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Chapter 750: The Coming of The End

Wei Tianxiao had been prepared since the beginning, so he immediately waved a hand and forced Wei Tiantong out of the way almost the instant Wei Tiantong began to move. Wei Tiantong might be strong, but he was still a ways away from House Lord Wei Tianxiao. Wei Tianxiao wasn't particularly good at managing the house, but he had been able to become House Wei's lord because of his strong achievements in martial dao and potential. He was currently eighth level emperor realm and the undisputable strongest cultivator in the entirety of House Wei. In fact, he was amongst the top three strongest cultivators out of all the ninth ranked aristocratic houses in Veluriyam Capital! Wei Tiantong attacked several times, but Wei Tianxiao easily blocked all of his attempts.

"What do you mean by this, house lord?" Wei Tiantong frowned.

Wei Tianxiao replied coldly, "I'm the one who should be asking you this question. Why are you getting involved in the battle between two pill masters?" He was a house lord after all, and not lacking in authority as a house lord when he grew angry.

Wei Tiantong responded furiously, "He has already won the battle, so he should end things on a gracious note. But why isn't he giving his opponent the antidote? Is he going to take his opponent's life just because he won?"

"Don't gamble if you can't afford the consequences. It's not like Pill King Zhen was the one who started things. If memory serves, it was your Pill Master Yu who started things, no?" Wei Tianxiao's tone was indifferent. He wasn't normally forceful, but they were practically an inch away from shedding all pretense of cordiality at the moment. Not only had that Pill Master Yu turned hostile against Yu Tiantong just now, he'd even swore to poison every House Wei member. How could they possibly conclude matters amiably?

Wei Tiantong gnashed his teeth and looked at Elder Zhuo and Feng, "Elders, Wei Tianxiao is abusing his status as house lord and ruling by hegemony here! As elders of the house, you should speak for justice!" Wei Tiantong had to mobilize all his forces to attack Wei Tianxiao at this point, or the situation would become very disadvantageous to him.

Elder Zhuo smiled indifferently, "I don't think there's anything wrong with this gamble, so what justice exactly are you expecting us to speak of? That being said, I do have a few words to offer on behalf of justice."

"What?" Wei Tiantong looked startled.

"If you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back to bite you in the ass," Elder Zhuo's tone was indifferent.

Elder Feng also nodded, "That's right. If your Pill Master Yu hadn't called for this gamble himself, there wouldn't have been this bet and none of this would have happened in the first place. He's the one who insisted on doing stupid things, Tiantong!"

The two elders' attitude was such that Wei Tiantong almost thought that something was wrong with his ears. Wei Xiu couldn't help but remind them, "Elders, are you… mistaken about something? Pill Master Yu is the cure to your… troubles."

Pill Master Yu was also staring coldly at Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng while smiling malevolently, "Are you going back on your promises, you old bastards? I guess you don't want to save your juniors anymore."

Wei Tiantong's trusted elder also persuaded, "Elder Zhuo, Elder Feng, you need to clearly state your positions at this time. Don't make a mistake by taking a stand on the wrong side."

"Hmph! Wei Tiantong, I thought what we agreed on earlier was about the Farmer God Street's shop, wasn't it? Are we talking about the Farmer God Street now?" Elder Zhuo sneered and retorted.

Wei Tiantong nearly broke out into a swearing rant, but he forcefully restrained his anger, "If Pill Master Yu dies from poison, then all the promises are for naught. He is the cure to your juniors' ailments. If you don't save him now, are you going to wait until he's dead and bury your juniors with him as well?"

Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng wouldn't have been that furious if he hadn't brought up the matter, but he had. It was Elder Feng who immediately broke out into a swearing rant, "Wei Tiantong, you're the one who invited enemies into our family! How dare you say that he's some 'cure to our troubles? Why didn't you bring up the fact that he's the source of our ailments too?"

The moment he said this, Wei Tiantong and that Pill Master Yu's expression changed slightly. Wei Tiantong denied the accusation, "I have no idea what you're talking about. What source?"

Elder Feng hectored angrily, "Cut the act already. This Yu bastard is the cause of everything. Elder Zhuo's grandson and my disciple were both poisoned by him! How dare the two of you then pretend to be the good guy! How dare you put on this front to recruit us two old men! Wei Tiantong, you're a good traitor alright! Look at this scheme of yours! We were completely led about by the nose!"

Wei Tiantong was completely dumbfounded by this turn of events. How had the two old bastards managed to figure out such a well hidden secret? No wonder they ignored all of his gestures even though he'd been constantly sending them signals earlier!

Pill Master Yu understood that the truth had been exposed, so he decided that he might as well drop all pretenses and screamed at Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng, "What are you old bastards waiting for then? Your juniors will be dead for sure without my unique skills to save them! If you're smart,then take down this pretender now and loot his antidote. If you present the antidote to me obediently, then maybe I can consider forgiving you two…"

Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng exchanged a glance with each other. They both thought that this fellow had gone crazy. Wei Jie even sneered, "Stop dreaming, Yu. Pill Master Zhen already took care of your little tricks a few days ago."

"What?" Pill Master Yu and Wei Tiantong turned pale at the same time. The duo exchanged a glance and saw countless complicated feelings in each other's eyes. Wei Tiantong particularly, felt that the world was spinning beneath him. Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng's betrayal meant that his schemes had completely fallen through today! His ambitions to seize the seat of house lord from Wei Tianxiao was completely and utterly trashed!

Wei Tianxiao didn't miss the opportunity to hector, "Wei Tiantong, you and your son have colluded with the Majestic Clan and attempted to break the house apart! Your sins are unforgivable!"

The moment he said this, both father and son, as well as Wei Tiantong's trusted elder all looked panic-stricken. The other three great elders, Wei Zhi, Wei Zhuo and Wei Feng, all immediately encircled the scene. Wei Tianxiao waved his hand and summoned his personal bodyguards from all directions. They immediately sealed off all of the exits. Wei Jie and Jiang Chen themselves had retreated to the back leisurely. At this point, juniors like them no longer needed to interfere with the matter.

Wei Tiantong's face became distorted in face of the downward spiralling situation. The violent look of a trapped beast sprung to his face, and he stared coldly at Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng, "How dare you two old bastards play me like a fool! Don't blame me for being merciless then!" He threw a glance at Pill Master Yu after this. The latter laughed malevolently and exclaimed in a soft tone, "Should've done this from the start!"

He made a hand gesture as he said this and instantly caused the greenery around the backyard to explode. A formation immediately enveloped the entire area. The moment the formation came alive, all sorts of poison formations activated as well and suffused the air in white smoke.

"Wei Tianxiao, you're the one who forced me to this!" Wei Tiantong roared madly with eyes filled with malevolence. His tone indicated his madness. "You are the house lord, but not only have you failed to lead the house forwards, you've cause it to grow weaker day by day! As the house lord, you don't know how to be flexible. There's no way we'll have a bright future following a dying power like the Coiling Dragon Clan! The Majestic Clan will become the true premier clan in Veluriyam Capital in the future! Wei Tianxiao, your blind loyalty is outdated! Tell me, in what other aspects are you better than me? You're only slightly better than me in martial dao, so why should you be the house lord and I just the next-in-line?"

Wei Tiantong was almost shouting when he said these words. It was as if he was trying vent all of the frustrations he had pent up for hundreds of years. In the end, he even sounded like he was forcing out his words through gritted teeth. "From today onwards, I, Wei Tiantong will be the lord of House Wei. I won't kill you, Wei Tianxiao. I will disable you, imprison you and make you watch me, Wei Tiantong, lead House Wei into a brighter future than today! That's because I will always be better than you!"

Smoke was everywhere inside the poison formation. Wei Tianxiao and his men kept trying to break out of the encirclement and avoid the seeping poison attacks. Wei Tiantong immediately broke into a string of crazed laughter when he saw this, "Don't waste your time, Wei Tianxiao. This poison formation contains the essence of Pill Master Yu's knowledge that he spent his entire life accumulating. Its poison isn't something that the lot of you can endure unless you've taken the antidote like I did beforehand. Hahahaha…"

Pill Master Yu was also laughing eerily, "Zhen, this is the time to turn in the antidote obediently if you're smart. We may even consider making a trade."

Jiang Chen observed his surroundings inside the poison formation for a moment, and he had to admit that the arrangement of this formation was both ingenious and well hidden. Even he hadn't noticed it until the moment it was activated. That being said, although the poison formation was set up ingeniously and the poison was quite strong, he had prepared the Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill beforehand. Even if this poison formation could bring the others some harm, it was definitely not strong enough to be a critical threat.

As expected, when Jiang Chen looked towards Wei Tianxiao and the others, the group quickly realized that the poison formation hadn't inflicted any mortal danger despite their initial panic. Wei Tianxiao, Elder Zhuo and the others quickly calmed down after that.

"Wei Tiantong, is this your final struggle?" Jiang Chen's sneer rang from inside the smoke-filled formation.

Wei Tiantong turned furious, "How much longer can you keep up that tough act, brat?! Even if you're good enough to avoid these poisons, do you really think you can escape my grasp without Wei Tiaoxiao's protection?"

Pill Master Yu said coldly, "If I were you, I would surrender now, brat!"

"You have no idea who's at the end of their ropes, do you?" Jiang Chen smiled disdainfully from inside the formation before casting a glance at Wei Tianxiao and Elder Zhuo. Wei Tianxiao nodded slightly and acted in unison with Elder Zhuo and Feng. They immediately pounced in Wei Tiantong's direction through the smoke.

"Mm? You all…" Wei Tiantong was caught off guard to see the four great experts charging towards him at the same time. They looked quite vigorous and brimming with vitality, no sign of being poisoned at all. For an instant, Wei Tiantong was completely confused. How could this be? They had tested out Pill Master Yu's poison formation many times. There were absolutely no problems with it.

Even Pill Master Yu himself was stunned silly. Disbelief covered his face as his pupils shrank rapidly. For a time, he actually forgot that he was facing a life or death situation. The domain of an eighth level emperor realm came to life, and Wei Tiantong's men were instantly suppressed by it. Pill Master Yu failed to act before he was slapped right out of the formation by Wei Tianxiao.

"Jie'er, this bastard poisoned you before. I'll leave him to you to exact your vengeance!" Wei Tianxiao was obviously furious.

The sudden turn of events caused Wei Tiantong to lose control completely. He yelled madly, "Impossible! How can I possibly lose to you, Wei Tianxiao!?"

Wei Tianxiao said coldly, "Are you still unrepentant in the face of death?"

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