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The spirit liquid condensed from Gold element energies did not come with a great usage, as it was merely the source ingredient gathered by the formation to supplement the growth of the Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls. After taking away all the pearls, Wu Qi did not even cast a second look at that spirit liquid. However, he was bursting with joy as he saw the several hundred threads of Innate Gold element energies at the bottom of the pool. He was so happy that he laughed until tears nearly squeezed out from his eyes.

‘Thank you, heavens and earth! Thank you, the senior Immortals who left behind so many rare treasures in this world!’ All the Innate Spirit Objects which Wu Qi initially did not have any hope of finding, he had actually gathered all of them in just a short few months of time. Perhaps, if the shadowy figure that gave him the legacy of Scroll of Stealing found out about this, he would be marveling at Wu Qi's great fortune.

With utmost sincerity, Wu Qi cupped his fist and prayed towards the sky, expressing his gratitude to the kind but unknown senior Immortal. After that, a strange glow of four colors began to surge from his eyes, as he stretched out his arm and pointed his finger at the pool. A thread of approximately ten feet long Innate Gold element energy was summoned and squeezed into his fingertip, merging quickly into his Gold meridian. Wu Qi's body trembled violently, and suddenly his lungs expanded. The sound of his breathing became loud as the roaring of thunder. The elementary cultivation technique of Heavenly Spirit Sect, the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements, began to circulate T full speed, as a great amount of faded, white energies kept bursting out from his lungs.

A brief smile emerged on Wu Qi's face. He paid no attention to the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements, but instead, focused all his mind in quietly circulating the Source of Gold Chapter.

Roughly six hours later, Wu Qi finally digested this single thread of Innate Gold element energy, and was able to produce a great amount of innate gold energies within his Gold meridian. After giving the condition within his body a satisfied examination, Wu Qi took out all energy stones of five elements which Princess Zhang Le gave him in the past, piled and arranged them according to the layout of five elements, then absorbed all the innate Gold element energies found at the bottom of the pool.

For the first time, the completed five source chapters of Seven Foundation Establishment Technique began to circulate. A huge amount of five elements energy kept merging into Wu Qi's body from the surrounding energy stones. The two Gold Cores inside of his Water meridians were spinning at a high-speed and kept bursting out a great deal of innate water energies. Through the Water meridians, they came to Wood meridians, where they were transformed into innate Wood energies before arriving at Fire meridians, and after that to Earth and the Gold meridians. Very soon, they formed a complete cycle of five elements within the Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians found in both his arms.

A gleam of five colors enveloped Wu Qi's entire body. In a full 48 hours, he had transformed all innate Gold element energies into his own innate Gold energies. On top of that, the energies supplied by those external Gold element energy stones had help pushed the cultivation of Source of Gold Chapter to the same level as all other four cultivation techniques. Suddenly, a five-color ray shot out from both Water element Gold Cores in his Water meridians, as both of them abruptly crumbled and split into ten equal portions of pale shadows that did not carry any elemental characteristic.

Wu Qi's body trembled as cold sweat kept breaking out from his body. Focusing all his attention and spirit, he slowly moved these ten pale and weak 'Gold Cores', which looked more like ten clumps of faint mist one could easily blow away, through his meridians and eventually stationed in his Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth meridians. The energies of five elements rolled and rocked ceaselessly, reciprocally transforming into each other. Gradually, ten extremely weak 'Gold Cores' had taken the unique luster of their respective element, and the stability of their shape was better than just a moment ago.

It was the most mystical and miraculous technique of Core Splitting found in Scroll of Stealing, a golden path that could improve one's cultivation through the elevation of five elements.

As long as one could form the Gold Core of a certain element, he would be able to wipe off the elemental characteristic of that Gold Core using a mystic technique, and split one single Gold Core into five equal portions, stationing each of them into five meridians of different elements. After that, one had to constantly inject the five elements innate energies into these Gold Cores and have them once again branded with one's divine sense and soul. Then, on spending a certain amount of hard work in cultivating them, these Gold Cores would soon transform into the 'False Cores' that genuinely possessed the characteristics of Gold Cores. Then, as long as one could cultivate them every single day, it would not take long before these False Cores condensed again, and finally became real Gold Cores.

By relying on the help of this mystic technique, it had at least saved Wu Qi several hundred years of arduous cultivating. Just that it consumed a tremendous amount of blood essence and source energies. Nevertheless, as Scroll of Stealing allowed him to steal other people's blood essence and source energies to replenish his own, how could losing some of it be considered a serious matter for him?

Actually, not only would the technique of Core Splitting consume a tremendous amount of blood essence and source energies, but it would also split the divine sense that had taken a fixed shape within the original Gold Core. It was like hacking a few times on Wu Qi's soul with a great blade, and the severe pain made his body struggle and twitch violently, nearly making him faint on the spot. But as his soul was protected by the Seven Holy Deities and Devils, it was impossible for Wu Qi to faint. There was nothing much he could do but to clench his jaws tightly, embracing the seemingly endless process of painful torments. When he finally went through the entire process of such an incredible Core Splitting, his body was soaking wet with his own sweat, and there was even a puddle of his own sweat underneath him. He was now lying flat on the ground, losing the energy to even pant.

With a blank expression, he laid on the spot for a whole three days and three nights. Only then did a tiny bit of wit be brought back into the emptied eyes of his. Slowly, he struggled inch by inch and rose to his feet, then quickly pulled out a few pill bottles and swallowed several life-saving pills that were concocted with secret formulas of Great Yan Dynasty. With that, he managed to recover a tiny bit of his strength.

Although his body was still weak, the innate energies of five elements were now flowing freely back and forth within his meridians in both arms. None of the innate energies were more than the other one, as the five innate energies of different elements had reached a perfect balance. Innate energies of five colors were now leaping and dancing within ten False Cores as a misty white gas sprayed out from Wu Qi's body, and he began to regulate his breath using the cultivation technique of Source of Five Element Chapters. He was able to quickly recover his strength, and no longer looked like he could be brought down by a single blow of wind.

Once the five elements reached a perfect balance and their cycle stabilized, the cultivating of Seven Foundation Establishment Technique would enter a new realm. At this stage, Wu Qi could freely absorb any energy stones, and the absorbed energies would eventually turn into five equal portions, each being supplied to innate energies of different elements.

Currently, his overall strength of False Core realm was dozens time stronger than Embryonic Breath tier of Xiantian realm, yet a few times weaker than a genuine Human Immortal of Gold Core realm. However, as he possessed ten False Cores that he could use at the same time, the innate energies he could exert was at least two times more than a Human Immortal at the beginner stage of Gold Core realm. Meanwhile, in terms of the level of condensation for his corporeal body and meridians, he had even attained the level of Earth Immortal, which was far beyond the supposed strength of a Human Immortal.

Throwing a glance over at the surrounding energy stones which had their energies sucked dried, Wu Qi casually tossed them into the pool of spirit liquid. After several dozens of years later, there would supposedly be a pile of Gold element energy stones here.

Once again, he gave a detailed glance over at the black pearl lying in the depth of the pool, before breathing out a long sigh. He was certain that this pearl must be an Innate grade Spirit Item. But as the power of this Outer Dimension Great Void Formation was simply frightening, with the profound knowledge of formation he learned from Scroll of Stealing, he knew that there was no way he could disarm the threat of this formation and obtain the pearl without the overall strength of First Grade Heaven Immortal.

First Grade Heaven Immortal? Wu Qi shook his head. It was still very far away from where he was right now. It was better for him not to keep this fancy thought right now.

He swallowed a few more pills and replenished his strength. Suddenly, his body was enveloped in a yellow light, and a jet of dust shot up from the ground as Wu Qi bore through the surface of the ground and quickly traveled through the rocks. Using the quickest speed possible, he traveled upward, and soon arrived near the cavern where Wei Xiaoxiao and her subordinates were excavating the hard iron walls. The several thousand feet huge caverns were now filled with bumps and hollows, while several Human Immortals of Gold Core realm had born some tunnels on the iron walls that stretched several thousand feet deep.

With her dress looking untidy and messy, Wei Xiaoxiao was now sitting on top of an iron ore the size of a water bucket, glaring at the surrounding cultivators with an aggressive expression in her eyes. With a fierce voice, she snapped, "Hurry up! Work harder! Without sufficient Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, as we've lost all our properties in Ji City, losing so many vassal kingdoms who on friendly terms with us, how am I going to answer to Patriarch when we return? Ten thousand pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, I need at least ten thousand pieces! Quickly, quickly!"

*Clang!* A clanging noise rang out, as a light green sword beam suddenly broke into half. Countless sparks sprayed and shot out from the broken part. A cultivator of Respiration tier spat out a mouthful of blood and sat listlessly onto the ground. With rather emptied eyes, he stared at Wei Xiaoxiao and said, "Young miss, please pardon for the incompetence of your subordinate, as I've no more energy to move now."

Wei Xiaoxiao mercilessly gave the cultivator a gaze, then casually waved her arm and unleashed a sword beam, slicing through the body of that cultivator and cutting him into two parts. "Continue your work now, hurry up! What are you looking at? Without ten thousand pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, none of us will be greeted with a good fortune!"

Suddenly the cave trembled, as the giant dark skeleton controlled by Wei Xiaoxiao bore a large hole several feet in diameter on the iron wall with just one single punch. Dozens of different sized Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold rolled right out from the hole. Wei Xiaoxiao immediately broke into a joyful laughter, sprung and leaped towards the dark skeleton. Then, with one grab she picked up all Spatial Breaching Spirit Golds and shoved them into her storage ring.

"A bunch of useless fools!" While laughing out loud, Wei Xiaoxiao said, "You can't even compare to a mindless devil that came from the devil realm!"

Several Human Immortals, who were panting and having sweats streaming down their entire bodies while wielding their flying swords arduously in hacking and hewing on the iron walls, suddenly stopped their movement altogether and breathed out a long sigh. After that, they simply sat down on the ground and began to regulate their breath. Two of them each took out a pill bottle and gave it a shake, realizing that all their pills that helped to recover source energies and spirit were finished. They casually tossed the emptied bottles to a side.

Wei Xiaoxiao who had just picked up all the Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold immediately burst into anger. She pointed her fingers at those Human Immortals and scolded furiously, "What are you guys doing? Are you trying to disobey my command? What are you doing right now? Get back up now and continue your work immediately! You bunch of useless fools! It has been so many days, yet you've failed to collect ten thousand pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold. How am I going to answer to Patriarch when we returned?"

Suddenly a cultivator of Embryonic Breath tier sprung up on his feet. Fixing his gaze right at Wei Xiaoxiao's face, he spoke word by word with a stern and frustrated voice, "Young miss, all of us can still remember the order given by Patriarch before he left. He asked us to guard our properties while focusing all our attention on harvesting the Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, not allowing us to provoke Duke Yan Le or anyone around him. Young miss, why are you so persistent in having your own way and wanted to assault Wu Qi? That had allowed him to set up a trap for us and eventually brought us today's failure!"

Another Xiantian cultivator rose to his feet as well, staring at Wei Xiaoxiao and snarled, "All the problems were caused by the unilateral decision of young miss yourself! So, why should we bear the punishment together with young miss? We will tell everything to Patriarch honestly: Wei Longfeng was assassinated and killed on the very same night when Patriarch left, and we have the reasons to believe that it is you, young miss, who sent someone and killed him!"

A shivering glare shone from Wei Xiaoxiaos' eyes. She gave a cold laugh and said, "What is the reason that I wanted to kill him?"

The first Xiantian cultivator replied with a cold voice, "For the sake of assuming the supreme power alone, controlling the Wei Merchant of Great Yan Dynasty yourself!"

Wei Xiaoxiao looked at both the Xiantian cultivators, snorting coldly and asked, "Why are you bringing out this issue only at this moment?"

The second cultivator answered angrily, "The rocks here had been soaking in Gold element energies for ages. They are at least one hundred times harder than ordinary steels. None of our flying swords can cut through them efficiently, and none of our incantations work. After a laborious work and depleting all our energies, we can barely dig out one to two Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold. We can't help if young miss doesn't appreciate the hard work of your subordinates, but, why do you still fling out harsh words on us?"

Wei Xiaoxiao sneered and did not say anything again. She pointed her fingers at both Xiantian cultivators and snapped, "Kill them both!"

The dark skeleton standing behind Wei Xiaoxiao gave out a shrill cry, swung both its arms and unleashed a dim thunderbolt towards both cultivators.

While staying underground, Wu Qi was watching the scene with his divine sense. Carefully, he threw a glance over at the dark skeleton behind Wei Xiaoxiao, then again at those few Human Immortals who were sitting and regulating their breath. Perhaps because they had consumed too much of their strength over a long period of time, no matter it was the dark skeleton or those few Human Immortals, the strength in their bodies was almost depleted.

After pondering for a brief moment, Wu Qi suddenly squeezed out from the ground. The Sword of Greedy Wolf transformed into a stream of shivering light and shot right out, aiming right at those few Human Immortals of Gold Core realm.

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