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The young man's eyes were sharp and savage, like hawk or a falcon's. He gave off a predatory aura of dominance. The three sectmasters of the Moon God Sect were shaken by his very look. It was as if he'd taken a full look at their bodies, and there were no secrets to be hidden from him.

"Wami, wami!" The Embittered Savages shouted in unison. This was evidently a gesture of respect. No one from the Moon God Sect knew what the word meant, but the expressions of the Savages showed that it was an honored title of some sort.

The young man smiled slightly, obviously used to this kind of treatment. He raised both hands a few degrees into the air and waved them about a little. The Savages' cultivators began to shriek, dancing about in frenzied response. Some whistled, others shrieked, some stomped, clapped, and still others did all kinds of strange acts.

The Embittered Savage Tribe is as crude as they say, flashed across the hearts of all those from the Moon God Sect. They were surrounded by a group of these barbarians. To be captured and manhandled by them was a fate worse than death. Many of the younger female disciples resolved to commit suicide if they were captured.

However, the young nobleman among the Savages loosened the attitude of a few of the disciples.

If it was just him… The girls that thought this involuntarily blushed. It was a life and death situation, and yet they were thinking such strange things… How embarrassing!

The young nobleman strode slowly closer with a light step, bringing his features into focus.

Aside from the trademark large nose, he was significantly more handsome than the rest of his tribesmen. His keen eyes especially held something intrepid and daring to them, giving off an overpoweringly masculine aura.

The fact that he was an enemy aside, that kind of look was enough to capture the hearts of countless inexperienced little girls.

"I didn't expect that my Embittered Savage Tribe would be able to step foot on human territory again after the ancient times. How surprising," the young man suddenly spoke. His voice was deep and rich, and he conversed in the human tongue. However, it did carry an unmistakably alien accent that made it sound much rougher and more exotic.

Most importantly, his tone was so magnetic that it instantly lowered the guard of many of the younger female disciples. It was as if a man with such a resonant, charming voice couldn't possibly be evil.

The young man's eyes were full of conquest as he swept them across the Moon God Sect faces. His expression was colored with some humor to it. At least a third of it was flirtatious, another third admiring.

Clearly, he was astounded by these women's appearances. As an aristocrat of the Embittered Savage Tribe, he enjoyed its best resources and prettiest women. That was an obvious, foregone conclusion. However, only after seeing these female cultivators did he realize that all his previous women were complete trash!

"I finally understand why my forebears always had the human domain on their minds. My darlings, if I may ask, are all the women of the human domain as splendidly beautiful as you? Your radiance is almost heavenly." The young man's words bordered on the flippant. He gestured in attempted stylishness.

Holy Maiden Xi Yuan was apparently so charmed by his mannerisms that she was brave enough to reply. "No way! You're lucky, running into the Moon God Sect…"

"Shut up, Xi Yuan!" The sectmaster found the girl's response unbearable. This wasn't the time to be a ditz! This young man obviously had malicious intentions!

The main sectmaster was somewhat forlorn. Though these disciples were reasonably talented, the Moon God Sect didn't allow its students to experience much of the world in general. Thus, they were disadvantaged when social situations came to bear, and became ignorant to the point of not realizing the danger behind this young man's apparent politeness.

Holy Maiden Xi Yuan was truthfully extremely unhappy about being scolded by the sectmaster multiple times. She didn't dare to act out of line in front though. Instead, she pursed her lips sullenly.

The young nobleman was sensitive enough to notice this. "Adorable little girl," he smiled gently, "don't worry. Feel free to keep talking. I guarantee that as long as you're polite with me, I will be the same. I've always been like that, you know."

Holy Maiden Xi Yuan was at a bit of an impasse. She was naturally drawn toward the barbarous nobleman, but the sectmaster's rebukes loomed over her menacingly. She pressed her lips, her eyes aglow with thoughtful animation. She was obviously raring to go.

The young nobleman suddenly glowered at the main sectmaster. "You, shut up!"

He turned to an old man nearby. "Gu Qi, if she talks any more, seize her and strip her, then hand her to the Gunuo warriors!" His prior affability had turned into a demonic countenance.

"Yes, Prince Gu Tianqing." The old man named Gu Qi replied with a cupped fist salute. He grinned devilishly at the Moon God Sect's head as he said this, emanating his aura into the air all around. Panicked, she felt a potent despair creep up on and control her. She was helpless before it.

This invisible aura filled her with hopelessness. "Empyrean, this must be an empyrean expert…"

The sectmaster felt like she had fallen into a frozen abyss. She'd had some delusions about putting everything behind her and hacking a way out before, but when the barbarian leader came onto the scene, she realized that it wasn't so easy to break free of the encirclement.

Gu Qi's display of power caused her spirits to plummet. The enemy clearly had people on their side with sufficient strength to overwhelm them. The Moon God Sect was outclassed here.

If they'd been limited to great emperors, the main sectmaster was confident enough to stand even against the likes of the late Emperor Pillzenith. But to her despair, an empyrean expert led their attack!

Such a cultivator wasn't someone she could stand against even if she threw away her own life. To put it bluntly, he stood on a completely different level than her. How could a great emperor compare to an empyrean expert? The difference was as vast as heaven and earth.

"Alright." The young man - the prince of the Gunuo Village of the Embittered Savage Tribe - spoke once again. His voice was back to its old, magnetic self. He beckoned at Holy Maiden Xi Yuan. "Come out and talk a bit more, little girl. I promise that no one will be allowed to get mad at or scold you."

The holy maiden was a bit hesitant at first, but the come-hither wave had an indescribable allure to it. She couldn't help herself. Her brain paths were fried. She walked with eyes glazed over towards the youth.

"What are you doing, Xi Yuan?" A young fellow disciple of hers instinctively reminded.

The prince of the Gunuo Clan glowered. He casually grasped at the air, sending an invisible force across space that elevated her into an invisible hand. A moderate rip was enough to tear all her garments clean off. Every inch of her body was exposed to the air.

This exciting scene ripped through the tens of thousands of other Savages. They yelled and shrieked with various strange sounds.

"You may have her. She's all yours." Prince Gu Tianqing tossed her nonchalantly into the crowd.

Her shrieks of suffering soon began to sound after the Savages swarmed in.

"You better not move. I don't mind sending more to join her. Our warriors are quite thirsty, I assure you." Gu Tianqing seemed to have two masks he could freely swap between.

The main sectmaster looked mournful, but she restrained her other disciples' impulses. She wasn't cold-blooded. Rather, she knew that any resistance at the present moment would only bring more pain to them.

"You can talk now, little girl." The savage prince was back to his previous tone and expression. A somehow mesmerizing sense of captivation seeped back into his speech.

The blush on Holy Maiden Xi Yuan's face extended all the way to the nape of her neck. Gu Tianqing was fatally attractive, enough to make her mind to lose focus and her heart tremble in desire.

With a light wave of the prince's hand, the holy maiden snuggled right up to his broad chest. His manly musk only plunged her deeper into the pit of passion.

"Tell me what you just said in more detail, little girl. What's with the Moon God Sect? How about humanity as a whole, hmm?" Gu Tianqing's sizable hands groped the holy maiden like it was the most natural thing in the world. Electricity sizzled through the girl's skin wherever he touched. She softened all over, ecstatic with pleasure.

Her eyes were as dazed as her mind. "We're all from the Moon God Sect. Those three are the sectmasters. I'm one of the sect's holy maidens, and there are a few others. The rest are the sect's elite disciples. The Moon God Sect is one of the strongest sects in the human domain, full of beautiful girls. The Upper Eight Regions form the core of the human domain, and it holds eight first rank sects. The Moon God Sect is one of them, but there's another one with similarly beautiful girls in the southeast… the Celestial Cicada Court…"

Holy Maiden Xi Yuan was paralyzed with bliss. Her heart was high in the clouds, and her inhibitions had been cast aside. Hints of a lustful nature was being summoned from her very bones. She desperately wanted Gu Tianqing to take her right now!

The hints of a self-satisfied smile played at Gu Tianqing's lips when he saw the holy maiden's cooperation. He was quite happy with his abilities of conquest.

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