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Heedless of the cultivators who swarmed in at top speed in the sky, Wu Qi sprung and leaped right next to Zhao Kuo. He cast out 99 Primordial Runes, which glinted with a purple-gold gleam as they smashed into the three Nascent Divinity sinecures' forehead, chest, dantian, and a few other vital spots on their bodies, completely sealing off the flow of their energy.

Like tiny seeds, these Primordial Runes began to quickly extract the Nascent Divinity sinecures' blood essence, energy essence, and the surrounding natural energies upon entering their bodies. They grew and expanded at an incredible rate. Purple-gold runes that one could see with naked eyes were spreading on the three sinecures' skin, then transforming into a large purple-gold net very quickly, wrapping tightly around them.

Zhao Kuo's heart missed a beat when he saw what Wu Qi was doing. As Great Zhao's Chief General, he could naturally recognize the technique Wu Qi was using - the Dao of Primordial Talisman, the same unique technique which Xu Fu of Great Qin was expert with. He drew in a sharp cold breath, once again adjusting his estimation of Wu Qi's overall strength to a higher level. But at the same time, a deep feeling of helplessness filled his heart - how many trump cards did Wu Qi have? Was there any possibility he could escape from Wu Qi's control one day?

He gave a bitter smile. Then suddenly, Zhao Kuo issued a long screech into the sky while throwing his head back. The screech fluctuated, and the tone changed rapidly. Using it, Zhao Kuo informed all his subordinates in White Frost City to leave the city separately, then regroup in a snowfield, three hundred miles westward of the city.

In the meanwhile, over several thousand cultivators of White Frost City, each clad in the same white goose cloak, had completely surrounded them. Everyone was gazing at Wu Qi and his company with a hostile look in their eyes. However, perhaps it was because their leader had to yet arrive, although they had surrounded Wu Qi and the company, no one was initiating an attack. They formed a large formation in a subtle manner, trapping Wu Qi and his company within.

Grinning coldly, Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu came beside Wu Qi, protected him and Yan Qijun from the left and right.

With a helpless expression, Zhao Kuo looked at two demon kings, who did not seem to bother about him. "I've exposed their evil plot, and I've made a contribution as well!" he muttered, "Let alone the fact that I've helped Elder Brother in capturing three Nascent Divinity cultivators!" Wearing a brazen-face, he squeezed himself right next to Wu Qi, barely standing within the radius of Xiong Wanling's protection.

A snow cloud approached at top speed from the distance. On it came three old men, each having a head of gray hair and a three feet long beard waving in the breeze before their chest, giving them an outstanding appearance like that of immortals. Among them, the two standing on the left and right were mid-stage and late-stage Nascent Soul cultivators, while the one in the middle had a cultivation base of early-stage Nascent Divinity.

Perhaps the old man in the middle thought that with his cultivation base of early-stage Nascent Divinity, it was more than enough for him to act like a tyrant across Xue Yuan Planet. When they were still far away, he had already sent out his divine will without trying to conceal, running it back and forth between Wu Qi and his company. When he found Wu Qi was only a Gold Core cultivator, the old man gave a disdainful snort. It was so loud that even White Frost City was shaken. And when he found Yan Qijun was just an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, he snorted again. However, when his divine will came to Zhao Kuo and the others, when he realized he could not probe Zhao Kuo, Xiong Wanling, and He Qianqiu's cultivation base, he immediately retracted the cold snort that he was about to give.

The action made him choke on his own breath. Face unsightly and glaring at Wu Qi, the old man standing on the cloud cupped his fist, bowed and said, "Fellow Daoists, I need an explanation from you. Why are you destroying White Frost City? Why are you murdering Bai clan's members?"

Bai Feng's corpse was lying not far away. It was riddled with holes, with many body parts ripped to shreds, losing its human shape.

Clearing his throat, Wu Qi took a pace backward with hands clasped behind his back. In his opinion, White Frost City was a well-managed power with established rules and laws. Because of Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu's ruthless attack, it had put him in a difficult position. Not only had they destroyed a large part of the city, they even killed many Bai clan's members. Nevertheless, he decided to let Yan Qijun answer that. If things could not be settled with peace, Wu Qi would have no other choice but to retreat. After all, they were the one in the wrong for destroying other people's properties and killing other people's clan members. They could not go further by killing other people's entire clan after what they had done, could they?

It was true that Wu Qi was cruel and merciless in his approach. However, he did that only to his enemies. Apart from that, he was actually a reasonable man. Now, with him on the wrong side, Wu Qi had chosen to give way to avoid further conflict.

He lightly pulled Yan Qijun's sleeve and whispered, "We are in the wrong first. Worst come to worst, we'll give them some compensation!"

Yan Qijun's facial muscles twitched a little, then he nodded slowly while looking at Wu Qi. After he was struck by the calamity, Wu Qi immediately rushed to Xue Yuan Planet to rescue him at the first moment, and even successfully saved him from the hunt of three Heaven Immortals. After the incident, Yan Qijun was both shocked and had his heart filled with mixed emotions. It seemed like this son-in-law was a pretty decent one, wasn’t he? At least, he enjoyed that filial piety Wu Qi had shown!

In addition to that, the overall strength Wu Qi put out had also taken his breath away in astonishment. Regardless of the methods used to capture three Heaven Immortals alive, Wu Qi managed to achieve that. Yan Qijun felt really satisfied to have a son-in-law like this. As a result, he found Wu Qi looking unprecedentedly pleasing to his eyes now, and Wu Qi's opinion carried a heavy weight, which he should consider seriously.

Marching forward, Yan Qijun cupped his fist and gave the three old men a bow. "Junior Yan Qijun offers greeting, Seniors!"

It would be better if he did not mention his name. Upon hearing the name, the three old men's face fell instantly. The old man in the middle snapped, "Yan Qijun? Are those standing right next to you Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu? Perfect! We are just about to assemble our men to hunt you down, and yet you have presented yourself to us? Haha, you are courting death!"

Then another old man growled sternly, "Where is Miss Yan Xiaoqi? Hand her over now! She had made a promise that once we captured and killed you, she will reward Bai clan ten million upper-grade energy stones! Give her to us now, and we will spare your corpses intact!"

The last old man simply shouted, "My boys, trap them down in a circle, and don't let them escape! Send an emergency message to Patriarch, requesting Patriarch and all fellow Heaven Immortals to come here. Tell them we've trapped the preys!"

Wu Qi, Yan Qijun, and their companions' faces fell instantly! No wonder Yan Xiaoqi and Bai Feng were together. It seemed that she had already bought over Bai clan in just a few days. Evidently, energy stones were the perfect tool to buy over any cultivators who lived outside Myriad Immortals Planet! Because of that, Bai clan had disregarded their principles and wanted to kill them!

Wu Qi snorted coldly. Casually he produced a large stack of explosive talismans, throwing them into random directions. Even as he threw them out, he injected some energies into them. Wrapped in a thin layer of bright light, over two thousand explosive talismans shot outward like the fastest arrows. Immediately, it threw the surrounding Bai clan members into an utter confusion. They thrust out several thousand sword beams in a messy fashion, each greeting the explosive talismans, trying to block them off in midair.

But Wu Qi's move was incredibly fast. Before the three old men could finish their words, he had already produced a large stack of explosive talismans and threw them out randomly. The several thousand sword beams could only block off less than three hundred of them, while the rest had already shot into every corner in White Frost City, slamming onto various towers and buildings. For a moment, deafening booms could be heard from all directions, as countless fireballs rose everywhere, and numerous buildings crumbled and collapse amidst the raging flame. The sky was blotted with projectiles of broken tiles and bricks.

Wu Qi laughed wildly. "Lead the way, Imperial Advisors! Let us leave this place now!"

He again threw out several thousand explosive talismans, flooding the entire White Frost City with flame, and collapsing numerous buildings. The Bai clan members around them roared and growled furiously. They cast out various lower grade magical treasures, which left countless colorful trails in the sky and came crashing down at Wu Qi and his companions like a thunderstorm.

With a roar of laughter, Wu Qi shook his left wrist. Countless golden specks burst out from earth element dragon scale shield, transforming into palm-sized dragon-scale-shaped golden beams. Ear-splitting noises filled the atmosphere as they pierced through the air and greeted upon the approaching sword beams and lower grade magical treasures. This time, amidst the yellow energy barrier unleashed from the shield, there was a faint layer of white immortal gleam, and its surface was decorated with a layer of vague immortal runes. It was a transformation after the shield devoured Lin Qiuluo's immortal armor, which had given it a stronger defensive strength.

When the razor-sharp dragon scales and the tremendously heavy earth element energy essence were combined, the power they yielded was awe-inspiring. It was a disaster for the many Bai clan members, as the strongest flying swords they used were merely mid-grade magical items. Wherever the dragon-scale golden beams went, those flying swords would break and magical items would splinter, just like how one cut through tofu with a sharp knife. The golden beams streaked across the sky, leaving behind countless blinding explosions.

Several thousand Bai clan members were coughing blood. Their flying swords and magical treasures were destroyed, which had severely injured their soul and spirit.

The three Patriarchs of Bai clan trembled from head to toe with extreme anger. But at the same time, their eyes were filled with greed. They cried with a stern voice, "What a bunch of audacious thieves! Deploy the formation, deploy the formation! Circle them around! We just need to hold on for the time to finish one pot of tea. Patriarch and the other Heaven Immortals are on their way!"

Before their voices could fade away, Xiong Wanling had already transformed into a big black bear that stood fifty feet tall. He threw his head back and gave a loud, long roar. The black hairs on his body stood up at their ends, each measuring a shocking three feet long. Even as he gave the long, shrill howl, the tens of thousands of black hairs suddenly emitted a blinding black gleam and shot out.

With a loud swooshing sound, Xiong Wanling turned into a fully hairless bear, and even his brows were gone. In the meanwhile, the tens of thousands of hairs pierced through the air with ear-splitting noises, leaving behind several tens of feet long black trails, shooting in all directions like arrows released from a strongbow.

It was an unfortunate day for the members of Bai clan, as apart from the three Patriarchs who possessed the cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm and above, the strongest among the several thousands of members present only possessed a cultivation base of peak-stage Gold Core realm. When faced with the black hairs that Xiong Wanling unleashed desperately, all of them were thrown to the ground, howling and shrieking with their bodies spraying blood. The black hairs pierced through everything, leaving behind numerous head-sized holes on the Bai clan members' bodies. Some of them were hit by over tens of black hairs, which ripped their bodies to shreds and killed them instantly.

Then, a crane screech rang out, as He Qianqiu had also transformed into his true form. He forcefully flapped his several tens of feet long wings, shooting out countless green beams, which transformed into a bright green shower and thrust brutally towards the three Patriarchs of Bai clan. They cried in shock, and dared not to fight head to head with He Qianqiu. The Patriarch in the middle, whose cultivation base was the strongest amongst the three, produced an immortal talisman and activated it. Protected by the talisman, the three Patriarchs fled backward desperately.

All of a sudden, an enormous immortal pressure blotted the sky and covered the earth as it rushed over mightily. Wu Qi hastily turned to look back over his shoulder and saw eight black dots approaching from a distance of several hundred miles away.

With a loud cry, he grabbed Yan Qijun and Zhao Kuo, beckoned to the two demon kings, and transformed into a black beam, fleeing at top speed.

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