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There was a large cavern deep under the seventeen hot springs pools, in which, several thousand beautiful and coquettish fox ladies sat cross-legged, each having one to five long white tails behind their back. They were soundlessly reciting some spells while performing hand incantations. Vaguely, behind each of the fox lady hovered a group of ghost ladies, several hundred to thousands of them in each group. These ghost ladies sat cross-legged as well, and had their bodies shrunk to the smallest size which their ability permitted. They were channeling the purest Yin energies of their own into the fox lady in front of them, and through these fox ladies, the energies were then transformed into the Enchanting Scent of Heavenly Fox and exuding from their bodies.

The Enchanting Scent of Heavenly fox was the natural body scent found on all fox ladies from the clan of Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox, a scent that was capable of enchanting all intelligent living beings under the heaven. Even when a Divine Golden Immortal faced the enchanting scent of Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox, he would not dare to claim that he could absolutely resist the bizarre enchanting force. Unless one's cultivation base was one realm higher than the Heavenly Fox, or had his mind protected by some incredible treasure, no one could resist the mighty power of the Enchanting Scent of Heavenly Fox.

The group of several thousand fox ladies, each with different level of cultivation base, was stimulating their blood essence with a mystic technique and exuding a very pungent Enchanting Scent of Heavenly Fox. Besides that, they were being supplied with energies from countless ghost ladies, which made the Yin energies in their bodies become even more vigorous. Their Dharmic power and spirit became even stronger, which in turn caused the power of their scent to be even harder to resist.

Through the formation that had been deployed in advance, the enchanting scent that could bewitch even a Heaven Immortal slowly seeped through the soil and reached the surface, spreading out and filling an area nearly one hundred miles in circumference. Bai Qi, Xu Fu, Li Si, and many of their comrades were first bewitched by the Enchanting Formation that was prepared by the Enchantment Palace, which they constructed by utilizing the wisterias, flowers and grasses, woods, and terrains in this area, and then their mind was again bewitched by the enchanting scent. As a result, they were confused by the countless illusions in the formation, and did not realize that their enemies were no longer the real soldiers of Great Chu and the mountain spirits and water ghosts, as all the enemies had long retreated to a very far distance. They were just wasting their energies in beating plain air.

Out of all the enchanting scent produced by those fox ladies, thirty percent was used to bewitch Bai Qi and his comrades, while the remaining seventy percent was channeled through a passage in the formation into an underground fire vein, and up into the seventeen hot springs pools, then exploding right inside the pools. The pungent enchanting scent was then blended with the faint body scent of those beautiful and naked teenage girls in the pools, and with that, not only Ying Zheng, even Yuyao, who was sitting on the chariot and looking around with high vigilance, had been controlled without her own knowledge.

Sitting in the chariot with a smile on her face, Yuyao was looking at Ying Zheng, who was fighting a 'fierce' battle right inside the hot springs pool, and looking at Yue Tan and Yuji. She appeared to be in a trance, as if she were thinking about something that nobody could tell. They were surrounded by a very fine scenery, and a very quiet and comfortable atmosphere. After all, the flowers, grasses, and trees in the vicinity, even the shape of the tiniest weed, the position of even a small pebble sitting right next to the pool, they had all been meticulously arranged and decorated by Su Mei'er, the six-tailed Heavenly Fox. Everything looked so harmonized and peaceful, sending forth a very warm feeling that made one's mind totally relaxed, and turning off their sense of alertness.

If there was a killing intent that came focusing at Yuyao now, even if it were the slightest killing intent, she would immediately wake up from this charming atmosphere. However, there was no killing intent that could be sensed in the surroundings, only the faint scent that lingered at the tip of her nose. She was completely shrouded by the charming and enchanting atmosphere of the place.

The Imperial Seal was hovering midair, drifting about lazily and not emanating any might or pressure. The Imperial Seal was no longer needed in this place.

What was needed here was the strong fleshly body of Ying Zheng, and his near endless energy. Not knowing when, Chi Bin and Lu Mei, and all the serving ladies who accompanied them, had already sat down in the hot springs pool, with their clothes loosely hanging on their bodies, exposing large parts of their fair and silky smooth skin, which made this place filled with an unspeakable aura of lust and romance. Yuji had long pressed her naked body tightly against Ying Zheng's back, while using both hands as she gently felt and fondled his powerful and strong fleshly body.

"My Lord, oh My Lord! Your Majesty, oh Your Majesty!" Softly and gracefully, Yuji kissed Ying Zheng's back with her tender red lips. Her deep and faint murmuring had aroused Ying Zheng's excitement to a new height. At the same time, the several thousand fox ladies under the ground exerted all their strength to send forth the Enchanting Scent of Heavenly Fox, focusing fifty percent of it on Ying Zheng alone. Ying Zheng's body had turned red like a burning flame. The shadows of eight flood dragons and one serpent were seen flashing and flickering ceaselessly behind his back, while all his spirit, energy, and will were now focusing on the erected little brother of his.

Yue Tan lied listlessly in the hot springs. There was a patch of redness under her, which excited Ying Zheng and made his eyes turned bloodshot. He kept crazily slamming her with his lower body, generating sounds of bodies slamming that filled the air, while circulating the Nine Dragons Cauldron Grand Magic, channeling the stream of cold and refreshing aura that came into him from Yue Tan's body into all parts of his body. This aura felt cold as ice when it rushed into Ying Zheng's body. But after it entered him, it immediately exploded like bombs, turning into rolling and boiling hot streams that flowed everywhere inside of him.

Through his divine will, Ying Zheng noticed that his energies were rising up very quickly, while his Nascent Divinity was getting denser and becoming stronger. His long hair were waving violently in the air; the pleasure of having his cultivation base improving made him feel like he was walking on a cloud. It also excited him more, and made him exert greater strength in slamming the beautiful girl under him, squeezing her perfect and naked body as if he was going to squeeze out every drop of her energy essence.

"Li Yueyan, what's the point of following that old fool Huang Xie? If you follow me, I'll give you all the good things you will ever ask for! Glory, splendor, wealth, rank, everything!" Ying Zheng kept circulating the Nine Dragons Cauldron Grand Magic while working very hard on raping the beautiful girl under him, and not forgetting to promise many benefits to the beauty.

All the girls in the hot springs pool had a strange smile on their face as they looked bashfully at Ying Zheng. From their bodies, a massive amount of fragrant scent kept exuding out, turning into the enchanting scent that aroused one's lust as it kept rushing into Ying Zheng's body. When this enchanting scent entered his body, it felt cold as ice, but once it went deeper, it immediately turned into boiling water that rushed back and forth in him. Stimulated by these hot streams, Ying Zheng's energy became even more restless like a pack of bears in the spring night, impatient to do something.

Suddenly, Ying Zheng let out a deep, muffled roar. He hugged the pretty girl under him tightly against him, and his body began to shiver violently. Every piece of his muscles became tensed up, showing a very clear outline of his masculine body. The shivering of his body lasted a full time it took to finish a pot of tea, and when it came to a complete stop, the shadows of eight flood dragons and one serpent hovering above him became dimmer. Out of the enormous energies that he cultivated laboriously, a small part of them had rushed into the lady's body following his ejaculation.

The lady below Ying Zheng had all four limbs tangling tightly around him. Her skin had taken a pinkish hue, and her eyes were half-closed. She looked very weak, as if she had just gone through a great torture. But, as a matter of fact, the pinkish energies inside her body were rushing and rocking vigorously like a pool of boiling acid as they kept wildly corroding and devouring the energies that came from Ying Zheng's body.

When faced with a cultivator such as Ying Zheng, even when he was bewitched by the enchanting formation without his own knowledge, he would immediately wake up when somebody sent forth just a tiny bit of killing intent against him. As he was protected by the Cauldron of Yu, the Imperial Seal, and many other extraordinary treasures, with just a thought, no external forces would be able to hurt him. Thus, only a sex trap such as this, a method that could kill somebody without shedding blood, could be used to fritter away Ying Zheng's formidable cultivation base bit by bit. When his energy was finally depleted, no matter how strong his cultivation base was, how could a Heavenly Dragon that had lost its bone be a match to a stray dog?

Only a sex trap such as this could have tricked someone like Ying Zheng, who was a peerlessly fierce and formidable hero. After all, the other traps or ambushes, as long they contained even the slightest killing intent, could never be hidden away from his sense, just like what happened to Xiang Yu not long ago.

With the sex trap was set up by Enchantment Palace, the natural aura of the Heaven and Earth from the ghosts and deities of Great Chu, and the natural energies found in the surrounding mountains and rivers to conceal all unusual aura, it had forced the Great Qin Dynasty, who owned many formidable experts and witty strategists, to suffer such a big loss. Also, Qu Ping had poured in a great effort and energy, using a total of thirty-six thousand ghosts and deities to construct a great formation that concealed all the heavenly secrets in this area, and even fought Guigu'zi personally. Only then they were able to make Ying Zheng fell into the trap.

Without Qu Ping concealing the heavenly secrets using his great divine abilities and great Dharmic powers, once Ying Zheng went out to the field, Guigu'zi would be alarmed by a force of destiny. He would immediately warn Ying Zheng, which would make it near impossible to lure Ying Zheng into the trap.

The lady who was having sex with Ying Zheng now, who appeared to be Yuji, was, in fact a five-tailed Heavenly Fox with a very profound cultivation base from the Enchantment Palace. And the one who took the appearance of Yue Tan was a six-tailed Heavenly Fox, the Master of Enchantment Palace, one of the five great demon kings of Meng Mountains, Su Mei'er. She had employed all her power, and even used some of the spirit items that were handed down from her ancestors. Only then was she able to trap Ying Zheng and Yuyao here, and forced Ying Zheng into a tight corner where he could have his energy completely depleted at any point in time from now.

Su Mei'er had her limbs wrapped tightly around Ying Zheng while her body was moving back and forth, vigorously matching to Ying Zheng's slamming motion. As a six-tailed Heavenly Fox herself, she had had sex with over one hundred thousand males before, and her skills in alluring the opposite sex had reached the acme of perfection. As a matter of fact, the bloodline of Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox made her the expert of enchanting all members of the opposite sex by nature. Even if one were a Heavenly Venerate or Human Emperor, there was no way one could maintain a clear mind when facing a Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox.

Just like how King Zhou of Shang[1] was bewitched by a demon fox in the legend, the same thing was happening to Ying Zheng today.

Su Mei'er's Prime Enchanting Scent kept rushing into Ying Zheng's body, like pouring oil into a raging flame. It further stimulated Ying Zheng's energies and excited Ying Zheng to let loose of all his control over his Nascent Divinity. But all of these were merely illusions, just like the illusions that one witnessed after consuming some specific medicine. Amidst the sex trap set up by Su Mei'er, several thousand fox ladies, and several tens of thousands of ghost ladies, Ying Zheng's enormous energies were being kept extracted into Su Mei'er's body, turning them into her own cultivation base.

In the sky high up above them, on top of all the white clouds, a figure of six-tailed white fox made its appearance. It was the projection of Su Mei'er's Nascent Divinity, as she could not control the sudden increase of her demonic power, and the aura of her Nascent Divinity kept getting stronger rapidly. Vaguely, a new white tail was about to grow out at the back of this white fox.

Once she had the seventh tail successfully grown, Su Mei'er would immediately step into the realm of Heaven Immortal. With her current cultivation base and the pure and enormous Prime Dragon Energies that she sucked from Ying Zheng, it was more than enough to push her cultivation base into the realm of Heaven Immortal.

Sensing the miraculous transformation that was happening right inside of her body, Su Mei'er clenched her jaws tightly while moaning and groaning in the horniest manner. She exerted all her effort in exercising the Heavenly Fox Grand Magic, and kept seizing Ying Zheng's enormous energy essence.

At the same time, the many beautiful girls that surrounded Ying Zheng used their fingers to gently touch and pinch the important acupoints on his body, using an evil technique of stimulating one's potential and blood essence. They made the flowing speed of his blood and energy increase by several dozens of times, causing his energy essence to rush out at an even faster rate.

Ying Zheng's body was trembling from head to toe, and his face had begun to turn pale.

As pale as the face of a dead person.

[1] King Zhou of Shang - He was the last king of the Shang dynasty of ancient China. In his later years, King Zhou of Shang gave himself over to drinking, women, and abandoned morals, preferring these to the proper governance of the country, and ignored almost all affairs of state. (Source:

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