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Holy Maiden Xi Yuan was one of the Moon God Sect's weakest-willed disciples. Prince Gu Tianqing on the other hand, evidently practiced some sort of seductive art. It was unlikely that the main sectmaster herself would be able to resist his wiles, much less the irresolute young holy maiden.

Moreover, the prince had a sharp eye for people. He could see from a single glance that Holy Maiden Xi Yuan had the most indecisive dao heart of her peers. Even better was the fact that she was ruinously pretty. That was the primary motivator for Gu Tianqing's choice.

It was as he'd expected. A little bit of trickery was enough to make her completely loyal to him. Holy Maiden Xi Yuan's continuous disclosures about the human domain were passed onto the barbarous prince. The several experts beside him shifted from surprised to joyful to brimming with cheer.

They'd never dreamed that the human domain of their ancestors' dreams was so weak. Their strongest experts were only peak great emperors? Empyrean experts were essentially legendary?

This caused a great deal of excitement. Though their tribe didn't have it easy in their daily lives, cultivation was nevertheless one of their favorite pastimes. The Embittered Savage Tribe didn't have a ton of empyrean experts, but it did have a few. In comparison, the human race was virtually useless!

They'd never thought that this would be the case. The sole reason for their attack on the Boundary Stele and invasion was because their ancestors had yearned for this territory so much. The picture they had painted of it had simply been too enticing.

The sheer amount of resources, spirit veins, pretty women, method tomes, weapons, pills… the list went on and on. The Embittered Savages couldn't match a tenth of that wealth. In the description of their ancestors, the human domain was like heaven. It was a place where all of their dreams would all be fulfilled!

Alas, the Boundary Stele realm had stopped them ever since ancient times. Even the strongest of Savages had no way of breaking through.


The Stele loosened itself with the passage of time! The strongest of seals and the most sturdy of fortresses couldn't last against the inexorable march of time and the turning of the seasons.

Thus, the Gunuo Village that lived closest to the border was the first to discover this fact. This was why they had managed to enter ahead of their competition; they'd been the closest to this superbly attractive paradise.

Gu Tianqing was no simple brute. Though he enjoyed fondling Holy Maiden Xi Yuan's body, he also paid a lot of attention to the content of her words, gleaning whatever useful information he could out of them.

"Aah!" The holy maiden yelped in pain. Gu Tianqing had squeezed her with too much force just now, almost enough to make her flesh burst.

"You said that the human race has someplace called Veluriyam Capital. That's the leading faction here? There's a kid named Jiang Chen who's hard to deal with?" The prince had overreacted because he'd heard something important.

Holy Maiden Xi Yuan's face was pale at the sensation. She could only muster up the energy to nod after a while. "Yes. Jiang Chen is both wily and annoying. If you want to deal with him, Your Highness… I have an idea."

"What's your idea?" Gu Tianqing was back to his charismatic self. He caressed the holy maiden lightly, apparently quite tender.

The holy maiden was lost in the depths of passion. "If I tell you, you have to promise to protect me all of my life. You can't let other people be mean to me!"

"Haha, of course. Do you take me for some unkind buffoon? Tell me your idea. As long as it's good, you will be handsomely rewarded."

Holy Maiden Xi Yuan giggled, having made up her mind. She pointed at the second sectmaster. "This old woman is Jiang Chen's sister's master. Last time, one of Jiang Chen's enemies captured her and threatened him with her. A hostage swap was made to save that old woman. If you want to deal with Jiang Chen, you can do the same thing. I'm sure Jiang Chen will have trouble with this!"

The holy maiden's words stunned everyone from the sect. They'd never thought Xi Yuan to be so shameless as to publicly betray the Moon God Sect and plunge the second sectmaster into trouble!

The second sectmaster glowered. "Despicable bitch! Absolutely despicable!" she couldn't resist cursing. "If I knew you were going to do something so shameful, I would've killed you myself. The Moon God Sect wouldn't have suffered your indignity then!"

The main sectmaster's face was bloodless. "The only thing we can do is to destroy ourselves. I hope that the remnants of the sect will not forget their heritage, and there will eventually be descendants of our inheritance."

Her tone was filled with pessimism. She knew that it was impossible to escape misfortune today. Her greatest wish was that those still at headquarters could distinguish themselves through this troubling time, creating a new, stronger Moon God Sect in the future that ensured the continuation of their heritage.

Gu Tianqing saw the other women of the Moon God Sect color at the suggestion. It seemed that this Holy Maiden Xi Yuan had hit the mark. He tilted the holy maiden's chin upwards and gave a hearty pat to her rear. "Not bad, not bad. I like you quite a bit. I will certainly grace you with my splendor later. You may look forward to it. Hahaha…"

His tone darkened as he said this. "Gu Qi, I must bother you with this next task. These women are too pretty to be wasted in death. If you and the other experts can work together, you should be able to take most of them alive. Remember, your prime objective is to prevent them from committing suicide!"

Now that he knew the human domain's strength, there were no inhibitions to his lust.

If the Gunuo Village didn't take advantage of the weakness of these humans by raiding their lands in advance of everyone else, that would have been a real shame. They wouldn't be able to prevent the other village from doing the same, once they noticed the human domain being open to the Savages.

They say that the early bird deserves the worm, and the late receives the dredges.

As the earliest bird on the scene, the Gunuo Village had an insurmountable advantage. The prince would be a fool if he didn't use that to the fullest. These women were undoubtedly the biggest spoils of their first foray into the human domain.

They were even more expectant of what this place held now. If there were women like this everywhere - slightly lower quality was acceptable too! - that was more than enough to drive them all into a renewed frenzy.

These savage warriors of the Gunuo Village were incredible fighters. Their primal needs were as developed as their muscles. Therefore, they were extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of pretty women.

Old Gu Qi nodded, chuckling as he perused the sectmasters and others. "A piece of advice: you'd best forget about resisting. With your beauty and charm, I guarantee you won't be passed around or discarded. You'll be given appropriate roles. But if you do foolishly resist and the prince gets angry… then it's harder to say where you'll end up. Best take to mind what happened to that little girl, hmm?"

The young disciple had been carried off by several dozen warriors. There was not a peep from her now. It was obvious how miserable of a fate she'd suffered.

Everyone from the Moon God Sect was terrified. The aura that old man Gu Qi invisibly exuded was simply too potent. Its strength was overwhelming.

The second sectmaster suddenly shouted. She produced a blue, frosted blade in her hand. "Don't listen to their lies! The Embittered Savage Tribe is a race of uncivilized barbarians. They haven't evolved much further than mindless beasts. Their promises are untrustworthy! 

"How can the holy cultivators of the Moon God Sect be tainted by these savage animals? I swear on my position as a sectmaster that we will only fight to the death today. I would rather die than let myself be sullied!" She swept her weapon at the Savages near her as she said this.

This unexpected attack from a great emperor cultivator produced formidable results. Four Savages were decapitated in a single flash, having not reacted in time.

The second sectmaster's act kindled the hot-bloodedness of the other female cultivators. The main and third sectmasters drew their weapons as well. "Disciples of the Moon God Sect, hear our command. Today, we fight to the death for our dignity! Whoever turns tail and run is a traitor to the sect and eternally damned!"

"To hell with them!"

"We won't let savages dirty our purity!" Indeed, they would've preferred to marry completely ordinary human male cultivators than be violated by these uncultured brutes. Dirty and base gestures as well as immensely ugly appearances had elicited a psychological disgust on the subconscious level.

Their zeal angered Gu Tianqing. As the prince of the Gunuo Village, he naturally didn't want anyone to defame his tribe. "Gu Qi, take down these tramps. I'd like to see how much resistance remains when they're all moaning beneath me!"

The old man nodded, creating a stream of spatial fissures via a series of overhead grabs.

Radiant brilliance swirled in the fissures, creating tornados of dimensional chaos that stirred up the fabric of space. They whirled towards the Moon God Sect's contingent, sowing immediate disarray among their ranks.

The weaker female cultivators were instantly incapacitated when touched by the attack. They had no strength left to commit suicide, much less fight back.

Thankfully, the three sectmasters staunchly held on. They formed a triangular defense matrix, protecting the majority of their disciples from the invaders. However, that Gu Qi's first strike had been enough to force them into a precarious situation. They were candles in a storm, liable to be snuffed out at any moment!

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