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Shui Xin moved and came standing before Wu Qi. A loud rumble rang out, sounding very much like the deafening ringing of a large bell. Upon colliding with Shui Xin's body, the double-edged axe shattered to shreds and flew all over the place. The burly man who threw the axe roared, aghast. Not willing to believe his attack would fail again, he pulled out three spears and threw them out.

Wu Qi snorted coldly as he pointed his finger out. Instantly, three spears halted midair when they were still one hundred feet away from him. Then, with a light wave of the finger, they spun and shot back towards where they came from at a speed tens of times faster than before, filling the atmosphere with a shrill whistle. In just a blink of an eye, they had arrived before the burly man's eyes.

Although all those burly men had an overall strength not weaker than a Nascent Soul cultivator, none of them managed to respond on time in the face of such a high speed. In just a twinkle, three spears arrived before the burly man's face. They spun again, sticking in his face and continuing flying along with him as his Heavenly Steed kept galloping forward. He was so terrified that cold sweats were breaking out from all over his body, rolling off his forehead in streams.

The lady captain growled furiously. She squeezed the Heavenly Steed between her slim and powerful legs, galloping towards Wu Qi at an even faster speed. When she was only one mile away, she drew a sword from her waist, leaping forward as she thrust it horizontally. At the same time, a large, beautiful green bird that looked like a Phoenix emerged and flashed behind the lady captain, issuing a sonorous cry. Instantaneously, a nearly one thousand feet long, green colored sword energy shot out from the edge of the sword, arriving before Wu Qi at a speed almost like teleportation.

Wu Qi did not move, neither did Shui Xin. Instead, Shui Yi took a step forward and came standing shoulder to shoulder with Shui Xin, blocking before Wu Qi.

The sword energy smashed brutally onto Shui Xin and Shui Yi's body. A shrill whistle of wind pierced through the air as the sword beam shattered, breaking into fragments that drew the surrounding air and turned it into a couple dozens of twisters spinning ferociously around Wu Qi and his companions. These twisters were so condensed that they looked like stone pillars, each measuring about one mile tall, with a diameter of a bowl. As they moved around, they slammed and smashed into each other, producing loud noises while bringing up numerous glinting, palm-sized wind blades that kept grinding and hacking at Wu Qi.

But too bad that they were completely useless. The toughness of Wu Qi's fleshly body was beyond imagination, as he had already cultivated to the Thirty-fifth Transformation of Heavenly Dragon. On the other hand, both Shui Xin and Shui Yi, as well as the two junior Daoists, were actually celestial fiend puppets. Their bodies were not made of flesh and blood, but materials at least one hundred times tougher than magical treasures or spirit items. When those wind blades cut them, they could only produce sharp ear-splitting grinding noises, sending bright sparks all over the place, yet failing to hurt even a single hair of theirs.

After being surrounded and attacked by those twisters for a few breaths of time, Wu Qi thrust out his fist. The pure muscle strength made the surrounding air vibrate violently. All the twisters collapsed in an instant, turning into countless wind blades that dispersed in all directions while removing a layer of dirt from the ground. The dust raised and lingered in the air, shrouding Wu Qi and his companions and causing no one to be able to see them clearly.

The lady captain halted at a distance about three hundred feet away from Wu Qi. She frowned, staring at the raising dust.

Wu Qi snorted coldly. He pushed Shui Xin and Shui Yi off to a side, then leaned forward and rushed out abruptly, leaving multiple afterimages behind. In just a blink of an eye, he had arrived before the lady, reaching out one of his hands to give her a slap. "Who would carry out their task like you?" Wu Qi snapped sternly, "I'm fine with the threat, but why are you attacking me before allowing me to say something? Why so arrogant?"

The lady's response was unexpectedly quick. Even as Wu Qi's hand almost reached her, she thrust her arm backhandedly and pushed it away. Wu Qi was amazed, and immediately gave her another slap with the left hand. However, it seemed the lady's speed was marginally faster than Wu Qi, as she once again pushed away Wu Qi's hand and even slapped toward his face. Wu Qi roared in exasperation as he thrust his fists again and again at an incredible speed. At that moment, he looked like a Thousand-hands Bodhisattva.

Without using any magical power, Wu Qi fought like a legit body cultivator.

"Wonderful!" The lady shouted. A green light radiated from behind her back, amidst which, the large green bird soul was seen dancing, sending countless threads of light into the lady's body. It made the lady's speed increase by at least ten times. When Wu Qi had just thrust his fists, she had already punched three times on his chest. Each punch was as heavy as Mount Tai, and sent an extremely sharp, spinning, and explosive force of wood element into Wu Qi's body.

Wu Qi let out a muffled snort as the punches knocked him flying backward, slamming forcefully into Shui Xin and Shui Yi. At that very moment, the innate Yin energy rushed out and filled his body, turning his fleshly body at least one hundred times softer than the purest Yin water. His body wiggled gently like water, vibrating several hundred thousand times when he collided with them. Instantly, the three brutal forces the lady sent into his body were drained, channeling into Shui Xin and Shui Yi's bodies.

Both Shui Xin and Shui Yi cried out loudly as their bodies shot backward like two cannonballs, piercing through the air and smashing heavily into a lofty mountain, tens of miles away. The mountain that stood several miles tall collapsed with a loud rumble, sending countless fist-sized rocks flying in all directions. After shifting the external forces away from their bodies, they returned and stood before Wu Qi with a blink.

Wu Qi performed a double-handed incantation, pointing at the lady and crying out, "Halt!"

It happened that the lady had just sprung up into the air from her Heavenly Steed, about to thrust down with the tip of her sword pointing at Wu Qi's heart. She was instantly frozen midair by the sudden restrictive spell cast by Wu Qi. She snorted frustratingly, and the green bird behind her back flapped its wings, thrusting into her body. Immediately, a sonorous cry towered into the sky, and a pair of green wings spread out from the lady's back, each measuring several tens of feet long. Upon making their appearance, they flapped, raising up a couple dozens of twisters from the ground. Crispy popping noises echoed out from around the lady as Wu Qi's restrictive spell was shattered by the twisters. Then, the lady turned into a green shadow and soared high up into the sky, hovering several miles above the ground.

As she looked down loftily at Wu Qi, the lady snapped coldly, "Three cultivators with an overall strength of Heaven Immortals? Who are you? What's your destination and your purpose of visit? Why are you here? Don't you know that the Prefecture Overseer has announced a ban three days ago, prohibiting any cultivators from entering this region ten thousand miles in circumference?"

The clattering of hooves rolled like thunderclaps. The group of several dozens of golden-armored cavaliers rushed over, cautiously stopping at a spot one thousand feet away from Wu Qi. One after another, they drew their weapons while resting their cold glances on Wu Qi's face. The burly man who initiated the attack previously grabbed the three spears that were almost smashed into his face, using them to point at Wu Qi as he bellowed, "You son of a bi*ch! Tell me your name!"

Wu Qi's anger flared up instantly, thinking to himself that this burly man did not have any idea of death or danger. He had already spared the burly man's life, yet the latter still dared to utter such vicious remarks.

Wu Qi gave the burly man a fierce glare. A strange light flickered in his eyes, as he had activated an offensive mystic technique with the Mystic Eyes of Universe. When their glances met, the burly men felt as if he were being banished into the deepest hell, and countless little ghosts were crazily cutting and hacking him with various weapons. In a flash, countless little bloody cuts appeared all over his body, before he exploded into shreds in a blink of an eye. A bloody soul materialized under the bright sunlight, issuing a shrill shriek before vanishing into a puff of smoke.

The lady's eyes twitched with fury. She pointed her finger at Wu Qi and bellowed, "How presumptuous! How dare you to kill my captain before my eyes? You scoundrel! Tell me your name if you have the guts!"

Wu Qi snorted coldly, staring at the lady as he cried out furiously, "Oh? So only you can curse and kill? Mm? What kind of logic is that?"

Clenching her jaws tightly, the lady gave Wu Qi a ferocious stare. Then, she made a sharp whistle suddenly.

Loud tramping was heard coming from off at a far distance. Upon hearing the whistle, those Long Bo men, who were working hard to pound the iron pillars into the ground, threw away their tools and began to rush towards the scene. When they moved, winds and clouds automatically emerged around them, carrying their ten thousand feet tall bodies as they charged towards Wu Qi amidst deafening battle cries.

At the same time, the noises of wings flapping began to rise like waves. The troop of several tens of thousands of Feathermen stationed several hundred miles away flew up into the sky, making all kind of excited yells and cheers as they swarmed over like a huge patch of dark cloud. When they were about one hundred miles away from Wu Qi, a dozen very strong Feathermen drew their bowstrings and showered Wu Qi with numerous arrows.

Although they were one hundred miles away, all the arrows were aiming at his forehead, eyes, throat, and heart. Their accuracy made Wu Qi's heart race.

With a blink of his body, Wu Qi teleported a couple dozens of times within a small area, moving a few feet away every time and perfectly dodging all the arrows. The arrows whistled past him, penetrating into the rocks behind him and leaving tiny holes that went several miles deep into the ground. Wu Qi turned to look over his shoulder at those tiny holes, feeling a tingling sensation creep over his scalp.

Among the several thousand Long Bo men, about a dozen of them were emanating an aura comparable to a Heaven Immortal. On the other hand, among the several tens of thousands of Feathermen, a few of them had bird souls behind their back whose aura was very close to a Heaven Immortal. On top of that, the lady's speed was incredibly fast, and her strength was extraordinary. Combining all these factors, Wu Qi had decided to give up the idea of arguing with them.

He shook his head and gave a long screech. Suddenly, a huge amount of earth element energy rushed out from under his feet. Amidst a deep, muffled buzzing noise, he transformed these energies into magnetic forces. Then, he exercised the Magnetic Sword beam, which turned into an eye-catching dark beam as it brought him, Shui Xin, Shui Yi, as well as both junior Daoists away. In just a blink of an eye, Wu Qi was several tens of miles away. "I won't argue with you now, lady!" Wu Qi shouted coldly, "Damn it, I must have forgotten to read the calendar before leaving home! Such a bad luck to bump into a group of rascals like you!"

Wu Qi was quick to escape. All the lady could see was a flash, and Wu Qi was already several tens of miles away.

Not willing to let Wu Qi go just like that, the lady flapped the green wings behind her back, turning into a green beam of light and chasing after him.

However, as Wu Qi's current cultivation base was extremely strong, and the Magnetic Swordbeam was flying with the magnetic force from the earth, it had given him a speed faster than ordinary escape arts. Even after over ten thousand miles into the pursuit, the lady still could not get closer to Wu Qi. Instead, Wu Qi was able to increase the distance between them by nearly one hundred miles. The lady exploded with anger, yet she had no other choice but to abandon the pursuit and fly back.

"That nasty Daoist must be heading to Qing Xu Immortal Pass. Bring my order to the military officers stationed in Qing Xu Immortal Pass and capture him alive! I want to rip off his skin!" The furious roars of the lady filled the entire place.

"Throughout the entire Pang Province, nobody dares to play a trick on me, Feng Qingwu, ever!"

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