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Chapter 666: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself, Astounds All Present

What was going on? Mu Gaoqi was saying that he wasn’t Mu Gaoqi? Then who was he?

All eyes were on him and scanning furiously, full of curiosity and speculation. This change was simply too ridiculous. He’d put on such a show and fight, overcoming all obstacles, but was turning out not to be Mu Gaoqi? One had to say, the sudden changes to this script made those watching feel that they couldn’t mentally keep up.

Huang’er down beneath the stage had a faint smile on her face. She had also guessed that Jiang Chen was about to reveal his identity. After all, it wouldn’t do to continue in this manner. Mu Gaoqi didn’t have this kind of strength. It wouldn’t be good for him to have this kind of reputation. With Jiang Chen’s personality, he would never create trouble for his friends.

Palace Head Dan Chi raised his hands in a cupped fist salute and ignored Wang Jianyu taking delight in his misery. He spoke sincerely, “Everyone, we shouldn’t have kept it a secret from you, it was just that…”

Wang Jianyu roared angrily, “Stop talking, Dan Chi! Answer truthfully! Do you dare say that your Regal Pill Palace has nothing wrong with it now?”

Dan Chi smiled faintly, “And what’s wrong with us?”

“This fellow’s background? Dare you say where he’s from?” Wang Jianyu felt that he had finally grasped onto the Regal Pill Palace’s secret.

Dan Chi looked at him as if he were looking at an idiot. “I was going to tell everyone anyways, do I need your reminder?”

Xiang Wentian smiled wryly, “Come on, out with it ole brother Dan Chi.”

Even Honored Master Tian Ming didn’t speak up on behalf of the Regal Pill Palace this time. After all, everyone would feel a bit of doubt before his identity was revealed.

“He may not be Mu Gaoqi, but he’s someone you’re all familiar with. Jiang Chen, show yourself!”

Jiang Chen? The faces of those assembled all changed enormously again when they heard this name. Jiang Chen? Had they heard wrongly? How could it be Jiang Chen? Shouldn’t Jiang Chen be within Mt. Rippling Mirage? He might’ve even perished within it after all these years. What was he doing here?

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and ripped off his disguise with a shake of his body, revealing his true form. His confident smile and sharply defined features gave everyone an enormous visual impact. There was the air of a victor in his smile, making the other geniuses somehow feel a bit ashamed of themselves.

Ling Bi’er’s heart trembled the moment Jiang Chen revealed himself. When she saw that familiar face that had haunted her dreams, she too felt an irrepressible surge of emotion. Which girl didn’t have dreams? Which girl didn’t hope for the prince of her dreams to appear in front of her in a position of utmost superiority? Jiang Chen was satisfying almost all of her daydreams in this moment, and Ling Bi’er felt herself completely sunk in his attraction.

Huang’er also seemed to detect Ling Bi’er’s emotional ripples, but she didn’t grow jealous. Her smile was still that generous and open beneath her veil. With his display of such glory and prowess, he sits firmly on the seat of top genius in the Myriad Domain, doesn’t he? Elder Shun would be quite gratified if he knew all this. To be honest, Huang’er also knew that Jiang Chen’s potential was astounding, but she had to admit after she witnessed all of his methods that this man from the Eastern Kingdom was imprinting himself ever further into his consciousness.

Jiang Chen!

Xiang Wentian smiled ruefully, at a loss for words. He had indeed tried to tempt Jiang Chen at the Pill Battles, but the Regal Pill Palace and Jiang Chen had turned him down. He finally understood Dan Chi’s words now. He had indeed been rejected once, so how would he possibly succeed now?

Xiang Qin was in great spirits when he saw Jiang Chen. “Hahaha! Jiang Chen, it’s you! Good, good, very good! I feel so much better all of a sudden! I was thinking how the Regal Pill Palace would have not one, but two disciples who could heartily defeat me! Now that I know it’s all the same person, I feel so much better!” This fellow had a straightforward personality and said whatever was on his mind.

Shen Qinghong was also greatly surprised. “Jiang Chen? Then junior brother Mu Gaoqi…”

“Gaoqi should still be cultivating in the Regal Pill Palace,” Jiang Chen smiled. “I’m worried of making trouble for him with my impersonation, this is why I’ve revealed myself.”

Shen Qinghong nodded and sighed, “Jiang Chen, I really do bow down to you.”

Jun Mobai walked over speaking in a very friendly tone, “Jiang Chen, I haven’t had the chance to invite you to my residence, and had thought I wouldn’t have the chance to in the future. But to think…”

Elder Lian Cheng’s bit of jealously towards Elder Yun Nie vanished when he saw that Mu Gaoqi turned into Jiang Chen. He was in a great mood that it wasn’t Elder Yun Nie’s personal disciple. As for Jiang Chen, this kid had been ridiculous already when he’d been in the Regal Pill Palace, so he could actually accept Jiang Chen being even more heaven defying now. However, Wang Jianyu obviously wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily. He called out loudly, “Well isn’t this even more interesting! Everyone knows that Jiang Chen should be in Mt. Rippling Mirage. What’s he doing here for no reason? Do I have reason to think that this is an imposter?”

This matter was simply too bizarre, no one couldn’t make sense of it at all. Why had Jiang Chen suddenly appeared here? This didn’t make any sense at all!

Jiang Chen looked remotely at Wang Jianyu. “What? how do you want to play this time? Do you want to test my bloodline? Or accuse me of being planted by the Sky Sect?”

Wang Jianyu snorted coldly and spoke arrogantly, “I don’t need to do anything. I only ask this, how are you possibly here if you’re in Mt. Rippling Mirage? Do you take all of us for idiots to be played around by your Regal Pill Palace?”

Everyone flung curious looks over at Jiang Chen. They were also curious and wanted an answer from Jiang Chen.

Xiang Wentian chuckled, “Indeed, Jiang Chen, I’ve heard of your exploits in the ancient herb garden as well. You didn’t emerge from Mt. Rippling Mirage.”

Wei Wuying of the Walkabout Sect also spoke up, “Indeed, we’ve all seen this matter with our own eyes.”

Jiang Chen smiled, “And this matter is precisely what I’m afraid that you lot are still harboring a grudge about!”

Xiang Wentian responded faintly, “You had no wrong in that matter. Everyone was fighting for the sky rank spirit herbs in the ancient herb garden on basis of their own strength. It’s not all you. Besides, you refined the antidote and saved everyone. As much as some might still hold a grudge, they swore a heavenly oath to not make trouble on basis of that matter.”

“I will thank everyone then since that’s the case.” Jiang Chen smiled and cupped his fists, raising them in the four directions as a gesture of thanks.

“Hmph, Jiang Chen, are you playing dumb? Everyone’s asking how you got out, do you think you can get by with this smoke and mirror?” Wang Jianyu took threatening steps forward and wouldn’t allow Jiang Chen to evade the question.

Jiang Chen shrugged, “I don’t think I have an obligation to explain myself to you, hmm?”

Wang Jianyu burst out laughing, “Look at that everyone! He’s feeling guilty! I don’t think he could’ve walked out before the formation cycle was up. If there really is a problem with the Great Formation, then why is he the only one out and not Elder Chen of my Sacred Sword Palace either?”

Wang Jianyu’s words still ended up having some effect. Suspicion was written all over everyone’s faces and they were also curious, was this young man really Jiang Chen? Or was he yet another imposter? There was a risk to pretending to be Mu Gaoqi, but none whatsoever for Jiang Chen since he was locked away in Mt. Rippling Mirage. There was no witness to accuse him otherwise!

Xiang Wentian too felt this matter was too important. “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, if you can, please explain yourself.”

Wei Wuying also remarked, “You must explain. The Great Formation of Mt. Rippling Mirage has to do with the ancient herb garden. Anything to do with it has to do with the source of all spirit herbs in the Myriad Domain. This is very important.”

Even Honored Master Tian Ming couldn’t speak for the Regal Pill Palace this time. He only looked at Jiang Chen, waiting to hear his explanation. Jiang Chen smiled frankly, “It’s actually very simple. A crack formed in the formation and I happened to find it. That’s all.”

“What?” Everyone was flabbergasted. How could there be a crack in the formation? The Great Formation had been passed down for thousands of years. They’d never heard of any crack! Was Jiang Chen talking sheer nonsense?

Wang Jianyu guffawed loudly. “Do you hear that, do you hear that everyone? He can say something so ludicrous as this! A crack in the Great Formation? Do you all believe this? Ole brother Xiang, you’re a ninth level sage realm cultivator. Have you ever felt this?”

Xiang Wentian had a solemn expression on his face as well as he stared at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen however, remained perfectly at ease. “Wang Jianyu, I have no need to be polite since you are an elder with no virtue. You can simply find a time and take a walk with me to the Great Formation to see if there’s a crack! I walked out from there, what can you do about it? You want proof? Easy!” He made a grasping motion with his hands and summoned forth various sky rank spirit herbs. “I trust no one’s unfamiliar with these?”

They were the spirit herbs that Jiang Chen had taken from each sect back then. No one would be unfamiliar with them. Elder Wu Hen of the Walkabout Sect smiled ruefully, “It really is him.”

He’d made up his mind not to fight against Jiang Chen when he left the ancient herb garden, and was now both frightened and relieved. What a good thing he’d done in not continuing to fight against Jiang Chen. This child was absolutely insane! His strength hadn’t been enough to measure up to the elder’s in the ancient herb garden and so he’d escaped, but now Elder Wu Hen was well aware that five of himself wouldn’t be enough to withstand against the bombardment from Jiang Chen’s golden armored warriors, not to mention his dragon bloodline…

The sky rank spirit herbs were the best evidence. Those of the other sects all shook their heads with rueful smiles. They had once possessed these herbs, but they’d been taken away. Now that they saw the herbs again, they did so with mixed emotions. Elder Xiang Gan of the Great Cathedral was also extremely dejected. He also knew that even Family Head Xiang Wentian would have to treat Jiang Chen with caution now, much less himself!



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