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Arhat Bao Sheng snorted coldly, raising his Vajra Evil Subduing Sword up before him. A sheet of golden light radiated from the edge of the sword, enveloping him like a golden bell. Then, the Sword of Greedy Wolf came, wheeling rapidly around him for thirteen turns and cutting a total of 360 times on the golden barrier. The attacks shook and vibrated the barrier, producing a series of ear-splitting metal clashing noises, yet they failed to break the golden barrier.

On the other side, Arhat Bao Xin gave a deep laugh. The staff left his grip and flew out, transforming into a one-thousand-feet long, golden colored flying dragon, thrusting its claws towards Wu Qi's head as it gave a long cry. Meanwhile, Arhat Bao Xin performed a Vase hand incantation gesture, then drawing one hand back as if he were pulling a bowstring. With a light call of the Buddha's name, several dozens of tiny golden beams shot out of his palm, interweaving into a golden lotus flower midair. And, with just a blink, it disappeared and reappeared right behind Wu Qi's back.

The other sixteen burly monks cried the Buddha's name in a loud and unified voice, raising their weapons such as a Vajra Staff, an Evil Subduing Ring, a Vajra Sword, a Bodhi Staff, and some other different Buddhist weapons, and smashing them down onto Wu Qi's head. Each of the monks had a cultivation base equal to that of a Heaven Immortal. They were all Arhats, and when that was combined with their Diamond Bodies, as well as the Mighty Vajra divine ability, they could easily shatter a lofty mountain with just one casual strike.

Wu Qi's left wrist shook a little. The earth element dragon scale shield unleashed a total of 36,000 golden dragon scales, wheeling rapidly around him and glinting brilliantly under the bright sunlight. Then, a vast stream of heavy, dense, earthy mist gushed out from the underground. Attracted and guided by the innate earth element energy, it formed into a thick and strong energy barrier around him.

The heaven dragon manifested from the staff thrust its claw onto Wu Qi's head, but was greeted with several dozens of golden scales. They collided, producing a loud, ear-splitting noise. The golden scales were knocked and scattered all over the place, while numerous bright sparks darted out of the dragon claws as they were being repelled away by the heavy earth element energy barrier. Immediately after that was a rapid ringing of smashing. Arhat Bao Xin's lotus flower had exploded right behind Wu Qi's back. The explosion greatly shook his body, pushing several thousand golden scales messily in all directions. Even as that was happening, the weapons from the sixteen monks landed on his body, sending him flying away.

The earth element dragon scale shield gave a mournful cry. It could hardly withstand the continuous heavy strikes anymore, and was at the brink of shattering. Not having too many alternatives, Wu Qi transformed himself into a column of thick, dark mist again using the fiend technique found in Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, dispersing into all directions while trying to avoid the monks' attacks.

Arhat Bao Xin let out a loud sneer and said, "How dare you use the fiend technique before us, the Buddhist cultivators? Are you courting death?" All the monks roared with laughter. They began to call the Buddha's name as Buddhist light of various colors rushed out of their palms, showering towards Wu Qi.

Theravada Indestructible Buddhist Light, Theravada Enlightenment Buddhist Light, Theravada Vimalā Evil Subduing Buddhist Light... eighteen mystic Buddhist lights of Theravada Buddhist Doctrine sprinkled down and struck the dark mist. Wu Qi could only feel a severe pain wash over him. The dark mist quickly vanished like someone had just poured a pot of hot water onto snow. In just a blink of an eye, it had shrunk to half its original size. It was a known fact that the Buddhist cultivation techniques were very good at restricting Fiend cultivation techniques. As Wu Qi was exercising the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture before these monks, it had actually made the offensive strength of these monks skyrocket by at least a couple of times.

Laughing bitterly, Wu Qi revealed himself amidst the dark mist. His skin was torn, filled with blisters and dotted with blood. The Buddhist light's offensive strength was way beyond his expectation. He would rather be attacked several dozens of times by Arhat Bao Xin's staff than having the Buddhist light touch him. A strong taste of blood filled his mouth as he stared at Arhat Bao Xin, who was looking at him fiercely. He could not help but shake his head and say, "Are you forcing me to put up a desperate fight?"

Arhat Bao Xin laughed viciously, putting his palms together as he bowed to Wu Qi. "There is still a chance before you, fellow Daoist. Hand over all your treasures and join my sect. Be a little monk who sweeps the floors and do the menial jobs. That will spare you from all the pains and hardships you will have to suffer today otherwise."

Wu Qi shook his head and breathed out a long sigh. He fished out a few healing spirit pills and shoved them into his mouth. "Cut all the nonsense. Be a monk? I am not willing to part with my dark luscious hair, and I can't bear to leave this bustling mortal world. Hehe, I think it is better for us to fight a desperate battle!"

He gestured to call back the Sword of Greedy Wolf. Then, an ocean of flame rose to the sky as the Flaming Magpie Sword thrust whistling out, transforming into a huge red bird which spread its wings and covered Wu Qi from above, while countless golden scales wheeled rapidly around him, producing a jarring wind breaking noise. After that, Wu Qi retracted the immense fiend energy unleashed by his Inferno Nether Fiend Nascent Soul, channeling all his energy into the fake Nascent Soul which practiced the Asamskrta Energy Unity Scripture. In the next moment, numerous clouds rushed out of his body and a gentle breeze carried him up. He looked like an orthodox Immortal now.

The focus of the Asamskrta Energy Unity Scripture was to cultivate one's character and recapture one's body. Therefore, the energy generated from it was pure and pliable, vast and boundless. With it as the foundation, Wu Qi exercised the Heaven Breaking Sword Sect's Five Elements Sword Technique, emphasizing on the fire element sword technique. Sword beams kept shooting out of his body one after another, bringing with them a scorching hot temperature. Gradually, the huge red bird hovering above him transformed into a red sword that towered into the sky, emitting a blinding light like a really sharp sword.

A faint smile emerged on Arhat Bao Xin's face. He shook his head and said, "Are you making the last desperate effort, fellow Daoist? Unfortunately, Buddhist cultivation techniques are best known for their strong defensive strength!"

Amidst a roaring of laughter, Arhat Bao Xin, Arhat Bao Sheng, as well as the rest of the monks sat down cross-legged on the ground in a circle, with Wu Qi trapped in the middle. Each of them had three white lotus flowers flying out from the top of their heads, on top of which hovered one to three relics. A dazzling glow radiated from these lotus flowers and relics, spreading out into a misty Buddhism light as it connected all eighteen monks into one.

Vaguely, there were countless Heavenly Kings and Vajrapānibalin clad in heavy armors hovering among the Buddhism light. They stood shoulder to shoulder, forming an impregnable wall that had Wu Qi trapped within. An immense pressure came pressing down from all directions, countering the sharp sword beams unleashed from the red sword hovering above Wu Qi's head. Slowly but surely, the pressure pushed the sword beams back, forcing them back into the red sword and be unable to come out.

The towering sword manifested from the Flaming Magpie was vibrating violently. Loud clanging and booming could be heard coming out from it. Wu Qi had channeled all his energy into the sword, but as he was facing the Buddhist light jointly unleashed by eighteen Arhats, his strength and power alone could never allow him to break through the golden barrier that surrounded him.

And, the monks had yet to strike. Just the suppression from their Buddhist light had already made Wu Qi want to cough blood.

Wu Qi felt that every single strand of his muscles was tensed. They contracted again and again, washing him with pain and making everything inside him tumble. It was as if all his internal organs were strangled by a couple dozens of steel ropes; they twitched brutally and prevented him from breathing properly. He reckoned that if this were to continue, he would have depleted all his energy in just the time to finish a pot of tea. At that point in time, he would lose all his ability to resist, being captured by these monks.

But, there was one thing that made Wu Qi even more frustrated, other than the tremendous pressure from the Buddhist light. Eighteen monks were sitting cross-legged around him, and although their lips did not move, they were using a Buddhist telepathic technique to forcibly instill Buddhist scriptures into his soul. He could hear the chanting of eighteen monks right in his ears, buzzing endlessly like those filthy flies. It made his head reel, with stars flashing across his eyes.

"Fuc*ing bald donkeys!" Wu Qi gnashed his teeth as he decided to fling all caution to the winds and draw the innate energy essence from his innate Nascent Souls, putting up one last desperate strike. But suddenly, he heard a sonorous bird cry coming from above. The sunlight was blocked by a huge shadow, while wild winds were blowing down soundlessly. The winds came with a strong force, so strong that it was irresistible. The eighteen monks encircling Wu Qi gave a strange cry together as the dark-green wild winds rolled them up into the air, throwing them into a mountain several miles away.

The monks slammed headfirst into the mountain. The winds came with a very powerful force, a force that could sink anyone into an utter despair. Apart from Arhat Bao Xin, who managed to slam through a hole straight across the mountain with his formidable cultivation base, and came out from the other side with dust all over his face and body, the rest of the monks, including Arhat Bao Sheng, had their bones and tendons broken from the brutal collision. About thirteen to fourteen of them had their relics shattered, dying a miserable death.

"For the benevolence of the Buddha! What demons are so daring to fight against Buddhism?" Seeing that many of his fellow disciples were either severely wounded or killed, Arhat Bao Xin could not help but roar furiously.

Bird cries kept echoing from above. Wu Qi quickly raised his head to look into the sky, and saw a Gale with a nearly ten miles wingspan plunging straight down. Behind the Gale followed a dozen of Gales, each having a wingspan of over one hundred miles. One could tell just by their look that they were adult Gales! These mighty birds plunged down from the high altitude without making any sound, their dark-green feathers fluttering gently amidst the strong winds. They look elegant and otherworldly.

The bodies of all adult Gales were dotted with blood. However, the blood only smeared their feathers, and Wu Qi could tell that it was not their blood. Clearly, they had just carried out a slaughter, and the death toll must be damn high!

And, the target who could attract these adult Gales, who had a lot of people to let them slaughter, Wu Qi could easily guess without even spending a second to think. The young Gale who had just turned adult had called upon his Seniors, and they had just assaulted the great army of Pang Province brought here by Feng Jiupan!

As Wu Qi tried to imagine Feng Jiupan's expression when these adult Gales were attacking his army, Wu Qi could not help but burst into a loud laughter. He turned to the Gale who was flying down at an incredible speed and said with a bright smile, "Are you here to help me? Haha, so you do remember that it was me who saved you previously?"

The Gale let out a sonorous cry, lashed his three tail feathers, and slapped Arhat Bao Sheng, who had just risen to his feet. The monk gave a tragic howl as his body was brought up into the sky by a twister, then brutally thrown into another mountain. A jarring bone cracking noise echoed out. Arhat Bao Sheng's head slammed onto a solid boulder, shattering it to powder while his head was crushed into a puddle of blood and gore.

A shrill and forlorn cry rang out of Arhat Bao Sheng's relic. As it transformed into a beam of blinding light and was about to flee, an adult Gale plunged down quickly, reaching out one of his claws and crushing the relic to pieces.

Arhat Bao Xin roared angrily. All of a sudden, a bright light rushed out from his waist and soared up into the sky, as he vanished within the bright light in just a twinkle. A few surviving monks were trying to make their escape as well, but an adult Gale flapped his wings, shooting out numerous invisible wind blades, cutting and slashing their fleshly bodies and relics to minces.

Wu Qi breathed out a sigh of relief as he retracted the Flaming Magpie totteringly. As he was about to sit down to catch some breath, the young Gale suddenly reached out his claw and grabbed Wu Qi, then with a flap of his wings, he launched himself back into the sky.

All the adult Gales came and flew around the young Gale. The headwinds were strong, but with just a few flaps of wings, they pierced through multiple layers of clouds and headed straight towards the high altitude.

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