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The place where Wu Qi sprung out from the underground was less than three hundred feet from those few Human Immortals, who were sitting cross-legged and regulating their breath. After Sword of Greedy Wolf swallowed the Item Spirit that was formed from the merging of spatial waves and Gold element energies, its sword beam had taken the characteristic similar to those Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls. It was able to perform a short-distance teleportation while in the middle of flying. It moved incredibly fast right now, and the distance of three hundred feet was covered almost right after it darted out from Wu Qi's fingertip, arriving before those Human Immortals.

However, how could these veteran Human Immortals not possess a few life-saving tricks? In an instant, all the Human Immortals roared out angrily together, "How dare you?" Suddenly dozens of golden talismans, each with a height of forty to fifty feet and the width of three feet, shot right out from the heads of these Human Immortals, turning into great curtains of golden halo that protected their bodies. The dark sword beam transformed from Sword of Greedy Wolf wheeled around the dozens of layers of golden halo and gave them a powerful hack, causing all the Human Immortals enveloped within the protective barrier to be thrown off their feet. The tremendous force contained in the sword beam shook them and forced them to lose their balance. Nearly half of the protective barriers were shattered with a jarring noise, while some of them were still intact.

Dazzling gleams broke out in the scene, as those Human Immortals thrust out their sword beams from their mouth, turning them into ten feet long beams that greeted the Sword of Greedy Wolf. But, as they had been digging the iron walls for many days, their energies had been overconsumed, leaving only a tiny bit in their bodies now. Their sword beams looked dim, and their power was less than ten percent of the normal time. When these dozens of sword beams slightly collided with Sword of Greedy Wolf, they immediately retreated just like a child bride bumping into a fierce mother-in-law. They seemed to be frightened, backing off hastily with a haggard expression.

Two Human Immortals with the weakest cultivation base among all had their bodies shaken violently. Then, both of them burst out a stream of blood from their mouth. Impacted by the newborn Sword of Greedy Wolf, their flying swords had cracked. As they had nearly exhausted all their energies, there was no way they could withstand such impact, and were at the brim of fainting.

Meanwhile, two Human Immortals with the strongest cultivation base of late-stage Gold Core realm cried out furiously. They pointed their fingers at the top of their head, and the golden talismans hovering above them suddenly merged into one. A faded roar of dragon rang out, as the combined golden talisman transformed into a golden dragon. Its body was thick as a water bucket, baring its fangs and brandishing claws while thrusting towards Wu Qi. These were the excellent quality talismans called 'Golden Light Defensive Talisman of Heaven and Earth', the last life-saving measure which Wei Merchant prepared for these Human Immortals.

Each of these defensive talismans could provide a defensive strength equal to the power of a lower grade magical treasure controlled with full force by a Human Immortal in a very short amount of time. When a few of these talismans were combined into one and controlled with a unique spell, it would transform into the 'Minor Golden Dragon Talisman of Heaven and Earth', which was an offensive talisman that came with an extraordinary power. Any existences below middle stage Gold Core realm, even if he were equipped with defensive magical treasures, the golden dragon talisman could still kill him with a single strike.

There was not enough time for Wu Qi to retract his sword. What he could do was drive the sword and tangle the flying swords of those Human Immortals while patting the Sword Crown mounted on his head. He unleashed five tiny bright beams out of it and quickly greeted the golden dragon. This tall crown taken out from the treasure storing room of Sword Stems From The Mind cave could be considered a great weapon that caught the enemy by surprise. However, when faced with this golden dragon talisman, these five bright beams were immediately swallowed by the dragon right when they flashed through the air.

Suddenly, the tall crown exploded, and the string used to tie it on his head also shattered into pieces. A severe pain hit Wu Qi's head, as a small piece of his scalp was ripped apart and turned into ashes, exposing an empty patch on top of his head. It greatly frightened him, and he dared not gamble on how strong the defensive ability of the breastplate currently clad on his body was. With both eyes suddenly going wide, the silver lotus that he obtained moment ago shot out from his temple.

Upon its appearance, the sparkling silver lotus that shimmered with hues of five colors immediately expanded to the size of nearly one foot in diameter. Together with a deep, muffled roar of a dragon, the golden dragon slammed straight onto the silver lotus. A strong blinding glow emitted out while large curtains of silvery glow kept bursting out from the lotus. The lotus petals, which looked like countless razor-sharp blades, began to spin at a high-speed, grinding the menacing golden dragon into countless tiny pieces. The golden dragon was now ripped and torn into numerous golden specks, that were all swallowed by the silver lotus.

All Human Immortals were struck dumb, as they saw how their defensive talismans were destroyed in one single strike by Wu Qi. With a blank expression, they stared at Wu Qi and did not know what to do.

Still, the two Human Immortals of late-stage Gold Core were the first to react. Without saying a word, they spat out two bright specks from their mouth, turning into a jade ruler and a feather fan each, thrusting aggressively towards Wu Qi. The jade ruler came with a jarring noise of wind breaking and struck from the top, while the feather fan was seen shaking in the breeze, shooting out the Fire of Samadhi which consisted of three colors: green, white, and red, coiling up a raging heatwave and rushing towards Wu Qi.

Without turning his head, Wu Qi controlled the silver lotus and greeted the jade ruler.

*Clang!* A loud clanging noise rang out. Nothing happened to the silver lotus, but the jade ruler was smashed into pieces by the impact. A thread of extremely powerful Acquired Earth element energy contained within the ruler was swallowed by the silver lotus, and through the divine sense connection between it and Wu Qi, the energy was injected into his body. His Earth meridians trembled, as a mouth opened up on each Earth element False Cores and wolfed down this clump of Acquired Earth element energy. Not long after that, they burst out abundant innate earth energies and joined the cycle of five elements.

Two False Cores flashed dimly, and the once misty looking cores had now become slightly solid. Wu Qi felt his body become heavier, while the strength of his muscles had increased as well. He gave a few loud laughs into the sky, then with both his eyes flashing with peculiar five colored gleams, the silver lotus leaped towards the feather fan like a hungry wolf, absorbing all of the Fire of Samadhi while on its way.

Another jarring noise of ripping was heard, as the feather fan which could shoot out Fire of Samadhi to hurt the enemy was ground into a complete mess by the razor-sharp silver lotus. A thread of Acquired Fire element energy in it was swallowed by the lotus as well. After the two False Cores residing in Wu Qi's Fire meridians swallowed this thread of Acquired Fire energy, they immediately gave out a dimmed red glow, and became firmer too.

Two late-stage Gold Core Human Immortals who unleashed their magical treasures immediately let out miserable cries each, as a huge amount of blood burst out from their seven apertures. Magical treasures were different from flying swords. Usually, they contained a portion of soul power which split out from the cultivator's soul. Thus, when the magical treasure was destroyed, it was equal to a part of their soul being destroyed at the same time. It was a loss to the source of their soul, an incomparable injury to the cultivator. Two formidable late stage Gold Core Human Immortals could only see sparks fly before their eyes. Their bodies were weakened to the extreme, and they were no longer able to fight anymore.

Wu Qi casually pointed out his fingers, controlling the silver lotus to fly further up and slam into one of the Human Immortal's abdomen, piercing through his body and bringing out a silvery Gold Core when it left his body. At the same time, he spat out a mouthful of energies onto the Sword of Greedy Wolf. The pitch-black sword beam suddenly trembled, as seven wolf heads flew whistling out and thrust crazily towards the surrounding enemies. Another two Human Immortals failed to evade the attack. Their bodies were impacted by the wolf heads transformed from the sword beams, leaving behind a huge and messy-looking wound on their bodies.

Howling of wolves soared up into the sky. Together with long tails behind them, two pitch-black wolf heads brought two Gold Cores and flew quickly back to Wu Qi. He stretched his hands out and took over the Gold Cores, summoned back the silver lotus, and could not help himself but burst out into a joyful laughter. Similar to how Yan Dan wanted to capture the Gold Cores of those Human Immortals, Wu Qi collected them so he could absorb the essences contained in them for his own usage. With the help of these few Gold Cores, he could save a great amount of time, making all ten False Cores in his five meridians quickly condense into True Cores.

The sword beam split once again, but this time, the dark sword beam transformed from Sword of Greedy Wolf suddenly became extremely soft and gentle. It had now divided into dozens of extremely tiny sword beams, enveloping the remaining Human Immortals in the softest and most tender manner. The Azure Water Sword in the Five Element Sword Techniques of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect allowed the flying sword to mimic the form of water waves, using it to attack the enemies. As the sword beams now acted like water, they could bore through any breach they found. The soft and tender force of the sword was like maggots that attached themselves on the bones, extremely tough to defend against. It was actually a pretty effective sword technique.

On top of that, as Wu Qi was controlling the flying sword using the innate water energies from his Water meridians, these sword beams carried a shivering breeze that could penetrate into one's viscera and bone marrows, which augmented the offensive strength of the sword beam. The dozens of sword beams pressed together inwardly. The Human Immortals who had their energies nearly exhausted could no longer withstand the attack. Consequently, a few of them had their bodies ripped apart by these sword beams, and their Gold Cores were brought back into Wu Qi's hand.

In the end, only two Human Immortals were left. Both had their energies completely depleted, and did not even have the strength to unleash their defensive magical treasures. They were now sitting back to back, panting, while controlling two extremely dim flying swords, which nearly revealed their true form while locking in a fight with Sword of Greedy Wolf. Sweat ran down like raindrops from their bodies, and a large puddle of sweat could be seen underneath them. If not because the desire to live had dominated their entire minds, they would have long fallen to the ground and killed by the Sword of Greedy Wolf.

It all happened within a very short amount of time. By the time Wu Qi killed several Human Immortals here, the thunderbolt had just left the hand of the dark skeleton, thrusting towards two Xiantian cultivators who stood up and fought against Wei Xiaoxiao's order. When two Xiantian cultivators were hit by the thunderbolt and exploded into pieces, only then Wei Xiaoxiao realized what had happened. It seemed she could not believe what she saw, as she kept rubbing her eyes with her hand, staring blankly at the dead bodies that were scattered around. With a trembling hand, she pointed at Wu Qi and cried out, "Kill him, quick! Kill him!"

A deep, muffled ghost howl was heard coming from the body of the dark skeleton, while a faint black mist was seen bursting out from it at the same time. With giant strides, it began running towards Wu Qi, and with just one leap, it had arrived less than one hundred feet away from him. Then, the dark skeleton, who obviously had lost most of its strength, spread both its arms, wielding its great fist which was as huge as water urn and punched forcefully towards Wu Qi's face.

With a thought of his mind, the silver lotus suddenly bloomed before the dark skeleton. From the size of merely one foot, it expanded to several dozens of feet wide. All forty-nine petals were blazing fiercely, and countless five colored gleams were seen rushing back and forth within the stamen, as the dark skeleton was pulled into the lotus in one strike. Wisps of Divine Flame of Order shot out from the tips of all forty-nine lotus petals. They fiercely burned the dark skeleton and made its body produce crackling noises, while melting down the dark mist coming out from its body.

Upon seeing what happened, Wei Xiaoxiao was alarmed and panicky. She screamed with a hoarse voice while forming incantations with her fingers, attempting to control the dark skeleton.

However, the silver lotus had isolated all magical waves from both inside and outside. Countless razor-sharp, five colored gleams suddenly folded inwards, and noises of bone cracking could be heard coming out from within the lotus. The dark skeleton had been forcefully smashed into powder by this half man-made and half nature-grown spirit item. In addition to that, the bizarre talisman inside the dark skeleton had also been burned into ashes by the Divine Flame of Order. With that being done, Wei Xiaoxiao suddenly gave a miserable howl while blood exploded from all of her seven apertures.

It was the technique of controlling a Godfiend, and she was now suffering from the backslash of the Godfiend. Her skin was twitching and moving as if countless tiny worms were creeping underneath, seeing which Wu Qi could not refrain himself and shook his head. Although the technique of controlling Godfiend could summon a powerful Godfiend who could move at a high-speed, once the controlling talisman was destroyed, the person who used such an evil technique would have to suffer from the backslash immediately. It felt like having one's bones bitten by thousands of ghosts, an extremely cruel torment under the heaven.

A sword beam pierced through the air and killed the last two Human Immortals who still tried to put out a desperate struggle, taking away their Gold Cores. After that, Wu Qi turned into a wild wind and rushed out of the exit of the mine, while the silver lotus transformed into a several hundred feet wide silvery halo, enveloping all the remaining cultivators of Wei Merchant within.

Silently, Wu Qi threw a glance over at these cultivators, who had depleted all their energies and could no longer fight back. He shook his head and said, "Don't blame me for doing this… A weed must be exterminated by the roots!"

The silver lotus folded inwardly. Rhe Sword of Greedy Wolf swept across the cavern, and nearly one hundred Xiantian cultivators, who were weaker than Wu Qi, were killed with their bodies cut into half.

Wei Xiaoxiao, who was now suffering from the backslash of the Godfiend, saw what Wu Qi did. She could no longer refrain herself and screamed out with a hoarse voice, "Save me! I'll exchange my life with precious treasures!"

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