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Early in the morning of the next day, when the golden sunlight sprinkled all over the earth, Wu Qi, who was clad in a green Daoist robe with his hair tied up with a red ribbon and looking neat and clean, embarked on his journey towards the east with two junior Daoists and two of Daoist Yun Zang's disciples.

By traveling eastward from An He City, crossing 17,000 lofty mountains, 4,900 rivers, and 7 provinces ruled by Yu Dynasty, they would come to an island hovering above the ocean- 'Qing Xu'. There was a place on the island named Qing Xu Immortal Pass. It was Wu Qi and his companions' destination.

Among the company of five, the two junior Daoists were retinues who Wu Qi brought from An He City. They both possessed a cultivation base of Gold Core realm. However, they were, in fact, two celestial fiend puppets. On the other hand, Daoist Yun Zang's disciples were Shui Xin and Shui Yi. They were the weakest Heaven Immortals under Daoist Yun Zang, who had transcended their heavenly tribulation about one hundred years ago.

If Shui Xin and Shui Yi were to live in a place such as Minor Heavenly Circle Realm, they would have established their own sects. If Daoist Yun Zang were to stay in Puluo Heavenly Realm, his overall strength would have made him the Ancestral Master of one of the ten strongest immortal sects. But in Green City, they were the most worthless disciples, and the missions they were assigned with were those that required them to travel around laboriously.

And so, their journey began. Shui Xin and Shui Yi were very excited, and very polite to Wu Qi. They did not show even the slightest disrespect just because Wu Qi had a weak cultivation base. Both of them were aware that luck had struck their Master. If he could really set a foothold in An He City, and even claim the foundation in the region of one million miles, his reward would be extraordinary. At that point in time, both of them would receive tremendous benefits as well, just like how the boat would rise when the water rose.

All these future benefits originated from Wu Qi. It was his help due to which they were able to open up a bright and promising situation in just three months, something they could have never imagined before arriving the place. Now, as long as Green City's Sect Elders were here, and Wu Qi could claim that An He City had always been Green City's territory right before the faces of those Dark Palace's Evil Immortals, it would place Green City at an advantageous position in terms of morality and justice. And with Green City's powerful overall strength, they would be able to firmly occupy An He City!

It was a huge fat meat! And, it was given to them by Wu Qi! Therefore, not only did Shui Xin and Shui Yi dare not to show any arrogance and disrespect before Wu Qi, they were even very friendly with him. They chatted and joked along the way, finding different topics to keep the warm conversation continue, so they could establish a closer relationship with him.

Reciprocally, Wu Qi used every means to fawn on them with a big smile on his face. He kept asking them about Pangu Continent, the world of Immortal cultivators, outer heavenly realms, as well as the Heaven. Although Shui Xin and Shui Yi's cultivation base were weak, they were from Green City, a very strong immortal sect. Hence, they excelled in their knowledge and experiences. On top of that, as they did not hold any guard against Wu Qi, they just said everything that was on their minds. As a result, some information that leaked from between their words made Wu Qi nearly jump up to his feet with excitement.

According to Shui Yi, their Grand-Master, Reverend Li Yang, was favored by the Ancestral Master of Green City. Reverend Li Yang loved traveling, and he spent most of his time wandering in different outer heavenly realms. Sometimes, he would sneak into Pangu Continent for a short tour. Therefore, through a special connection, the Ancestral Master of Green City, True Lord Qing Feng, had gotten him a full map of the outer heavenly realms, as well as a diagram of Pangu Continent from the Heaven.

The full map of outer heavenly realms was extremely detailed. As for the diagram of Pangu Continent, it covered slightly over thirty percent of the current regions on Pangu Continent. Shui Yi merely mentioned that to show off how much favor had his own Grand-Master received, but when Wu Qi heard that, his heart twitched instantly. It took him a great effort to hold back the cheer that nearly burst out of his mouth.

The full map of outer heavenly realms? And a map of thirty percent of the current regions on Pangu Continent? It was more than enough! With the maps, it would not be a difficult task to find the Great Huang An Valley, and it would be a piece of cake to locate the Dark Abyss. Now, Wu Qi just had to think of a way to scheme Reverend Li Yang in An He City, and he would be able to go searching for the innate Yang energy in the Dark Abyss.

Once he had both innate Yin and Yang energies united, coupled with the innate energy of five elements, he could break his innate Nascent Souls and form his innate Nascent Divinity. At that point in time...

Wu Qi's lips curved into a smile. Suddenly, he pointed at a huge mountain with its peak towering into the clouds off in a distance as he said, "Fellow Daoists, we've been traveling for half a day. Let's enjoy some wines and fresh fruits there while enjoying the scenery. What do you think?"

Daoist Yun Zang had ordered Shui Xin and Shui Yi to take Wu Qi as the leader for the trip. Their task was just to guide Wu Qi to Qing Xu Immortal Pass. Hence, when Wu Qi said he would like to have a rest on the mountain, they did not have any objection. After all, sending a message back to Green City was not an emergency. Even if Reverend Li Yang received the message and rushed over, it would be a few years later. They were not in a hurry.

The company of five landed their clouds on top of the mountain. Two junior Daoists took out a round table and a few stools, placing some fresh fruits and wines on the table. Then, they stood off to a side to serve Wu Qi, Shui Xin, and Shui Yi. They each took a wine bowl, and while glancing around over the splendid scenery, could not help themselves but keep praising the magnificent views. They were at the peak of the tallest mountain within a radius of ten thousand miles. Looking around, the rest of mountains stretched across the horizon like an undulating wave, while faint clouds lingered above the peaks and rivers. It was indeed breathtaking.

Wu Qi raised his wine bowl and proposed a toast, "Fellow Daoists, I find you congenial to me. Come, let's drink!"

Laughing aloud, Shui Xin and Shui Yi raised their wine bowls and clinked with Wu Qi's, then downed all the wine in their bowls in one gulp.

It was very fragrant. The scent filled the inside of their bodies and wafted out of their pores, reaching to a distance of a couple dozens of feet away. It was so fragrant that both Shui Xin and Shui Yi's eyes were set, their bodies turned stiff, and they fell straight to the ground.

Wu Qi threw away his wine bowl and slowly rose to his feet, coldly looking at both men who were now laying on the ground. He gestured at them and said with a brief sigh, "Aye, I've never born any hatred towards you. It is all because of your background! Green City? What's more, your Master killed Hidden Heart and Guarding Heart who had saved my life. You... you can't blame me for doing this to you!"

The bodies of the two junior Daoists began to twist and expand, transforming into two bronze celestial fiend puppets who stood ten feet tall. Wu Qi pointed at Shui Xin and Shui Yi, and immediately, the two puppets turned into two shadows and leaped onto both men, fusing into their bodies without any difficulty. A bloodcurdling munching and swallowing sound was heard coming out from within their bodies. Abruptly, a bright ray radiated from the area between their brows, amidst which hovered two human-shaped immortal souls. They were transfixed just like two wooden puppets.

But soon, countless misty, black threads shot out of their bodies, tightly wrapping around both immortal souls and dragging them back into the bodies, then turning them into a dark cocoon. Their immortal souls were quickly digested, and their memories were seized by the two puppets. Nevertheless, they were left with a thread of True Soul which was now kept in a strict captivity at the depth of their bodies by the puppets.

As long as their True Souls were intact, nobody would learn that both Shui Xin and Shui Yi were being controlled by someone, even if Green City did have their soul jade slips.

Very soon, both puppets rose to their feet, bowed to Wu Qi, and said with a smile, "Fellow Daoist, Shui Xin/Shui Yi offers greetings!"

Wu Qi roared with laughter as he returned the gesture and said, "Don't stand on the ceremony, fellow Daoists! We have to unite all efforts for a common purpose!"

They stared at each other and laughed. Then, two dark shadows shot out from under Wu Qi's feet and slowly transformed into another two junior Daoists, standing next to him smilingly.

Without delaying any further, Wu Qi exerted all his power to break apart the void, rushing towards Qing Xu Immortal Pass using the teleportation technique with his companions. When they approached those cities ruled by Yu Dynasty, the company would exercise the escape art to cautiously bypass them through the underground. Other than that, they traveled at full speed with teleportation.

After one and a half month, they finally arrived before a great stretch of water without running into any troubles.

It was a great lake surrounded by numerous lofty mountains. Wu Qi scanned it with his divine will, and to his surprise, he could not find the other side of the lake. Waves after waves were raised from the green colored lake under the constant blowing of strong winds. These waves slammed onto the rocks scattered across the bank, filling the shoreline with a long stretch of white foam.

At a place not far away from Wu Qi and his company, they saw a group of several thousand Long Bo men working laboriously. Directed by a group of armored-soldiers, they were pounding iron pillars about ten feet in diameter into the ground along the bank, then linking them together with iron chains that were as thick as a bowl. Roughly several hundreds of such iron pillars were linked up with iron chains along the one hundred miles long bank. Wu Qi scanned them with his divine will, noticing that these iron pillars were about three thousand feet long. With huge iron hammers, those Long Bo men exerted all their strength to pound the iron pillars hard and inserting them deep into the rocky land, which was at least a few times tougher than raw iron.

The iron chains stretched several hundred miles long, from there all the way into the far distance. With his sharp eyes, Wu Qi saw that there was another group of Long Bo men working several hundred miles away. They were barbecuing meats on huge campfires. Shockingly, the meats they were cooking were great pythons and flood dragons with several thousand feet long bodies! Fats kept dripping down from several hundred great pythons and flood dragons as they were being cooked by the campfire. While drooling, those Long Bo men kept applying and sprinkling condiments onto their meals.

These Long Bo men were accompanied by a troop of about twenty thousand Feathermen, who had a pair of wings behind their back. All of them were clad in light armors made of metal, hands holding bows and arrows. They squatted on the top of nearby cliff walls, humming a little tune as they watched these Long Bo men working.

Apart from these Feathermen, there were some people who were born with only one arm, one leg, and a third-eye on their foreheads, bustling about in the nearby area. They were in the middle of concocting some kind of medicinal paste. The sticky decoction fully filled several hundred large water tanks. Fist-sized bubbles were constantly rising and popping from the pitch-black decoction.

Wu Qi stared blankly at the bustling scene. It seemed they were working on some kind of big project, weren't they?

Even as he was puzzled by what they were going to do, a couple dozens of cavaliers clad in golden armors came rushing towards him suddenly on Heavenly Steeds, who had a pair of wings on the back and a horn growing out from the forehead. Surprisingly, their captain was a tall, slim, and beautiful lady. From across a distance, she shouted, "You, the one who cultivates Immortality, do not stay here as you will bring calamity to your sect! Our Prefecture Overseer is going to hunt for a Gale here! Leave immediately! If you hinder our Prefecture Overseer's business, we will definitely annihilate your sect and kill every single member of your sect!"

Wu Qi was stunned. They were here to hunt a Gale?

'A Gale? The legendary divine beast?'

'Tsk, what a fierce and domineering lady! Doesn't she think she is too tyrannic by threatening to annihilate someone's sect and killing every single member of the sect?'

Even as Wu Qi was criticizing the lady in his mind, a golden-armored cavalier had silently pulled out a double-edged axe, borrowing the moment during the galloping of the Heavenly Steed as he threw the axe towards Wu Qi from a distance of three miles.


The axe pierced through the air and left behind a bright trail in mid-air, approaching Wu Qi's face in just a blink of an eye.

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