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Chapter 836: Annihilating the Myriad Snake Gang

Young master Ji San's leisurely smile suddenly froze. "And who are you?"

Vice Boss Ma kowtowed repeatedly, "I am the vice boss of Myriad Snake Gang, Ma Yue."

"Myriad Snake Gang?" Ji San frowned and cast an inquiring glance at Captain Mo. As a first rate young master in Veluriyam Capital, there was almost nothing in Veluriyam Capital that young master Ji San didn't know. That being said, he very seldom frequented the gathering places of wandering cultivators. Naturally, he had heard of Myriad Snake Gang. But there was no reason for someone at his level to pay any more attention to an underground gang. This tiny Myriad Snake Gang might be a first rate power in Azure Sea District, but it was ultimately a small fry in the eyes of something as big as the Coiling Dragon Clan. It was already impressive for Ji San to know of its name.

Captain Mo walked over and explained briefly in a whisper. Young master Ji San nodded slightly and frowned, "Even my Coiling Dragon Clan wouldn't dare extort someone on the streets in broad daylight. The Myriad Snake Gang sure has some guts."

Vice Boss Ma immediately started shaking like a leaf, "It's a misunderstanding. It's all a misunderstanding, young master Ji San."

Young master Ji San nodded, "I won't accuse you wrongly, but it's no use for you to proclaim your innocence. Another person's opinion must be checked to verify this." He looked at Jiang Chen, "How do you think we should deal with this, brother?"

Currently, Jiang Chen was listening to the red haired man's narration of events from beginning to end. After that, he patted the red haired man's shoulder and praised, "Good job, Ole Meng. This is a great accomplishment."

The red haired man was overjoyed to hear this. He was one of the ten sage realm experts from the slaves Jiang Chen had snatched from House Sikou. This red haired man, Meng Redhair, was also the first person to come around to the idea of submitting to Jiang Chen and serving him for the next twenty years.

During this period of time, he had been entrusted with searching for the Ling father and daughter in the Azure Sea District. Shen Trifire's attentiveness in this matter had to be commended as well, or he wouldn't have sent a sky sage realm expert like Meng Redhair to Azure Sea District. And if Meng Redhair hadn't shown himself and defended the Ling father and daughter until Jiang Chen and the others had arrived, they would've been taken away by the Myriad Snake Gang already. The consequences of that were simply too awful to contemplate.

Jiang Chen was secretly shocked at how closely the Ling father and daughter had flirted with danger. At the same time, anger was rapidly sending his blood pressure soaring. Although this wasn't the right time to reveal himself to the Ling father and daughter, Jiang Chen was most familiar with Ling Hui'er. Jiang Chen was very sure that these two 'strangers' were the Ling father and daughter, even though they had disguised themselves a little. It was only natural that Jiang Chen was furious after he had heard of their experience.

He knew very well that there was no way someone as cautious as Ling Xiao would ever borrow a million saint spirit stones from the Myriad Snake Gang, especially since they had just arrived at Veluriyam Capital. He barely needed a toe's worth of brains to know that the Myriad Snake Gang was purposely blackmailing the Ling father and daughter. Although Jiang Chen didn't yet know why, it most likely had something to do with Ling Hui'er.

Jiang Chen frowned slightly when he heard young master Ji San's inquiry, "I've heard the ins and outs of this incident, and it is obvious that this Myriad Snake Gang extorted and attempted to murder these two wandering cultivators on the streets of Veluriyam Capital. I wonder what is the punishment meted out in Veluriyam Capital for such crimes?"

Vice Boss Ma's expression changed greatly when he heard this, "It's a misunderstanding, young master Ji San. It really is a misunderstanding! It is my subordinates' fault for getting the wrong person! We are absolutely not doing this on purpose!"

Meng Redhair sneered, "Got the wrong person, you say? What were you saying again when they told you repeatedly that you'd gotten the wrong person?"

Young master Ji San nodded and looked at the Ling father and daughter. "You two are the victims of this affair, so you should be the ones to tell us the whole story. Don't worry, the Coiling Dragon Clan upholds the principles of justice and fairness in Veluriyam Capital. You don't need to worry about being attacked or having vengeance exacted on you by anyone for telling the truth."

Ling Xiao had suffered a whip lash to the face, and although the ugly wound wasn't fatal, it still drew an involuntary frown to Jiang Chen's brow. To his side, Ling Hui'er sobbed and sniffled as she repeatedly dabbed medicine onto her father's wounds. She was like a wounded deer, looking everywhere and nowhere with panicked eyes. It was obvious that this little girl who had never seen the outside world until recently had truly been spooked this time. Her former naivete was now completely gone.

Ling Xiao comforted his daughter softly, but wasn't quite sure what to do. A trace of doubt and worry was evident in his eyes. It was obvious that he very much wanted to speak the honest truth, but he was also worried that justice would not be upheld even if he did speak out and make complete enemies out of the Myriad Snake Gang. If the worst case scenario really happened, then the two of them would be utterly done for. Even a strong dragon couldn't repress a local snake, not to mention that they weren't strong dragons to begin with.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen walked over to the Ling father and daughter and patted Ling Xiao's shoulder, "You don't need to worry about anyone taking revenge against you two." At the same time, he sent a message to Ling Hui'er, "Junior sister Hui'er, it's me, Jiang Chen. Just testify against them all you want. I'll make sure they get the justice they deserve!"

Ling Hui'er's tear-ladden eyelashes couldn't stop from blinking furiously when she heard this. She stared at Jiang Chen with a trace of disbelief on her face.

"Calm down, junior sister. Don't let them notice anything amiss," Jiang Chen hastily reminded.

Thankfully, Ling Hui'er, for all her carelessness, wasn't a complete fool. She forcefully swallowed the cry that climbed all the way to her throat and broke into a smile. Her senior brother had came out of nowhere to save her and her father when she was in one of the lowest points of her life. Like a drowning person who suddenly found a most reliable log to cling onto, Ling Hui'er wanted to cling to her senior brother tightly. She swiped fiercely at the tears around her eyes before declaring in a loud voice, "It wasn't a misunderstanding at all. When my father told them that they had gotten the wrong person, they said that they had done this for decades, long enough that there was no way they would have gotten the wrong person. They even said that we were a fool to talk about the law with them. When my father told them to show him a lending slip, they couldn't show us one either. They said that the Myriad Snake Gang didn't need any proof to do business."

Now that Ling Hui'er knew that the person standing before them was in fact senior brother Jiang Chen, she felt as if she had found a mountain to lean against. Her confidence immediately rose by leaps and bounds. Ling Xiao also nodded. "These people from the Myriad Snake Gang did not speak reason from the beginning. Their demand for repayment was just an excuse! They were coming after us from the beginning."

The vice boss and the brawny man from before felt like ramming their heads against a wall. They had a feeling that the sky was about to fall on their heads very soon. Unspeakable regret welled up inside their hearts. Even in their wildest dreams they hadn't imagined that the Coiling Dragon Clan would appear to defend two insignificant wandering cultivators. No one in their right minds would provoke you two if they knew that you were affiliated with the Coiling Dragon Clan!

But it was obviously too late for regrets now. That red haired man had warned them that the consequences would be bigger than they could bear if this incident were to blow up. At the time, they thought that the red haired man's threats were empty farts. Now that they thought back to it, it had been good advice that'd simply sounded jarring to their ears.

Young master Ji San turned serious and nodded slowly after he listened to everything that had happened, "Amazing, truly amazing! I didn't realize that such a thing could happen in broad daylight in Veluriyam Capital. I must say that you Myriad Snake Gang are tough as nails. You're more awesome than even the Peafowl Guard of Sacred Peafowl Mountain!"

Vice Boss Ma shivered all over the second he heard young master Ji San's words. How could he not know that the destruction of Myriad Snake Gang was right around the corner?

He kowtowed repeatedly, like he was pounding garlic with his head, "Mercy, young master Ji San, mercy! The Myriad Snake Gang is willing to pay any price to apologize to them. We are only begging that you show us mercy!"

Young master Ji San's voice grew chillier, "Mercy? Why didn't you show them mercy earlier? Why didn't you show your victims mercy when you publicly extorted them? Why didn't you think of mercy when you were breaking Veluriyam Capital's rules?"

Every Myriad Snake Gang member turned deathly pale at his words. Not wanting to waste his breath any longer, Ji San waved his hands. "Detain them all. Kill anyone who resists!"

He would've dealt with this matter even if Jiang Chen wasn't here to motivate him. Maybe he could've feigned ignorance if he hadn't seen anything. But inaction was unacceptable now that a crime was laid bare before his own eyes. What was the point of having rules in Veluriyam Capital if he were to do nothing about those who broke them before him? These rotten apples were only going to bring harm to the Capital if he kept them around.

Every Coiling Dragon Clan guard acted at young master Ji San's command. It was true that the Myriad Snake Gang had plenty of men, but who in their right minds would try to resist in this situation? They would only be arrested if they didn't resist, but they would be killed if they did. Very soon, every Myriad Snake Gang member was trussed up like a pig for roast. But young master Ji San wasn't content to stop here. He ordered, "All forces, march to Myriad Snake Gang's headquarters and seal off the entire Azure Sea District. We will not allow even a single scum of the Myriad Snake Gang to slip through our grasp!"

"Understood!" How long had it been since the last time the Coiling Dragon Clan Guard had bared their fangs? Every one of his soldiers grew spirited and flared murderous auras upon hearing young master Ji San's command.

For the past few years, the Coiling Dragon Clan had kept a low profile in Veluriyam Capital, so much so that the people were one step away from forgetting that they were the number one clan in Veluriyam Capital. But now, the clan had finally found an opportunity to brandish their claws and flex their muscles. They would let everyone in Veluriyam Capital know that the number one clan title was still theirs!

The Myriad Snake Gang had never imagined that a trivial matter like this would bring forth the destruction of their organization. Although someone had managed to get word to them, the Coiling Dragon Guard possessed great mobility. They sealed off the entire Azure Sea District in no time at all.

The Myriad Snake Gang reacted fairly quickly, but they still fell short when compared to the Coiling Dragon Guard. A couple of squads split off to seal off the main exits, while the bulk of the troops headed straight for Myriad Snake Gang's headquarter to destroy this malignant tumor that had plagued the Azure Sea District for more than a hundred years.

This truly was a gang who'd committed countless crimes as many wandering cultivators actually joined the Coiling Dragon Guard on their own accord and carved open a path for the guard. It was obvious that the Myriad Snake Gang's conduct had incited the fury of nearly everyone in the Azure Sea District.

The Myriad Snake Gang was swiftly subdued the moment the Coiling Dragon Guard arrived. They were quite impressive within the district, but in reality they sat between a normal fourth rank sect and a third rank sect in terms of strength. Moreover, a gang like this was far less organized than an actual sect. They also had a higher ratio of riffraff than the usual sects, which was why the Myriad Snake Gang collapsed under the might of the Coiling Dragon Guard mere minutes after battle began. The Myriad Snake Gang's boss was strong, but he was leagues away from the sixth level emperor realm expert Captain Mo. He was taken down with almost no resistance to speak of.

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