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Immortal Tai Yu's eyes looked dim. He had the look of just waking up with some dried stuff at the corner of his eyes, and was still in a very confused state. He gave Wu Qi a glance tiredly, then asked once again in a cold voice, "What is happening?"

With a casual pointing of his finger, a beam of immortal light shot out and hit the white-faced Daoist. The body that had been badly mutilated by the explosion of wind and fire began to quickly heal up, and the missing bones and flesh were being regenerated rapidly. The cultivation technique practiced by Immortal Tai Yu focused on the balance of Yin and Yang, and cultivating one's life force. It was not a technique good in fighting or killing, but on the contrary, it was one of the best technique to recuperate fleshly body and heal the sick.

Upon noticing the serious condition of his grand-disciple, Immortal Tai Yu split one single thread of his life essence without the slightest hesitation and injected it into the disciple's body to help him recover. As it was the life essence of a Thirtieth Tier Heaven Immortal, although it was only a single thread, it was almost equal to all the life force of the white-faced Daoist. With that, his injury was naturally healing up at an incredible speed, and he was able to return to his peak form in just a very brief moment. In fact, his condition was even better than before he was wounded.

Right after his injury was fully healed, the white-faced Daoist sprung to his feet and hugged Immortal Tai Yu's leg as he cried out miserably, "Grand-Master, please back me up here! They have just swallowed my disciples alive! They ate my disciples! And, they even seriously wounded me, and are getting ready to eat me as well!"

Immortal Tai Yu narrowed his not-so-big and dimmed eyes, which brought a deeper look of confusion to his youthful face. He gave a cold snort, but when that combined with his dimmed glance it just did not feel as aggressive as it should be. Then, he scanned Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le with his eyes, before talking again coldly, "Yuan Hua Sect prohibits any disciple from attacking and hurting each other. This is the number one rule in the sect!"

Wu Qi pulled Peppermint's little hand and made her take two steps forward, then turned her around and showed her back full of scars to Immortal Tai Yu. "Please have a look at her, Grand Uncle-Master. Since you mentioned that it is prohibited for any disciples to attack and hurt their fellow disciples in the sect, can you tell me who did such cruel thing to them?"

Looking at Peppermint's horribly mangled back, Immortal Tai Yu was aghast. As he spun and gave the white-faced Daoist a fierce glare, he gave the latter a brutal slap in the face. A seemingly endless force exploded within the white-faced Daoist's body, ripping and tearing his bones and flesh to shreds as blood splattered in all directions. The slap had returned him the same look as after being severely wounded by the explosion of wind and flame just now, while throwing him into an even more serious condition, making him look even more miserable.

Immortal Tai Yu sighed lightly and said with a nod, "It is my fault for not disciplining my disciples properly, which caused them to perform such an awful deed. Nevertheless, their mistake of torturing innocent fellow disciples will be seriously punished by the sect's rule. Yet, how could you be so cruel as to eat two fellow disciples alive? You are too impudent!" By wounding his own disciple, Immortal Tai Yu showed them that he was being fair in handling the matter, and he immediately followed that by questioning Wu Qi's overly ruthless approach in treating others. Evidently, he was a man with extraordinary measures.

But, it was a pity that he was not facing those cultivators who acted according to the custom and law; he was facing Wu Qi now!

Wu Qi rolled his eyes and said with a cold grin, "Why can't we? Both Peppermint and Angelica have excellent latent potential. Compared to them, the two disciples we ate are just useless rascals who are no better than pigs and dogs! Since two outstanding disciples are whipped for no apparent reasons, it is logical to have the two rascals pay the price of their crime with their own lives! Does the value of a jade equal that of rubble?"

'Does the value of a jade equal that of rubble?'

Immortal Tai Yu was transfixed by the question. At last, he pointed at the white-faced Daoist and said coldly, "How about...?"

Wu Qi interrupted with a sneer, "This fellow is merely a clay pot. How could he be compared to a brilliant pearl and precious jade?"

After a moment of silence, Immortal Tai Yu shook his head and smiled wryly. Pointing at the nervous Peppermint and Angelica, he said, "Although they have excellent latent potential, it doesn't mean they will have great achievements in the future. But on the other hand..."

Wu Qi rudely interrupted his words once again. He took a step forward and pulled out a folding fan from the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, flung it open and waved it a few times. Then, he asked coldly, "Grand Uncle-Master Tai Yu, are there any outstanding members in your own clan?"

Tai Yu nodded reflexively. Even as he was about to say something, Wu Qi spoke before him, "May I make bold to suggest that all the outstanding members of your clan would come to a premature end? Even if they do not die young, they would not have any notable achievements in their cultivation. And, if some of them form their Nascent Soul and Nascent Divinity, they would be murdered by someone and die miserably?" Pausing for a brief moment, Wu Qi grinned coldly at Immortal Tai Yu, whose face turned unsightly, and said, "Do you feel happy when I say that?"

Immortal Tai Yu widened his once narrowed, small eyes. As the dimmed look in his eyes disappeared completely, he straightened his back slowly. Like an unsheathed sharp sword, he emitted a bright gleam that would send a chill down one's spine. In a sternly cool voice, he said, "Wu Qi, you've gone too far by saying that! Tai Yu doesn't have any ill feeling against you, so why should you curse Tai Yu's juniors?"

Holding Peppermint and Angelica's hands, Princess Zhang Le took a step forward and said coldly, "Then why should Grand Uncle-Master curse Peppermint and Angelica, the two innocent little girls? Could it be said that those juniors of Grand Uncle-Master are humans, but Peppermint and Angelica should be damned?"

Princess Zhang Le raised her head proudly and said, "What Zi Xuan and Wu Qi ask for is a fair treatment. If Grand Uncle-Master can treat everyone fairly, Zi Xuan and Wu Qi will obey whatever you tell us to do. If you can't do that, please don't blame us for not giving Grand Uncle-Master any face."

Princess Zhang Le's aggressive retort immediately rendered Immortal Tai Yu speechless. After a full fifteen minutes, only then he laughed bitterly and said, "You juniors... Hehe… Aren't you afraid that I'll repress you with force? Wu Qi, Zi Xuan, Xiansheng, Catfish, even with the joined forces of you four, there is no way you can defend against one casual attack from me. If I execute you with the charge of deceiving the Master and seniors, trying to throw a rebellion against the sect..."

Not giving any impression of weakness, Wu Qi took a step forward and cried out sternly, "We are at the base of Yuan Hua Sect. Could Grand Uncle-Master do something without being noticed by anyone else? Besides, although Grand Uncle-Master is a Thirtieth Tier Heaven Immortal, as you are suffering a serious injury now, your overall strength is at most equal to a Thirty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal. Please pardon my boldness... but a Heaven Immortal with such cultivation base is nothing in my eyes!"

Wu Qi's bold statement made Immortal Tai Yu's brows twitch violently. All of a sudden, he roared with a loud laughter and said, "Excellent! This is excellent indeed! You've actually lectured me today!" Amidst the wild laughter, Immortal Tai Yu raised his right palm suddenly and thrust it towards Wu Qi. There was no strong wind, no thunderbolts, as he did not exercise any divine ability or magical power. It was a palm strike thrust out purely with muscle strength.

Wu Qi gave a wild screech as golden patterns of dragon scales suddenly appeared blinking on his skin. Muffled popping and cracking noises could be heard coming from all the joints in his body, as he abruptly grew taller by one-feet, while his muscles expanded a few times larger. He exercised the technique of the third transformation of Flood Dragon, and a mighty force began to rock and roll within his body. He issued a deep, long screech, while punching his fist forward and greeting upon Immortal Tai Yu's palm.

A loud boom rang out. Without having any of the forces leaked, Wu Qi and Immortal Tai Yu exchanged an attack head-on. Neither of them used any divine ability or magical power, as it was a pure collision of fleshly bodies and muscle strength. Wu Qi's body trembled as his Daoist robe turned into dust and drifted away in the air. On the other side, Immortal Tai Yu's fair face was flushed red as he swayed a little, before taking three steps back uncontrollably.

Right in the middle of Immortal Tai Yu's once fair as jade palm, there was a red fist mark sunk nearly half an inch deep. It nearly pierced his palm.

He took a deep breath and cried out shockingly, "Dragon clan's body tempering technique? Wu Qi, you actually cultivate both soul and fleshly body? Also, how could the strength of your fleshly body be comparable to my immortal body, which I've arduously cultivated for several millions of years? Even though I just focused in cultivating my Nascent Divinity and not my fleshly body, but having it tempered with immortal energies for so many years, the strength of my immortal body is more than enough to topple mountains and overturn seas! How is it possible that your fleshly body could be compared to an immortal body?"

Wu Qi gave him a faint smile and did not explain. He had completed the cultivation of Three Transformations of Flood Dragon, which had given him a fleshly body several times stronger than those peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators who focused on tempering their bodies. Therefore, he was able to fight head-on against a Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal who focused on body tempering technique. As Immortal Tai Yu only focused on refining his immortal soul, and cultivating the Dharmic Dao and divine abilities, although he did have a decently strong immortal body, there was no way he could compare with Wu Qi.

In addition to that, after absorbing so many blood crystals of Heaven Immortals, the toughness of Wu Qi's fleshly body could no longer be judged with common sense.

Moreover, Wu Qi was cultivating an Innate cultivation technique, which turned all the energies flowing in his body into innate energies. It was a known fact that innate energies were best in building a strong foundation and a solid source. The innate energy of Earth could strengthen one's fleshly body, the innate energy of wood could grow one's vitality, the innate energy of water could make one's fleshly body extra pliable and tough, the innate energy of fire could improve the explosive force of one's fleshly body, and the innate energy of gold could increase the offensive strength of fleshly body. As a result, although Wu Qi still possessed the fleshly body of a cultivator, with the innate energies of five elements, he was able to fight against the immortal body of Heaven Immortal.

After pushing back Immortal Tai Yu with one punch, Wu Qi extended one of his hands and patted on the Black Dragon Spirit Ring. Immediately, the black dragon soul flew out, opening its big mouth as it issued a furious roar at Immortal Tai Yu. "I am lucky enough to find this ring with the soul of a Heavenly Dragon, and yes, it is the Dragon Transformation Script of Dragon clan that I am cultivating!" said Wu Qi coolly.

Upon hearing that Wu Qi was cultivating the Dragon Transformation Script, the secret technique of Dragon clan which was famous in the entire universe for their formidable fleshly bodies, Immortal Tai Yu immediately shook his head and said with a bitter smile, "Well, it seems like those few good-for-nothing disciples of mine brought me into a nasty situation. Hehe, what a disgrace, I can't be more disgraced than this!"

Then, with a powerful wave of his right hand, the body of the white-faced Daoist shattered with a boom. Immortal Tai Yu caught his Nascent Soul, and with a casual toss, he was thrown several thousands of miles away to the outside of Yuan Hua Sect's main entrance. "Yuan Yu, you've failed in teaching your disciples, causing them to act wickedly in the sect and bullying newly promoted disciples. Go to the Heart Cleaning Pool at the back mountain, face the wall, and ponder over your mistake for three years!"

He paused for a brief moment, then continued in a cold voice, "Senior Brother Min, White Sparrow is not suitable to be the Palace Master of Spirit Herbs Palace. Tai Yu is not capable of disciplining him, so please ask him to seek another position in the sect!"

With a flick of his sleeve, a cloud emerged underneath Immortal Tai Yu's feet. Then, he rode the cloud and flew straight towards the 'Da Zhuo Peak' in a leisurely manner, the mountain peak that belonged to Daoist Chi!

This was a declaration of his stand. Immortal Tai Yu did not give any face to Daoist Min as he simply switched camp over to Daoist Chi. Not only that, he even took the opportunity to pay a visit at Da Zhuo Peak, an undisguised showing of his stand. By punishing his own disciple and paying a visit to Daoist Chi, Immortal Tai Yu evidently had decided to stand together with Daoist Chi's faction, giving up to be on intimate terms with Daoist Min's faction.

Wu Qi breathed out a heavy sigh of relief. A series of loud cracking rang out from his joints as he stopped exercising the Dragon Transformation Script.

The several tens of divine will that lingered in the surrounding void began to retreat like fishes. Among them, a divine will suddenly spread out into all directions. It belonged to Patriarch Yuan Hua, and soon after, everyone in Yuan Hua Sect heard his voice.

"From today onwards, the disciples of Green Wood Peak: Wu Qi, Zi Xuan, Xiansheng, and Catfish, will be the fifth generation Chief Disciples of Yuan Hua Sect. They will have the rights to supervise all fellow disciples. This is an order from me!"

Cracking noises could be heard coming from the joints in Wu Qi's right arm as he slowly spread out the painful and numb palm.

He did it right by showing his overall strength appropriately! From today onwards, Wu Qi had become the most powerful man below the realm of Heaven Immortals in Yuan Hua Sect!

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