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Wu Qi laid comfortably between the young Gale's claws as they made the ascent. He believed that the Gale would not return his kindness with ingratitude, and even if he were wrong, with the tens of adult Gales around him, what else could he do? Adult Gales were frightening existences who could hunt True Dragons of Gold Immortal realm as their foods! 'Just let them do whatever they want!' Wu Qi was too lazy to think anymore.

Layers upon layers of cloud were pierced, and gusts after gusts of wind were ditched behind. There were also heavenly flames, dark ices, light streams, an ocean of sand and stars, many of which were natural barriers that could kill Gold Immortals if they were trapped accidentally. The Gales cautiously avoided all these fatal natural barriers, bringing Wu Qi to ascend further up into the sky.

Up and up they flew, ascending higher into the sky with numerous gusts of green wild winds carrying them from all directions. Their speed was nearly one hundred times faster than Wu Qi's when he was fleeing with the Acquired Magnetic Swordbeam using all his energy. They could climb several thousand miles higher in just mere seconds.

Wu Qi witnessed many extraordinary scenes throughout the journey. He just could not stop being marveled by the natural barriers created by the Heaven and Earth, especially when they went past a thundercloud layer measuring hundreds of thousands of miles thick. It was a space with not even a single impurity to be found, where everything was ruled by the pure force of thunder. Amidst the thunderclouds that stretched for unknown miles, he saw countless peculiar creatures, whose bodies were longer than one thousand miles, and half translucent like jellyfishes.

These magnificent creatures were slowly stretching their gorgeous-looking bodies, gently waving their long tentacles where tiny electric arcs kept bolting out, hunting some bizarre insects around them that were shaped like worms, but about seven to eight miles long and having a body purely formed from thunders and electricity.

As the Gales were passing through the thundercloud layer, these enormous creatures slowly stretched out their tentacles, wanting to catch a few Gales as their dinner. Fortunately, the Gales moved very quickly, and although these creatures were huge, they were too slow. It was threatening, but not dangerous. The group avoided the attacks and went past the thundercloud layer easily.

At that moment, Wu Qi recalled a frightening creature that he read in Scroll of Stealing, the 'Thundercloud Mother'. The creature only existed in thunder and lightning, and their primary food source was the spirit bred from within thunder and lightning. Every Thundercloud Mother had an overall strength of a Heaven Immortal when they were born, and the adults, those whose bodies stretched nearly one thousand miles, possessed an offensive strength of a Gold Immortal.

When they were passing the layer of heavenly flame, Wu Qi witnessed the 'Flaming Dragon Beasts', who had six wings and were purely formed from Xuanji Heavenly Fire.

When they were passing the layer of dark ice, Wu Qi and his company nearly got killed by a creature which looked very much like a centipede. Its body measured longer than ten thousand miles, with countless thin, almost transparent wings stretching out from both sides. As a 'Heavenly Centipede, it could fly as fast as the Gales, and the 'Dark Blue Nether Breath' sprayed out of its mouth was incredibly powerful, a dreadful energy that could instantly turn the fleshly body of a Gold Immortal into ice crystals. The breath nearly hit one of the Gales. But luckily, as the Gales were agiler than the Heavenly Centipede, after spending some time in violently dodging and avoiding, they managed to ditch the creature and left the layer of dark ices safely.

Amidst the layer of light streams, Wu Qi saw the 'Streamer Wildebeest', a creature who could fly as fast as light.

And, amidst the ocean of sand and stars, Wu Qi saw the greedy Star Sandworms. They were bizarre creatures that resembled earthworms, who had a body about one thousand miles long, but could stretch over hundreds of thousands of miles long in just a twinkle. When he saw them, they were in the middle of attacking a True Dragon whose origin was unknown, yet was accidentally dragged into the ocean of sand and stars by the Heavenly Vortex of Sand and Stars. And, although the True Dragon had an overall strength of a lower-grade Gold Immortal, it was sucked dry into a mummy by the greedy Stars Sandworms.

As they went higher in altitude, they went past many such natural barriers filled with extreme dangers. After three days and three nights, the Gales finally halted before a boundless ocean of winds. Wu Qi bowed his head to look down, and the vast, boundless Pangu Continent was before his eyes. Even with Mystic Eyes of Universe, no objects on the ground could be clearly seen. In addition to that, despite which direction he looked into, he could not see the border of the continent. It was as if it never had a border.

Wu Qi took a deep breath as he marveled over the vastness of the Pangu Continent. Suddenly, he heard a clear and melodious voice, "Listen, Human Cultivator!"

At that moment, the dozens of adult Gales around him began to shrink down. Their bodies shone with a blinding light, and gradually, dozens of luxuriously clothed men and women were revealed before him. They were handsome and beautiful, their demeanor elegant, and sending forth a naturally noble aura. They looked like a group of lofty monarchs who were above all living beings, making nobody dare to get any closer to them.

The person who spoke to Wu Qi was a lady clad in a dark long robe and having a pair of eyes that shone like stars, claiming the position of the leader among the group. "Human Cultivator, I thank you for saving my only child. To repay your kindness, I've brought you here. Go inside to seek your own fortune, and if you are lucky, you will find great benefits."

She tilted her proud head up, exposing her slender, beautiful long neck. "I am Lady Feng Qinger, the Queen of the Green Feather Clan of the Gale. The Gale you've saved is my only son, Feng Xiaoxiao. We, the Gales, have always drawn a clear distinction between kindness and hatred. Those who bully our people will be punished, and those who help us will be rewarded!"

The young Gale who had Wu Qi in his claw gave a few cries. He flapped his wings and gently touched Wu Qi with the tip.

Lady Feng Qinger pursed her lips and gave the young Gale a fierce glare. Then, she shook her head helplessly and turned to a skinny man standing next to her to speak a few words in their language. As they were communicating with their own language. Wu Qi had no idea what they were talking about.

The man took a step forward and gave Wu Qi an examination glance. After that, he said coolly, "Young Master Xiaoxiao has asked us to give you more rewards because you have saved his life. Well, we've decided to give you a little bit of the bloodline of the wild winds that exists between the Heaven and Earth. As for whether you can absorb it, that will have to depend on your luck!"

Suddenly, a one-foot long, razor-sharp nail sprung out from the man's right index finger, and using it, he made a small cut on his wrist. A green streak of blood slowly seeped out of the cut, and before long, a three feet long thread of blood emanating a very powerful energy aura had squeezed out of the man's body. He carefully cupped up the thread of blood and handed it over to Wu Qi.

Wu Qi was taken aback. He patted Feng Xiaoxiao's claw, and received the twisting thread of green blood with the utmost reverence. A suction force emerged within his palm, and the bloodline immediately squeezed into his body, fusing with him in an instant. Without the slightest hesitation, he exercised the technique he learned from the Scroll of Stealing, using the bloodline fusing technique to merge the Gale's innate divine abilities contained in the bloodline. All the power in the bloodline was perfectly inherited by him, and nothing was wasted.

Only those who were cultivating with Scroll of Stealing could perfectly fuse an external bloodline. If it were others, even if that person were a Primordial Immortal, there was no way they could achieve the same result. After fusing the bloodline, Wu Qi felt his body became lighter. It was as if his bones and flesh, his meridians, blood vessels, internal organs, everything had turned into hollow bamboo, becoming weightless feathers. Wild winds were swirling and whistling within his body, and all of a sudden, he had established an extremely miraculous connection with all the winds that blew across the Heaven and Earth.

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes as his heart kept pounding powerfully. In the Scroll of Stealing, there was a blood stealing technique which could allow him to steal the bloodlines of all the divine beasts that existed between the Heaven and Earth, and fuse their innate divine abilities. However, as none of the divine beasts were easy to deal with, it was a tremendous favor for him to have received the bloodline of the Gale!

With utmost respect, he bowed to Lady Feng Qinger and said in a deep voice, "Thank you for the generous reward, Your Majesty. In the future, if there is anything that I can help the Green Feather Clan with, I will definitely do my best!"

Lady Feng Qinger smiled faintly, shook her head indifferently, and said, "Whatever! We, the Gales, are might existences who soar freely in the sky, and we don't need any help from you, the Human Cultivators. Come, we'll escort you into the heart of this ocean of windstorms. You may gather some essence of wind spirit along the way, as those can help to enhance the Gale's bloodline in your body, improving your affinity with the force of wild winds that exist between the Heaven and Earth. Also, the essence is an excellent material to craft upper-grade immortal items. Do not miss them if you see one!"

Wu Qi expressed his gratitude to Lady Feng Qinger again. "What can we find in the heart of this ocean of windstorms?"

Lady Feng Qinger smiled faintly and said, "It is nothing of significance, just a residence of a fallen Primordial Immortal. That Immortal was somewhat connected with us, the Gales. Therefore, he had built a residence here. At present, I think only we are still aware of the residence's existence. Since you've saved Xiaoxiao, I'll give you an opportunity to obtain the treasures in the residence. As for whether you can find anything, that will have to depend on your luck!"

Feng Xiaoxiao gave a few cries, flapped his wings, and grabbed Wu Qi with his claw. After positioning himself firmly on the one-mile wide claw, a gust of strong wind rolled up the company as they began to fly straight into the seemingly boundless ocean of windstorms that was filled with countless gusts of black, green, white, blue, and green winds.

"Gu! Gu!" Along the way, Feng Xiaoxiao kept making cries that Wu Qi could not understand.

The Gales' bloodline was extremely powerful. A Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python could take a human form when he was at Twenty-fourth Tier Heaven Immortal, but the Gale could only do the same after attaining a cultivation base of Gold Immortal. Only then they could talk in the human language. With Feng Xiaoxiao's current cultivation base, it would take him an unknown number of Periods before he could take a human form.

The strong winds brought Wu Qi and the company through the countless windstorms. It was a journey of two days and two nights, and along the way, Wu Qi managed to gather several hundred pieces of the essence of wind spirit, each as large as a small hill, pure green, and containing a vast wind element energy. Not only could they greatly strengthen the power of the Gale's bloodline, more importantly, they were the excellent materials to craft upper-grade immortal items. If they were given to expert craftsmen, they could be even be used to craft gold immortal items!

As they proceed further, Lady Feng Qinger suddenly halted.

Right before them, in the void surrounded by countless dark whirlwinds and vortexes, there quietly hovered a small landmass about one thousand miles in both width and length.

It had mountains and rivers, forests and grasslands. And, right at the peak of a lofty mountain standing at the center of the landmass, there loomed a broken palace that was about one hundred acres wide.

Lady Feng Qinger grabbed Wu Qi and threw him into the palace.

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