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The approaching fist-sized thunder pellets were produced by Yuan Hua Sect's Heaven Immortals. Using a mystic technique in the Asamskrta Energy Unity Scripture, they harvested the strongest and most violent thunder energies amidst rainstorms, the last bit of the energy before the thunder dissipated into thin air. They then compressed them and produced the thunder pellets. Each of them had the power strong enough to level a small mountain, and could seriously damage the fleshly body of Nascent Soul cultivators if caught unprepared.

Wu Qi gave a disdain smile. He extended his arm up in the air and performed a grabbing gesture. The Hand of Web was exercised, creating a spinning vortex that wrapped around the thunder pellets and pulled them down into his grip. Then, he clenched his palm and forcibly suppressed them with an incredibly strong force purely from his muscles. With that, these thunder pellets with the power enough to inflict serious damage to Nascent Soul cultivators failed to detonate.

The white-faced Daoist was taken aback. What he threw out were called 'Unity Thunder Pellets'. Among the various thunder techniques practiced by different immortal sects of Puluo Heavenly Realm, it was a weapon that could be ranked in the top five in terms of power. If not because he was the Chief Supervisor of the herb mountains within one thousand miles here, which allowed him to secretly harvest some spirit herbs and exchange thunder pellets with his fellow disciples, there was no way he could obtain so many of them with his current cultivation base and status in the sect.

As both of his beloved disciples were eaten alive by Catfish-flood-dragon and Lord Xiansheng, this white-faced Daoist got so enraged he simply threw all thunder pellets he had in one shot, heedless of the consequences that might cause. But little did he expect that Wu Qi was able to forcibly suppress all of them using just a palm and pure muscle strength! This was something that not even Nascent Divinity cultivators could possibly achieve!

In Yuan Hua Sect, only those Heaven Immortal Elders could use their immortal energies and incredible divine abilities to gain control of these thunder pellets. How was it possible that this young man could have achieved that as well?

The white-faced Daoist gave a horrified cry, losing his courage to fight Wu Qi and the others. Without hesitation, he spun the sword beam and fled. However, right after he turned around, Princess Zhang Le had already pointed at him angrily and shouted, "Disperse!" As the loud shout rang out, the natural energies around the Daoist dispersed immediately. The bright glow of his sword beam faded away completely, transforming into a three feet long sword and falling to the ground with a loud clanging noise.

With a snort, Princess Zhang Le waved her hand and flicked her sleeve as she cried out again, "Wind!"

A strange whooshing noise echoed out as a foul wind rolled up from nowhere. It was as if the doorway to the nether hell was opened up, with a dark typhoon rushing out like a savage dragon, crushing all spirit herbs on this mountain to shreds. The white-faced Daoist did not even have the ability to defend himself as he was trapped deep in the eye of the typhoon, being brought high up into the sky with his body spinning rapidly like a windmill. He was like clothes spinning in a washing machine, as his blood crushed his blood vessels and muscles slowly, causing a vast amount of blood to spray out of his body.

Little Que'er, who was perched on Princess Zhang Le's shoulder and looked as fat as a piglet, flapped her wings with a lot of difficulty as she stared fiercely at the white-faced Daoist who was spinning at a high speed about one mile up in the air. She opened her mouth and gave a sonorous cry. All of a sudden, the surrounding air turned hot and a loud rumble echoed out, while the dark wind around the Daoist turning into a raging red flame abruptly. The highly compacted dark wind and the raging red flame collided and exploded into a large fireball, amidst which, the Daoist fell out with a tragic howl. His bone and flesh were ripped to shreds, and only his upper body could barely stay in one piece.

With a severe injury such as this, if he were not doctored with best spirit medicines and recuperated for three to five years, his fleshly body would be crippled completely.

Princess Zhang Le gave the Daoist a gaze from the corner of her eyes as she gently stroked the hair of the two little girls. "Peppermint, Angelica, you will follow me now. Let's see who dares to bully you again!" Princess Zhang Le said lightly. But, it seemed like she was still bothered by the frustration as she continued asking sullenly, "Didn't I ask you to stay in Green Wood Peak? Why are you here, and why were they beating you just now?"

Peppermint and Angelica were the two little girls who Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon rescued in Green Cliff Immortal Market. Their parents were both ordinary herb harvesters in the mortal world, who ventured deep into mountains and ancient woods on a daily basis. When they found ordinary herbs, they would sell to the medicine shops in the mortal world, and when they found rare spirit herbs, they would send them to the Green Cliff Immortal Market to exchange for one to two energy stones. Using this method, they managed to save up a pretty handsome sum of energy stones, using them to purchase the most basic technique of energy refining for the twin sisters.

Relying on the technique, the sisters managed to cultivate a little amount of internal energies. As their parents spent years traveling in remote mountains and woods, the over absorption of poisonous miasma had caused their bodies to become weaker and weaker. In the end, both sisters, who were only at a very young age, were forced to venture deep into the mountains to harvest herbs so that they could provide for the whole family while earning some energy stones at the same time to supply their cultivation.

If Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon hade not rescued them from Luo Ling Pavilion that day, they would have long been abducted and made into someone's cultivation vessels.

Nevertheless, as Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le found that both sisters had very excellent latent potential in cultivation, they decided to bring them back to the Green Wood Peak and made them stay in Yuan Hua Sect temporarily, preparing to let them join Yuan Hua Sect as outer sect disciples. But, they did not expect that after one year and five months of 'facing the wall' in Heart Cleaning Pool, the first thing they saw was someone brutally beating the pair of sisters. This had filled Wu Qi and his companions' heart with a raging flame of anger.

Peppermint was the elder sister, and she was more daring. With her hands clenched tightly on Princess Zhang Le's sleeve, she began to tell everyone their encounters during the period in a halting voice.

Taken care by Immortal Green Staff, both sisters did smoothly pass the latent potential trial of entering the sect and officially joined the Yuan Hua Sect, becoming a part of the outer sect for the time being. However, as they were outer sect disciples, they did not have the right to stay in Green Wood Peak, and would be under the centralized management of the sect.

Every new disciple of Yuan Hua Sect would have to go through a minimum three years of probation period, during which, they were required to serve the sect voluntarily. Their tasks including cutting and chopping firewood, planting trees, cultivating medicinal herbs, or building new pavilions or houses. In short, all the miscellaneous and hard labor tasks in Yuan Hua Sect were carried out by these outer sect disciples who just joined the sect.

If they performed well, and were loyal and hardworking, they would be taught the most basic energy refining technique after three to five years. Not only did they no longer have to perform those miscellaneous tasks then, but instead, they could just focus all their time and effort in cultivation. On the contrary, if their performance did not meet the requirement, or they were not liked by their seniors or Master, they would have to be a hard laborer for the rest of their lives. After all, there were innumerable mortals on Green Cliff Planet, amongst which, countless people were perfectly suitable to cultivate. Yuan Hua Sect just had to spread the word that they were lacking outer sect disciples, and countless people would wail and beg bitterly just to be a part of them.

With the help of Immortal Green Staff, during the assignment of outer sect disciples' tasks, Peppermint and Angelica were assigned a relatively easy task on the herb mountains - taking care of medicinal herbs. They just had to loosen the soil and water the medicinal herbs on the field they were assigned every day, and they were free to do their own things. On top of that, as the entire herb mountain was rich in natural energies, by spending their free time in cultivating, the sisters managed to gain a few years worth of cultivation base within just a few months of time.

However, the day Immortal Green Staff entered a secluded cultivation with all his disciples on Green Wood Peak, preparing for the match with Huiling Sect was also the beginning of the sisters' nightmare. The Elder of "Spirit Herbs Palace', who was in charge of all the affairs relating to Yuan Hua Sect's herb mountains, was suddenly replaced by Daoist White Sparrow. After that, the sisters' volume of work increased by thirty times abruptly. With their young ages, they were made to take care all the spirit herbs on five huge mountains.

Once they failed to complete their daily tasks, not only would they have no food or drink for the day, they would be punished with whipping and even receive nasty scolding and humiliation from some supervisors who were also outer sect disciples. Fortunately, as the sisters used to live in hardships since little, they managed to survive through the days without being tortured to death by these people.

In broken sobs, Peppermint told Princess Zhang Le everything, while Angelica just grabbed her sleeve tightly, raising her deadly pale face and looking at Princess Zhang Le nervously. Both sisters were shivering ceaselessly. Clearly, they were in great terror.

Lord Xiansheng burped, then walked slowly towards the white-faced Daoist. Laughing strangely, he said, "Actually, when I was still in Longyuan River, I would catch a few cultivators every now and then to satisfy my craving. After all, I am a demon dragon, and eating humans is just a right and proper thing to do!"

Catfish-flood-dragon, who had her craving for human flesh and blood greatly stirred up by the young Daoist she just ate a moment ago, strode towards the white-faced Daoist almost at the same time. She reached her hand to him, touching and pinching here and there as saliva began to rush into her mouth. She swallowed some of it, then smiled and said, "Those with stronger cultivation base will always be tastier. Well, humans are just like spirit herbs in the woods. The more mature they are, the better their texture will be, and the aftertaste will be stronger!"

Two fierce dragons kept sizing the white-faced Daoist up from both sides, causing his face to turn blue with fear. "Help! Help! This has nothing to do with me!" The Daoist cried hysterically, "It was Uncle-Master Huan Yi who asked me to do this! You can't kill me, you can't eat me! I am the disciple of Immortal Tai Yu of Cang Mu Peak! You can't kill me!"

Cang Mu Peak was the third peak of Yuan Hua Sect, and Immortal Tai Yu was one of Yuan Hua Sect's inner sect Elders. He was the one who oversaw all the affairs in the sect, the third most powerful Elder after Daoist Min and Daoist Chi. In fact, Immortal Tai Yu's cultivation base was stronger than Daoist Min and Daoist Chi. If not for the fact that he was not Patriarch Yuan Hua's direct disciple, but from a clan that merged into Yuan Hua Sect after all the powers on Green Cliff Planet were purged, his status would only be loftier than Daoist Min and Daoist Chi.

Obviously, all the affairs of Spirit Herbs Palace were under the supervision of Immortal Tai Yu, and naturally, the Chief Supervisor of the herb mountains within one thousand miles in circumference was the disciple of Immortal Tai Yu.

Immortal Tai Yu had his own faction in Yuan Hua Sect, and he was aided by a few Heaven Immortal Elders. In a subtle way, he was the third largest power in Yuan Hua Sect, after Daoist Min and Daoist Chi. If Wu Qi really hurt his disciple, perhaps it would cause Immortal Tai Yu to throw his dissatisfaction over at Daoist Chi's fraction. If that really happened, the impact would be too huge.

After the shout, the white-faced Daoist turned to look at Wu Qi with a pitiable expression. "Those two useless fools are just outer sect supervisors, their death is worthless. However, I've officially acknowledged Immortal Tai Yu's ninth disciple as Master. I'm truly a legit member of Cang Mu Peak. Senior Brothers, please have mercy on me!"

Looking at the white-faced Daoist, Wu Qi could not help but shake his head. Was this fellow really Immortal Tai Yu's grand-disciple? If that were real, it meant this guy was having the same seniority as Patriarch Jiang Yun. But, for someone who Wu Qi and his companions had to address as Uncle-Master, this guy's backbone seemed too soft for the status he held.

Wu Qi grinned coldly, and was about to deal with the white-faced Daoist. But all of a sudden, a red light flashed before their eyes, and in the next moment, a handsome Daoist who had a youthful look but a head of gray hair, his face fair and without any beard, appeared before them soundlessly.

A fairly detectable immortal pressure pushed Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon back, while the Daoist knitted his long brows into a frown and asked coldly, "What is happening?"

Wu Qi gave the Daoist a look. A youthful appearance, a head of gray hair, a fair face, and no beard… If this were not Immortal Tai Yu, who would he be?

Wu Qi gave a silent sigh in his mind. Here came the troubles!

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