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Chapter 606: The Ten Great Disciples, Sky Sect Geniuses

When he saw that both Sect Head Zhu and Elder Tan Lang hesitated to speak, the inspector harrumphed coldly. “As matters stand, what else are you unable to speak openly about? Stalling amongst yourself like this, it seems you still have something to hide?”

Sect Head Zhu smiled wryly and replied. “There are certainly things we wish to keep hidden. Only, Elder Tan Lang’s previous heavenly oath holds the fortunes of the sect at stake, so we cannot reveal anything. Yet this matter is of utmost concern, so Elder Tan Lang and I are also finding it difficult to explain our troubles.”

The eleventh rank inspector furrowed his brows. “The fortunes of your sect?”
“That’s right. If we reveal anything, our Tristar Sect will be subject to heavenly judgment.” Elder Sect Zhu’s face revealed his unease. The descent of heavenly judgment was a petrifying thought.

The members of the Ninesuns Sky Sect were naturally well aware of this fact. The eleventh rank inspector fell into a contemplative silence. However, after a moment of thought he relaxed his brows and chuckled icily. “Sect Head Zhu, you are certain that this matter is very important?”

“It is truly very important.” Sect Head Zhu nodded.

“Fine. Since that is so, the Sky Sect will grant your Tristar Sect another chance. From this moment on, the Tristar Sect will henceforth become a division of the Ninesuns Sky Sect and will enjoy treatment corresponding to one of the twelfth star divisions. When we establish a manor in the Myriad Domain in the future, Sect Head Zhu, you will be granted a seat as the vice manor lord.”

“What?” Both Sect Head Zhu and Elder Tan Lang were bewildered.
“What is it? You’re unhappy?” The eleventh rank inspector’s voice grew cold.

“No, that’s not it. Respected inspector, what do you mean?” Sect Head Zhu’s breathing increased in pace.

“Is my meaning still not clear? The Tristar Sect no longer exists from this moment henceforth. Since it doesn’t exist, then the heavenly oath doesn’t bind it, and the fortunes of the sect are all just empty talk. We will set up a Myriad Domain Manor within the sect, and you will be appointed vice manor lord. Why not be happy about this? The Tristar Sect will enjoy the treatment of a twelfth star division, how would that be less than a mere fourth rank sect?”

There were less than 20 twelfth star divisions of the Sky Sect in the entire Divine Abyss Continent, and the position of a division was absolutely higher than a mere fourth rank sect. As for the manors that the Sky Sect were divided into, there were only nine at the moment. Even if a new one was created for the Myriad Domain, even ranked dead last of all the vice manor lords, Sect Head Zhu would grasp power far beyond that of a fourth rank sect head. Sect Head Zhu was utterly delighted by this new development. The most critical thing was that if the Tristar Sect no longer existed, then the heavenly oath would no longer bind them.

The eleventh rank inspector smiled faintly and slapped a medallion of a division head onto the table. “Zhu Changsheng, if you accept this, then the Tristar Sect will no longer exist. It is entirely up to you whether you accept it or not.

Sect Head Zhu didn’t hesitate at all as he quickly snatched it. “Subordinate Zhu Changsheng greets all the superiors present.”

“Good! Straightforward and decisive!” The inspector smiled faintly. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Weizi Kuai, an eleventh rank inspector of the Sky Sect. These are all my subordinates.” He then pointed at the remote youth with the blue eyebrows. “This youngster is one of the ten great disciples. He is Sir Cao Jin, ranked ninth amongst the ten great disciples.

The ten great disciples?

Zhu Changsheng and Elder Tan Lang started sweating profusely inside. “We greatly welcome Sir Cao! We had eyes but did not recognize Mt. Tai, please forgive us!”

How could these two sit still in the presence of one of the vaunted ten great disciples of the Sky Sect? There were countless disciples in the Sky Sect, with geniuses as numerous as hairs on oxen. For one to be ranked amongst the top ten, even at number nine, that was still exceedingly stunning!

It was obvious that even the eleventh rank inspector was respectful in front of Cao Jin, as this genius’ future accomplishments would far exceed that of an eleventh rank inspector. If Cao Jin developed into his full strength, even if he wasn’t one of the candidates for sect head of the Ninesuns Sky Sect, he would at least be in charge of one of the manors. His position then would be completely incomparable to that of an eleventh rank inspector!

Although an inspector was a high position, they were still only sect representatives sent to investigate the various divisions. There was a qualitative difference between an inspector and a manor lord who held true power in their hands.

Although Cao Jin had yet to ascend to the emperor realm, he was already at the peak of the sage realm at his young age! This level of cultivation was capable of trampling everyone in the Myriad Domain. Therefore, it was understandable that Cao Jin emanated such an overbearing attitude. He smiled dispassionately and waved his hand, “Zhu Changsheng, you’ve heard Envoy Wei’s words and accepted the division head medallion. Shouldn’t you speak of useful things now?”

Cao Jin’s tone wasn’t particularly stern or soft, but it contained a naturally overpowering aura.

Zhu Changsheng hastily nodded, throwing a glance at Elder Tan Lang. “Tan Lang, you were actually part of things, it’s more detailed coming from you.”

Elder Tan Lang nodded and organized his thoughts, thoroughly describing the events of the ancient herb garden. He waxed eloquent with regards to the various schemes between the sects and how Jiang Chen had used the antidote for the Miasma in the end to swindle the sects out of great amounts of spirit herbs. He concealed nothing, freely explaining everything he knew of.

Zhu Changsheng tacked on further details when the elder was finished, “Everyone present here might be unfamiliar with Jiang Chen’s name. The Purple Sun Sect of the sixteen kingdom alliance was almost destroyed at this person’s hands.”

This matter suddenly reminded Weizi Kuai of something. “Jiang Chen, the one who killed all those in the Purple Light Division by himself? It’s said that there was also a young girl with an azure phoenix constitution that fell?” His tone was held a note of pure surprise.

“Indeed. When Inspector Feng Beidou made his bet with the Regal Pill Palace, it was the appearance of this child who wrecked the Sky Sect’s first setup.” Zhu Changsheng’s words were filled with an unconcealed intent to worsen relations between the two parties.

Cao Jin suddenly smiled coldly. “This kid seems to be a bit interesting? I heard that that azure phoenix constitution had been earmarked as a cultivation furnace for senior brother Yong Xingyun. Her death has caused his Dragon Phoenix Sword to remain yet uncompleted. This kid is something else, isn’t he? He has yet to set foot out of the Myriad Domain, but he’s already offended senior brother Xingyun. Apparently senior brother Xingyun gave orders to Ding Tong to bring this kid back for him. It looks like Ding Tong’s disappearance might have something to do with this kid, hmm?”

Cao Jin might look the image of a spoiled brat, but his powers of deduction were nothing to laugh at. He was arrogant but not brainless. On the contrary, to be able to emerge from a crowd of geniuses meant that his intelligence was very high. Something that neither Weizi Kuai nor Zhu Changsheng had thought of, but Cao Jin had instantly cut to the heart of.

“What? Ding Tong’s disappearance has something to do with that kid?” Zhu Changsheng started, and even Elder Tan Lang had a look of incredulity on his face.

Cao Jin smiled faintly and didn’t explain himself.

However, Wei Zikua laughed ruefully. “According to your descriptions, there’s no entity within Mt. Rippling Mirage on the level of the sky sage realm. And amongst those who entered, there wasn’t anyone who could possibly have killed Ding Tong. Then how could he have perished without cause or reason? Given his temper, he must have gone to pursue Jiang Chen but this Jiang Chen brat must have used some unknown way to kill Ding Tong instead. Don’t you agree, Sir Cao?”

Cao Jin didn’t put on any airs in response to Wei Zikua’s query, and only nodded calmly. “This must be the case.”

“But… but that Jiang Chen is only an earth origin realm cultivator. And Ding Tong is in the earth sage realm…” Sect Head Zhu still found this explanation somewhat unbelievable.

“Hmmph. That’s your problem of being too narrow-minded. If that Jiang Chen didn’t have any tricks up his sleeves, how could he have toyed around with all of you? The only thing you see is martial power. Haven’t you considered how strange it was that he wasn’t even afraid of the Miasma?”

“Indeed, not only was this brat the victor of the Mt. Rippling Mirage Pill Battles, he’d triumphed with flying colors. Could it be that he is a genius in poisons?”
Cao Jin replied calmly, “Even a genius in poison might not have been able to best Ding Tong. But Ding Tong might not have been aware of his enemy’s ability and underestimated him, thus falling prey to an insidious plot. This is certainly a possibility.”

“In any case, that’s enough, there’s no more need to discuss this. For such an insignificant ant, he’s already in Senior Brother Yong Xingyun’s blacklist even if he wasn’t trapped in Mt. Rippling Mirage. This brat is assuredly a dead man walking. On the other hand, since the Regal Pill Palace has gained so many sky and earth sage herbs…” Cao Jin’s lips twisted into a cold smile.

“Not only that, they also possess the Longevity Pill.” Elder Tan Lang suddenly spoke up, “That Longevity Pill can extend the life of a sage realm expert by five hundred years!”
“What?” Wei Zikua surged to his feet when he heard this. “Extend the life of a sage realm expert by five hundred years? Are you sure?”

Elder Tan Lang’s heart quailed under the pressure from Wei Zikua’s aura but nonetheless, he nodded, “Sect Head Zhu… no, Division Head Zhu also witnessed it first-hand.”

Zhu Changsheng nodded and replied in a grave voice, “That is definitely true. The head of the Sacred Elephant family of the Great Cathedral, Xiang Wentian had originally reached the end of his predestined lifespan and would have perished within fifty years. But after he ingested the Longevity Pill, his condition transformed completely — his life force returned, his appearance changed; he must have gained at least five hundred years!”

Wei Zikua and Cao Jin glanced at each other, their faces unable to conceal their shock. Both of them could be considered well-learned individuals in the Upper Eight Regions. They had also seen many variations of pills capable of extending one’s life. But five hundred years was too ridiculous. Moreover, the way Zhu Changsheng had spoken of it exaggerated its prowess even further, since it seemed to produce instant effects.

Zhu Changsheng was worried that they wouldn’t believe him and hurriedly added, “This subordinate also finds this matter hard to believe. I would not have dared to speak of it had I not seen it with my own two eyes. That Longevity Pill well and truly produces such an effect. If you don’t believe me, please ask anyone at the scene where it was used.”

Cao Jin clapped the back of his chair, “No need to ask. We’ll just go directly to the Regal Pill Palace.”

The top ten geniuses of the Ninesuns Sky Sect were able to freely traverse the Myriad Domains. The Regal Pill Palace? To Cao Jin, that place was no different than his own backyard. Of course he would feel entitled to take anything he wanted.

“Coming, Inspector Wei?”

Wei Zikua hesitated for a second. “Sir Cao, this matter requires careful deliberation. If we reveal ourselves, we’ll be laying our cards on the table. The people of the Myriad Domain might not unite for much, but once a matter concerns the future of their domain, they will still stand together. We…”

“Then we should just show our hand. If you ask me, we were too nice in trying to arrange this and that. Just massacre them all. We can talk after killing a few of their stronger members.” Killing intent suddenly surged into Cao Jin’s eyes.

Wei Zikua laughed ruefully. If they did as Cao Jin wanted, they’d certainly be more content. But once things reached that level, they would truly be showing their entire hand. The Sky Sect’s plans had not reached fruition just yet. Showing their hand now would only be detrimental in the larger scheme of things.


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