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Riding on a dark escape beam, Zhang Yi was fleeing at top speed ahead, while Wu Qi rode the Sword of Greedy Wolf, transforming into a shadowy figure and pursuing behind closely.

As Zhang Yi was seriously injured by Wanying Dragon King not long ago, the further he went, the slower the speed of the escape beam became. It looked like Wu Qi was about to catch up with him in anytime soon. Realizing that, Zhang Yi let out a furious cry, and the dark escape beam immediately broke out and divided into seven tiny streams, protecting the seven Nascent Soul subordinates of his as it continued flying ahead. After that, Zhang Yi retracted all the magnetic force, and with a blink of his body, he came before Wu Qi and stopped him from moving further away.

With dark gleams flashing and flickering in his eyes, Zhang Yi stared at Wu Qi with a cold smile on his face and said, "Wu Qi, don't tell me that you really think you can capture me?"

Wu Qi retracted the sword beam, then fearlessly stared back at Zhang Yi, smiled and said, "How would I know if I never give it a try? I have Acquired Pearls of Five Elements, and I'm practicing the acquired cultivation technique of five elements. However, apart from the Unity of Sword Energies Script, the technique I learned in Heaven Breaking Sword Sect which allowed me to condense my sword energy, I don't really own or know any other divine ability or cultivation technique. Therefore, I merely hope I can obtain the cultivation script of the Magnetic Grand Magic from you, old mister!"

Zhang Yi looked at Wu Qi in astonishment. After a while, he threw his head back and let out a loud, long laugh. "So, the reason you pursue me is to seize the divine ability and mystic technique from my hand? I thought you are trying to stop me from leaking the formation map of the Dragon Slaying Formation?!"

Wu Qi shook his head and said, "It is not my business to mind if the formation map is leaked or not. Both the Great Yan and Great Chu have joined hands in deploying a great ambush in the attempt of murdering Ying Zheng. If he can still escape from this deadly calamity, that means Ying Zheng is not fated to die this time. I'm just a small potato, and I am not particularly interested in those political upheavals and wars."

He gave Zhang Yi a strange smile, took a deep breath, and said, "I only care about my own cultivation base, my divine ability, and Dharmic powers. Aye, as I own the precious treasure that was crafted from the innate earth element energy essence, if I can learn the Magnetic Grand Magic, my future achievement will definitely be at least one hundred times stronger than you, old mister!"

Zhang Yi's face was twitching with anger, then he cursed in a low voice, "Such a rude fellow! Have you taken me as a dead dog that you can cook in any way you like? Having the ownership of that innate earth element energy essence fall in your hand is like casting pearls before swine! How hateful! We, the Great Qin, have also gathered over thirty different types of innate spirit items over these years, yet most of them are gold and wood elemental. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I have seen an innate earth element energy essence!"

Fixing his gaze straight at Wu Qi's face, Zhang Yi began rolling up his sleeves, his face filled with a hostile look. While doing that, he laughed coldly and said, "Well... well... If that is the case, I'll be a shameless senior for just once, as I'm going to use force and take away the innate earth element energy essence from you! Oh, and the five acquired spirit pearls of five elements... Hehe, they are some precious treasures as well, and I can give them to my children and grandchildren! Although we, the Great Qin, are a wealthy and prosperous dynasty, but not all the influential clans can own one of these acquire spirit pearls!"

In an instant, countless magnetic forces burst out, transforming into dark flying swords that filled the sky and shot towards Wu Qi. Laughing out loud Zhang Yi said, "Don't forget the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, as His Majesty has given me the order to seize it back! If you followed that old dragon and retreated into the water, I would have no other means to catch you. But well... what a surprise, that you've actually come to me by yourself...! You've given me no choice but to bully you, my dear junior!"

These flying swords transformed from magnetic forces were extremely sharp and heavy, while they flew at an incredible speed through the air. As a matter of fact, these magnetic flying swords and the dragon-scale-shaped golden beams that shot out from Wu Qi's Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield had similar characteristics, though they were achieved through different approaches. Bringing with them an immense cold breeze and extreme pressure that felt like mountains, the several tens of thousands of magnetic flying swords approached Wu Qi in just a blink of an eye, aiming at all parts of his body, and about to grind him into a meat paste.

Wu Qi casually raised his left hand up in the air. Immediately, the Earth Element Dragon Scales Shield was triggered, unleashing a ball of very dense yellow mist that enveloped him within, while several tens of thousands of golden beams shot out and circulated around him at top speed, brushing and smashing countless palm-sized, magnetic, flying swords. Deep, muffled noises of explosion kept ringing out. As these magnetic flying swords did not have a corporeal shape, when they collided and impacted with dragon-scale-shaped golden beams, they were immediately exploded into shreds. Contrary to that, the dragon-scale golden beams only turned dimmer, but as Wu Qi controlled them with his thought, those golden beams which had suffered heavy damage would fly back into the shield. After having a quick replenishment of earth element energies, they would shine brilliantly again and shoot out to meet the enemies.

While sensing the tremendous impact that came with the magnetic flying swords, which felt like being smashed by some lofty mountain, and the razor-sharp aura emanating from them, which was at least a few times sharper than the dragon-scale golden beams, Wu Qi kept nodding his head and praised, "Excellent! This is indescribably wonderful! If I can cultivate the Magnetic Grand Magic, using it to drive my Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield, I reckon the power of it will be increased by at least one hundred times! Old mister Zhang Yi, why don't you just give it to me?"

Then, he laughed and waved his hand. A ring of heavy and dense yellow light burst out from the dragon-scales shield, quickly devouring all the magnetic flying swords that came thrusting at him from all directions. The innate earth element energy essence was the root of all earth element energies under the heaven, and while the magnetic force was also one kind of earth element energy, Wu Qi could control the innate earth element energy essence to devour these magnetic flying swords, just like how a human would eat rice and drink wine, turning them into the nutrients for the Earth Element Dragon Scales Shield.

The rolling yellow mist around him became denser and denser, while the magnetic forces unleashed by Zhang Yi were weakening.

Zhang Yi looked at Wu Qi with both anger and shock. Suddenly, he gave a cold laugh and said, "Fine, fine! Since you want to seize my Magnetic Grand Magic, and I too want to rob all your treasures, if that is the case, I'll fight with all my abilities today, having a good battle with you, a junior. Although you merely have the cultivation base of early-stage Gold Core realm, as you are protected by the innate earth element energy essence, don't blame me for bullying the weak by being strong!"

Then, he waved both of his hands. Immediately, the underground energies and all the natural energies that were found within the circumference of one thousand miles around them rippled and began gathering quickly towards Zhang Yi. It was as if his body had turned into a giant black hole, which kept devouring all kinds of energies in the vicinity. Very soon, a black ball of light with the diameter of about one mile was formed, containing purely magnetic forces. It wrapped Zhang Yi and Wu Qi within, and brought both of them plunging quickly down into the ground. Like a drop of water that blended into the ocean, the black ball of light squeezed into the earth soundlessly, and very quickly, it had traveled several thousand miles away through the underground energy veins.

Wu Qi hovered quietly inside of the black ball of light, looking at Zhang Yi with a smile on his face, allowing Zhang Yi to exercise his divine ability to bring him away.

Zhang Yi took out a pill bottle and consumed a few spirit pills out of it, then he gave Wu Qi a faint smile while rotating his energy and regulating his breath and said, "You guys are really cruel to yourself just for the sake of luring His Majesty into the trap. I suppose, those subordinates killed by you are all men of sacrifice, eh? But that is not what surprised me, as killing some men of sacrifice is nothing serious. But, in order to make us truly believe that you guys were fighting amongst yourselves, you've severely wounded each other. Now that's ruthless!"

Wu Qi nodded his head, smiled and said, "If we did not treat ourselves cruelly, how were we going to deceive you?" He touched the scar on his stomach, which was left behind after having been cut by a sword beam just now, sighed and said, "If not because the Emperor of Great Chu, Qu Ping, is willing to give us the 'Bamboo Paste', a spirit medicine which can heal all wounds in an instant, Wu Qi would never agree to their damn plan of luring the enemies. You know what? That flying sword nearly cut through my backbone! It was very painful!"

Zhang Yi looked at Wu Qi smilingly, nodded and said, "Apart from this medicinal paste, are there any other benefits?"

Wu Qi quickly nodded his head and said, "Of course there are! Our Majesty has promised me that if I manage to lure Ying Zheng into the ambush, he will confer me the highest title of Duke in Great Yan Dynasty, the tier of Purple Jade Seal. Besides that, Qin Qingshui and all the other people will be conferred the title of Marquis as well. After all, we are running a mission that can get us killed at any time!"

He took a deep breath and continued, "Birds die in pursuit of food, while men die in pursuit of wealth. Apart from the reward that was promised by His Majesty Yan Dan, His Majesty Qu Ping has always promised us that if we can lure Ying Zheng into the ambush, regardless of the final result, he will reward me, Qin Qingshui, and Qin Nihu, with a precious treasure each."

Rubbing his palms delightfully, Wu Qi laughed and said, "A precious treasure given by the Emperor of Great Chu, I suppose it won't be an inferior treasure, right?"

Zhang Yi's face flickered. He casually pointed his finger out, and abruptly, the black ball brought both of them up to the surface. It was a swampy land within the mountains, covering an area of about one hundred miles. A dense layer of miasma had blanketed the place, while stinking and poisonous gases were drifting everywhere in the air. There were countless poisonous insects crawling and swimming in the swamps and tall grasses, and dried woods could be seen growing and leaning all over the place. Everything looked strange and peculiar, and obviously, none of them were some friendly beings.

Zhang Yi gave the surroundings a brief glance, and he smiled satisfyingly. He turned looking at Wu Qi, smiled and said, "Duke of Purple Jade Seal? The top-tier Duke of Great Yan Dynasty? And the precious treasure promised by Qu Ping? But did you ever think about this that when you come pursuing me, trying to seize my Magnetic Grand Magic, if you are captured alive by me or even killed by me, how are you going to enjoy that prestige title and precious treasure?"

He abruptly raised his hand, and a big, dark-yellow seal immediately shot out from his head, causing the surrounding ground and mountains to tremble violently. Zhang Yi pointed at the big seal, laughed and said, "This is the Thousand-Mountains Seal. It can suppress underground energy veins, attracting the forces of all the mountains within a circumference of ten thousand miles, and let me use such tremendous forces!"

Then, he waved his hand, revealing a shining golden bell in his hand. He looked at Wu Qi and said, "This is the Mountain-Controlling Bell. It allows me to control the surrounding mountains and earth. If I can attain a cultivation base of Heaven Immortal realm, I can even turn mountains into divine beings, controlling them to fight the enemies."

He gazed at Wu Qi, issued a long laugh, and said, "Wu Qi, oh Wu Qi, even though you are protected by the innate earth element energy essence, as your cultivation base is weaker than me, and while I am aided by all these extraordinary ancient treasures, how are you going to defeat me?" He snorted, then snapped, "Now, give me all your treasures and surrender to Great Qin, then I can still promise you a bright future. It is destined that Great Qin will defeat all the opponents and rule this world! There is no future that lies in front of you if you keep working for Great Yan!"

Wu Qi laughed, then he waved his left arm. A large sheet of white light suddenly burst out from the Spirit Breeding Ring. Amidst the white light, one hundred Long Bo men, their hair silver, their skin fair as jade, and their eyes shining with brilliant silver gleams like raging flame, dashed out while letting out loud roars that sounded like thunderclaps. When Wu Qi purchased them, these Long Bo men only stood about one hundred feet tall. But since they were fed with the Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup and had formed their Gold Core, in just a few months of time, these Long Bo men had grown up to nearly one thousand feet tall. Especially Long Yuan, the first Long Bo man who formed his Gold Core, his height had even reached a shocking one thousand five hundred feet tall!

These Long Bo men with tall and burly stature only had a large piece of beast skin wrapping around their waist, while exposing all the other parts of their bodies.

There were complex patterns that looked like runes on their faces, stretching down and towards their arms. On their necks, these golden runes had the tendency of stretching onto their bodies, as there were already a few branches stretching out of the main runes and covering half of their bodies.

The men from Long Bo Kingdom, relying on their powerful fleshly bodies, and the huge amount of energies stored in their bodies, which were hundreds and thousands time more than ordinary human cultivators, and the extremely strong souls, could always fight human cultivators that were one realm higher than them. A Gold Core Long Bo man could fight equally with a human cultivator of Nascent Soul realm; a Nascent Soul Long Bo man could fight equally with a human cultivator of Nascent Divinity realm, while a Long Bo man who had formed his Nascent Divinity could even fight a lower-grade Heaven Immortal!

This was a race with an extraordinarily powerful innate talent!

When these one hundred Long Bo men who had formed their Gold Core rushed out from the white light, Zhang Yi immediately cried out with shock. Without saying anything, he spun and fled.

But, although Zhang Yi was quick in fleeing, these Long Bo men with huge bodies had a greater speed than him. Right after they sprung out from the white light, they immediately teleported into the sky, forming a very powerful and miraculous formation - the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation!

Yes, teleportation! Right when these Long Bo men formed their Gold Core, they had already mastered the divine ability that human cultivators could only use at the Nascent Divinity realm - teleportation! At this point in time, their innate divine ability and innate divine strength were completely exposed. Zhang Yi, who had transformed into a dark beam and was trying to make the escape, never expected that these giants could actually teleport when they were only in the Gold Core realm. As a result, he had brought himself right into the trap, plunging straight into the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation.

Wu Qi laughed, stuck out his chest, and snapped, "Don't kill him! I want him captured alive!"

A loud thunderclap rang out, and the formation was activated. Countless lightning bolts and flames that looked like flood dragons shot out from the huge bodies of these Long Bo men. Meanwhile, strange signs of Gold Core realm began to emerge behind the back of them, looking exactly like these Long Bo men, a shadow figure of a giant that stood about ten thousand feet tall.

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