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Chapter 607: Attack on the Regal Pill Palace

Wei Zikua was an inspector whose responsibility was to lay the groundwork for the Myriad Domain plan. On the other hand, Cao Jin didn’t care about such matters. As a genius disciple, the only thing he looked to was profit, so he wasn’t in the least interested in the Myriad Domain’s overall situation. What he was interested in were the earth and sky rank herbs. How could Cao Jin not be moved when he heard that Jiang Chen had received a hundred earth rank herbs? Not to mention the extra seven sky rank herbs he held!

Both Zhu Changsheng and Elder Tan Lang had played a little trick by deliberately omitting the fact that the sky rank herbs might be with Jiang Chen instead of the Regal Pill Palace. All they wanted was to instigate matters and see misfortune fall upon the Regal Pill Palace.

Zhu Changsheng laughed. “Truthfully, if you attack the Regal Pill Palace, the other sects might not help them aside from the Darknorth Sect. At the very least, it’s guaranteed that the Sacred Sword Palace will stand by and gloat. The Walkabout Sect also prefers not entering the fray until others have exhausted themselves. The Great Cathedral’s response might be a bit more ambiguous, but they usually will not act unless they spy profit so they might not help either.”

Cao Jin nodded slightly. These things were not important to him at all. From the very beginning, he had not taken any of the Myriad Domain sects seriously. Whether or not they would assist the Regal Pill Palace was just a fleeting concern to him. With his peak sage realm cultivation, who could stop him from gracing the Regal Pill Palace with his presence? Wouldn’t he be able to take whatever and however much he wanted?

Earth rank herbs were used by emperor realm cultivators, but even emperor realm experts weren’t able to use as much as they wanted to.

In the entire Divine Abyss Continent, the higher rank the spirit herb, the lower the supply. Though Cao Jing was only in the peak sage realm at the moment, he was but a step away from emperor realm. He naturally felt a rush of excitement when he heard that the Regal Pill Palace had so many earth rank herbs. What’s more was that there were even several sky rank herbs. To him, these sky rank hebs were luxuries that rarely circulated even in the Upper Eight Regions.

Cao Jin smiled casually, having already made his decision. He cupped his hands towards Weizi Kua. “Envoy Weizi, you have your duty, but I have my ambitions. I must make this trip to the Regal Pill Palace.”

Weizi Kua very much wanted to prevent Cao Jin from going but his identity and status were simply insufficient to stop Cao Jin. He could only smile ruefully. “Great Sir Cao, this matter really is important. Revealing our cards too early will affect the Sky Sect’s overall plan for the Myriad Domain…”

“What overall plan? Overall plan or not, the Myriad Domain is just a Lower Region. Even if we establish a manor there, what of it then? Sky rank herbs are heavenly treasures. If we don’t accept what heaven gifts us, we’ll only invite calamity onto ourselves. Rest assured Inspector Weizi, I’m only going for the spirit herbs and not seize power. I won’t affect the overall plan.”

Cao Jin clearly had not explained things because he was afraid of Weizi Kua. What he was concerned about was if he really did derail the overall plan, even his status as one of the ten great disciples would not save him from receiving some sort of punishment when he returned to the sect.

If he could avoid damaging the sect’s plans, he should definitely do so. Although Cao Jin was assured of his own superiority, that didn’t mean he was a musclehead who only knew to fight. Cao Jin had already left his seat as he was speaking. He turned into a shadow and disappeared from the Great Hall. Weizi Kua could only stare after him, dumbfounded.

Zhu Changsheng and Elder Tan Lang were secretly gloating. Rivers of blood would flow once this murderous star invaded the Regal Pill Palace. Elder Tan Lang particularly had a belly full of grievances when he remembered how Jiang Chen had extorted him out of a sky rank herb on the lake shores. Now that a Sky Sect genius like Cao Jin would be calling upon them, even if the Regal Pill Palace wasn’t wiped out entirely, they would at minimum lose a layer of skin.

Weizi Kua’s face darkened as he glanced at Zhu Changsheng and Elder Tan Lang. “Are you two gloating secretly now that you believe your mind games worked?”

Zhu Changsheng and Tan Lang looked at each other, not knowing how to answer.

“Don’t be naïve. Cao Jin has a strong dao heart, how could you possibly sway him? The reason he went was because of the spirit herbs and Longevity Pill. If he wasn’t interested, then it would be futile even if you talked his ears off. Forget it. Apart from a few final details, our sect’s plan for the Myriad Domain is nearing its completion and we’re just waiting for a few final things. Hopefully nothing goes wrong or else, or all our previous work would have been for naught.” As he was a cautious person by nature, Weizi Kua was worried after he saw Cao Jin leave. While openly invading the Regal Pill Palace might be gratifying and enjoyable, it would be much harder to conquer the Myriad Domain without bloodshed once they had alarmed the region. Thus, he decided it was best to follow as an observer.


Cao Jing streaked at lightning pace towards the Regal Pill Palace in a beam of light. If this had been the Upper Eight Regions, then he might not have flown so impetuously, but he had no such fear in the Myriad Domain.

He arrived at the Regal Pill Palace’s boundaries half a day later, and at the outskirts of the Regal Pill Palace complex in another two hours. Cao Jin stood in the air and looked down condescendingly over the entire Palace. Suddenly, his eyes rested upon a residence in the Rosy Valley. “Hm? That residence is a bit odd. There seems to be a some sort of formation over it?” Cao Jin opened up his consciousness, scanning the entire Regal Pill Palace complex. Even Dan Chi’s residence didn’t catch his interest, but Jiang Chen’s Nine Gates Incineration Formation had piqued Cao Jin’s attention.

As Cao Jin’s consciousness flit about outside Jiang Chen’s residence, Huang’er, who happened to be bathing in the wood spirit spring, frowned. “Where did this peeping tom come from? Someone actually dares sweep my residence with their consciousness?” Though Huang’er was normally mild-mannered, she could not help but be more sensitive when she was bathing in the spring.

Although she knew that that person’s consciousness was unable to see through the wood spirit spring or spy her bathing, Huang’er still felt deeply offended. Not only was a girl without her clothes always particularly sensitive, this consciousness felt condescending, menacing and unscrupulous. This made Huang’er sure that this wasn’t an expert from the Regal Pill Palace but someone with ill intentions!

Huang’er emerged from the wood spirit spring with a splash. Her perfect body appeared even more fairy-like after being purified by the spring. The fog from the spring rose in wisps and shrouded the area, exuding a holy and spiritual feeling. As she exited the spring, her clothes immediately covered her flawless body with a flash of light.  Although the person might not have come for Jiang Chen’s residence, she felt responsible for safeguarding it since Jiang Chen had entrusted his residence to her. Thus, though Huang’er had never paid special attention to anything in her life before, this matter became particularly important to her. Huang’er would absolutely not agree to anyone who bore ill intention towards this residence.

As Cao Jin’s consciousness was extremely overbearing, the entire Regal Pill Palace was soon alerted. The Hallmaster of the Hall of Might, Lian Cheng, was immediately aware of the strong sense of provocation within this consciousness. With a long hiss, he transformed into a beam of light and shot into the sky with a momentum as fierce as dragons and tigers. “What presumptuous person dares to sweep my sect with their consciousness?” Elder Lian Chen wasn’t a shrinking violet. Once his violent temper erupted, even Elder Yun Nie needed to give him some room.

Cao Jin had a face of indifference and clasped his hands behind his back, the very picture of an old wise man.

“Kid, was it you who used your consciousness to sweep my Regal Pill Palace?” Elder Lian Cheng quickly noticed Cao Jin. However, Cao Jin merely gave Elder Lian Chen a cursory glance before he continued to wantonly probe the sect with his consciousness.

“Kid, are you deaf or mute? This seat is questioning you!” Elder Lian Chen thundered.

“What qualifications do you have to question me?” Cao Jin sneered, “Old man, let me ask you a question. Who is the one in charge of your Regal Pill Palace?”

Old man?! Elder Lian Chen was about to go ballistic. In this day and age, there was someone who actually dared come to the Regal Pill Palace and call him an old man?! Had this kid gone insane?

“Where are you from, ignorant child? Are all your elders dead? Is that why no one has ever taught you to respect your elders?” Elder Lian Chen was hopping mad.

“My elders?” Cao Jin sneered, “A rotten old man like you, are you worthy to be considered my elder?”

Elder Lian Cheng was completely enraged, “This little beast! It seems that if this old man doesn’t teach you a…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Cao Jin’s face turned cold and he suddenly shouted, “Scram!”

His voice was as imposing as tribulation lightning as it thundered towards Elder Lian Cheng with overwhelming momentum. Right as Elder Lian Cheng was rushing over, this thunder-like sound wave crashed into him head on.


Unable to put up the slightest resistance, Hallmaster Lian Cheng was directly blown away. He tumbled down from the sky.

Nearly every Regal Pill Palace disciple clearly witnessed this scene as it happened in the skies above the sect. The person who was akin to the God of War in their hearts, peak earth sage realm Elder Lian Cheng, had actually been blasted away with a single shout! This was completely horrifying! Thankfully, someone on the ground had seen Elder Lian Cheng fall down and hurried to catch him. Even so, the person who caught Elder Lian Cheng also felt as though he’d been struck in the chest and took multiple steps back before he could stand firm. His chest was heaving and he was unable to catch his breath. A single sound wave had actually been so unimaginably powerful! When he looked at Elder Lian Cheng again, the latter had a mouth full of blood and was gasping weakly.

“Hurry… quick… start the Great Protection Formation,” Elder Lian Cheng struggled to spit out these words before he collapsed in a dead faint

“Elder Lian Cheng is seriously injured! Quick, quickly start the Great Protection Formation!”

“Start the formation!”

“Inform the palace head, go, go!”

“Sound the highest level alarm, sound the highest level alarm!”

The whole Regal Pill Palace immediately descended a chaotic mess reminiscent of a knocked-over ant hill. Fortunately, the disciples manning the Great Protection Formation were well-trained and quickly initiated the formation matrix upon receiving the message.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Great Protection Formation swiftly started up, enclosingg the entire Regal Pill Palace complex. Cao Jin smiled and crossed his arms, apparently not in a hurry to attack. This caused the people below to feel some relief amidst their fear. Thankfully, the enemy was arrogant and had not taken the chance to start his assault before the formation had been set up

However, who was able to contend with such a vicious enemy?

It wasn’t that Cao Jin had not seen the opportunity to attack, but rather that he had deliberately let it go. He wanted to wait for them to complete their Great Protection Formation.

He knew that blasting away that old man was but the first step. This wasn’t enough to completely intimidate the Regal Pill Palace. Only when he’d completely broken apart the Great Protection Formation that they were so proud of would their spirits be crushed. And when that happened, it would be easy for him to pick and choose whatever he wanted.


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