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Chapter 667: Sacred Sword Palace, All Of You Come At Me Together!

These sky rank herbs were the best evidence of who he was. It wasn’t something that people could fake. Yet, Wang Jianyu was quick to try and refute, “Don’t forget everyone! Jiang Chen could’ve handed these spirit herbs over to Elder Yun Nie in the beginning, and had the elder bring them out! That’s not impossible either, don’t be taken in by them!”

Jiang Chen had thought that the sky rank herbs would be enough to dispel everyone’s doubts, but these words awoke another train of suspicion in their minds. Indeed, Jiang Chen could’ve handed these spirit herbs over to Elder Yun Nie and had the elder bring them out! Bringing them out now might not mean anything. If the Regal Pill Palace really was up to something, they could easily pull the wool over everyone’s eyes in bringing out these spirit herbs. The doubts that had been dispelled grew once again.

Jiang Chen had been contemptuous of Wang Jianyu to begin with, but now his temper had been completely roused by this sect head’s insistence on creating trouble for him time and again. He rolled his eye and stared straight at Wang Jianyu, “Wang Jianyu, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

Wang Jianyu laughed, “I have a clear conscience. My only intention is the good of the Myriad Domain. What proof do you have that you’re actually Jiang Chen?”

“Proof?” Jiang Chen laughed heartily. “Why don’t I tell you how we all killed Elder Chen? That was rather exciting; I wonder if you want to hear it?”

Wang Jianyu’s face changed greatly as Jiang Chen’s words hit him, and he unconsciously reached for the hilt of his sword. Undeterred, Jiang Chen continued on with great gusto, “That old man Elder Chen used sword butterflies to split everyone into two directions, having that idiot Elder Xi take another bunch of little idiots to lure away the Great Cathedral and Tristar Sect. He then followed me all the way back to the island…”

Jiang Chen described the battle with great enthusiasm, obviously with some creative modifications to what had happened. He naturally wouldn’t reveal Long Xiaoxuan’s presence, but described Elder Chen’s demise at the hands of his golden-armored warriors instead. No one knew when he’d gotten them anyways; he could say whatever he wanted. The audience was enthralled by his story, growing more astonished at each twist in the story. Who would’ve thought that the earth sage realm Elder Chen would be so despicable? And then die in such an ignoble manner?

Silence, dead silence prevailed.

Every detail from Jiang Chen was a perfect match with what had happened. Of that, the Great Cathedral could bear witness because they’d wanted to follow Jiang Chen then too. They’d wanted to benefit from a fight between Jiang Chen and the Sacred Sword Palace. Xiang Qin called out, “I don’t care if you all believe it or not, but I do, absolutely. He’s Jiang Chen, there’s no doubt about it. The Regal Pill Palace had already left by then; there’s no way they could describe this.”

A rueful laugh suddenly sounded from the Walkabout Sect side. It was Elder Wu Hen. “Everyone can stop being suspicious. I can confirm that this fellow is Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen started. He’d never thought that Elder Wu Hen of the Walkabout Sect would step forth to bear witness. After all, they’d fought to the death for that sky rank spirit herb, and he’d chased Jiang Chen only to fail. It looks like Elder Wu Hen’s thoroughly bowed down to me?

“Don’t ask me why; I just want to say that it’d be insane if he wasn’t Jiang Chen,” Elder Wu Hen smiled wryly.

There were people stepping forth from the Great Cathedral and Walkabout Sect. Honored Master Tian Ming also stepped forward at this time, “Since everyone thinks there’s no problem, then there’s definitely no problem. It’s easy to fake being someone, but all of this evidence isn’t easy to fake.”

Wang Jianyu gritted his teeth. It filled him with a deep sense of helplessness to see everyone choosing to believe Jiang Chen. At the same time, he knew that his window of opportunity had closed. Anything he said now would be for naught. He looked at Jiang Chen with a sinister look. “Not bad, you little scum. You’ve such a glib tongue that everyone’s convinced and vouches for you. My Sacred Sword Palace however, doesn’t believe you!”

“Do I need you to?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

The Sacred Sword Palace? It was nothing in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He wouldn’t think much of it in ordinary times, never mind the chaotic times that the Myriad Domain was in now. He’d even killed Cao Jin, so he didn’t mind a Sacred Sword Palace at all.

Wang Jianyu looked at Xiang Wentian, “Ole brother Xiang, if I said that my Sacred Sword Palace would like to take care of private grudges with the Regal Pill Palace, would your Great Cathedral agree to it?”

The assembly erupted into an uproar when these words were said. Did the Sacred Sword Palace want to erupt into open hostilities? The atmosphere immediately turned into glass, fragile, but deadly. Dan Chi held up a hand as the Regal Pill Palace bristled from behind him, each of them radiating hostility and ready for anything.

Xiang Wentian looked at Wang Jianyu, “Wang Jianyu, are you looking to rebel?”

Wang Jianyu started. He hadn’t thought that the Great Cathedral would oppose him fighting with the Regal Pill Palace! Wouldn’t such an action be to the Great Cathedral’s benefit? He’d thought that they’d agree wholeheartedly, but he’d actually run into opposition from Xiang Wentian!

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “Wang Jianyu, are you sure you want to settle the score?” He suddenly grinned and looked over the Sacred Sword Palace entourage. His lips curled indifferently as he said, “Then how about this? No matter how many you’ve got with you, come at me. I’ll take you all on myself.”

“What?!” These words were even more explosive than the last. Once again, people began to disbelieve their ears. What did Jiang Chen mean? Him alone against all of the elites of the Sacred Sword Palace? Although their strongest, Wang Jianyu, was only eighth level sage realm, his strength was still rather impressive. It wasn’t an empty boast that the Sacred Sword Palace’s strength was second only to the Great Cathedral. Was Jiang Chen so arrogant as to take on all of the Sacred Sword Palace by himself? You may be genius enough to crush Wang Han underfoot and force Xiang Qin to forfeit, but that’s limited to the younger generation! Now you want to face the entire Sacred Sword Palace, and all those old monsters hundreds and thousands of years old? This Jiang Chen really did dare run his mouth off.

Dan Chi spoke up noncommittally, “There’s no need for this, Jiang Chen. Those of our Regal Pill Palace are all brave warriors. None of us will flee on the eve of battle. His Sacred Sword Palace wants to try and win using a numerical advantage? What does my Regal Pill Palace fear?”

Jiang Chen waved his hand, “Palace Head, allow me to handle this.” He’d made up his mind this time. You Sacred Sword Palace fellows keep challenging my bottom line time and time again. I’m no saint to keep endlessly enduring. He’d decided, to hell with everything. It was time to settle this once and for all. If he could fell the peak of ninth level sage realm Cao Jin, what was there to be scared of in just a Sacred Sword Palace? As strong as they were, they wouldn’t be stronger than Cao Jin’s group of three. Their strongest combatant was an eighth level sage realm Wang Jianyu. In terms of strength, he was miles from Cao Jin. Therefore, Jiang Chen knew that if he were to use formations, he would be able to easily destroy the entire Sacred Sword Palace. He wasn’t blindly confident. He was well aware that the Sacred Sword Palace wasn’t the Great Cathedral.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t have contemplated this if his opponent had been the Great Cathedral. Their ability to make their bloodline berserk was terrifying enough, let alone their totemic power. If Xiang Wentian went berserk and used the immense power of the totems, he might even be on par with an initial stage emperor realm cultivator. Jiang Chen may not be afraid of that level of strength, but he’d find it tricky as well.

However, the Sacred Sword Palace was different. They just weren’t as strong as the Great Cathedral, even with trump cards. Although Jiang Chen hadn’t digested even one tenth of the heritage he’d received from the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect, it was more than enough to handle the Sacred Sword Palace. He wouldn’t even have to bring Long Xiaoxuan into the battle!

Jiang Chen’s current posture alone was enough to make those of the other sects all look at each other askance. After all, even if he had displayed an overwhelming strength, it wasn’t at the level where it could back up his words. Yet, the forefathers of the Great Cathedral were also looking at each other speechlessly. They’d discovered that Jiang Chen was truly unfathomable. It looked like he hadn’t displayed the true depths of his strength yet in previous matches. This meant that he still hadn’t brought out his final ace when Xiang Qin had forfeited!

“Just… what kind of fortune does Jiang Chen have?” Xiang Wentian of the Great Cathedral experienced a complicated mix of emotions at that moment. He really wanted to take Jiang Chen away from the Regal Pill Palace, but knew that even if he did so, Jiang Chen wasn’t the least bit interested in joining the Great Cathedral. Right now, it looked like he wanted to take on the entire Sacred Sword Palace in single combat! With Xiang Wentian’s understanding of Jiang Chen, this kid likely wasn’t speaking frivolously. Does he really have that much confidence? Just how frightening is his strength?

Even Xiang Wentian himself wouldn’t be willing to take on an entire sect alone. Although he had the strength to, he wouldn’t have the attitude to say it so boldly!

“Everyone, might we borrow the premises for a battle?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly and raised a cupped fist salute in all directions, speaking quite politely. All of the sect heavyweights were taken with curiosity at this point and subconsciously had their people back away.

Honored Master Tian Ming smiled wryly, “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, must you really do this?”

Jiang Chen smiled, “Since they wish to settle old scores, then let’s settle it all here and now!”

Xiang Wentian’s heart trembled. He stared fixedly at Wang Jianyu, “Wang Jianyu, are you sure you want to settle the score between the two sects right now?”

Wang Jianyu laughed coldly, “Let this kid try his luck. His arrogance is praiseworthy, if nothing else.”

Xiang Wentian nodded, “Alright, then the situation is clear. Your Scared Sword Palace is acting alone to destroy the greater picture of the Myriad Domain. This isn’t just making an enemy out of the Regal Pill Palace, but of the entire Myriad Domain as well. Are you sure?”

Wang Jianyu’s heart sank, “What do you mean by this, ole brother Xiang?”

“These are tumultuous times for the Myriad Domain. Not only are you not thinking of the greater picture, but you also constantly stir up internal conflict. I feel that your intentions are damnable. Therefore, I call upon us of the Myriad Domain to unite and suppress the Sacred Sword Palace!”

The faces of all those in the Sacred Sword Palace changed when they heard this. This wasn’t a crime that they could shoulder. Things would go from bad to utterly dire if everyone started gunning for them. As arrogant and fierce as Wang Jianyu was, he was also stunned silent at this moment. He could tell that Xiang Wentian wasn’t just saying this! It was rather Jiang Chen who sighed inwardly. He knew of the family head’s intentions behind this move.


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