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As those mountain ghosts and strayed deities were beings of Yin by nature, even by just being exposed under the direct sunlight, their power would be greatly reduced. When they were burned by the True Flame of Sun which extracted and purified from the sunlight, over several thousand of ghosts and deities with the weakest cultivation base were immediately turned into gusts of chilly winds, and dissipated into thin air. There were a few ghosts and deities who stood at the forefront, emanating ripples of divine will that equaled human cultivators of Nascent Soul realm. Their bodies were targeted by some of the True Flames of Sun as well. It made them let out horrifying howls instantly while they shot into the sky, dark smoke rising from their bodies, trying to escape from this place.

For these ghosts and deities, the True Flame of Sun was just like arsenic to ordinary humans. When their bodies were caught by some True Flames of Sun, the part would be immediately turned into green smoke. On top of that, they did not have a fleshly body; their bodies were actually formed using their own soul and Nascent Divinity. Thus, it was their souls that were being burned directly by the True Flame. The pain that came directly from their souls made these ghosts and deities let out the most horrifying and bloodcurdling howls that one could ever hear, while striking great fear to those ghosts and deities who were yet to be burned by the True Flame, causing them to retreat in terror.

Noticing how the True Flame brought those ghosts and deities into a great confusion, Wu Qi could not help but issue three loud laughs. Without hesitation, he pulled out a piece of black cloth and covered his face with it. Then, with a twist of his body, his height turned shorter. After that, he took out a green cape and wrapped around his body. When all that was done, Wu Qi sprung out from the cliff while letting out strange laughs and cried out at the top of his voice, "Do not be afraid, Old Mister Guigu'zi, for I've long heard the great reputation of Old Mister, and I've purposely come to aid you today!"

He opened his mouth, and the Acquire Pearl of Fire Element thrust out immediately with loud whistling and raging flame, smashing onto two ghosts and deities that had the aura similar to Nascent Divinity cultivators, and seven with cultivation base comparable to Nascent Soul realm. As the Acquired Pearl of Fire Element contained acquired fire element energy essence, it had the characteristic of pure Yang and high temperature, which made it also a bane to all Yin ghosts. All nine formidable Yin Ghosts howled miserably, as dense dark smoke billowed from their bodies after they were burned by the essence of the acquired flame. On top of that, as the enormous flame of pure Yang rushed into their bodies, it was like freezing cold air rushing into the body of an ordinary human; it simply restricted all their movements.

Wu Qi let out a wild laugh, then from the Spirit Breeding Ring on his finger, a large layer of white light suddenly burst out, then forcibly captured and pulled these severely wounded ghosts and deities into the ring. With the vigorous Long Bo men keeping guard in the ring, what awaited these seriously wounded ghosts and deities would not be a pleasant experience.

Then, Wu Qi exercised the Acquired Magnetic Swordbeam, transforming into a dark beam that flew quickly through the air, while kept smashing and throwing the Acquired Pearl of Fire Element everywhere, filling the sky with a crimson red flame that burned ragingly. Caught unprepared, several hundred ghosts and deities were severely wounded by him, and were being pulled into the Spirit Breeding Ring while howling miserably.

After forcibly abducting several hundred ghosts and deities, Wu Qi let out a loud cry, turned his sword beam, and fled immediately.

Among the countless ghosts and deities, three out of thirty-six undead warriors who stood over ten thousand feet tall had already taken notice of Wu Qi. When they saw Wu Qi wound and abduct many of their fellow ghosts and deities, these undead warriors snorted together, opened their mouths, and sprayed out a jet of crimson red flame, which was hot enough to melt gold and iron, and contained poisonous gases unique to undead warriors. The flame blotted the sky while shooting towards Wu Qi, bringing together a monstrous, menacing aura.

Yet, Wu Qi would never fight a desperate battle with these undead beings, as he had already obtained enough benefits for himself. With a flash of the escape beam, he had traveled several dozens of miles away. Impatiently, he transformed into a dimmed yellow light and quickly plunged into the ground. In just a blink of an eye, he had traveled several miles deep into the ground. The three undead warriors were chasing closely behind him, and very quickly they had arrived above the mountain ridge, only to see Wu Qi disappear into the ground. Immediately, they opened their mouth and sprayed out a great ocean of flame.

Amidst crackling noises, several lofty mountains were melted down into magma by the raging flame, while the crimson flame continued burning on the ground, until they turned ground upto almost a mile deep into magma. Only then did the three undead warriors cease spraying the flame. They spun and flew back to the lone peak where Guigu'zi was, and joined their fellow ghosts and deities in attacking him.

However, as the True Flame of Sun had forced back many ghosts and deities, and with Wu Qi jumping into the battleground and stirring up some troubles, a few breaches were made in the formation that was deployed by all the ghosts and deities and thirty-six undead warriors. Guigu'zi pointed his finger at the token of ghost and deity hovering above his head, and recited an incantation with a soft voice. Then, he grabbed and threw Ying Ziying out from the formation. Ying Ziying's body suddenly flickered, as he abruptly transformed into something that looked like a ghost or deity, and drifted nimbly through the air. With just a few blinks, he had vanished from the scene.

Before long, from the main camp of Qin army suddenly came the beating of drums and crying of bugles. Countless practitioners, soldiers and captains of Qin army shot up into the sky like a great swarm of hornets, deploying a very strict defensive line in the sky above their camp. After that, from the woods around the Qin army camp, blinding glows were seen bursting out from many large teleportation formations, each over ten miles in diameter. The faint vibration of the space caused the surrounding woods to shake violently. By spending a huge amount of energy stones, the Qin army had activated all the teleportation formation that connected with Xian Yang.

A smile emerged on Guigu'zi's face. While looking at the ghosts and deities that blotted out the sky, and the thirty-six giant undead warriors, he smiled and said, "I'm proud of myself, for I never failed in my prediction. Although His Majesty is trapped in the mountains now, but a few years ago, I had predicted that His Majesty will have to face this calamity today. That is why I've brought many men, countless energy stones, and many formation disks here in advance, getting ready for the rescue. But, there is one thing that I never expected... I never thought I will meet such an opponent today, that Qu Ping actually possessing the ability to conceal the heavenly secret from me. This is excellent, as the toughest thing in life will be finding an evenly matched opponent!"

He chuckled, shook his head, and said, "As Xun Kuang is my good friend, and Mo Di is the grandmaster of Mo Sect, none of them will make a good opponent for me. But, Qu Ping is the Emperor of Great Chu. No matter it is his status or cultivation base, he is worthy for me to exercise all my abilities and approaches to compete and see who is better!" He sighed lightly. Suddenly, all the foul ghosts and fierce deities in the token hovering above him began to creep, then together with shrill cries, several tens of thousands of ghosts and deities sprung out from it. They howled at the top of their voices while charging towards the many ghosts and deities that encircled them.

In just a blink of an eye, a fierce battle broke out between two armies of ghosts and deities. The battle between ghosts and deities was different than human cultivators, as they could not hurt each other with their Dharma spells and divine abilities. The only way to finish their opponent was to devour and digest each other straightaway. Like two packs of wild beasts that had gone berserk, they plunged into each other, opened their mouths wide and began devouring each other. They digested their opponents and turned them into their own strength and power.

The thirty-six giant undead warriors let out a furious roar together, rolled up all the black poisonous miasma around them, and thrust their giant fists towards Guigu'zi.

Guigu'zi shook his head, pointing forward with the writing brush made using a bone. In an instant, the large turtle shell in front of him burst out with a large sheet of bright light, transforming into a thick layer of a light screen that enveloped him. He began to recite an incantation and exercise his energy, then using the writing brush to point rapidly on the supplementary volume of the Yellow River Map. As the tip of the writing brush kept pointing at it, bits of starlight lit up on the supplementary volume, matching perfectly with some of the stars in the sky.

A very faint buzzing noise rang out, as silver starlight the size of water bucket began falling down from the sky. Each of the stars weighted as much as a lofty mountain, and were as sharp as the sharpest blade. When the starlight fell and smashed onto those giant undead warriors, they immediately pierced large see-through holes on their bodies, while the glinting starlight kept lingering around the wounds, corroding their bodies and causing thick dark smoke to billow from their bodies.

All giant undead warriors opened their mouths at the same time, spraying out the most powerful attack they could unleash - the crimson flame. The place was immediately covered with a towering flame, and the defensive light screen around Guigu'zi shrunk by several times smaller instantly. In the meanwhile, all the 108 young boys and girls behind him did not even have the time to scream, and were immediately turned into ashes amidst the ocean of raging flame. Guigu'zi's eyes twitched violently as he cried out in a low voice, "You evil creatures! Even if I have to suffer a great loss to my energy today, I'll annihilate all of you!"

After taking a deep breath, Guigu'zi coughed out another mouthful of blood essence again, spraying all of it onto the supplementary volume of Yellow River Map. Relying on the mighty power of this innate spirit item, he was able to fight a tough battle with thirty-six undead warriors who had the cultivation base of almost the Nascent Divinity realm, and kept hurting them with the starlights. Though, at the same time, his Dharmic power was weakening bit by bit under the pressure of thirty-six giant undead warriors.

Off in a very far distance, Qu Ping, who was standing on the peak of a lofty mountain and in the middle of watching the grand show put up by Ying Zheng, suddenly had his face flickered. He smiled and said under his breath, "What an Old Mister Guigu'zi! How could he not be suppressed with all the things I've prepared? And what a surprise, he 'also' has a supplementary volume of the Heavenly Book! This is marvelous, as I can take this opportunity to compete with him and see who is better!"

Carefully, he cupped his fist at Yan Dan, smiled and said, "Well, Old Mister Guigu'zi is surely a tough nut to crack. I'll have to go activate the formation, using its power to fight him from here. So, I'll have to hand everything here over to Your Majesty Yan Dan!"

With a solemn expression, Yan Dan cupped his fist, returned the gesture and said, "Worry not, just leave everything here to me. It will be the greatest blessing for both of our dynasties if we can get rid of Ying Zheng today. Your Majesty Qu Ping, you can just go ahead and do what you deem necessary, as I'll risk all the cost to trap Ying in this place!"

Both men exchanged a smile, cupped their fists, and bowed slightly to each other. Suddenly a few shadows of ghosts and deities emerged right next to Qu Ping, escorting him as he quickly flew towards a formation shrouded in gusts of chilly wind, and not far away from there. A breach was opened up on the formation, letting Qu Ping fly through it and enter the formation, and then quickly attained its original look. Before long, an enormous ripple of energy was sensed spreading out from the formation, while the natural energies in the surrounding began to vibrate violently along with the ripple.

Not far away from the hot springs, the highly spirited Bai Qi was still fighting the soldiers of Great Chu, bringing with him a large army. Above the lake, Xu Fu and Li Si had also tangled themselves in a fierce battle with those mountain spirits and water ghosts. Vaguely, there were some pinkish mists rising up from the woods in the vicinity, and were slowly inhaled by Bai Qi and all the other men. As time went by, it seemed their glances began to drift, and they had totally neglected the fact as to why after so long into the battle, an endless stream of enemies was still rushing out to fight them.

They had already killed enough enemies to fully fill this patch of woods, but the enemies just kept coming out and charging at them.

These were weak and fragile enemies, and they could kill many of them with just a random rune or a blade stroke. However, they just kept storming out like bugs that could never be eradicated completely, while Bai Qi and all the men around him had also neglected this seemingly bizarre situation, sinking into an endless loop of slaughtering.

Right at this moment, a few Nascent Soul cultivators rushed up to them in a very bad shape. They were all covered in blood, bodies pierced by many sharp weapons. Some were missing an arm, some missing a leg, and there was even one with half of his head missing. They were pursued by a group of several hundred cultivators from Great Yan, who kept pouring various thunderbolts and sword beams at them. They withstood these attacks strenuously, having their blood splashing everywhere while rushing towards Bai Qi.

"What are you guys doing here, Prince of Wu'an?!"

An Earth Immortal of Qin army cried out with a very shrill voice, "This is a trap! This whole place is a trap! A Heavenly Fox Enchanting Formation is being deployed here, and this place is filled with the Soul Confusing Spells of Great Chu!! The Emperor is being assaulted now. Why are you still bothering with all these illusions?"

When these Earth Immortals rushed beside Bai Qi and his men, a few of them immediately had their Nascent Souls exploded.

The tremendous force of explosion swept across the place and destroyed all the woods in the vicinity, blasting all of the pinkish mist away. Immediately after that, all the shadows of ghosts and deities in the place vanished after a flash, while shrill howls of ghosts echoed out and struck pain into everyone's ears. The last Earth Immortal threw an arrow over to Bai Qi, who appeared to be awakened suddenly, then cried out, "Prince of Wu'an, the arrow contains the map of all the traps in this place. No matter what, do not get close to those areas marked in red! You'll only have a slim chance of survival by traveling through the regions between the area marked in red!"

Bai Qi gasped with terror. Suddenly, a white mist shot up from the top of his head, while he threw his head back and let out a deafening tiger roar.

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