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Chapter 785: Becoming Sworn Brothers

Thanks to the Coiling Dragon Clan’s powerful protection, several devious plots that the Majestic Clan hatched in secret didn’t come to fruition. Jiang Chen took advantage of the security to make sufficient preparation for his upcoming lectures. He organized many Deviant Pill Faction case studies and materials. He lectured for four hours straight every day for three days in a row. On the first day, there were only around two thousand people who came to listen. On the next day, the number swelled to roughly four thousand. As the saying went, news passed quickly from mouth to mouth.

On the third day, he had more than tens of thousands of listeners. Seeing how popular Jiang Chen’s lectures were, Taiyuan Tower took the opportunity to promote their creations to the crowd. They sold all the pills they promoted and took advance orders, filling up the books for the next half year.

This popularity made the Wei father and son grin from ear to ear. For a time, they were flooded with emotions as they watched Jiang Chen lecturing eloquently from a speaker’s platform. They never imagined that a mere coincidence would bring a completely twist the fate of House Wei.

Thanks to Jiang Chen, House Wei had successfully suppressed their civil strife.

Thanks to Jiang Chen, House Wei had won back the Coiling Dragon Clan’s goodwill.

Thanks to Jiang Chen, House Wei was finally rising as a new power in the pill industry in the Farmer God Market. These were things they hadn’t even dared to imagine in their heads just a few months ago. They couldn’t even dream up these scenes when they slept.

“Everyone, time is unfortunately limited, so this is as far as I will speak today,” Jiang Chen announced from the speaker’s platform. His three day lecture had finally reached its end. The audience beneath him however, cried out loudly.

“Pill King Zhen, I’m begging you, please continue your lecture for a few more days!”

“Pill King Zhen, Veluriyam Capital has not heard such interesting lectures for many years!”

“Pill King Zhen, I’m your die hard supporter from here on!”

“Pill King Zhen, please accept me. You will need a great amount of manpower since you’ve just won Taiyuan Lodge for yourself. I’m willing to work as a shop assistant!”

“Pill King Zhen, I don’t need any salary. I can work for free!” One had to admit that the Deviant Pill Faction was rather glamorous. After three days of lectures from Jiang Chen, the ancient and mysterious faction that was this school of thought had caused an immediate sensation in Veluriyam Capital. It had attracted countless new diehard supporters.

It was obvious that all of these people thought of Jiang Chen as their idol now. Jiang Chen smiled, “We will of course recruit some new employees. But we have so many in the audience, and we obviously can’t employ everyone present today, can we? We will open for recruitment tomorrow, and everyone will get their chance to prove their worth. Don’t be sad if you’re not chosen, for there are plenty of chances still in the future. As for the lectures, I unfortunately have plenty of work to do. It is obviously not very realistic for me to give a lecture every day. If fate wills it, then I may lecture for a few days again someday.”

It was obvious that Jiang Chen didn’t have the time to speak every day. If it wasn’t for the sake of burnishing the Taiyuan Tower’s new reputation, where would he even find the motivation to give a lecture in the first place? In reality, Jiang Chen wasn’t entirely fond of events that constantly put him in the limelight too much.

As the saying went, a tall tree attracts the wind. On the surface, the Majestic Clan was the only party Taiyuan Tower had offended that day. But Taiyuan Tower had been in the limelight for several days, and there was no telling if the numerous big players at Farmer God Market were jealous about the attention the store had gotten. Therefore, Jiang Chen ultimately decided to keep a low profile for a time after their perfect opening. He planned to properly digest all of the gains they’d gotten for the past few days.

The speed at which Taiyuan Tower had risen had in fact far exceeded his preliminary expectations. There was no need to rise too quickly. A power that rose too quickly would definitely attract the attention and suppression of all existing powers. Jiang Chen didn’t want Taiyuan Tower to come under attack because they’d stood out too much.

The Wei father and son went forth to welcome him the moment Jiang Chen walked down the stage. Right now, Jiang Chen was their lucky star and the living Bodhisattva they absolutely needed to care for.

“You’ve worked hard for the past few days, Pill King Zhen. It is all thanks to you that Taiyuan Tower can have a future like today!” Wei Tianxiao praised from the bottom of his heart.

“Pill King Zhen, young master Ji San has come again today. He’s waiting for you inside,” Wei Jie said.

For the past few days, young master Ji San had spent almost all his time lazing inside Taiyuan Tower. Natural, Jiang Chen wasn’t unaware of young master Ji San’s intentions. He gave the duo a smile before walking inside. They accompanied him as well. The relationship between House Wei and the Coiling Dragon Clan had been repaired these past few days, with the clan sending some higher ups over to chat with House Wei and reassure them that House Wei had once again became the Coiling Dragon Clan’s trusted ally.

Once the trio had entered the store, young master Ji San spoke to Wei Tianxiao, “House Lord Wei, please arrange a private room for us.”

Wei Tianxiao nodded and went to take care of this request personally. It only took a few moments for the private room to be readied. Young master Ji San smiled, “May I ask you to join me for a chat, Pill King Zhen?”

Jiang Chen more or less understood what the young master wanted, so instead of giving an excuse and shrinking away, he nodded as he gestured,“After you”. Young master Ji San cast a glance at the Wei father and son, “You are no outsiders to me, so come in as well.”

Wei Tianxiao looked overwhelmed by the favor young master Ji San showed him. He carefully followed behind the duo. After they had all walked into the private room, young master Ji San spoke with a serious expression, “I wasn’t going to act so presumptuously, Pill King Zhen, but my clan lord personally asked to see me yesterday. He asked about Taiyuan Tower, I told him many good things about Taiyuan Tower, and he brought up the matter of the Longevity Pill on his own accord…”

“You didn’t give him the Longevity Pill, have you?” Jiang Chen looked alarmed.

Young master Ji San sighed, “I wanted to, but I ultimately managed to hold myself back. I was afraid that the clan lord may not be able to resist the pull. From what I’ve seen, he is in a very dangerous state. At the end of our discussion, he told me frankly that he had deduced the exact date he would begin losing his cultivation. In the best case, he has a year left before it starts. If not, it may happen in just half a year.”

“That soon?” Wei Tianxiao was stunned. His face turned pale in an instant. Jiang Chen didn’t say anything in return. He only nodded slightly in response.

“There are no outsiders here, Pill King Zhen, and I wish to be upfront with you. The Pinecrane Pill you mentioned to me last time gave me a sliver of hope. I know that this pill is a vague hope at best, but even vague hope is still hope, isn’t it? If I may ask, are you sure your master knows how to refine the Pinecrane Pill?”

Jiang Chen had already mentioned this back at Little Leisurely Clouds. Therefore, he nodded solemnly. “Judging from his tone, my teacher should know how to refine the Pinecrane Pill.”

“In that case, can you… try to contact your teacher?” The young master sounded a little tentative. He immediately tried to reassure Jiang Chen, “I know that your master gave you only one chance to contact him, and I know that it will be a grievous pity to use up this chance. But the Coiling Dragon Clan is willing to compensate you in any way. As long as it is within our abilities, we will compensate you no matter what you ask!” Young master Ji San sounded absolutely serious.

Jiang Chen said nothing and pretended that he was absorbed in deep thought. This so-called teacher and so-called chance were all but lies that he had made up earlier. The reason he’d done so was to halt the pestering questions and introduction requests from the pill kings. He wasn’t planning to change his story now either.

Observing Jiang Chen’s silence, young master Ji San said urgently, “Pill King Zhen, if my clan lord can extend his life for another thousand years, he most definitely will become a Titled Great Emperor and rise as the eighth great emperor of Veluriyam Capital in the future. When that happens, he can even bestow the position of a ninth rank aristocratic house onto you without any problems whatsoever.”

The Wei father and son were both moved by his promises. This reward was extremely generous. A thousand gold taels were easy to find in Veluriyam Capital, but the same couldn’t be said of land. There were countless rich people who wanted to buy a piece of land for themselves, but were denied.

Without hundreds or thousands of years of accumulation, it was almost impossible for a person who had no foundation in Veluriyam Capital to mold themselves into a ninth rank aristocratic house. There were almost no one who managed to do so from scratch.  Which clan wasn’t the result of generations of legacies? Which one of them hadn’t slowly climbed up to where they were through painstaking effort?  The Wei father and son very much wanted to beg Jiang Chen’s favor on behalf of the young master, but they also realized that they had no say in this matter. Three pairs of eyes stared straight at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sighed softly, “Young master Ji San, can you find the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine? If you can’t find this ingredient, then it is all for naught no matter what I say or do.”

“I’ve already posted the bounty notice. Anyone who brings this fruit to us shall be rewarded with one hundred million saint spirit stones. There is always hope when the rewards are so ample.” Young master Ji San’s eyes were afire with determination. But Jiang Chen didn’t think that the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine would be found that easily. It might not be found even with the lure of a hundred million saint spirit stones. After all, sky rank spirit herbs could only be found by chance.

Of course, he possessed a Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine himself. It was just that he wasn’t so close to young master Ji San that he would produce the ingredient now. Moreover, his intentions might be misconstrued if he were to bring it up now. It just didn’t feel like the right time to do so. Left without a choice, Jiang Chen could only say, “You have done much for Taiyuan Tower as of late, young master Ji San. Although your request troubles me, it is not right for me to turn you down either. I will contact my teacher once you’ve gathered these two ingredients.”

He didn’t bring up the matter of a reward. Young master Ji San was overjoyed when he heard this, “Pill King Zhen, the Coiling Dragon Clan will never forget this favor. With heaven and earth as witness, I swear that the Coiling Dragon Clan owes you a great favor regardless of the outcome.”

Jiang Chen smiled, “Young master Ji San is a person of great heroism, and I’m doing this because I admire your character. Favors actually come second to this.”

Young master Ji San sighed, “No wonder people always say that you can make acquaintances easily, but not true friends. There are some people with whom you can interact with forever, but not come to a true understanding with each other. But there are some people whom you may do everything for them, even if you’ve only met them briefly. You are one such person, Pill King Zhen. I have another presumptuous request to make, Pill King Zhen.”

“Please speak it, young master Ji San.”

The young master smiled. “You and I hit off quite well from the beginning, and I am of the intention to become sworn brothers with you. Is that an honor I may ask of you?”

The Wei father and son were shocked. Although young master Ji San hadn’t yet been chosen as the successor of the Coiling Dragon Clan, he was publicly the most favored candidate. There were very, very few people whom the young master acknowledged in Veluriyam Capital. Even they were just subordinates who didn’t have the qualification to speak with him on equal footing. A person whom the young master was willing to become sworn brothers with hadn’t ever appeared in the entire Veluriyam Capital, until this day.

Jiang Chen hadn’t expected young master Ji San to bring up such a request. When he noted young master Ji San’s absolutely sincere face, he too became overwhelmed by great emotion. He laughed, “No, it is my honor to become sworn brothers with you.”

“Good, very good! Hahaha! I have made countless friends in my entire life, and now I have finally found a brother whom I can show complete devotion too! House Lord Wei, please make some preparations and allow us to borrow your treasured land for a moment. I would like to burn some incense in prayer to heaven and earth and have them as witnesses of the day I become sworn brothers with Pill King Zhen!”

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