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The three newly arrived Heaven Immortals ran their divine will across the land swiftly. In a blink of an eye, they had scanned through an area over ten million miles in circumference.

As the result came back to them via their divine will, the three Heaven Immortals suddenly burst out into wild laughter, bodies quivering and tears bursting out. One of the Heaven Immortal, who was clad in a long robe made from black feathers, had his eyes shining with a threatening green gleam. He threw his head back laughing into the sky while saying, "By Heaven, finally a hope towards prosperity for my Spirit Flame Sect! Hahaha, how surprising! By pursuing that old fogey Han Xiao, I actually stumbled into such a great place!"

Another Heaven Immortal, a middle-aged man clad in a white cloth, tall and elegant yet having a pair of triangle-shaped eyes and slanted eyebrows that completely ruined his overall appearance, suddenly turned to look at the first Heaven Immortal. He laughed coldly and said, "Black-haired Ghost, this amazing place does not belong to your Spirit Flame Sect alone! Friendship and benefits are two separate things! For all the benefits here, I, the Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect want at least half of them!"

Right next to both of them stood a queer-looking old man. He was clad in a long red robe. Both his hair and brows were dark-green, and his facial complexion took a green hue as well. He had an erected-eye sitting right between his brows. With a deep voice, the old man cried, "Black Feather Sovereign, White Ghost Immortal, listen to my words! This time, I, Old Wood, am here because of you. In order to kill that old fogey Han Xiao, you brought me here through the Flaming Nether Ocean, heedless of the risk. You've to return this favor no matter what, and you've to repay me handsomely! So, you can't count me out for the loot in this place!!"

The old man, who called himself Old Wood, was actually a famous itinerant Heaven Immortal in Liyuan Galaxy, Zhen Mu Sovereign. As he finished saying that, the erected-eye between his brows suddenly opened up, ablaze with a bright green flame which shone and lit up the bodies of Black Feather Sovereign from Spirit Flame Sect and White Ghost Immortal from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect. Then, Zhen Mu Sovereign cried sternly, "Where is this place? The infamous Flaming Nether Ocean of Minor Heavenly Circle Realm! For the sake of the friendship with both of you, heedless of the risk I, Old Wood, followed you into this place to hunt Han Xiao! Don't you feel ashamed for not splitting thirty percent of the total loot to me?!"

Together, Black Feather Sovereign and White Ghost Immortal shouted furiously, "Bullsh*t! What a stinking bullsh*t! You're a man without followers, but both of us have big households behind us. We have several tens of thousands of disciples and apprentices to raise. Thirty percent of the total loot? NO WAY! You can get at most five percent!!"

Zhen Mu Sovereign laughed coldly. Suddenly, countless wisterias shot out from his body, stretching quickly towards the ground and plunging into countless huge trees. The forests in the surrounding began to sway and shake, while a huge amount of wood element energy kept being channeled into his body through these wisterias. In an instant, Zhen Mu Sovereign's facial skin turned into a strange pale-green in color, while large pieces of wood layer suddenly emerged on his skin, glimmering with a metallic glow under the reflection of the sunlight.

In addition to that, his voice turned extremely peculiar as well. It sounded like the sound produced by brushing two pieces of wood together as he cried hoarsely, "You better think it over. Both of you are just Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortals, and Old Wood has one of the legs stepping into the realm of Thirty-Fifth Tier. No matter it is the might of my Dharmic powers, my energy, or my cultivation base, they are at least twice as strong as yours. Hmph! With twice as much of Dharmic powers, I can kill you easily!!"

Two figures were seen blinking off in a far distance, then the two Heaven Immortals who went pursuing Han Xiao previously, one man and one lady, suddenly appeared next to them. The man was clad in a golden armor that covered only his chest. Apart from this armor which provided protection to his heart, he did not wear anything else on his upper body, exposing large patches of fair and delicate skin, densely decorated with countless patterns of red flame. The lady had a face as pale as death, shrouded in an immense ghost aura. The left part of her body was firm with flesh, having the look of an attractive and charming lady, yet the right part was simply a pale-white skeleton.

Upon their arrival, the man clad in golden armor immediately stood behind Black Feather Sovereign, with wisps of flame suddenly rushing out from his skin. Looking at Zhen Mu Sovereign, he laughed coldly and said, "Old Wood, think before you speak. Yes, your cultivation base is stronger than us, but the cultivation technique of Spirit Flame Sect can perfectly restrain any wood element Dharma spells under the heaven. With my brother and me joining hands, it is not likely you will defeat us easily!"

"Inferno Sovereign." murmured Zhen Mu Sovereign under his breath, as he coldly he gave this man a look.

Meanwhile, the lady who looked like a ghost went straight to stand right next to White Ghost Immortal, stretched out her pair of sharply contrasting arms and hugged onto White Ghost Immortal's arm. She cackled strangely and said, "Zhen Mu Sovereign, if I, the Ghost Lady, join hands with my senior brother, together with Black Feather Sovereign and Inferno Sovereign, I think we should have the chances to kill you here, don't you think so?"

Trying to evade the question, Zhen Mu Sovereign looked to his right and left, laughed coldly and said, "Where is that old fogey Han Xiao? Ghost Lady, as he had offended you many years ago, after discovering his trace this time, you gathered all of us here to track him down, trying to seek an opportunity to kill him. But it looks like you've..."

Ghost Lady snorted coldly and said with a deep voice, "Though that old fogey is weak in all aspects, he is rather good in running for his life."

Zhen Mu Sovereign laughed aloud and said, "I see, so you haven't killed him? Hahaha, Han Xiao, you old twerp! Listen to me now! I'm very interested in this priceless planet! Why don't you and I join hands and seize fifty percent of the total loot? As both you and I don't have any followers, after we take down fifty percent profits, we can use that to establish a sect, or improve our own cultivation base. At any rate, there are endless benefits in it! Out of this fifty percent of profit, I'll take thirty percent, and the rest is yours. It is a fair deal. Do you want to accept it or not?"

Zhen Mu Sovereign's voice echoed throughout the entire Heaven and Earth, and could be clearly heard in every corner of the planet.

Then came Han Xiao's voice from afar, "Zhen Mu, if you really want to join hands with me, then swear a poison oath!"

White Ghost Immortal and his company had their faces fallen instantly. While they were about to say something to stop that, Zhen Mu Sovereign had already sworn a vicious and poisonous oath with his Prime Nascent Divinity very quickly. Immediately, Han Xiao's laugh could be heard coming from afar, after which, a figure flashed by, and Han Xiao had appeared right next to Zhen Mu Sovereign. Although his body was still dripping with blood, Han Xiao took no heed at it as he pulled out a few spirit pills and consumed them to heal his wounds. After that, he turned to Zhen Mu Sovereign, smiled and said, "Fine, we will work together and seize the profit, and I'll not make a fuss about the fact that you've sneak attacked me from behind."

Then, with a sway of his body, a brand new arm quickly grew out from his shoulder. He gave the new arm a little bit of exercise, then with an unsightly expression, he turned to smile at Ghost Lady while saying, "Ghost Lady, I've only abducted three of your disciples and made them my cultivation vessels. I didn't kill them afterward, and even have them returned to you. Why have you been still chasing me for all these years?"

Ghost Lady said coldly, "Those three disciples were the excellent materials which I prepared to raise as my Prime Heavenly Ghosts. But in the end, you abducted them and seized their innate Yin energies. Without that Yin energy, I can only refine them into Ghost Mothers of Nine Sons, and their power is ten times weaker than Prime Heavenly Ghosts!! You've ruined my plan, I hate you! And I'll never spare you because of that!!"

Suddenly Zhen Mu Sovereign interrupted, "Han Xiao, listen to me carefully. White Ghost Immortal had found an immortal item by chance, a Stars Positioning Needle. With that, no matter where he is, the Stars Positioning Needle can always point towards the position of the star which he set in advance. It is a treasure of a Gold Immortal which was passed down from the High Heaven Realm. Black Feather Sovereign also found a 'Purple Flaming Banana Leaf', which can resist the Soul Dispersing Heavenly Flame, and that's why we followed your trail and came all the way here."

Zhen Mu Sovereign cast a glance at White Ghost Immortal and Black Feather Sovereign greedily, then said with a hideous smile on his face, "If we really have to fight them, we can spare Ghost Lady an Inferno Sovereign. But no matter what, we've to trap down White Ghost Immortal and Black Feather Sovereign. Isn't that a joyful experience to kill someone and seize all his treasures? I will take that banana leaf, and I can give you that Stars Positioning Needle!"

Han Xiao smiled coldly and said, "Well, that sounds fair and logical to me... Let's do it! Hmm, which one should we kill first?"

A strong gust of green colored cold air spread out from Han Xiao's body, while three shimmering pale green pearls shot out and wheeled around him, unleashing many snowflakes that enshrouded him. Then, a flower basket, ingeniously crafted using purple bamboo filament, appeared in his palm with a wave of his hand. It was filled with several hundred different species of strange and tiny flowers, each of them blooming in a lifelike way, as if they had just been plucked.

Zhen Mu Sovereign laughed, and a large sheet of green light burst out from his body. It transformed into several tens of crescent-shaped sword beams about the size of a palm, whirling freely around him like a flock of birds that flew and danced around their nest.

Yan Dan and the host of heroes began to retreat. As they were all existences with rich experiences, they could tell from the conversion between these Heaven Immortals that these unexpected visitors were not some existences who walked on the righteous path. If there was only one Heaven Immortal, they might still be able to defeat him with the joined forces of all the dynasties. But with the gathering of all six Heaven Immortals, and one of them even having one of his legs stepped into the realm of Thirty-Fifth Tier, they would have to face certain death if they kept poking their nose into the matter.

Led by Yan Dan and a few other heads of the dynasty, the cultivators and demon beasts from various dynasties quickly left the area without producing any noise.

Hiding inside a thicket, Wu Qi was surprised to find out that the cultivators from all six dynasties did not split up. Instead, they were retreating to the west in one big group. It seemed they were retreating to the same place together. Suddenly, Wu Qi had a weird premonition: could the arrival of these Heaven Immortals force all the dynasties to unite and work together? And when he gave the situation a further assessment, he found that it was not something impossible!

After a brief moment of pondering, he saw that the atmosphere between the six Heaven Immortals in the sky was getting tensed up. Without hesitation, Wu Qi suddenly sprung out and rushed towards Jiangcheng Zi, who was thrown on the ground, with nearly all his blood dried up and barely breathing.

Grabbing Jiangcheng Zi with one hand, Wu Qi transformed into a stream of yellow mist and immediately plunged into the ground.

Han Xiao noticed Wu Qi's movement instantly. Waving his hand, he shot out a stream of colorful light. At the same time, several exotic flowers in the basket swayed, shooting out countless colorful petals that spun rapidly and thrust whistling down amidst the blinding light and pungent fragrance. Then, they smashed right at the place where Jiangcheng Zi was lying just now.

While fleeing at high speed under the ground with Jiangcheng Zi in his hand, Wu Qi did not expect that an attack from a true Heaven Immortal to be so frightening. Han Xiao's response was fast, at least several tens of time faster than any Nascent Divinity cultivator such as Ying Zheng. Furthermore, the power of his attack was at least one hundred times stronger!

The few miles thick rock layer above him was breaking apart like a bamboo being split. Abruptly, the five-colored beam smote on Wu Qi's back together with countless spinning petals.

Wu Qi let out a shrill howl, and with a blink, his body suddenly exploded into countless tiny specks that shot in all directions.

A thousand miles away, Wu Qi's body suddenly appeared in midair. Clenching his jaws and cursing under his breath, he continued flying away at high speed.

Inside his dantian, the Soul Replacement Puppet which he had spent a long time in refining had completely disintegrated, vanishing without a trace.

Meanwhile, inside the Spirit Breeding Ring, Jiangcheng Zi gaped at the group of one hundred tall and burly Long Bo men in front of him with a blank expression. He could not figure out what exactly was going on.

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