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Chapter 786: Imperial Advent Defense Talisman

Wei Tianxiao was secretly delighted with how things had turned out. For him, the fact that Jiang Chen, a guest pill king of House Wei, had become sworn brothers with young master Ji San, would provide nothing but benefits. With this, they’d inadvertently drawn closer to the Coiling Dragon Clan. He hurriedly replied, “I’ll make the necessary arrangements immediately. Jie’er, accompany me. As brothers, Pill King Zhen and young master Ji San will undoubtedly have things to discuss.”

Wei Jie nodded and followed his father out of the secret chamber. Jiang Chen was inwardly satisfied after seeing how considerate the father and son were. As a person capable of leading the family to its current ninth rank status, Wei Tianxiao had a decent grasp of the atmosphere.

The house lord had understood Jiang Chen no longer needed to hide his identity from the young master now that they were about to become sworn brothers. And so, he’d actively withdrawn to allow them space for such a conversation. Their absence would more or less reduce the potential awkwardness.

Young master Ji San, however, wasn’t one to look too deeply into such things and was positively brimming with delight, “Brother Zhen, I, Ji Ole Third, am a free and easy-going person. I’m also known for my love of making friends and have indeed made quite a few acquaintances over the years. But those who have my absolute trust are few and far between, to say nothing of becoming sworn brothers. I don’t know why but I feel that I can trust you, an outsider, with my life. I guess this is fate! Brother, I swear that this has absolutely nothing to do with your master…”

Young master Ji San was obviously worried that Jiang Chen would misunderstand him. Jiang Chen laughed. In truth, he quite admired the young master’s candid personality. At least in comparison to Wang Teng’s sinister and arrogant nature, this young master was frank and upright. Two lives of experience had made Jiang Chen rather adept at judging people. People like Ji San could indeed be treated as a brother.

“Young master San, I’m greatly ashamed after hearing your words. I’ll not hide such things from you any longer since we’re to become sworn brothers,” Jiang Chen sighed.

“What is it?” Young master Ji San stared blankly.

“Actually my surname name isn’t Zhen. It’s Jiang. My name is Jiang Chen. “

Young master Ji San paused, “Jiang Chen? Why does the name sound so familiar? …what?! You’re that Jiang Chen? The Jiang Chen for whom the Eternal Celestial Capital has offered a great bounty?”

Jiang Chen laughed wryly, “I hadn’t expected myself to be so famous that even the scion of a great clan has heard of it.”

Ji San was flabbergasted, “Brother, you… you’re not really Jiang Chen are you? This isn’t a jest, is it?”

Jiang Chen replied firmly, “It’s the absolute truth. It’s just that I was forced to assume this alternate identity due to my circumstances.”

“Who would’ve thought? Who would’ve imagined? This wouldn’t have occurred to me even if you cracked open my skull. Jiang Chen? Haha… this makes things even more interesting.” Young master Ji San continued loudly, “I don’t care if you’re Zhen Shi or Jiang Chen. You’re my sworn brother either way! Hereafter, as long as you’re within Veluriyam Capital, you’ll be under the protection of the Coiling Dragon Clan. If those from the Eternal Celestial Capital dare act up here, I’ll make sure they never leave!”

He wasn’t just boasting. As one of the most powerful clans, the Coiling Dragon Clan was still highly capable despite having been rather subdued in the recent years. Jiang Chen was moved after seeing Ji San’s attitude towards him. The motive didn’t matter anymore because Jiang Chen could see the latter’s good faith and sincerity in his behavior. This was something a heartless and cold man like Wang Teng sorely lacked.

“Brother, don’t worry—Veluriyam Capital is our domain—the Eternal Celestial Capital definitely can’t do whatever they want here!” Young master Ji San repeatedly reassured Jiang Chen, afraid the latter wouldn’t believe him.

Jiang Chen nodded, “The Veluriyam Capital’s fame is enough to deter any and all open approaches from the Eternal Celestial Capital. But in truth, they’ve already arrived in the shadows.”

“Eh?” Surprise and puzzlement were written all over Ji San’s expression.

“Taiyuan Lodge opening its doors with the Longevity Pill as their main product is definitely related to a secret partnership between the Majestic Clan and the Eternal Celestial Capital. The Longevity Pill was robbed from our Regal Pill Palace and then shamelessly used to suppress its disciples.”

Naturally aware of the incident regarding the Regal Pill Palace, Ji San cursed, “The Eternal Celestial Capital’s invasion of the Myriad Domain did draw quite a bit of criticism in the Upper Eight Regions. Brother, don’t be discouraged. With your aptitude, you may yet rebuild the sect as long as you lay low for a few hundred years!”                                                                                                                                                                                                              

“Brother Ji, please rest assured, I won’t lose heart. One day, I’ll definitely exact from the Eternal Celestial Capital the price and interest for the atrocities they committed toward the Regal Pill Palace.” Jiang Chen’s words were unquestionable and resolute.

“That’s the ticket! If one day I inherit the position of clan lord, I’ll definitely lend you a helping hand in honor of our brotherhood. May I die a horrible death if I renege on my words!” Ji San so thus expressed his stance.

“Since that is the case, I’ll thank Brother Ji in advance. But due to the magnitude of this matter, I’m unwilling to drag you into this unless absolutely necessary. Revenge is a dish best served cold. I’ll bear with the Eternal Celestial Capital’s arrogance for the time being. Once the time is right, I’ll collect both principal and interest not only from the Eternal Celestial Capital, but also the direct perpetrators, the Great Scarlet Mid Region.”

Young master Ji San nodded, “Brother, how did you become affiliated with House Wei after arriving at Veluriyam Capital?”

Jiang Chen laughed wryly before recounting the tale of that fateful encounter. Young Master Ji San sighed, “This is truly the work of fate. Who would’ve guessed House Wei would stumble into such great fortune. Even our Coiling Dragon clan is being taken along for this profitable ride. This must be divine providence. Oh yes, brother, you’re still looking for a few of your peers, correct? I’ll also help you look into the matter of the missing sect disciples.”

Jiang Chen nodded, “A batch of them were successfully rescued, but two are still missing. No one knows where House Sikou has hidden them.”

Ji San spoke angrily, “ House Sikou is a devoted follower of the Majestic Clan. They’ve found recent success in trafficking slaves and various cultivation resources. House Sikou and House Tong are the right and left arms of the Majestic Clan. We need to knock them off their pedestal sooner or later!”  He was also apparently quite discontented with House Sikou.

“Brother Ji, there’s no rush in this matter. You should focus on locating the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine. As soon as you find the pinecone, I’ll contact my master and beseech him to refine a Pine Crane Pill.”   

Ji San was greatly delighted, “Brother, you’re my lucky star! It was only due to your kind warning back at the Joined Ridges Auction that I was able to avoid being tricked by Wang Teng’s group. It would’ve been quite troublesome otherwise. My judgment was clouded by the allure of the Longevity Pill back then and had lost all reasoning. It was fortunate that you were there to expose them and allow me to extricate myself.”

Ji San had actually started to view Jiang Chen favorably since then. After that, Jiang Chen had astonished the young master time and time again until the latter was thoroughly captivated. However, Ji San had never guessed that such an uncanny pill king was actually a young sect disciple from the Myriad Domain.

Jiang Chen laughed,  “I wasn’t specifically trying to help you back during our first encounter. I simply felt indignant that Wang Teng was using my Longevity Pill to throw his weight around and thus stood out to uphold justice. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

“Haha, what great reasoning! This is certainly a novel way of thinking. That’s why I say that our brotherhood is predestined by the heavens!” Ji San was ecstatic, “Brother, your identity cannot be revealed for the moment. While the Eternal Celestial Capital wouldn’t dare barge into Veluriyam Capital to cause trouble, it’s easier to evade a spear out in the open than guard against a dagger from the back. I feel your safety is not guaranteed at Taiyuan Tower. Why not follow me back to the clan manor?” This was actually an invitation from the young master.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile, “I thank Brother Ji for his thoughtfulness. But if I hide within the clan manor and spend too much time in peace, I fear I’ll lose my vigilance. Such dangerous environments are better able to arouse one’s potential and will also serve as a reminder that I have a vendetta to pursue. Furthermore, I still need to look after my fellow disciples.”

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t seek asylum at the clan lord’s manor. This went against his nature and burdened him with additional obligations. After entering the clan manor, there would no doubt be various social conventions he would have to follow. He’d also have to respect the rules of the manor, something Jiang Chen didn’t particularly enjoy.

Ji San deliberated momentarily before guessing Jiang Chen’s concerns. He didn’t insist on the matter and instead took out a certain item, placing it before Jiang Chen. “Brother, this is an ‘Imperial Advent Defense Talisman’. You can activate it in times of need to summon a defense worthy of a great emperor. It can be used three times, but I’ve already used it once so there are two charges remaining. As the elder brother, I’m worried about your safety, be it regarding the Eternal Celestial Capital or the Majestic Clan. Keep this talisman on you for protection.”

Jiang Chen was astonished, “I can’t accept this! How can I rob you of your lifesaving treasure?! Not to mention it was bestowed upon you by the clan lord himself”

“Its fine, its fine. At worst, I’ll just go and ask for another one. I heard the clan lord has five in total. He’s already given out three of them, so he probably has two left. As long as I perform a meritorious deed, he’ll surely give me everything I want, to speak nothing of a mere Imperial Advent Defense Talisman.” Ji San wouldn’t hear of it and insisted on giving the talisman to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen could only accept it after several failed attempts at refusing the gift. It was definitely a great item, far surpassing escape glyphs. Escape glyphs might sometimes fail to break through emperor level domains. But this Imperial Advent Defense Talisman boasted of  emperor level defenses and could save one’s life at a critical juncture. It was easily sufficient to deal with an ambush from even an emperor realm cultivator. In conjunction with the various treasures and methods in Jiang Chen’s arsenal, this talisman was another great increase to Jiang Chen’s strength. It was akin to granting wings to a tiger.

“Brother Ji, I’ll definitely remember this favor.” Jiang Chen nodded as he put away the talisman.

“We’re brothers! Your words are best kept for strangers. In truth, if you hadn’t given our Coiling Dragon Clan a flicker of hope, it’d likely have collapsed after a year. Its disciples would then scatter to the four winds and I, Ji Ole Third, will probably end up as a corpse on the streets.”

The young master continued, “I assure you, these words are not of an alarmist. The Veluriyam Capital’s civil conflicts are much more chaotic than they seem on the surface.”

As a clan scion, Ji San naturally had deep feelings regarding these matters.


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