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The sky was fully blotted with the rapid spinning five-colored flower petals unleashed by Han Xiao. It was not clear what sort of magical treasure he used, as these flower petals behaved intelligently, as if they were living beings. They would actively search for the enemy's weakest spot, and then attack at it. When countless flower petals pierced through the air with jarring wind breaking noises, the ground turned dark immediately, as the sunlight was absorbed by them, leaving not a single stream of sunlight that could reach the ground.

Upon seeing that Han Xiao was launching an attack at them, Yan Dan and many others, who spent a huge amount of Dharmic powers to cross the entire Great Yan's territory and come rushing over to the shore of Great Eastern Ocean after sensing the tremendous immortal pressure unleashed by Han Xiao earlier, quickly cast out their respective defensive magical treasures. They transformed them into energy barriers that wrapped tightly around themselves.

Rapid booming of explosion filled the air without end. Each of the petals came with a shockingly powerful force. Some cultivators with weaker cultivation base, such as Yan Dan, were immediately smashed and knocked away by the petals, while several thousand cultivators and demon beasts were wounded, their mouths coughing blood. Meanwhile, Wanying Dragon King and some other cultivators of Nascent Divinity realm could only hide behind their own defensive magical treasure, taking the attacks from the endless petals in the sorriest state. The petals spun at high speed, like cutting wheels as they kept tearing and ripping at the energy barriers unleashed by their defensive magical treasures. After a few short seconds into the cutting, the petals suddenly exploded, each producing an explosive force almost equal to a full force attack unleashed by a cultivator of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm, such as Wanying Dragon King.

Almost every person felt that as if they were attacked brutally by several tens of enemies with peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivation base. Despite having a profound cultivation base and being protected by pretty strong magical treasures, compared to Yan Dan, Xu Fu, Li Si, and those at the similar level, Wanying Dragon King and many others of similar overall strength could only last for one more breath. They were forced back while coughing blood. Some weaker demon kings such as He Qianqiu even had their energy barriers broken through by the petals, and had their bodies severely wounded by the explosion. They were bathed in blood and looked extremely miserable.

With the power of one single person, Han Xiao had forced back the alliance army of five dynasties in an instant, which consisted of several thousand strongest cultivators and demon beasts. His terrifying overall strength had made Yan Dan and many other top men have their faces turned pale with terror, each at a loss of what to do next. On the other side, after forcing back everyone with one single strike, Han Xiao tilted his head up proudly, laughed coldly and said, "Quite unexpected! Apart from a planet full of treasures, there actually are so many disciples of excellent quality that came to me by themselves."

Snorting coldly, Han Xiao then said complacently, "So you must be the native cultivators of this planet, eh? I'll give you an opportunity now: all human cultivators can enter my sect, and you will be taught supreme immortal magic. All demon cultivators can enter my sect as well, and you will be the divine guardian beasts of my sect. This is a usual practice for all the major immortal sects. Those who disobey my will, I'll have their entire clans exterminated!"

Han Xiao's eyes shone with a bright gleam as he cast a covetous look over at Yan Dan and those around him. It sounded simple and easy to start a new sect, but even having a planet full of treasures as the support, it would still extremely tough to raise a group of capable disciples and apprentices. However, things would be totally different with Yan Dan and his company, who came to him by themselves. Cultivators of Nascent Divinity realm were actually the backbone of all major immortal sects in Liyuan Galaxy, and there were several tens of such cultivators right in front of Han Xiao. Meanwhile, cultivators of Nascent Soul realm were the foundation of a prosperous and strong sect, yet, right in front of Han Xiao was a group of roughly one thousand Nascent Soul cultivators!

With so many people here, as long as he could plant a unique mind controlling spell in these people's souls, he would be able to turn all of them into loyal disciples who would never betray him, laying down a solid foundation for a strong sect. After that, with these disciples as the basic, he could then slowly raise his own loyal disciples, and that would be much easier. Whether a sect was powerful and prosperous or not, it would still need these Nascent Divinity and Nascent Soul cultivators to maintain the face of it.

In the epitome of his joy, Han Xiao let out a long cry and shouted with a stern voice, "I bet you have never seen a real Heaven Immortal before, and thus, you totally have no idea that even though you've formed your Nascent Divinity and able to have it leave your body and wander around, there is absolutely no way you can fight against a Heaven Immortal. A Heaven Immortal is a real Immortal. Although you, the cultivators, bear the title of Immortal, you're still a mortal! Now, be obedient and surrender to me. Open up your Nascent Divinity and let me plant a mind-controlling spell in it, as that is the only way out for all of you!"

Yan Dan and the others fell silent. As they were all mighty existences, so how could they surrender to a Heaven Immortal who appeared mysteriously?

Yan Dan, who owned a very powerful magical treasure, began to exchange glances with Qu Ping and many others among the crowd. If every single one of them attacked with the strongest weapons of their own, including Yan Dan's Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration and the ancient treasure such as Xiang Yu's Banner of Chiyou, they might still have the chance to kill this Heaven Immortal.

Originally, all the dynasties were fighting each other happily and lively without any external interference. No matter who won or got defeated in the end, the purpose of the war was to settle the old scores between them. At any rate, as everyone knew each other fairly well, they could still accept the end result despite who was the final victor. However, a Heaven Immortal, Han Xiao, suddenly arrived in such an overbearing and domineering manner, wantonly claiming the planet underneath his feet as his private belonging, while forcing everyone to become his disciples and apprentices. For these proud and ambitious heroes from various dynasties, how could they accept this as their fate?

Huhai, who had just flown back while coughing blood, suddenly burst out into a loud laughter and said with a strange voice, "You fool! You totally have no idea who we are, and yet you still dare to ask us to be your disciples and apprentices? I don't care who are you, a Heaven Immortal or some other bullsh*t... Great Qin! Great Qin! GREAT QIN!!"

Hysterically, Huhai roared out at the top of his voice, "GREAT QIN!!"

A handsome man standing right next to him, who was clad in a black robe embroidered with nine dragons and holding a pitch-black broadsword, was seen slowly raising his left arm up. Clenching his fist tightly, he spoke with a deep voice, "The mighty army of Great Qin will never retreat. If you want us to surrender to you, then you'll have to take a full force strike from all mighty heroes of Great Qin!"

The man then turned to look at Yan Dan, Qu Ping, and the others. One by one he called their name, "Yan Dan, Qu Ping, Wei Wuji, and also, Zhao Sheng, although we are facing a Heaven Immortal, do you have the courage to kill him with all my brothers?"

Yan Dan, Qu Ping, and the others laughed aloud together. They wiped off the blood on their lips and came standing right next to the man. Coldly, Qu Ping shouted out, "Crown Prince Fu Su, your words matched perfectly with our thoughts. Hehe, after killing this oaf, all five dynasties will then split his belongings equally."

All the civilian and military officials who came rushing here, including those imperial advisors and demon kings who served as sinecures, began letting out long cries into the sky, and came standing shoulder to shoulder with Yan Dan and the other few men. Heedless of which dynasty they came from, the old scores between them and the new grudges created in recent years, all cultivators from five dynasties were now lining up in a straight row.

Suddenly, a cloud was seen approaching them at high speed from the southwest, while a voice was heard laughing and said, "It has been ages since I saw you all, my dear friends. How are you? It seems you have done something big in both Meng Mountains and He Mountains. Why do you never let us, the Great Qi, join the fun? I have an idea. Those who eventually kill this oaf, that dynasty will have a fifty percent exclusive control to the loot in that immortal's ruin. What do you think?"

Yan Dan and the other laughed heartily and said, "Tian Wen, the Lord of Mengchang, you Great Qi have finally shown up! Come on here, let's join our hands and kill this old twerp!"

From the Emperor, Tian Wen, to a group of nearly one thousand civilian and military officials, Great Qi had finally rushed to this place as well. Now, the six dynasties had joined up, sending out an immense killing intent that turned into a menacing aura, which had nearly taken a corporeal form, locking tightly at Han Xiao's body from a far distance. In the meanwhile, Yan Dan and the other men had prepared their Prime Treasures, getting ready to strike at any time. The enormous energy of their Prime Treasures rolled and rocked inside their bodies. The raging energies leaked through them and came out into the world, slowly forming a magnificent rainbow cloud.

Han Xiao looked at the host of heroes hesitatingly. He had a bad feeling about it. These cultivators before him looked significantly different than those he met when he was wandering in the other parts of the universe. No matter it was their spirit or energy, and the vigorous will to fight, they were totally different from the outside cultivators. If he really had to describe them, each of these cultivators looked like divine dragons among the mortals, imposing and impressive. Those outside cultivators, even if they were the so-called geniuses from some major immortal sects, were like donkey dumps, looking striking on the outside but rotten on the inside.

It was especially true when he sensed a very strong power brewing right inside Yan Dan and many other people's body. Not knowing why, Han Xiao felt that this power could cause some serious damage to his immortal body. Even though he still had a Prime Treasure of lower-grade immortal item level, it still could not bring him any sense of security. He had a feeling that if a battle really broke out between him and these cultivators, even if he could still kill all of them in the end, he would have to pay a very severe price.

Such a lousy feeling had struck Han Xiao with a great rage. Thus, he roared furiously, "A bunch of ants! Are you all really courting death?! Do you have any idea that no matter how many people you have, there is absolutely no way you can be the match to a true Immortal!! You have totally no idea how big the gap between you and a true Immortal is! Now, I'll give you one last chance. Surrender and join my sect, and you will be my first batch of disciples!"

An angry howl from Huhai immediately broke this strange confrontation, as a large sheet of black light suddenly burst out from his black prison wagon, amidst which came rushing countless shadows of celestial fiends, roaring and struggling violently. Then, Huhai roared at the top of his voice hoarsely, "Old twerp!! If you want a fight, let's fight! Death is nothing, as all of us were dead once. So, why should we be afraid of you?! Motherf*cker! Do not let me get to your mother, or I'll definitely take her into my mansion, raping her day and night!"

After letting out three wild laughs, Huhai shook his arms. The iron chains buckled on his wrists and ankles immediately thrust toward Han Xiao soundlessly, together with tiny wisps of black flame leaping out from them. Countless celestial fiends were seen attaching on the iron chains as well, each having a twisted and ferocious expression. Yet, their mouths kept reciting mantras that were advising people to do good deeds. Together with an immense evil aura that blotted the sky, these celestial fiends sprung and leaped towards Han Xiao.

And right at the moment Huhai moved, Fu Su, who stood right next to him and had prepared to strike as well, suddenly threw out the sword in his hand. The pitch-black sword transformed into a black true dragon and soared into the sky, howling furiously as it smashed viciously towards Han Xiao. Then, Fu Su flipped his palm, and a pitch-black painting scroll made from metal emerged right inside his hand. A strong gust of black wind burst out from the painting, as an army of metal puppets charged out from the black wind amidst deafening battle cries, storming aggressively towards Han Xiao.

Meanwhile, an incorporeal image of a tiny and ingenious looking Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration, about the size of a soybean, was seen vaguely spinning right inside Yan Dan's palm. He pointed this little Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration at Han Xiao, then cried out with a low voice, "Divine Order of Heaven and Earth, the Great Dao of Transmigration, the previous and present life, an endless destiny of sin!" As the transmigration disc began to spin, a crimson flame suddenly leaped out from Han Xiao's body. Those were the Yin flame of karma, and they kept bursting out from right inside Han Xiao's body, burning him and making him howl involuntarily.

"Am I see things?! The Yin flame of karma?!" cried Han Xiao furiously, "I'm already an Immortal, no longer part of the five elements and the three realms. I'm not under the control of the transmigration of Heaven and Earth. How is it possible that I can still be invaded by the Yin flame of karma? This doesn't make sense, this doesn't make any sense at all!!!"

While he was howling and screaming, on the other side, Mo Di, Xun Kuang, Guigu'zi, together with Qu Ping, Zhao Sheng, Tian Wen, Wei Wuji, and many others, initiated their attacks. Everyone struck without reservation, exerting the enormous power of their Prime Treasures as they unleashed the strongest attacks.

Initially, Han Xiao attached no importance to the cultivation base of these people before him. For a Heaven Immortal, a group of several tens of Nascent Divinity cultivators and nearly one thousand Nascent Soul cultivators were still ordinary cultivators, a group of ants that he could kill with one single swipe of his hand. As a matter of fact, there would frequently be news spread throughout the entire Liyuan Galaxy where a random Heaven Immortal was infuriated and then annihilated an entire city of cultivators easily. When facing a Heaven Immortal, a group of several tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of cultivators did not even qualify to be cannon fodders.

However, the Prime Treasures possessed by Yan Dan and the others were simply too powerful. Most of them were ancient treasures of spirit treasures level, and among them, there was also an ancient demon item, the Banner of Chiyou. Thus, although Yan Dan and the others did not have a very profound cultivation base, the power of their Prime Treasures were way too huge!

The air shook, as the five-colored light shot out from Han Xiao's palm shattered abruptly. Countless five-colored petals exploded and turned to shreds. Han Xiao let out a shrill howl, as his palms suddenly exploded. Golden blood sprayed and splashed in all directions. With a blink of his body, the severely wounded Han Xiao teleported himself to a distance of one hundred miles away, while the vast and mighty strike jointly unleashed by everyone turned into a vague, near chaotic light beam, streaking through the air and flying to an unknown destination.

Han Xiao was so enraged that he roared out at the top of his voice, letting out a howl that sounded coming from a severely wounded wild beast. If not that the divine ability of teleportation had become his second nature, which allowed him to teleport away with a thought in his mind, he would have been hit by the attack jointly unleashed by the host of heroes, and had his soul completely shattered and disintegrated.

In a frenzy of rage, Han Xiao roared, "What evil technique have you used to hurt me?! This is impossible! How could I, a Heaven Immortal, be wounded by you, a group of low-graded cultivators?! Even though I'm just a Heaven Immortal of Thirty-Sixth tier, the weakest Heaven Immortal, I'm still an Immortal after all!!! There is no way ordinary cultivators can fight against an Immortal, and this is the law of the universe! There is no way you can possibly hurt me!! Unless... unless you have immortal items. Yet, what ability do you have to use an immortal item?!"

Before Han Xiao's words could fade away, from the sky above came a few very powerful immortal pressures suddenly. Then, a large cluster of pale green bright lights shot whistling down from the sky and smote viciously onto Han Xiao's body, each about the size of an adult's palm and shaped like a crescent, blinking and flashing.

Han Xiao, still suffering from the shock from the attack jointly unleashed by Yan Dan and the others, immediately cried out miserably, while several tens of stream of blood shot out from his body.

These were very powerful green lights, as they easily injured Han Xiao, who did not put up any defense, and severely wounded him. They chopped off his left arm and threw it to the ground, spraying golden blood everywhere.

The severe pain made Han Xiao roar hoarsely, "How impudent! You actually sneak attacked me from behind?! Zhen Mu Sovereign, I know this is your 'Greenwind Sword Technique'!! Damn it! Today's sneaky assault, I, Han Xiao, will definitely repay you handsomely in the future!!"

With a blink of his body, Han Xiao immediately teleported away, disappearing without a trace.

A dazzling cloud slowly descended from the sky. Five Heaven Immortals, each shrouded in a vague and glinting glow, suddenly sprung and flew down from the cloud.

Then, two of them also teleported away with a blink. Obviously, they were chasing after Han Xiao. The other three Heaven Immortals flew and came before Yan Dan and the host, while looking around surprisingly.

On the ground, the large energy stone vein which Han Xiao excavated not long ago was seen shimmering brilliantly under the sunlight.

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