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Skylaurel Kingdom had never seen so much activity or faced such great peril since its inception.  The entire capital was a hot cauldron that was about to come to a boil. Three cultivators were clashing in the skies directly above the kingdom. Their exchanges contained enough power to shatter the mountains and split the seas.

Three more cultivators watched from below. They were extremely absorbed in the battle and yearned to join the fight, but their strength was simply inadequate. They'd restrained a woman and were keeping her within reach. It was Dan Fei! She could only watch anxiously as she couldn't move a single muscle.

Emperor Vastsea was one of the three fighting cultivators. As for the other two, one had such a deadpan, expressionless that he seemed like the walking dead or wearing a mask. The other had an ugly face with an enormous horn-like wart growing on his forehead, making him seem extremely fierce and unrelenting.

The two cultivators were teamed up against Vastsea and both great emperors. In fact, stiff-face's cultivation was on par with Vastsea's. The horned cultivator was only a mid great emperor — the weakest out of the three.

Emperor Vastsea was struggling against their combined attacks, but he was fortunately adept in defensive martial dao and able to put up a fight even though he was outnumbered.

The horned cultivator cackled sinisterly. "Vastsea the turncoat. If my memory serves right, you and Emperor Shura were sent on a mission to assassinate young lord Zhen! Did you betray Shura to become the young lord's lackey instead? I hear that the young lord's real name is Jiang Chen and he originates from Myriad Domain!"

He was trying to find Emperor Vastsea's weak spots and push the great emperor into making a mistake. Sadly, the latter was extremely thick-faced and a master in provocation. These elementary insults were completely ineffective.

Yet, the horned cultivator didn't give up. "Vastsea, most people strive to move upwards in life, but you seem to prefer it the other way! You're serving a master who comes from such a backwater shithole! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? If I were you, I would've looked for a quiet corner to kill myself in already."

Stiff-face didn't utter a single word. His attacks weren't as fierce as the horned cultivator, but he was truly as poisonous as a silent snake. He didn't have any flashy moves nor did he exude a powerful and overwhelming aura. Instead, he relied on sudden cunning and deceitful techniques to overwhelm Emperor Vastsea.

Vastsea grew anxious as their combined attacks had begun to wear him down. He would never win a fight against two great emperors, but he could still keep up his defenses for a while more. In fact, if he were alone, he could simply tuck tail and run away if he wished to. 

But Dan Fei was in their hands. How was he supposed to explain himself to Jiang Chen if he ran away? 

He'd regretted his decision to raise such a high profile. Those bastards wouldn't have come for him if he didn't yell when he arrived at Skylaurel Kingdom. He could only blame himself for being careless and thinking that no trouble would come looking for him in a backwater like the sixteen kingdoms alliance.

Luck just wasn't on his side. There were two great emperors and three emperor realm cultivators hiding in this mundane kingdom!  This was a lineup worthy of a first rank sect!

However, there was only so many first rank sects in the human domain. Emperor Vastsea had never met the two great emperors, but could vaguely guess where they were from after exchanging moves with them and listening to them.

Their assassination attempt at Veluriyam Capital was an extremely well-kept secret that only Pillfire City would know about. These men were most likely from the city. However, why on earth had Pillfire sent so many experts to a dilapidated place where not even birds would lay eggs?

The mystery was making Emperor Vastsea very anxious. He was confident that he could keep this up for a while longer, even with the horned cultivator being truly venomous. The insults were flowing incessantly, but he wasn't too trouble by them.

What worried him the most was the fact that the enemy had gotten their hands on Dan Fei. He would be in huge trouble if they used her to threaten him. The lady clearly was an extremely important person to the young lord. He couldn't imagine what would happen if something bad happened to her. There would be no place for him in Veluriyam anymore.   

He had to persist no matter what.

As the fight went on, the two cultivators were taken aback by Emperor Vastsea's tenacity. This great emperor was supposed to be a shameless, brown-nosing weakling! They didn't think that he would actually be so tough!  

The horned cultivator threw out insult after insult, but Emperor Vastsea wasn't swayed. The stalemate was making the attackers quite anxious. It was two against one! How could they be struggling to take down an equally matched enemy? This was a disgrace!

But, the deadpan cultivator suddenly realized something and cast a look downwards. "Wang He, bring me the girl!" 

A tall and lean cultivator below cackled sinisterly. "Martial Uncle, the lass is over here. Shall we kill her?" 

"No hurry. Strip her clothes first and summon the dirtiest and ugliest beggars in the kingdom to take their turns with her! Heh! It'll be a scene to behold!" The deadpan cultivator leered sinisterly. 

Wang He was delighted when he heard the orders. "Martial Uncle, what a great idea! But a beauty like her shouldn't be wasted on the likes of that filth! Can I have a taste first?"

"Do whatever you please! Strip her naked right now!" The deadpan cultivator cackled.

All color immediately drained from Vastsea's face. His largest fear had come true. Since they weren't able to take him down, they'd chosen to lay their hands on Dan Fei, his weakness.

His expression darkened. "Insolence! None of you will leave Myriad Domain alive if you do that!"

"Hmph! A turncoat like you dares to threaten us?" The horned cultivator replied nonchalantly. "Wang He! What are you waiting for? Get moving!"

The horned cultivator had no relations with Wang He. But since he was a great emperor, he was regarded as a senior as well.

"U-understood! A great beauty like her must have an incredibly sweet figure! My two seniors, I'll boldly have a taste of her immediately. Hehehe…" Wang He reached out to tug at Dan Fei's clothes.

Dan Fei panicked and went white as a sheet. Her eyes were filled with despair, hatred, and indignity. She would've taken her own life already if her acupoints hadn't been sealed. She'd rather die than be defiled by that bastard. She couldn't live with the shame and humiliation. 

Emperor Vastsea flew into a rage. "Stop! Wang He, if you touch a single hair on her body, I guarantee on pain of death that you'll not leave Myriad Domain alive!"

Wang He was startled by Emperor Vastsea's charge of maddened rage and unbridled fury. Stiff-face and the horned cultivator worked together to block the great emperor's path.

"Where are you going? We're your opponents!" The horned cultivator cackled. 

Emperor Vastsea tossed aside thoughts of defense and recklessly charged the two cultivators like a crazed beast. He wanted to create an opening so he could save Dan Fei.

Wang He was completely dumbfounded by the scene and forgot all about his given task.

"Wang He, stop standing around and get your ass moving!" the horned cultivator yelled furiously.

The deadpan cultivator smiled twistedly. "Vastsea, look at you panic. Is she your daughter? Or maybe even your lover?"

"Eat shit! Do you think that I don't know where you're from? Pillfire bastards like you shouldn't have come to Myriad Domain! Young lord Jiang Chen won't let you off for this! Let go of Miss Dan Fei if you treasure your lives or suffer a fate worse than death!"

"Oh? Is she actually young lord Zhen's woman? That explains why you're so anxious. She's actually your superior! Tsk tsk. Why weren't you just as loyal to Emperor Shura before? Vastsea, aren't you a turncoat? I'll give you an opportunity to surrender. We'll let you live if swear allegiance to Pillfire!" The deadpan cultivator smiled.

"Pah! Do you believe you're worthy of my surrender?" Vastsea yelled. "I'm aware of who I was before, but I'm now a great emperor of Veluriyam Capital and young lord Jiang Chen's subordinate. Being a traitor once is traitor enough!" He was thoroughly enraged. "Touch Miss Dan Fei if you dare! I may not have the ability to kill you, but young lord Jiang Chen is in the vicinity and he has plenty of ways to tear you a new one!"

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