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"How dare you!!" Right at the moment when Wu Qi brought Yan Qijun and Zhao Kuo up into the sky, a beautiful lady among the eight approaching Heaven Immortals had already shouted out. With a blink of her body, she came right behind Wu Qi. It was the divine ability of a Heaven Immortal - teleportation. With just a thought of their minds, Heaven Immortals could jump to another location where their divine will could reach. The speed was beyond imagination, and could never be matched even by combining the speed of ten peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators.

The lady threw her glance downward. She saw the dilapidated city with billowing dark smoke, and sensed the discontented Yin energy left behind after the several thousand Bai clan members were killed. Her beautiful eyes shot with blood immediately, and nearly popped out. With another teleportation, she came behind Wu Qi's back, and before saying anything, extended her hand and grabbed ferociously towards Wu Qi. "What a daring maniac! Who gave you the audacity to destroy the property that we, the Bai clan, had built over the last ten thousand years?"

She was none other than Bai clan's Patriarch who succeeded in transcending thunder tribulation three thousand years ago, and leaped into the Heaven Immortal realm, Bai Qingshuang. All the present members of Bai clan were her descendants. Upon knowing that several thousand of her descendants were killed by someone like chickens, she felt an ache in her heart, and her entire body was shivering. With a teleportation, she came behind Wu Qi, her fingers glinting with a golden light as she cast a restrictive spell, grabbing towards Wu Qi.

The restrictive spell froze the air around Wu Qi instantly. Now, he was like a fly trapped in amber, unable to move a bit with his weak cultivation base. The dark beam transformed from Acquired Magnetic Sword beam was twisting and shaking violently, producing muffled buzzing noises. Yet, it just could not move further.

Growling ferociously, Bai Qingshuang clutched her hand on Wu Qi's left shoulder. Although Wu Qi had been cultivating the Dragon Transformation Script, consuming a huge amount of flood dragon blood essence to strengthen his fleshly body, his shoulder was immediately crushed when the slender and delicate fingers touched it. His bones and flesh exploded to meat paste, and his left arm, which was still holding Yan Qijun, nearly broke off from his body. Wu Qi howled painfully. He turned and glared at Bai Qingshuang over his shoulder.

"Divine Flame of Order, detonate!!!" He gave a hideous roar.

Amidst his spiritual ocean, on top of the Phoenix Fire Pouch, the Divine Flame of Order had grown to nearly ten feet tall through constantly absorbing Wu Qi's innate five elements energy. It was now as thick as an adult's arm. As Wu Qi roared, it transformed into a purple-green fireball and detonated from the wound on his crushed shoulder. A blinding purple-green light towered into the sky. The flame leaped onto Bai Qingshuang's palm, then burned its way up her arm and to her body. Wherever the flame went, her skin was quickly kindled like dry weeds. In just a twinkle, a fair, plump arm was burned into ashes, with golden fat dripping down.

Bai Qingshuang shrieked with intense pain. "Innate divine flame!! Who are you?!" She cried hoarsely.

While howling and shrieking painfully, Bai Qingshuang spun and fled without hesitation. With just a blink, she had arrived right next to the other seven Heaven Immortals. Nevertheless, the Divine Flame of Order was an innate divine flame. How could it be so easily dealt with? Although she fled with teleportation, the flame did not give up. It plunged into the void, clung itself tightly to Bai Qingshuang's body, and followed her as she fled. The purple-green flame enveloped Bai Qingshuang and kept burning ragingly. In just a blink of an eye, her immortal body turned completely into ashes. A golden Nascent Divinity sprung out from the body, then fled with a sorry look.

However, it seemed Divine Flame of Order did not want to spare Bai Qingshuang's Nascent Divinity either. With a swirl, it clung up the Nascent Divinity. Bai Qingshuang was greatly frightened. She screamed, while the seven Heaven Immortals behind her struck at the same time, each yelling and shouting nervously. All sorts of restricting spells were being cast, forcibly freezing the void around her. Suddenly, the Divine Flame of Order vibrated, then vanished into thin air. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Bai Qingshuang's Nascent Divinity flew back into the chest of a youth with delicate appearance, seeking a temporary shelter.

Blood sprayed out from Wu Qi's seven apertures. With his present cultivation base, even if he possessed an extraordinary treasure such as Phoenix Fire Pouch, he was still incapable of attacking enemies with the Divine Flame of Order. However, because of the fact that he had barely established a tiny bit of connection with Divine Flame of Order, and he had not hesitated at all to use the source power of his Nascent Divinity, he was able to barely control Divine Flame of Order, using it to hurt Bai Qingshuang.

In order to launch the desperate assault, he had used thirty percent of his Nascent Divinity power to forcibly control Divine Flame of Order. Not only all thirty percent of the power was fully consumed by the flame, ninety-nine percent of Divine Flame of Order had burst out from his body, no longer under his control. Although the restrictive spells cast by those Heaven Immortals had frozen the void, they could never stop the flame from escaping. After devouring thirty percent of Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity power and burning off Bai Qingshuang's immortal body, the Divine Flame of Order broke open the void and vanished itself into it. It was free now.

Sensing his Nascent Divinity which was thirty percent weaker, and the tiny wisp of Divine Flame of Order twisting listlessly on top of Phoenix Fire Pouch, Wu Qi felt like weeping but having no tears. At present, he could only unleash the divine flame, but not retract it back. The more he used it, the greater waste he had to suffer, while he would need to pour in a lot of hard work just to grow it back to the original size.

Wu Qi turned back and gave the seven Heaven Immortals an angry gaze. Growling furiously, he sent his divine will into Chariot of Eight Horses, which was hiding on his wrist in the form of a rainbow cloud pattern. He had to flee, the faster, the better. And to do that, he needed to borrow the incredible ability of Chariot of Eight Horses.

With his divine will penetrating into the rainbow cloud, Wu Qi was about to cast the chariot out, when a vague message came from the chariot suddenly. Perhaps it was because he had used it many times over the last few days, the spiritual connection between Wu Qi and the Chariot of Eight Horses had become closer. As a result, another extraordinary function of the chariot appeared automatically in his spiritual ocean.

After spending a brief second to ponder, Wu Qi gave a long screech. Suddenly, some faint mist burst out from underneath his feet, and the cloth behind his back was ripped to shreds by a ball of rainbow light. An image of a gallant horse emerged behind his back. It had a pair of wings, shrouded in cloud and mist, while it was galloping on his back like a living being. A vast, irresistible hot stream suddenly surged into his body.

Wu Qi issued a neigh that sounded very peculiar. Abruptly, a pair of fuzzy wings spread out from his back, then a bright ball of light fused into the dark beam, which had transformed from the Acquired Magnetic Sword beam. Wu Qi gave a shocked cry. In an instant, the dark beam expanded, now measuring several miles long, and several tens of feet in diameter. While producing some buzzing noise of wind breaking, the dark beam coiled up Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu, piercing through the air and speeding away.

"Swoosh!" The sky was ripped apart by a very obvious cloudy trail. Before the seven Heaven Immortals could chase up, Wu Qi had disappeared from their senses.

And that was another extraordinary function of the Chariot of Eight Horses - if Wu Qi did not want to summon the entire Chariot of Eight Horses, which could potentially attract many uninvited gazes, he could summon the true souls of the eight heavenly steeds. They could possess Wu Qi's body, allowing him to borrow their divine power and increase the speed of his escape beam.

With Wu Qi's current cultivation base, he could barely utilize one percent of the true soul power of one single heavenly steed. However, with just this one percent of power, it had increased Acquired Magnetic Sword beam's speed by ten times, very close to the teleportation speed of an ordinary cultivator.

A dark beam flickered across the sky. In just a blink of an eye, Wu Qi had traveled across ten thousand miles of distance, bringing Xiong Wanling and the rest of the people. However, the vast energy in his body was completely drawn in the same moment. Running out of his last drop of energy, Wu Qi plunged straight down to the ground with a muffled snort. Without hesitation, he produced a spirit pill which could restore his energy and consumed it. Having a tiny bit of his energy restored, he brought Xiong Wanling and the others straight into the icy ground, penetrating through the over one hundred miles thick ice layer, and went deep under the ocean, where sunlight never had a chance to shine.

Both Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu unleashed their defensive barriers and provided a protection for Wu Qi, Yan Qijun, and Zhao Kuo. The group of five went straight down to the bottom of the ocean, found a dense coral reef, then hid in an underwater cave beneath it. Coughing a few mouthfuls of blood, Wu Qi sat down in the cave with a very sorry look. Not saying a word, he cast out several hundred Primordial Runes, using them to completely seal off any aura coming out from the cave, and tightly locked down any ripple of energy in the surrounding.

Finally, Wu Qi breathed out a sigh of relief and shook his head with a wan smile.

With the full form of Chariot of Eight Horses, Wu Qi could travel at an incredible speed without any effort. However, by having a true soul of a heavenly steed possess him to increase his flying speed, it was something that nearly cost his life. A moment ago, when the heavenly steep moved, the speed of his escape beam immediately skyrocketed. But at the same time, Wu Qi had only one feeling - it was as if all the cells in his body were being brutally squeezed by a juicer, which nearly squeezed out even his last drop of energy.

Indeed, it had granted him a very fast speed, and the speed of the dark beam could almost match the teleportation speed of that an ordinary Nascent Divinity cultivator. It cost no time for him to travel across ten thousand miles of distance. However, it had also consumed a very significant amount of his energy. Even though he possessed a vast amount of energy stored in ten Gold Cores, they were instantly depleted. No ordinary cultivator could afford to use this extraordinary function.

But then, as Chariot of Eight Horses was a mighty treasure that could always attract covetous glances, it would be better for him to not use it before the public!

Smiling bitterly, Wu Qi consumed a few healing and energy replenishing spirit pills. After that, he nodded and smiled at Yan Qijun, whose face was filled with worries. "Alright, we are safe here. Even those Heaven Immortals cannot find us here. Imperial Advisor He?"

He Qianqiu nodded. Flinging his sleeve, he threw Yan Xiaoqi, Ma He, and the others out.

Having their energy sealed off by He Qianqiu using a restrictive spell, when Yan Xiaoqi and her companions were thrown out, they immediately gave a shocked cry, glancing at Wu Qi and the others with a look of terror on their faces. Suddenly, Yan Xiaoqi opened her mouth and performed a fierce biting motion. Wu Qi snorted coldly. A dark beam flickered on his right index finger as a Primordial Rune that could numb a person was cast. In an instant, all six of them turned stiff, and could no longer move.

Prying open Yan Xiaoqi's mouth, Wu Qi spent some time searching through her teeth, then suddenly pulled off one of them. Casually, he crushed the tooth, as a drop of sticky fluid oozed out from it, sending forth a strong, sweet aroma. When the fluid touched the hard coral reef, a hissing sound was immediately produced. It corroded the reef, leaving behind a head-sized hole.

Shaking his head, Wu Qi said with a cold grin, "Trying to commit suicide with poison? That's useless! Even if your fleshly body is dead, your soul will still tell me anything I want to know! Imperial Advisors, do you know any techniques of interrogating one's soul?"

Xiong Wanling shook his head and said, "I know only how to kill and eat humans. I don't know any of those techniques."

He Qianqiu grinned coldly. "Well, I do know some ways to interrogate souls. Although I can't guarantee I can squeeze out everything from their souls, but I can dig out seventy to eighty percent of the information."

Wu Qi turned to look at Yan Xiaoqi, then smiled and said, "Do you hear that? Now, why don't you tell me everything, which can save us the hard effort, don't you agree?

"Look at what you've done this time! Attempting to murder Great Yan's Crown Prince, that is a serious crime which could get all your clan members killed! Not only that, you've caused me to rush here all the way from White Cloud Planet, being hunted and attacked by many people along the way, and you even forced me to captured three Heaven Immortals!!"

Pointing his finger at the left shoulder, where the muscles were creeping and regenerating slowly, Wu Qi said, "Be haste and tell us everything, and I'll spare your soul, allowing you to enter reincarnation."

Yan Xiaoqi closed her eyes and said nothing, while Ma He and the rest of the people just snorted coldly.

Wu Qi was taken aback, then he stared at Ma He's face and gave a surprised cry. He came before Ma He and dragged the eunuch up. With one clean move, he pulled down his pants and underwear.

Yan Qijun gasped. "Ma He, who helped you get castrated when you entered the Palace?!" He snapped with a stern voice.

To their shocking, there was a big object dangling down between Ma He's thigh, perfectly intact. Evidently, he was a man with normal male function!

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