed! Their bodies were cut and hacked to pieces, and their women were raped hundreds of times before being killed! Xue Mei was the only survivor, and I was fortunately able to save her!"

Slapping Wu Qi's shoulder, Supremacy Three Flame said fiercely, "The world of immortal cultivators is a world where men eat men. Since you've already stepped into it, don't ever think that you can get out of it easily! Haha, even if you don't kill others, others will kill you! If you don't rob others, others will rob you! If you don't ruin others' matters, others will ruin yours! There are dangers and killing intent in every step taken! Most of the time, you cannot trust anybody except yourself, even if that person is the girl who sleeps next to you, who was calling you husband when you were fu*king her a moment ago!"

With his finger pointing at the sky, Supremacy Three Flame laughed aloud and said, "This is the world of immortal cultivators! Fellow Daoist Greed, my brother, this is the world of immortal cultivators!"

Wu Qi's face flickered as the various events that happened after he arrived at this world flashed across his mind.

Yi Yan, Liu Suifeng, Wei Xiaoxiao, Yu Qianqian, Yu Hede, and those he met recently such as Yu Hehuan, Yu Miao, Feng Qingya, Feng Qingwu...

There were dangers and killing intent in every step taken, and he had actually walked over step by step. Because he did not meet with any real dangers during the journey, Wu Qi had unknowingly loosened the string in his mind!

Wu Qi smacked his lips and said with a frown, "Perhaps it is not as absurd as what fellow Daoist has said… At least, most of the people I've met so far are pretty nice!'

Wu Qi thought of Patriarch Jiang Yun, thought of those Immortals in White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect, and all the Immortals in Yuan Hua Sect. Apart from Daoist Min and Daoist Mo Luan, who had a conflict with him because of some old resentments, the Immortals he met were mostly nice to him overall.

Supremacy Three Flame twitched his lips disapprovingly. As he was about to teach Wu Qi a lesson with the several tens of thousands of examples he had seen in recent years, Wu Qi suddenly gave a shocking cry and hastily pulled out a one-foot and two inches long jade tablet from under his sleeve.

The jade table was emitting a blinding red light, and kept issuing a deep, muffled buzzing sound. It was a warning jade talisman crafted by Yuan Hua Sect using the blood essence of the Green Mother-Child Locust. Any disciple who was in danger could activate it, alarming the fellow disciples who were within the same heavenly realm.

The red light emitted from the jade tablet was strong, meaning that the fellow disciple who was in danger was less than several millions of miles from Wu Qi. If he used all his power to exercise the teleportation technique that only a Heaven Immortal could use, Wu Qi could arrive there in about fifteen minutes.

"Fellow Daoist Three Flame, a disciple from my sect is in danger somewhere nearby. I need to go and check it out now!" Wu Qi told Supremacy Three Flame in a quick tone, "If you are still going to Xiang Le City, please go without me!"

Before his words could fade, Wu Qi's body blinked as he ripped apart the void and teleported away. With his current cultivation base, he could travel a distance of one million miles by using almost ninety percent of his energy. As his energy was depleting, he quickly fished out some spirit pills and consumed them, replenishing his energy.

A red light flickered behind his back. Supremacy Three Flame had arrived, grabbing Wu Qi with one hand and teleporting away.

"Am I a rascal who would abandon his companion and enjoy all the benefits alone? Lead the way. My cultivation base is stronger than yours!"

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