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Chapter 83: The Myriad Snake Gang On Their Knees

One had to admit that the red hair's panache had affected their confidence to a certain extent. However, the Myriad Snake Gang had been entrenched in the Azure Sea District for so many years, and also had a powerful backer to rely on. Things might be different elsewhere, but within the Azure Sea District, there really weren't that many people who had the gall to meddle in their business. Even if there were, they knew each and every one of them.

The Myriad Snake Gang's business was very complex. They had both legitimate and illegal connections, and everyone in the gang was a discerning person. They clearly knew the difference between someone they could offend and those they couldn't. But this red-haired fellow in front of them was wholly unfamiliar. Looking closer, his clothes weren't all that impressive either, so he clearly wasn't someone from a powerful faction. Even if someone like that had a few tricks up their sleeve, they still didn't pose much of a threat to the Myriad Snake Gang. So, angry enough to lose his temper, the sturdy fellow gave the red-haired man a cold stare. "Sir, since you've gone and stuck your nose in business that doesn't involve you, you can't blame us for being rude." The sturdy fellow lifted his hand, sending a firework shooting into the sky. The firework sparkled in the air, snake-shaped trails zigzagging out of it, filling the sky.

As soon as he saw the firework, the red-haired fellow knew that this band of people in front of him was calling their companions. With a slight change in his expression and a cold smile floating on his lips, he said, "Does that mean your gang is determined to make a big fuss out of this?"

"Sir, since you wanted to play the hero, then we might as well play along and make a spectacle out of it." The sturdy fellow waved his hand with a nasty laugh. Several riders spread apart and surrounded them.

A mocking smile appeared on the red-hair's face. "Make it a spectacle? I'm simply afraid you won't be able to afford to later."

"Pfft! In the Azure Sea District, there's very little our gang can't afford to do!" Several of them signaled at each other with their eyes and surrounded the trio, but didn't act immediately. Their original plan had been to catch the Ling father and daughter, and sell them as slaves. A wandering cultivator like Ling Su would fetch a decent price, but not too much of a profit. On the other hand, Ling Hui'er's figure was top notch. She would be a hot commodity in the slave market, and earn them an easy fortune.

The Myriad Snake Gang often did shady and unscrupulous business. Only, they had a lot of tricks up their sleeve, and they had sharp judgement. They almost always chose their targets carefully. They could tell the pair was unfamiliar with the Capital, and they had absolutely no one to rely on. They had run around like headless chickens as soon as they arrived at the district. People like that were the gang's favorite targets. No foundations, no connections, and not too strong either. Moreover, a young woman with Ling Hui'er's figure was a pearl amongst pearls.

The Myriad Snake Gang had done illegal business for many years. Their judgement was quite accurate in that area. They knew that they wouldn't suffer any negative consequences acting against the pair. So for these past few days, they'd spent time watching their targets, prepared to go into action when an opportunity rose. They hadn't expected Ling Su to be so vigilant and hole up in an inn. Even the Myriad Snake Gang couldn't brazenly charge inside. Only after they ran out of spirit stones and were forced to leave the inn did the gang find the opportunity they wanted. However, they'd never imagined in their wildest dreams that a red-haired fellow would appear along the way and play the role of hero.

In the Azure Sea District, no one would investigate even if they came across a half dead cultivator on the streets. The relationships between wandering cultivators were loose at best, so who would care about another's life or death? To put it bluntly, it was none of their business. It was precisely because most of the wandering cultivators had this attitude that the Myriad Snake Gang had been able to smoothly operate in the shadows for so long. They'd never met with any resistance, and they'd almost never met with failure.

Not long after the firework exploded in the sky, the sounds of many men and horses rushing to their position filled the air. A hundred people or thereabouts poured in around them. The one in the lead wore full-body scale armor. He sported a pair of triangular eyes sinister enough to give off a frightening feeling. This man was one of the vice leaders of the gang.

"Vice Boss Ma, us brothers were asking these creditors for repayment when this red-haired guy came to stop us. He's dead set on clashing with our gang."

"Who might you be, good sir? Which house or sect do you hail from, friend?" Vice Boss Ma didn't act recklessly. His triangular eyes slightly narrowed while he examined the red-haired fellow.

"I'm not your friend, so no need to act all friendly." The red-hair's tone was curt. He wasn't having any of it.

With a blink, Vice Boss Ma sized up the red-hair up and down. He really felt a little uncertain. Usually, no one important would bother to come down to the Azure Sea District. Even if they did, they would bring a big retinue and in grand fanfare. You could recognize them from miles away. Meanwhile, the red-haired fellow didn't look like someone from a great clan. His mannerisms seemed off. He definitely didn't have the bearing of one form a great sect or mighty house. Rather, it was closer to that of a wandering cultivator. But for a wandering cultivator to try and take on the Myriad Snake Gang inside the Azure Sea District, was this guy looking to die?

How many people had Vice Leader assessed after several decades in this district? Regardless of anything else, his eyes were sharp. He could tell at first glance that this red-haired fellow had the manners of a wandering cultivator, something hard to hide. He was definitely not someone from a powerful faction. With this judgement in mind, Vice Boss Ma now knew where he stood. "Sir, if you're being so unfriendly, then you're not giving our gang any face. In the Azure Sea District, our gang won't show any face to someone who doesn't give us any."

The red-hair shrugged, looking baffled. "I never asked you to give me face though?"

Seeing him play the fool, Vice Boss Ma was of course furious. "If I'm not mistaken, you're only a wandering cultivator. Or do you think that you can challenge our gang with what little cultivation you have?"

The red-hair picked his ear, impatience written all over his face. "Is the Myriad Snake Gang something amazing?"

Furious, Vice Boss Ma's expression immediately sank at those words. "There's nothing else to say then." Glancing left and right, he ordered, "Get them!"

The Myriad Snake Gang had always reigned as despots in the Azure Sea District. Not mentioning wandering cultivators, they wouldn't even blink at challenging scions of great clans if the latter kept their identity under wraps.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. As soon as his voice fell, shrill sounds pierced the air from behind them. Out of nowhere, arrows streaked through the air like shooting stars. Flying far with far more speed than normal arrows, the arrows thudded into Myriad Snake Gang members with enough force to send them tumbling dozens of meters. After the first volley, arrows came in fast and hard like an thunderous monsoon shower. The sound of iron hooves on flagstones resounded through the air as armored riders seemed to come charging in out of nowhere with awe-inspiring momentum. As the arrows died down, the warriors, sitting astride white horses, rode in, forming up in orderly ranks around them. A full three thousand riders, majestic as fierce tigers, made their presence known. A flag flourished in the wind, depicting a coiling dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. A boundless aura of might radiated from the troop of riders.

"The Coiling Dragon Armored Guard?" For those familiar with Veluriyam Capital, who would fail to recognize the Coiling Dragon Clan's private guard? As soon as they saw this flag, everyone realized this was the Coiling Dragon Clan's manor guard. Apart from the seven great emperors, this was the greatest force in the Capital. As for the private forces of the seven great emperors, they almost never set foot in the Capital, so the Coiling Dragon Armored Guard could be labelled the most powerful force in the Capital.

The Coiling Dragon Clan had kept a low profile these past few years. Their grasp on the Capital had weakened quite a bit. But with the Majestic Clan's fall, the Coiling Dragon Clan shone bright once again. It reminded everyone that the number one clan was still the number one clan. The situation in the Capital hadn't changed yet.

The Azure Sea District was a gathering spot for wandering cultivators, a place great clans and noble families rarely involved themselves in. But that didn't signify that this district was left to run rampant. As the number one great clan in the entire Capital, the Coiling Dragon Clan's forces could go unimpeded anywhere in the Capital.

To put it bluntly, the Azure Sea District might be home to countless wandering cultivators, and their resulting factions, but it was still a marginal area compared to the Capital in its entirety. The great clans and noble houses didn't lack the power to meddle, they simply had no desire to do so.

Seeing the Coiling Dragon Clan's flag appear in this place, the wandering cultivators watching the show all were dumbstruck. It had been a long time since a great faction had publicly come into the Azure Sea District. This time, the Coiling Dragon Clan had made a flashy appearance, even using the Coiling Dragon Armored Guard! It looked like their target was the Myriad Snake Gang? Vice Boss Ma was struck dumb as well when he saw the Coiling Dragon Armored Guard arrive. He suddenly had an ominous feeling.

The red-haired fellow's smile was unsympathetic. "I urged you not to make a big fuss. Things sure are a mess now, aren't they?"

Speaking of, Vice Boss Ma's heart was also in a mess. F*ck you, arsehole! Why didn't you say so earlier that you were from the Coiling Dragon Clan?! What are you dressed as a wandering cultivator for!? If I'd known you were from the Coiling Dragon Clan, I wouldn't uttered a word even if I had ten times the guts!

Like tigers and dragons, the Coiling Dragon guards encircled the scene. When the encirclement was complete, they opened up a path and three people strolled in. Jiang Chen turned to the other two, "Brother Ji, Captain Mo, I'm in your debt again this time."

"Haha, you and I are brothers, don't talk like a stranger." The one who spoke was young master Ji San. He fanned himself with a folding fan and stopped in front of the crowd.

Vice Boss Ma's knees grew weak. He suddenly had a little trouble staying on his feet. With a plop, he knelt on the ground in spite of himself.

Please, would he still act the tyrant in front of the number one clan in the Capital? If they wanted to destroy him, they could extinguish the Myriad Snake Gang ten times over in a matter of minutes!

"We are honored by your presence, Lord San. Little Ma begs your pardon for not coming to greet you. I am willing to receive any punishment you see fit, my lord." Vice Boss Ma was already advanced in years, but he shamelessly called himself Little Ma in front of Ji San, and he didn't even feel any shame for it.

Crash! Everyone from the Myriad Snake Gang went down on their knees. These people usually strutted about and committed unspeakable evils, but in the end, they were strong against the weak and weak when facing the strong. Seeing the troops from the Coiling Dragon Clan, they were one and all scared out of their minds. Not a whit of their usual rampant, despotic attitude was left.

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