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One hundred Long Bo men, whose overall strength was comparable to Earth Immortals of Nascent Soul realm, and the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation, an ancient formation that was recorded in the Scroll of Stealing...

Caught unprepared, Zhang Yi was slapped by Long Yuan like a tiny bug slapped by a swatter, and thrown into the formation while coughing blood. White mist raised from the surrounding, densely enveloping an area of about one hundred miles in circumference. Tiny electric arcs were darting and whirling back and forth amidst the white mist like countless shooting stars that pierced through the sky. Although they did not make any noise, they carried a very strong aura of destruction.

Inside the formation, the enormous energies of one hundred Long Bo men, with each of them at least a few times stronger than an ordinary Earth Immortal of Nascent Soul realm, had interconnected. Through the formation, their strengths had fused into one organic entity. Their spirits had blended into one organic entity, and their divine wills had become a strange assembly of wills. When the souls of one hundred Long Bo men were fused into one, the strength of their divine will immediately soared and surpassed ordinary cultivators of Nascent Divinity realm.

It was as if one hundred tiny rivers had converged into one. The divine will of these Long Bo men immediately turned into a great river, bringing forth a loud whistling as it pressed and crushed towards Zhang Yi on the spiritual level. As Zhang Yi was a man with an exceedingly high intelligence, the strength of his divine will had long reached the early-stage of Nascent Divinity realm. It was just that his cultivation in energy had yet to break through the Nascent Divinity realm. Judging from the essence, the quality of Zhang Yi's soul was actually one hundred times denser than those Long Bo men. However, the total number of Long Bo men's divine will was one hundred times greater than Zhang Yi!

Zhang Yi's divine will was dense and pure like a small mountain, yet the divine will combined from one hundred Long Bo men was like a great river, one with raging waves that kept pressing and slamming forward. As Zhang Yi was thrown into the formation by a powerful slap from Long Yuan, his body suffered a great impact, and it was at this moment the combined divine will of Long Bo men smashed onto his divine will. It immediately made his divine will to tremble violently and ceaselessly. A constant dripping would wear a hole ina stone, and when a vast tide kept brushing against a lofty mountain, it would eventually turn it into nothingness.

"Hooo… Haaa...haaaa...haaaaa!"

Altogether, the Gold Core strange signs behind the back of Long Bo men, the giant figures that stood ten thousand feet tall, burst out into a loud laughter, while they began striding towards the center of the formation. Then, a loud boom rang out, as these one hundred giants rammed onto each other and formed an enormous figure that stood ten thousand feet tall, having a fleshly body that looked firm and burly, as if it were a living being. This giant was stepping on a huge turtle under his feet, with each hand gripping a black dragon. Layers of dense dark clouds were gathering above his head. Countless lightning bolts streaked down from the dark clouds, flowing quickly down through the smooth, crystal-like skin of the giant.

The lightning bolts flowed down like streams of water, while the powerful thunder forces were compressed into energy streams that looked like water waves. Streams of thunder forces were darting and boiling around the giant's body, and finally, they formed a layer of energy barrier that looked like a body armor. The giant threw his head back and issued a loud laugh. The laugh shook the Heaven and the Earth, and an enormous spiritual pressure was emanated, so strong that it felt almost like the one emanated from Wanying Dragon King.

"WOW!" Even the creator of this, Wu Qi, was shocked, as he raised his head to look at this extremely tall and burly giant.

Originally, the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation was intended for human cultivators. It could fuse the spirit and strength of those who deployed the formation into one, and then unleash a combative force one hundred times stronger than each individual. However, even Wu Qi himself did not expect that just by replacing the human cultivators with Long Bo men, it actually produced such a miraculous and unbelievable transformation. When the Gold Core strange signs of one hundred Long Bo men combined into one, it actually summoned a single thread of an ancient Long Bo man's soul from their bloodlines, producing a fleshly body and gave birth to a projection of a real ancient Long Bo man!

Led by Long Yuan, the one hundred Long Bo men began reciting an ancient secret spell of Long Bo Kingdom, while dancing excitedly with a move of a Great Divine Magus. Such a move of magus was inherited since the times of great antiquity, a battle dance performed by the ancestors of Long Bo Kingdom when they fought and slaughtered their enemies, fighting for the resources for their existence. When the battle dance was being performed, the spirit, energies, and fleshly bodies of these Long Bo men began to boil, while all their spirit and energies were being injected into the huge projection of their ancestors without reservation!

"This is incredible...! If I can assemble an army of ten thousand Long Bo men... perhaps I can even slaughter a Heaven Immortal with this Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation!" A bright gleam was glinting in Wu Qi's eyes. He swore to himself that no matter what would happen, no matter what the consequence would be, he would have to get himself a high power in hand. Then, he would dispatch all the armies in the dynasty to cross the Great Eastern Ocean and attack Long Bo Kingdom, so that he could seize ten thousand Long Bo men back!

"If I remember correctly, the Purple Leaf City is built near the shore of Great Eastern Ocean... I must help it expand as quickly as possible! I need to use all resources available to me, all the rights I have, helping Ye Zidou to expand the Purple Leaf City! Aye, since he is my fellow disciple, rather than giving these benefits to a random outsider, I should just help him! I must help him establish a kingdom as soon as possible! No matter what sort of approach, be it lies, cheating, or stealing, I'll help him quickly establish a kingdom there!" A strong green light shone from Wu Qi's eyes. He just wished that he could rush over to Long Bo Kingdom right now, bringing back all the men he could!

If not for the legend he had heard, that there were a few really old patriarchs, with each of them having the cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm, currently sinking in a deep slumber at a mystic realm inside Long Bo Kingdom, silently protecting their home, Wu Qi would have traveled alone to Long Bo Kingdom now, grabbing all the Long Bo men he could!

This was a strategic resource, a real strategic resource!

While Wu Qi was drafting his future kidnapping plan, on the other side, the exasperated Zhang Yi had already unleashed his Thousand-Mountains Seal. Underground energies kept being attracted from the surroundings and being injected into the seal, transforming into many shadows of lofty mountains that flew heavily into the sky, while emanating a tremendous pressure that crushed all the surrounding mountain ridges into shreds.

Hovering midair, the projection of the real ancestor of Long Bo man looked down cruelly and mercilessly. With just one glance, all the shadows of mountain unleashed by Zhang Yi's Thousand-Mountain Seal were ripped into pieces, while an invisible yet extremely powerful force completely shattered the innumerable underground energies, which then quickly fused into the body of the projection, transforming into earth element thunderbolts that kept darting out from his body. Then suddenly, the two black dragons held in the projection's hands opened their mouths, shooting out two thunderbolts with the diameter of about ten feet each, whistling down and smiting onto Zhang Yi's body.

Zhang Yi howled furiously. All of a sudden, three golden crows that stood one hundred feet tall shot out from his black robe, their mouths spraying raging flame and bodies shrouding with countless tiny stars as they flew and wheeled around Zhang Yi, raising up a vast amount of brilliant rays that stopped the two thunderbolts from going further. Although the black robe clad by Zhang Yi looked rather insignificant, but it was actually a very precious defensive mid-grade magical treasure. When it was driven with Zhang Yi's cultivation base of peak-state Nascent Soul realm, it could resist any attacks that came from early-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators.

However, the might and power of this projection were simply too great to resist.

The two thunderbolts smote brutally onto the starlight defense put forth by the golden crows, and in just less than 1/10th of a second, they crushed all the starlights to shreds. The thunderbolts then smote onto Zhang Yi's body, throwing him into the dust and sinking tens of miles into the ground. After that, the thunderbolts exploded, causing the ground one hundred miles in circumference to fill with countless lava bubbles. When these huge lava bubbles bloated up to several hundred feet in circumference, they abruptly exploded. From these lava bubbles came shooting out lava, black smoke, and poisonous flame, while was accompanied by tiny electric arcs slithering and darting in all directions.

The incredible impact ripped and tore the black robe to shreds, exposing a pale purple magical cloth underneath, drawn with countless life-saving runes and glinting with dazzling gleams. Blood shot out from all seven apertures of Zhang Yi as his body turned stiff, and could not even move a bit. A lava pillar burst out from underground hit him and threw him several miles into the sky, then Long Yuan gave him another slap again and threw him back to the ground.

The ground shook, as Long Yuan had his palm hit and penetrated nearly one hundred feet into the ground, while Zhang Yi was lying flat on an open field, body trembling from head to toe and no longer able to move. But, Long Yuan and all the other Long Bo men had yet to give up on attacking him. It seemed like these Long Bo men had an overly vigorous energy, and it seemed they were now venting their anger of being trapped in the Spirit Breeding Ring for a long period of time onto Zhang Yi. They rushed up and circled Zhang Yi, thrusting their giant feet as they gave Zhang Yi a round of messy trampling and kicking.

Loud rumbling and booming filled the atmosphere, while the ground where Zhang Yi was lying sunk several feet deeper, forming a giant trench. Zhang Yi was now lying at the bottom of the trench, his clothes messy, his face charred black, and his body shivering ceaselessly. With a hoarse voice, he howled, "Stop them now, Wu Qi! If they keep beating me like this, I'll be dead soon! If you really kill me, Su Qin will never let you off, my Teacher will not spare you easily, and all the disciples of Guigu will come looking for you to settle the score!"

Wu Qi cleared his throat lightly, then ordered Long Yuan and all the other men to stop beating at Zhang Yi. With Sword of Greedy Wolf in his hand, he walked with swaggering steps and came beside Zhang Yi. Slowly, he used the edge of the sword to scrape Zhang Yi's face, shaving off a large patch of beards from his face.

"Disciple of Guigu?" Asked Wu Qi. He squatted right next to Zhang Yi, reached out to Zhang Yi's finger, and took off a storage ring.

"Disciple of Guigu!" Zhang Yi looked at Wu Qi grimly, then he said in a serious manner, "As the disciple of Guigu, we can serve any master of our own choice. We can plot and scheme against each other, as all of these are merely internal affairs for Guigu. But, if there is an outsider who kills any disciple from Guigu, every single person from Guigu will go all out in seeking revenge on that person."

Wu Qi shook his head. Very quickly, he performed a search on every part of Zhang Yi's body. He found and took away a small jade slip hanging around Zhang Yi's neck, a jade film hiding in his waist belt, and a string of jade pearls that were tied around his thigh. On the jade slip, he found the cultivation method of the Acquired Magnetic Grand Magic, which was also the technique that Zhang Yi was currently cultivating with. On the jade film was the cultivation method for 'Acquired Magnetic Swordbeam', while inside the eighteen jade pearls were eighteen techniques such as earth escape art, Daoist magic, and the refining methods for a few earth element magical treasures.

When all these things were added up together, they formed a complete set of Magnetic Grand Magic, as they contained the cultivation method, the approaches of attacking and defending against enemies, and everything up to searching for suitable magical treasures and how to refine them. Among all the cultivation techniques that Wu Qi had seen since he arrived in this world, this was the most complete set of cultivation technique. Even the Grand-white Sun-piercing Technique of Dragon cultivated by Jing Ke was missing a few chapters.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Wu Qi branded all the cultivation method deeply inside of his spiritual ocean. After that, he threw the jade slip, jade film, and jade pearls back to Zhang Yi.

Under the watchful glance of Zhang Yi that filled with anticipation, Wu Qi put the storage ring on a string that hung around his neck. On the string were over thirty storage rings, yet they were now merely a necklace that Wu Qi hung around his neck, glinting brilliantly and generating melodious clinking noises as he moved around. What a sight to behold!

Then, Zhang Yi looked at his storage ring in great despair, which had a hue of pale purple, and the internal storage space of one cubic mile. He could no longer hold down his anger as he roared out, "Inside that ring are all my personal belongings, of which I've spent over two thousand to accumulate. How could you take it away just like that?"

The extremely sharp tip of the Sword of Greedy Wolf casually sliced across Zhang Yi's face, leaving behind a bloody scar on his skin.

Immediately, Zhang Yi nodded his head, smiled and said, "You're truly a young talent, a hero of the younger generation. Those are mere worldly possessions, and are not worth too much of value. As the saying goes, a precious sword should be given to a warrior. Wu Qi, my young friend, throughout so many years, you are the first young talent I've met, and I believe you have a very bright future, a limitless future. I'm willing to give up this insignificant wealth, in exchange for goodwill from you, my young friend, so that in the future..."

Wu Qi interrupted Zhang Yi's speech. He narrowed his eyes and told Zhang Yi with a smile on his face, "I have no fear of the revenge that is put forth by Guigu, but rather, I am scared of the soul-devouring blood curse hiding inside your body. Sigh, all your civilian and military officials of Great Qin are too vicious and cruel to yourselves. How could you hide something like that inside your own body? If I had a sufficient cultivation base today, I would definitely kill you with my sword. But too bad, this blood curse is just too vicious!"

Zhang Yi looked at Wu Qi, aghast, then he snapped, "The Suicide Blood Curse is deployed by my Teacher and Xu Fu. How did you discover it?"

Wu Qi threw his head back and let out three loud laughs. His mind began to move, as he followed the cultivation method of Magnetic Grand Magic, circulating the earth element energies inside his body for one full round according to the mystic technique. When he was done with that, he casually stretched his arm out, and immediately, a mountain rock that weighed several tens of thousands of kilogram was lifted up by an invisible force. Zhang Yi's face fell instantly as he cried out in a low voice, "The acquired magnetic force... How did you master it in such a short amount of time?!"

Wu Qi shook his head and gave Zhang Yi a deep look. After that, he spun, transforming into a dark beam, and flew away quickly. Apparently, this dark beam was also the escape art of sword that was found in the technique of Acquired Magnetic Swordbeam.

Zhang Yi laid on the ground stonily, looking at how Wu Qi made his quick retreat and how all the Long Bo men followed closely behind him. He could not utter a word for a very long time.

At last, he finally gathered some strength to spring back up. Stamping his feet, he pointed his finger into the sky and cursed at the top of his voice, "You despicable and ruthless thief, those are all my belongings that I've spent over two thousand years in accumulating!"

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