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At the middle reach of Longyuan River, the widest part could easily extend over three thousand miles, while it had a whopping depth of nearly one thousand miles. Back on the Earth, this was a magnitude that could only be associated with great oceans. Every now and then, several feet tall waves would sweep over the gleaming surface of the water, even though there wasn't any wind blowing at that moment. Countless vortexes filled nearly every inch under the water, while shapes of various aquatic demons could be seen here and there, bobbing and leaping out from under the water. The Dragon King Mansion of Longyuan River was located right under this stretch of river.

The group of little aquatic demons, who had their teeth broken off by the powerful slap moment ago, brought the guests and traveled underwater for nearly an hour. They went past several dozens of natural defensive mechanisms, such as clusters of Yin thunders, vortexes, freezing air, and some sinkholes, and eventually came before a small archway that was made using crystals. A troop of three thousand carp demons, each neatly dressed in armor, was having a drill right under the archway. They continued through the archway and came to the Dragon King Mansion of Longyuan River, which was a mansion that was passed down since the ancient times.

While wagging her head, the catfish-flood-dragon introduced Wu Qi to the Dragon King Mansion, then told him all the ins and outs of the dragon king as well, without the slightest hesitation.

The clan that Wanying Dragon King came from had been ruling Longyuan River for several dozens of generations. Since the first Longyuan River Dragon King, they had passed the throne of dragon king down to the hand of Wanying Dragon King. According to what she knew, some of Wanying Dragon King's ancestors did transcend and become divine dragons, but after the tenth generation down to the generation of Wanying Dragon King's father, none of them had managed to transcend, and all the previous generation of dragon kings were smashed into pieces by the Heaven Immortal Tribulation.

Out of curiosity, Wu Qi asked catfish-flood-dragon where all the dragon king's carcasses were buried, and she immediately pointed to a direction, and told Wu Qi that they were all buried in the backyard of Dragon King Mansion. She even told him the right path that led to the cemetery, the defensive mechanisms along the road and how to enter. She also told that the main door of the cemetery was a huge meteorite that weighed over several million kilograms, and had to be opened by force. She kept no secrets from Wu Qi.

Wu Qi's eyes went wide, then gave catfish-flood-dragon a look with a blank expression. She had just... exposed every bit of Wanying Dragon King's secret to Wu Qi, yet she still wagging her head complacently, wearing a foolish smile on her face and introducing Wanying Dragon King's only son - the Single-eyed Golden Horned Dragon to him. This only son of Wanying Dragon King called himself the Lord of Xiansheng, and once he took over the dragon king throne in the future, he would be crowned as Xiansheng Dragon King. He had attained a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, but when he was still little, and had just formed his own dragon core, one of his eyes was blinded by a savage bird.

The savage bird was actually one of Huo Wuyu's disciples. In those years, the aquatic clan of Longyuan River had fought a fierce battle with Huo Wuyu because of this incident, and many demon beasts from both sides were killed during the event. The war went on for over one hundred years, and had seriously affected the overall strength of demon beast in the entire east region of Meng Mountains. Eventually, an effort of mediation was made by Xiong Wanling and a few other demon kings. Thus, both parties finally agreed to cease the war. Although Wanying Dragon King managed to slay the culprit, Lord of Xiansheng's eyes could never grow back again.

Dragons had a very tough corporeal body, and once they were wounded with an injury of losing a part of their bodies, it would be extremely difficult to be fully healed. For Lord of Xiansheng, unless he could go through the thunder tribulation and transcend into a divine dragon, there was no other way that could make his eyes recover to their original state. As his beloved son had lost an eye because of that savage bird, the relationship between Wanying Dragon King and the other few demon kings had always been poor, while conflicts of minor and major scale kept breaking out between them. When the other demon kings were called by Great Yan Dynasty and became their imperial sinecures, Wanying Dragon King had been ignoring any contact that came from the dynasty. Instead, with his connivance, his subordinates had killed many secret agents of Scouting Office from Great Yan Dynasty.

Wu Qi nodded his head thoughtfully. The mutilation of dragons was indeed a tough nut to crack. But according to what Wu Qi knew, there were actually a few methods that could help Lord of Xiansheng regrow his eye before he faced the Heaven Immortal Tribulation. One of the methods was to use some supreme-grade spirit pills, or some immortal pills that could make the dead come back to life. However, those were extremely rare spirit and immortal pills, and Wu Qi did not have any of those.

Another method was to rely on the enormous energy of virtue. By forcibly using the willpower of people that gathered in the energy of virtue, one could make the time reverse, pulling Lord Xiansheng's eye from the other end of the time into the current dimension. This method would consume a vast amount of virtue energy, but it happened that Wu Qi had a precious treasure that stored nearly an endless amount of virtue energy - the Chariot of Eight Horses. He only needed the chariot to aid him in fleeing during calamity, and the virtue energy in it was not very useful for him.

Upon thinking about that, Wu Qi felt he had a greater chance of convincing Wanying Dragon King. At the same time, he was chuckling secretly in his mind. This catfish-flood-dragon was indeed a very cute demon beast. Wu Qi could not wait to see the face of those Qin soldiers when he finally delivered the big surprise to them.

They walked through the archway and passed a few miles long passage that was paved with fine jades and various splendid crystals, and finally came before a magnificent and brightly lit grand hall. Music from the beating of drums and bells filled the entire hall. A few seductive and fascinating female demons were twisting and bending their bodies here and there in the center of the hall, dancing and singing without end. Wanying Dragon King had transformed back to his true form, coiling up and placed himself on a dragon throne made from fine jade at the end of the grand hall. His mouth was wide open and he was laughing wildly. Yue Hai, Tan Xue, and Han Zhu, the three great demons had transformed into human forms, and were dancing and singing joyfully around the female demons, indulging in the merry-making and enjoying themselves to their heart's content.

Apart from these few demon kings and great demons were also several hundred strongest Nascent Soul demon beasts who lived in Longyuan River. They had transformed into their human form, hugging some beautiful female demons in their arms and reveling to their heart's content. The atmosphere in the grand hall was foul, and the loud clamor nearly blew the roof away.

In the entire grand hall, there was only one demon who could maintain his composure, a young man who sat right next to Wanying Dragon King. He was now holding a wine bottle and taking sip after sip of fine wine out of it, paying no attention to the female demons around him who tried to attract him. There was a bright gleam flickering in his only eye, and he did not show any rash air.

Just like the catfish-flood-dragon, he had a body of a flood dragon, and a cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm. However, the bloodline inherited by this young man was evidently stronger than catfish-flood-dragon, as his head and his facial features looked just like an ordinary human. Nevertheless, there were two golden horns mounted on his forehead, while a few pale-golden dragon whiskers were waving gently below his chin, and a few tiny golden scales could be vaguely seen on the back of his palms and his face, which had given away his true identity of a flood dragon. At any rate, he was much better looking that catfish-flood-dragon, who always walked around with a big catfish head.

The body of a flood dragon was tremendously powerful, and in order to conceal all the characteristics of flood dragon and transform completely into a human form, one must attain a cultivation base of Nascent Divinity realm.

This young man who looked roughly in his thirties was the only son of Wanying Dragon King - the Single-eyed Golden Horn Dragon. He was clad in a golden armor of fish scales. A war robe fashioned with the pattern of myriad flowers was wrapped around his shoulder, and on his head was a golden purple crown. He had a handsome and highly esteemed appearance, but there was a pale-golden eyeshade that covered his left eye, where the eyeball was taken away by the savage bird. That gave him a touch of ferocious and savageness.

The reeling and swaggering catfish-flood-dragon walked into the grand hall, thrust her leg and kicked away a few dancing little female demons that blocked her way, then came bowing before Wanying Dragon King. "Old Dragon King, Si Nian is back again! Damn it, the official paper you gave me is useless! When I just arrived on the shore of the great ocean, I was immediately stalked by a lascivious three-headed shark, and he insisted on bringing me back to be his wife! That b*stard is not giving you face at all!"

While she was making her complaint, Wu Qi was smiling behind her back. Too bad, that three-headed shark was killed by Huo Wuyu, and it was pointless to make a complaint against that fellow.

The grand hall became quiet down instantly. Wanying Dragon King twisted his body and transformed into his human form. His eyes went wide as he roared out furiously, "For real? Damn it! I'll send a letter over to those few old fools in Great East Ocean later and ask them about it! All the aquatic demons under the heaven are from the same origin. By bringing my official paper and moving over to Great East Ocean, the aquatic demons there must take a good care of you during your journey. But someone actually tried to abduct you? That three-headed shark must have been tired of living!"

Fearing that catfish-flood-dragon would tell Wanying Dragon King it was Huo Wuyu who killed the three-headed shark, Wu Qi clutched his palm on her neck and dragged her behind of him. Then, he cupped his fist and bowed at Wanying Dragon King with a big smile on his face, saying, "Let's discuss catfish-flood-dragon's encounter later. Old Dragon King, your junior, Wu Qi, offers his greetings! Do you still remember me? I'm sure you do! Judging from your expression, I'm sure you still remember me!"

Wanying Dragon King's body trembled. He looked straight at Wu Qi's face and cried out, "We are visited by a ghost during a dark night, and he must be up to something bad! My boys, throw this Wu Qi out from here. Close the door and never allow him to come here again! Don't you try asking me to fight that Ying Zheng for you! It was he who came bullying us last time, but he does not provoke me now. Many of my boys were killed and wounded in the previous battle, and I have no intention to fight him again!"

A few anacondas with massive bodies darted out from beside, grabbed Wu Qi and began dragging him out. These few anacondas were all having the cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm, and were soon going to face their thunder tribulation, so that they could transform their bodies into flood dragon. With just a swing of their arms, they could easily unleash the force of few million kilograms. Wu Qi's muscle strength could never fight these demons, who were born with incredible strength. As a result, he was picked up by them like a little chicken and dragged to the entrance of the grand hall.

Wu Qi cried out hastily, "Old Dragon King, I have ways to make your son's eye recover!"

The few anacondas halted immediately, while Wanying Dragon King gave a shocked cry and jumped up from the ground, fixing his eyes on Wu Qi's face. A bright gleam shone out from Lord Xiansheng's eye, and the wine bottle in his hand was smashed in his palm. A dead silence reigned the grand hall as all the demons stood up, resting their glances at Wu Qi.

Wanying Dragon King let out a light cough, clasped his hands behind his back and walked slowly to Wu Qi. "Little guy, those who tried to fool me, all of them were eaten by me." He nodded and said with a weird smile, "Tsk, although we do have some friendly relation, and I won't eat you because of that… but, I don't mind cutting down all five limbs of yours and making myself a bowl of tonic soup!"

'Five limbs? ... What a dirty old rascal!' Wu Qi could not help himself but curse furiously in his mind. With a shake of his body, he freed himself from the few anacondas, tilted his head up and said with a sneer, "As I dare to say that, of course I am confident in my words. But, I'll have to be straight with you. The cost of recovering Lord Xiansheng's eye is enormously huge, I need you to give an order to all the great demons in Longyuan River. I want them to raise a great flood and make the Qin army's field headquarter submerge under water. This is my mission of coming here. Besides that, I have other terms as well."

Wanying Dragon King paid no attention to the other terms mentioned by Wu Qi. He pondered silently for a brief moment, nodded his head and said, "If you just need a great flood, that's easy. But let me be straight with you too, as long as that damn Cauldron of Yu is still in Ying Zheng's hand, we, the aquatic clans of Longyuan River, will never fight head-to-head with Qin army."

Wu Qi nodded and said, "That's a deal then. The military order given to me is to distract the Qin army, and try my best to cause troubles to them. It and does not ask me to hold back the main force of Qin army. I just need a great flood, a great flood that can submerge the entire Great Dream Marsh. If you can blend in some large hailstones, thunderbolts or something like that, it would be even better."

Slowly, Lord Xiansheng rose and said in a deep voice, "What you ask is very simple, as hailstorm and thunderbolts are the innate abilities of flood dragons. I can dispatch some venomous pythons and wild beasts, and can also blend deadly poisons in the flood. It will be sufficient to create a great trouble for the Qin army." Wanying Dragon King twitched his lips and gave his only-son a fierce glare. 'Sigh, such an inexperienced young boy. Why didn't he mention a few more terms before jumping to a decision so quickly?'

Wu Qi laughed, turned to Wanying Dragon King and said, "Since Lord Xiansheng has agreed to my term, that our deal is fixed now. I'll help to recover Lord Xiansheng's eye a short moment later, then we will immediately raise the flood. But, as I've mentioned earlier, the cost of recovering Lord Xiansheng's eye is enormously huge. I need some other compensation, which is rather insignificant to you."

Wanying Dragon King quickly took a few steps back and covered the mouth of his son with his hand, who was about to do the talking. He alertly looked at Wu Qi and asked, "What kind of compensation are you asking? I'm very poor, and I don't have any treasures you can loot."

Wu Qi forced out a smile and said, "What I want is nothing special. I just need about eight to ten thousand pieces of dragon scales left behind by the previous dragon kings."

All the aquatic demons in the grand hall gasped at the same time, while Wanying Dragon King simply roared out with extreme anger.

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