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Chapter 751: All Is Ready

On the other side, Wei Tiantong's trusted elder was destroyed by the combined force of Wei Zhi, Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng. Wei Tiantong's son, Wei Xiu attempted to escape, but no such possibility existed while he was enveloped inside the emperor domain. He too was killed by Elder Feng by a single palm strike. Elder Feng was a person who abhorred evil, and his fury had been completely kindled this time. It was because of Wei Tiangtong's urging of Pill Master Yu to activate the poison formation that both Elder Feng and Elder Zhuo realized that they actually hadn't been informed about this beforehand, despite being allies. This also meant that Wei Tiangtong might have been very well planning to take both of them out once he had dealt with Wei Tianxiao! How could Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng possibly show mercy after understanding this?

After they eliminated Wei Xiu, they joined the battle against Wei Tiantong and sealed off all of his possible paths of retreat. Since they were already planning to clean house, it was only natural to eliminate their enemies completely! If Wei Tiantong were allowed to escape today, he would definitely grow to become a threat again in the future. With Wei Tiantong's ability to cause trouble like a typical villain, he might very well collude with House Wei's enemies and return to harm them in the future. Wei Tianxiao was already stronger than Wei Tiantong to begin with, and now the three elders had completely sealed off his paths of retreat too. Although Wei Tiantong struggled at death's door and displayed a level of combat power that his limits, it didn't change the fact that he was still in great danger. It didn't take long before he was struck a couple of times by his attackers.

"Wei Tiantong, you colluded with House Wei's enemies and attempted to bring harm to your own family. Are you still trying to resist even now?" Wei Zhi yelled from outside the battle and attempted to break down Wei Tiantong's will with words.

Wei Tiantong suffered repeated blows. His hair was disheveled, his body covered all over with blood, and he looked more like a trapped, despairing beast than the sixth level emperor realm cultivator he was. The graceful bearing he was used to as the person with the second most highest authority in House Wei was long gone. Wei Tiantong continued to scream madly while struggling like a doomed beast, "Damn you, heavens! I refuse to accept this! I am not in any way weaker than him, so why is he the victor in the end? Why?!"

Wei Tiantong really couldn't accept this outcome. Before they'd departed for the meeting today, he'd thought through today's plan and felt that it was perfect and multilayered. Be it in brains or brawn, he was certain that he could toy with Wei Tianxiao and Wei Jie to their deaths. He never imagined that he would be the one eventually toyed to death instead!

On the outskirts, Elder Zhuo said coldly, "Wei Tiantong, how can you possibly compare to our house lord? You have ambition, but not the ability to realize your ambition. You have skill, but not the heart to use it at the right place. What else do you have? Are you stronger than our house lord in terms of martial strength? Is your failure of a son better than young master Wei Jie? You're not even as kindhearted and generous as our house lord! You claim that you are better than our house lord, but at what, exactly?"

"Wei Zhuo, you two timing bastard! I'll haunt you even if in death!" Despite his final struggles, Wei Tiantong was ultimately suppressed.

Wei Tianxiao and the three family elders came over to shower Jiang Chen with thanks, "Pill King Zhen, we must thank you for your Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill, or the consequences would've been unthinkable."

Wei Jie had also just cleaved that Pill Master Yu in half before walking over to thank Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn't claim the credit, however. They were all on the same boat after all. Everything he did was not just to help House Wei, but also himself. "Everyone, it is not time yet to feel relieved. Judging from that Pill Master Yu and Wei Tiantong's words, Pill Master Yu was obviously a spy sent over from the Majestic Clan. Although these people had all been eliminated, the Majestic Clan may not necessarily decide to give up just like this!" Jiang Chen sounded the alarm for everyone.

Wei Tianxiao's expression was dark, "The Majestic Clan is acting more and more outrageous as of late. They have stretched their fingers so long that they reach even into House Wei."

The Majestic Clan's ambition is an open secret. This is obviously a sign that they are declaring war against the Coiling Dragon Clan!" Elder Zhuo also sighed.

"It would seem that the competition to become the number one clan will only grow more and more intense in the future," Elder Feng also nodded.

The look in Wei Tianxiao's eyes was deep as it fell on Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng for a very long time. Finally, he spoke seriously, "Elder Zhuo, Elder Feng, the threat in our family is temporarily removed after this battle, but there are still some things that I must say now as the house lord. No matter what happens, House Wei will not change their allegiance to the Majestic Clan. Even if the Coiling Dragon Clan falls from the limelight in the future, even if the Coiling Dragon Clan fell from the number one clan to the last ranking clan, House Wei will never abandon the Coiling Dragon Clan unless they'd thrown us out of the door themselves!"

His tone was exceptionally firm when he said this.

Elder Zhuo sighed softly, "House Lord, we didn't harbor any such thoughts from the beginning. We just had an agreement with Wei Tiantong to rent the shop at Farmer God District to House Tong. Thankfully, we managed to redeem ourselves in the end and stop from committing such a huge error. We had absolutely no intentions of turning traitor against the Coiling Dragon Clan, much less than submitting to the Majestic Clan."

"Elder Zhuo is correct. I, Wei Feng will never commit such a treacherous act. House Lord, the reason House Wei was able to become a ninth rank aristocratic family is largely due to the Coiling Dragon Clan's aid. Although the Coiling Dragon Clan has been slightly low key as of late, this may just be an act to fool their enemies. They may yet soar to the heavens and stand above all other clans one day!" Elder Feng also expressed his open support of Wei Tianxiao's decision as the house lord.

Wei Tianxiao felt much better after hearing the declaration from Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng. The great internal threat Wei Tiantong had been eliminated, and Elder Feng and Elder Zhuo had changed their stance from neutral to supporting him, the house lord. House Wei had finally regained its order. As long as House Wei stood together, they feared no one at all.

Wei Tianxiao was feeling very cheerful, but he hadn't forgotten that Jiang Chen was the one who'd contributed the most to their success. He smiled and came over to take Jiang Chen's hand. "The greatest contributor in regaining order in House Wei is without a doubt Pill King Zhen. Don't you think so, everyone?"

Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng both nodded.

"Pill King Zhen not only possesses brilliant, heaven defying skills, but is also a capable person who managed to turn the tides against Wei Tiantong. I thoroughly bow to him," Elder Zhuo had accepted Jiang Chen from the bottom of his heart. His grandson Wei Mo had improved noticeably after he had obeyed Jiang Chen's secret 'prescription' for the past two days. After consuming Jiang Chen's pills, even the gods looked like they were on Wei Mo's side as his grandson began showing signs of a breakthrough.

As for Elder Feng, he hadn't believe in Jiang Chen's abilities at all at the beginning, but now he too was impressed from the bottom of his heart. Not only had his disciple Mu Ge recovered under Jiang Chen's treatment, his cultivation had even progressed a little. Not only was the elder thoroughly admiring of Jiang Chen, he was also immensely grateful for the pill king's assistance. "House lord, you were saying that Pill King Zhen intends to work with our House Wei? What exactly do you mean by that? I'm truly looking forward to it," asked Elder Feng.

"Come, let's discuss things inside," Seeing that the dust had settled and knowing that there would be no obstacles whatsoever in the path of cooperation with Jiang Chen, Wei Tianxiao couldn't help but feel very cheerful.

The death of Wei Tiantong meant that the six great leaders in House Wei had dwindled down to a number of four. Since Jiang Chen shared a great relationship with all four leaders, this also meant that their partnership was confirmed in a joyous atmosphere. House Wei would be responsible for providing the shop and raw materials of the pills, while Jiang Chen would be responsible for providing the technique and manpower. All income would be split fifty fifty. If this deal had been brought up before the end of the Wei Tiantong incident, it would've been very difficult for Jiang Chen to convince either Elder Zhuo or Elder Feng into an agreement with his current identity of an unknown second rank pill king.

But after witnessing Jiang Chen's abilities with their own eyes, both Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng had become a diehard fan of 'Pill King Zhen'. Moreover, the plans Jiang Chen had outlined for his pill shop also convinced everyone in House Wei and showed them a bright, perfect future. Take today for example, Jiang Chen's Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill had played an absolutely critical role in the suppression of Wei Tiantong. If Jiang Chen hadn't told them to consume the pill earlier, they would've suffered a great disadvantage under the effects of Pill Master Yu's poison formation. It was obvious that this Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill was much more effective than the traditional version of the pill. There was no doubt that this pill would herald in a bright future if it was released to the market.

Jiang Chen also passed on the first list of necessary ingredients to House Wei. They agreed to officially open the shop half a month later. House Wei would be responsible for marketing and promotion, while Jiang Chen would be responsible for refining the pills.


Inside the main residence of the Majestic Clan. The Majestic clan lord had summoned a few of his aristocratic family house lords to meet him. "So Wei Tiantong was just useless trash in the end," the clan lord sighed softly, his voice revealing a hint of disappointment.

"Father, something's not quite right here. According to my understanding, Wei Tiantong should've taken control of the situation, so why did he have the tables turned against him all of a sudden? There must be a deeper reason behind this," spoke the clan lord's son, Wang Teng.

"I will shall send someone to investigate into this matter, of course. However, Wei Tiantong's failure has disrupted our plans, especially in regards to House Wei's shop at Farmer God District. I was planning to use that shop to do a little something, but now that Wei Tiantong has failed, it is highly unlikely that Wei Tianxiao would ever rent that shop to us," Clan Lord Wang Ting pondered.

"In my opinion, there's no need for us to show them too much courtesy. If they will not submit to us willingly, then we should force them to." The suggestion given by the lord of House Tong was incredibly forceful.

The lord of House Sikou, Sikou Yuan, also echoed this suggestion with eyes full of expectation, "Clan Lord, perhaps we should put on a show of force to House Wei and teach them a lesson or two."

House Sikou and House Wei were ancient enemies to begin with, and House Sikou had been suffering from bad luck recently. They had still found no clues whatsoever to the Myriad Puppets Pavilion robbery, and this failure had caused a bit of anger to accumulate in Sikou Yuan's heart. His anger might subside a little if his sworn enemy, House Wei would suffer some misfortune as well.

Wang Teng also looked eager, "Why don't you leave this to me, father? I guarantee that I'll force their obedience in full."

The clan lord mulled over the suggestion for a moment, but ultimately shook his head, "Teng'er, small skirmishes of no importance, but if you are to oppress House Wei openly, the Coiling Dragon Clan won't just sit by and watch it happen. After all, House Wei is a central supporter for the Coiling Dragon Clan."

Wang Teng seemed to agree with his father after thinking over the matter for a bit, and he followed up with a question with glittering eyes, "Father, what on earth is that Coiling Dragon Clan planning?"

The Coiling Dragon Clan had always been the indisputable number one clan in the entire Veluriyam Capital. Their status in Veluriyam Capital was as high as one could imagine, and although they had been extremely low key for the past few years, they were still the premier clan in Veluriyam Capital in many people's eyes. The Majestic Clan might be hotly ambitious, but even they didn't dare to tear down all pretenses of cordiality before the time was right. However, it was extremely odd that the Coiling Dragon Clan, the foremost clan in Veluriyam Capital, would act so low key for the past few years.

Despite their thirst to become the top clan in Veluriyam Capital, even the internal ranks of the the Majestic Clan weren't sure why the Coiling Dragon Clan had acted so low key. Because of this, the Majestic Clan was wary despite their eagerness to replace the Coiling Dragon Clan's position.

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