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Wanying Dragon King raised both arms up in the air angrily and kept moving them back and forth, while two jets of ten feet long flame burst out from his eyes, "You must be... you must be out of your mind!" He roared furiously, "The remains left behind by my ancestors are the divine treasures of Dragon King Mansion in Longyuan River! And you want eight to ten thousands pieces of their scales? What do you take my ancestors for?"

He scowled at Wu Qi, kept shaking his head and said, "Even if that means my son's eye will never be recovered, I'll never, ever sell out my own ancestors' remains. If you are asking for my boys' scales, no matter how many you want, I'll personally pluck them for you. But, it is an absolute no for touching my ancestors' scales!"

While shouting and yelling furiously, Wanying Dragon King's eyes were darting back and forth quickly.

Wu Qi cleared his throat. He could tell that Wanying Dragon King was brewing some other thoughts in his mind. If what Wu Qi asked were the bones of Wanying Dragon King's ancestors, that would be a real offending and disrespectful request. However, he just wanted some dragon scales, and they were not something really important to flood dragon. Whenever these flood dragons were fighting their enemies, many of their scales would shed off from their bodies, and they could always be regrown. The dragon scales were merely a natural external armor for them. Although they were precious, it could not be considered a disrespect to his ancestors.

Couldn’t he see that catfish-flood-dragon had generously given Wu Qi thirty-six of her scales? And that did not bring any damage to her body at all. As Wu Qi knew there were many remains of Wanying Dragon King's ancestors buried right in their backyard, he hoped to get himself some extra dragon scales, so that he could give an upgrade to the defensive and offensive strength of his Dragon Scale Shield.

Evidently, the more dragon scales he had on the shield, the stronger its defensive and offensive strength was. If he could gather several tens of thousands of dragon scales, his body would be fully covered with them once the shield was activated, or he could shoot all of them out to attack the enemies. Whenever Wu Qi thought of that grand sight, he would be really excited.

Wu Qi then raised one finger up and said seriously, "I will make an offer now. If you agree with it, give me all the dragon scales left behind by your ancestors. If you reject it, after I cure Lord Xiansheng's eyes, you just have to raise a great flood for me."

With arms crossed, Wanying Dragon King gave a wild laugh and said, "Tell me then. Let me see what kind of offer you can come out with."

Wu Qi took a deep breath, then his body abruptly grew taller by one foot, while at the same time, loud and frightening noises of cracking were generated from all his bones and tendons. His muscles began to slowly wriggle, each muscle strip twisting and turning with a very profound method, which made them at least one hundred times stronger. Vaguely, an ancient and powerful aura of flood dragon began to spread out from his body and formed into a shadow of a black dragon behind his back. Finally, Wu Qi raised his head and stared at Wanying Dragon King, then thrust his fist out and punched right into the old dragon's chest.

"This is WEIRD!!" cried Wanying Dragon King as he punched his right fist out toward Wu Qi's fist. BOOM! A shocking boom rang out as two fists smashed into each other. The powerful backlash pushed Wu Qi over several hundred feet back, while Wanying Dragon King's body swayed a little. His right fist trembled, and was forced to take two steps back.

"You had absorbed the flood dragon's blood essence? No, even if you did absorb five thousand kilograms of blood essence, you will never have such a pure strength of divine dragon! And you only have the cultivation base of Gold Core, yet you can unleash the strength of half a million kilogram with a single arm? What cultivation technique of dragon clan had you been cultivating with?" Wanying Dragon King's eyes flickered as he cried out shockingly, "You must have cultivated the body strengthening technique of the dragon clan, and, it is a technique that is better than the one inherited within the Longyuan River dragon clan!"

Wu Qi did not answer him, but instead, he sent his divine will into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, asking the Black Dragon Item Spirit to poke his head out.

The soul of black dragon poked his faint and nearly translucent body out from the face of the ring impatiently. He glared at Wanying Dragon King, grinned hideously and said, "A little mudfish that only possesses less than thirty percent of pure bloodline? How could that technique inherited from your ancestors be called the body strengthening technique of flood dragons? All of you can only be considered as giant serpents who obtained a tiny bit of flood dragon's bloodline, and you can't even be considered as flood dragons! Let alone compare with the Dragon Transformation Script that is practiced by the real dragon clan!"

Struck dumb, Wanying Dragon King kept looking at the black dragon and did not know how to respond. After nearly ten minutes, he finally dropped to his knees, bowed deeply at the black dragon and said, "We, the clan from Dragon King Mansion of Longyuan River, offer our utmost respect to senior Divine Dragon. Can senior please let us know your name? And what made you fall low in this situation?"

Black Dragon's body turned stiff, snorted as it plunged back into the ring and never showed up again. Wu Qi looked at Wanying Dragon King smilingly, then said with an indifferent voice, "Why do you care about his name? After all, he is just a soul now. Nevertheless, in the past, he was a real Divine Dragon of Heaven Immortal realm. Although his cultivation base is not too incredible, his bloodline is pure, a real descendant of the ancient divine dragon. What he passed to me is also the body strengthening technique practiced by the real ancient divine dragon - the Dragon Transformation Script."

Wu Qi sighed, shook his head and said, "But too bad, as I am a human, I can only obtain about eighty percent of the benefits after cultivating the Dragon Transformation Script. It is impossible for me to get the last twenty percent of the benefit, which is also the most profound and miraculous. But, if a flood dragon who had the bloodline of dragon learned this Dragon Transformation Script, tsk, tsk… I heard this script can purify the bloodline of dragon clan, allowing a flood dragon to have a body of a divine dragon even before he transcended!"

From the corner of his eyes, Wu Qi gazed at Wanying Dragon King, who slowly rose to his feet and was trembling from head to toe, and Lord Xiansheng, who had his single eye shining with a bright gleam, sticking out his tongue to moisten his lips. A dozen of great demons with the bloodline of flood dragons had become agitated, and were nearly jumping up and crying. Then, he continued saying, "By just spending several thousands of years in meticulous cultivation and form your divine dragon body, the Heaven Immortal Tribulation will be nothing to you. Yes, the thunder tribulation can kill a flood dragon, but for a divine dragon who is born with the ability to control the force of thunder, how could a thunder tribulation do anything to him?"

"Dragon Transformation Script!" Said Wanying Dragon King slowly, "This name is inherited in my bloodline. It is a mystic technique of dragon clan that only those with the bloodline of real divine dragon can inherit. It can purify the bloodline of dragon clan and allow one to form the dharma body of a divine dragon. When it is cultivated to the highest level, one could transform into an ancient divine dragon that soars high up in the ninth heavens. You've cultivated the Dragon Transformation Script?!"

"I can teach this Dragon Transformation Script to all the flood dragons in Longyuan River," said Wu Qi in a deep voice, "But, you have to swear a poison oath, that apart from the flood dragons in Longyuan River, you will never leak this Dragon Transformation Script to anybody. Also, I've only obtained part of the script, but it is sufficient for you to form your divine dragon body and purify your divine dragon bloodline, so you can endure the thunder tribulation and transcend. As for the missing part of the script..."

He tapped lightly on the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, spread his arms and said with a wry smile, "You guys must have seen that, he can hardly maintain a fixed shape of his own soul. He was severely wounded in the past, and someone had seriously damaged his soul. Many of his memories are lost now, and he can't remember the complete Dragon Transformation Script."

Shaking his head and sighing, Wu Qi continued with a serious expression, "But, as long as you can form your divine dragon body and transcend into the Heavens, you can find the Patriarch of your dragon clan. With the bloodline of divine dragon that you have, I'm sure it will be an easy task to obtain the complete legacy of the Dragon Transformation Script!"

It was true that the soul of black dragon was seriously damaged, but as a matter of fact, it was the result of being badly tortured by Wu Qi using the Divine Flame of Order. Nevertheless, Wanying Dragon King had no idea that Wu Qi was the culprit behind it. As he did see the nearly translucent soul of the black dragon, he nodded approvingly at Wu Qi's words. For a mighty and magnificent divine dragon, if it were not because of a very serious and hardly recoverable injury, how could he allow someone to refine him into an Item Spirit? Thus, it was understandable that Wu Qi was unable to obtain the complete Dragon Transformation Script.

As long as they could form their divine dragon body and purify their bloodline of dragon clan in the Lower Realm, nothing else was important.

On top of that, just as what Wu Qi had said, so long they could form their divine dragon bodies in the Lower Realm, they would be able to transcend the heaven tribulation without any issue. After that, they just had to find the Patriarchs of dragon clan after they transcended. With the pure dragon bloodline in their bodies, they could be easily given the complete legacy of the Dragon Transformation Script. Initially, Wanying Dragon King did not have too much of confidence in facing his last Heaven Immortal Tribulation, but with the Dragon Transformation Script, even if it would cost his prime blood essence to suppress the aura of the dragon so he could delay the tribulation to several thousands of years later, it would still be worthwhile.

Wanying Dragon King stretched out his right hand, nodded his head and gave out his words of promise, "You've convinced me, young lad. Though I can't let you touch any of the dragon bones and skin left behind by my ancestors, I can give you all their dragon scales. In addition to that, all of us will swear a poison oath with our prime soul, that apart from the flood dragons in Longyuan River, no one will learn the Dragon Transformation Script, and none of us will leak anything that happened in this grand hall today to any outsider."

From the chest of Wanying Dragon King came very loud rumblings. His heart was pounding vigorously, like a high-power water pump as it kept pumping huge amount of blood to all over his body. Wu Qi heard his heartbeat, and knew that the old dragon was very excited right now.

It was actually understandable. According to the black dragon, although Wanying Dragon King was a very formidable flood dragon with the cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm, he only possessed thirty percent of flood dragon bloodline, and could not be considered a real flood dragon. Thus, when comparing between the body strengthening techniques that were practiced by them in the Longyuan River and the Dragon Transformation Script that only a divine dragon could practice, it was like the difference between a piece of dogsh*t and a fine jade.

With the Dragon Transformation Script, the overall strength of flood dragon clan in Longyuan River would definitely skyrocket, and they would not have to fear about their future Heaven Immortal Tribulation.

Wu Qi reached out his hand and grabbed Wanying Dragon King's hand, smiled and said, "I'll cure Lord Xiansheng's eye now. Old Dragon King, please go ahead and bring all the dragon scales here. When I'm done, I'll teach the Dragon Transformation Script to you. Hmm, we need hurry, as I'm bound by the military order which required me to begin distracting Qin army within six hours. It has been over two hours now."

Without hesitation, Wanying Dragon King gave out his order, asking all the great or large demons in the grand hall to swear a poison oath. As for those little and female demons, not only they had to swear with their prime soul, to be on the safe side, their memories were also wiped out by Wanying Dragon King using a mystic technique.

After that, Wanying Dragon King got someone to prepare a quiet room for Wu Qi, while he brought a few great demons and rushed into the backyard.

Inside the quiet room, Wu Qi made Lord Xiansheng go into a deep sleep using the Drunken Dragon Incense, then called out the Chariot of Eight Horses. He mounted himself onto the chariot, then fused his divine will into it and activated the enormous virtue energies stored within the chariot, which then aroused the willpower that gathered from countless people. Under Wu Qi's control, the willpower transformed into a golden stream and flowed into Lord Xiansheng's body, entering his left eye in an instant.

The willpower from millions upon millions of people was one of the most miraculous power under the heaven. It could break through time and space, while creating all kinds of miracles.

By only using a tiny bit of willpower from the chariot, Wu Qi was able to make Lord Xiansheng's eye reappear in his eye socket.

Wu Qi put away the Chariot of Eight Horses, then used an antidote to wake Lord Xiangsheng. Upon waking up, Lord Xiansheng opened his eyes wide and looked around for some time, with a bright gleam flashing in both eyes of his. Finally, he cupped his fist and gave Wu Qi a deep bow, then said, "Thank you for the great kindness, brother Wu Qi! Xiansheng can't give you anything in return, but to treat you as my brother in the future!"

Wu Qi cupped his fist smilingly and returned the gesture. The composed and humbled Lord Xiansheng was a man Wu Qi could make a friend. At least, he was much better than his cunning old father.

When Wu Qi came out from the quiet room, Wanying Dragon King had already brought all the dragon scales left behind by his ancestors into the grand hall. Wu Qi counted them, and found a total of over thirty thousand dragon scales in good condition, just enough to form a small Myriad Stars Formation on his Dragon Scale Shield. There were actually more dragon scales, but they were either tattered by the thunder tribulation, or were damaged by fire tribulation, which rendered them useless.

He shoved all the dragon scales into the Black Dragon Ring, then immediately taught the script of First Transformation in Dragon Transformation Script to Wanying Dragon King and all the flood dragons on the spot.

Fifteen minutes later, the water in Longyuan River raised over ten thousand feet up the normal level, generating loud rumbles from waves that could be clearly heard within a radius of ten thousand miles.

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