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"Reverend Huilin must be supported by something or someone, or he wouldn't be coming here alone and challenging Ancestral Master with that excuse!" Standing on top of a cloud, Princess Zhang Le said with a frown as she flew forward gently like a fairy. Wu Qi was sitting cross-legged lazily right next to her on the cloud. He too was pondering over the same matter.

It had been three days since Reverend Huilin came to Green Cliff Planet. Over the last three days, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were discussing and trying to figure out what the purpose of Reverend Huilin could have been. Obviously, if Patriarch Yuan Hua did not suggest a wager like that, Reverend Huilin would have also come up with a similar bet.

However, with the help of two seventh grade immortal pills, Patriarch Yuan Hua would have his cultivation base fully restored in just a few months of time. As for Reverend Huilin, who was also suffering a serious injury, having his overall strength dropped from Twenty-Eighth Tier Heaven Immortal realm to below Thirtieth Tier, what gave him such a confidence to come provoking Patriarch Yuan Hua on the latter's doorstep?

While drifting further through the sky, Princess Zhang Le and Wu Qi frowned as they pondered over the question.

After a long while of contemplation, Wu Qi shook his head and said, "Let's put this aside... We need to focus on ourselves now! We're going for shopping in the immortal market of Green Cliff Planet, and I'm sure those Heaven Immortal Elders of the sect will find out the answer. So, why should we worry about that?" Pausing for a brief while, Wu Qi continued in a deep voice, "Even if Yuan Hua Sect is exterminated, that has nothing to do with us!"

Princess Zhang Le gave him a silent nod of acknowledgment, also giving up bothering herself with the frustrating question. She smoothed her knitted brows and came sitting happily next to Wu Qi, having her upper body reach outside the cloud as she began to enjoy the splendid scenery of Green Cliff Planet with a bright smile on her face.

Green Cliff Planet was a planet occupied by many lofty mountains and high ranges, a planet with the hilly terrain as its main topographic feature. Because of that, the mortal kingdoms here were all very small, and their cities were miniature but beautifully designed. Looking down from the sky, tiny but exquisitely built cities could be seen decorating the luxuriant mountains and rivers one after another, that stretched far to the horizon and made them look like a miniature bonsai crafted by some skillful artists. It was a magnificent scenery that was very pleasing to the eyes.

There was an immortal market set up by Yuan Hua Sect two thousand miles to the west of Green Wood Peak, where Immortal Green Staff's residence was located. It was also the only venue on Green Cliff Planet where Immortal cultivators could gather to communicate and trade with one another. Because of Yuan Hua Sect's reputation and overall strength on Green Cliff Planet, the Green Cliff Immortal Market was huge in size. There were over one hundred thousand disciples from various immortal sects stationed here all year long, and were served by over one million mortals.

By having Princess Zhang Le accompany him to the Green Cliff Immortal Market, Wu Qi was, of course, looking for something. He wanted to try his luck, to see if he could find some rare and precious treasures which he could use. It was true that Myriad Immortals Planet was rich in resources, but it was also not possible to produce all the rare and precious treasures that could be found all over the universe. Therefore, for a cultivator such as Wu Qi, the Green Cliff Immortal Market was actually very useful.

Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon were flying on clouds several miles behind them. They were clever enough to not be a third or fourth wheel between the couple, allowing Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le to enjoy some private moments.

After flying slowly for almost an hour, an immortal market surrounded by mountains came into their vision. Rows of street, stores, and shops were built amidst a few lofty and magnificent mountains. Vaguely, they could see people bustling across the streets, and many cultivators were flying on clouds above the market.

There was a rule applied to Green Cliff Immortal Market, that cultivators could only fly with their own energies and not a flying sword. As a matter of fact, the same rule applied to all the immortal markets across the entire universe. It was because a flying sword possessed a very powerful offensive strength, and the sword intent exuded from it might accidentally hurt those mortal servants in the market. There was no such risk when everyone was flying with their own energies, and the safety of the immortal market would be guaranteed, unless someone purposely gathered water clouds and summoned thunderstorms, of course.

Wu Qi and his companions landed on a random street. The nearby pedestrians gave them a casual glance, then turned away and continued to attend their own businesses. There were over several thousand immortal sects of various sizes in Puluo Heavenly Realm, and all of them had their own shops and trading venues here. With over one hundred thousand cultivators and disciples from different sects stationed here all year long, the sky was always blotted with cultivators that flew back and forth on clouds. The mortals here were used to see people that suddenly descended from the sky.

"Elder Brother, me and Zi Xuan will go find shops that sell spirit birds and demon pets. You and Catfish-flood-dragon can just do a little sightseeing at will!" Wu Qi told Lord Xiansheng.

Lord Xiansheng nodded and answered Wu Qi with a smile, "You two just go ahead, we can take care of ourselves." He pulled Catfish-flood-dragon's sleeve, who was glancing around with saliva dripping down from the corner of her mouth, as they walked away along the street.

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le smiled into each other's eyes. Hand in hand, they began to slowly stroll along the street. Green Cliff Immortal Market was well-equipped with public infrastructure, and there were conspicuous signs all over the place. Following the signs, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le quickly came to the zone that was especially selling all kinds of rare spirit birds and demon pets.

For Immortal cultivators, their own cultivation base, magical power, divine abilities, mystic techniques, spirit pills, and magical treasures were equally important. But at the same time, the help that a demon pet could provide was of significance as well. A demon beast with excellent bloodline, who possessed mighty innate abilities, could be the biggest aid to a cultivator. If one could adopt and raise a good quality demon pet, treating it nicely since young, that would eventually bring one an advanced fighter who was totally loyal.

For example, Reverend Yun, the Founding Ancestral-Master of 'Eminent Cloud Sect', the powerful immortal sect that was ranked the strongest in Puluo Heavenly Realm, adopted a seriously wounded little white snake by chance when he was still a Nascent Soul cultivator. And, when he became a Heaven Immortal, that little white snake also transcended its thunder tribulation and became an Immortal. Finally, by the time Reverend Yun attained the cultivation base of Twenty-Seventh Tier Heaven Immortal, the little snake grew two wings and transformed into an extraordinary ancient serpent - a 'Snow-Armored Devouring Python', attaining an awe-inspiring overall strength of Twenty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal.

Because of this Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python, who was absolutely loyal to Reverend Yun, treating him as its parent, Eminent Cloud Sect was able to sit loftily and steadily on the throne of the strongest immortal sect in Puluo Heavenly Realm. With its overall strength of Twenty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal, even the joint forces of a dozen of Immortals with similar cultivation base like Patriarch Yuan Hua would not be a match for it. It could be safe to say that half of the Eminent Cloud Sect's mighty reputation actually came from this extraordinary python.

After refining Immortal Xuan Yang on Xue Yuan Planet, Wu Qi had obtained himself a bloodline of a fire element divine bird similar to that of a phoenix. He had saved it for Princess Zhang Le, as he wanted to find a good spirit bird for her and fuse it into the spirit bird. With the few ancient medicine formulae he had in his hands, Wu Qi could easily concoct some spirit medicines that would stimulate the bloodline, completely turning the spirit bird into an innate divine bird.

It was true that Princess Zhang Le had an incredible progress in her cultivation base. But, the world of cultivators was full of dangers, and Wu Qi was worried for her safety. Only by having a divine bird protecting her could Wu Qi have a peace of mind. After taking a full round along the street, Wu Qi chose a demon pet shop with the name of 'Wings Pavilion'. He walked into it together with Princess Zhang Le.

Upon entering Wings Pavilion, they were immediately greeted with innumerable cries and screeches of birds. Princess Zhang Le cried out happily and excitedly as she brought herself before a few cages made from gold-threaded Nanmu wood. She whistled softly, teasing a few nestlings that were clustered together and had yet to open their eyes.

The manager of the shop was a middle-aged man who looked in his early forties, having only a cultivation base of Gold Core realm. With lavish hospitality, he came to greet Wu Qi. When his eyes glanced over the identity medallions hanging on the side of Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le's waist, he bowed reverently and said, "Welcome, seniors! What are you looking for today?"

Princess Zhang Le tilted her head sideways and did not answer the manager. Instead, she smilingly reached one of her fingers into the cage, gently stroking the few nestlings that were clustered together. She whistled lightly, filling the shop that was about one thousand feet in circumference with her melodious whistle, making several tens of thousands of nestlings and adult demon birds inside nearly one thousand cages of various sizes to sing altogether.

Clasping his hands behind his back, Wu Qi looked at the manager and said straightforwardly, "I need a fire element demon bird, the purer and higher grade of its bloodline the better. It will be the best if you can get me a nestling or an egg. I don't want any adult bird!"

It would be extremely difficult to subdue an adult demon bird. Wu Qi didn't want to waste his time on this. With the bloodline of an innate divine bird, as well as the strange medicine formulas that Wu Qi had, it was more than enough to make the nestling grow up at an incredible speed. So, why should he waste his time to subdue an adult bird? Moreover, a demon bird raised since little would develop an affection for Princess Zhang Le, treating her as its parent. A demon pet such as this would have an absolute loyalty.

The manager was taken aback. He bowed hastily and said, "Surely you are an expert! Please come with me. It happens that I have a Flaming Wings Sparrow that just hatched two days ago, a genuine fire element spirit bird. Amongst the nine grades of spirit birds, a Flaming Wings Sparrow can be ranked in the third tier. It is a rare species indeed."

Wu Qi followed the manager and came to the middle part of the shop. There was a birdcage made entirely using fire element energy stones. A nestling that was as little as a chick, looking chubby and having its body covered in tiny red hair, was seen huddling itself up in a nest pieced up by a few mid-grade fire element energy stones, narrowing its eyes while chirping ceaselessly.

Wu Qi gave the nestling a glance with his Mystic Eyes of Universe. Sure enough, it was a fire element spirit bird with a decent bloodline, having a very faint thread of bloodline of the Heaven-Burning Red Sparrow, a lower-grade immortal bird. It would be easier for Wu Qi to fuse the bloodline he had to a spirit bird with the bloodline of an immortal bird.

Wu Qi did not bargain with the manager. He pulled out his storage bag, paid five hundred thousand lower-grade energy stones and bought the Flaming Wing Sparrow. He also paid an additional one hundred thousand lower-grade energy stones for a Spirit Breeding Ring, which only had an internal space as large as a house!

Only now did Wu Qi discover that Puluo Heavenly Realm was very poor as well! He had a Spirit Breeding Ring with ten thousand Long Bo people living inside, while the Spirit Breeding Ring that could be found here only had an internal space as large as a house?! Luckily, he had once again looted a huge amount of natural resources before he left Myriad Immortals Planet, that could allow him to further expand the internal space of the ring. If not because of that, Wu Qi was really worried how the Flaming Wings Sparrow could live comfortably in such a small space!

After the transaction was completed, Wu Qi shoved the Flaming Wings Sparrow into the newly purchased Spirit Breeding Ring. Suddenly, he heard a loud uproar coming from the outside.

"Oh, Heaven! She swallowed that man without even making a noise!"

"Aye, what a savage fish-headed demon! How could she swallow a living man on the street?"

"I expect that a good show is about to happen! You know what? The man she just ate is the grandnephew of the Chief Elder of Eminent Cloud Sect's Luo Ling Palace!"

A fish-headed demon had just eaten a man on the street? And that man was from Eminent Cloud Sect? Wu Qi felt a dizziness rise to his head. Without hesitation, he pulled Princess Zhang Le and rushed out of the shop.

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