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Jiang Chen?

The two great emperors traded a look. Wariness crept into the corners of their eyes. In theory, a cultivator as young as Jiang Chen wasn't someone to be feared by these older men regardless of his talent. But Jiang Chen - the previous young lord Zhen - had a tremendous amount of momentum behind him in recent years. Even Emperor Pillzenith had suffered some losses at his hand.

Before they left Pillfire City for Myriad Domain, Emperor Pillzenith had given them a specific mission. He'd instructed them to take note of anyone from Veluriyam Capital or young lord Zhen. Hearing that Jiang Chen was in Myriad Domain himself filled their hearts with wariness.

Still, they had information enough to know that the young lord had come to rebuild the Regal Pill Palace. The Palace wasn't far from here, but one couldn't cover the distance in mere moments, either.

If Jiang Chen really was coming to Skylaurel Kingdom, he wouldn't send Emperor Vastsea ahead of him. That meant that the young lord probably wasn't coming anytime soon. It'd been more than twenty-four hours since their fight with Emperor Vastsea began. But if their battle stalled further, who knew what unpredictable change there could be?

The two great emperors exchanged a look, coming to mutual agreement that they should hasten the fight. If Emperor Vastsea's weakness was that girl, then they should focus on that.

"Wang He, do it!"

The repeated prompting snapped Wang He out of his reverie. He puffed himself up before grinning. "Are you that Jiang Chen kid's woman? Tsk tsk, he's rather blessed. But I wonder if he'll still want you after I play with you? If a few hundred beggars all have their way with you, how amazing will that kid's reaction be?"

Dan Fei was so flustered she could fall unconscious.

"Heheh, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing when he learns that several hundred men have rutted with his woman!"

"I don't think so." A cool voice suddenly sounded from the air. Wang He felt the world spin in the next moment. The woman before him had disappeared like a ghost. In the next moment, there was a different, new figure next to him. A robed cultivator with a bit of a wild look.

"Kill them, Old Brother Mo!" The cool voice grew colder. It was none other than Jiang Chen himself. The man before Wang He was of course, Emperor Peerless.

Dan Fei leaned lightly into Jiang Chen's bosom, her entire body powerless and paralyzed. Her extremely distraught but still beautiful face was reddened down to her neck. But her emotions had taken a turn for the better.

The previous moment had been hellish. She had wanted to die on the spot. Now, things were almost dreamily surreal. She was happy enough to lose herself.

Dan Fei shut her eyelids tightly, unwilling to open them again. She was afraid that all of this was a dream, a hallucination; and once she returned to reality, everything would disappear like a stream of popped bubbles.

If keeping her eyes closed could allow her to remain in such bliss, she would prefer to stay blind for the rest of her life. She would rather this moment stretch into eternity. A bit of a selfish notion perhaps, but entirely honest.

Looking down at the teary-eyed maiden in his arms, Jiang Chen felt a mixture of emotions well up within himself as well.

Pangs of guilt struck his heart. He'd made a girl who'd given up her purity at a crucial moment wait for ten unknowing years. He had given so little thought as to her suffering.

Dan Fei's familiar visage elicited endless remorse within him. "Dan Fei," he sighed softly, "I've let you down all these years. You can open your eyes."

The girl murmured, disturbed by the sound of his voice. Her long eyelashes fluttered about hesitantly.

"I was the fool not to realize that Xiao Fei from the trials and the Grand Tutor Residence's Dan Fei were the same person. Ah, the fickleness of fate and fortune." He cradled Dan Fei delicately in his arms. "Don't worry," he promised, "you really can open your eyes. I'll make them pay tenfold for making you feel such shame!"

Dan Fei's slender body shivered. She finally opened her eyes, watery orbs gazing upon Jiang Chen. Suddenly, she collapsed into his body with a burst of quiet weeping. She had countless words to say to him, but didn't quite know where to start.

For now, she only wanted to use his embrace as solace for her decade of yearning. She needed to clear away ten years worth of mournfulness and longing.

In the meantime, Emperor Peerless had unceremoniously waded into battle. As someone fit to be called one of the strongest great emperors, he was marginally stronger than even Emperor Vastsea. How could Wang He and the other two emperor realm cultivators resist him?

A single round laid the trio onto the ground.

"Young lord!" shouted Emperor Peerless, "I'll go help Emperor Vastsea."

"Me too!" Emperor Coiling Dragon laughed from the rear.

In the span of a few breaths, the tide of the battle had majorly turned. The group from Pillfire lost their advantage and initiative almost in an instant.

Emperor Vastsea on the other hand, was overjoyed. He had no idea that young lord Jiang Chen would arrive in such a timely manner. He was tremendously euphoric. Moreover, there was relief mixed in with happiness. He was relieved that he had stood firm against the temptation of betrayal. He had made the right choice this time.

"Daoist Peerless, Brother Coiling Dragon, these two men are from Pillfire. They can't possibly have good intentions for coming here." Emperor Vastsea had received more than his fair share of belittlement from the duo. He had a lot of pent up anger to resolve. Now that his comrades were here, initiative was in their hands once more. His spine stiffened as a result.

Jiang Chen raised an indignant brow. "Take them out!"

He didn't care whether they'd come from Pillfire or some other faction. Their actions had touched upon his bottom line. Anyone who did so had to die!

Emperor Vastsea grinned at the orders. "You two, over there! I'd like to see you bark a bit more, dogs of Pillfire!"

He needed to release all his frustration after being repressed for so long. He held nothing back. Every method at his disposal was thrown forth.

Emperors Peerless and Coiling Dragon swiftly joined the fray. "Daoist Vastsea," transmitted Emperor Peerless, "keep stiff-face busy. Daoist Coiling Dragon and I will attack the horned man. We should remove our enemies one by one."

He had observed the combatants before entering the fight himself. He saw that the deadpan great emperor was the stronger of the two - an advanced rank great emperor, only slightly worse than himself.

The other was only mid great emperor and thus considerably weaker. With Emperor Coiling Dragon's help, he was sure he'd be able to put the man out of commission in very little time.

Emperor Vastsea understand Emperor Peerless's strategy immediately. "Alright," he messaged back with a chuckle, "I wasn't scared of fighting both of them at the same time, so there's no problem taking care of just one."

He had the right to brag. A whole day and night's barrage had left him unscathed, aside from minor fatigue. Emperor Peerless gave Emperor Coiling Dragon a meaningful look. They charged at the horn-headed man simultaneously.

As one of the strongest great emperors out there, Emperor Peerless fought with a clear sense of superior force. His powerful domain locked down the surrounding space immediately.

An invisible dome had covered the space. Black clouds bore down chokingly upon those trapped within.

Stiff-face had been emotionless before, but circumstances forced him to change. "Big Horn, take care. They're going to gang up on you!"

The horn-headed cultivator blanched. Not willing to take any risks, he produced a spiked club in his hand. Glistening teeth jutted out from the club, the color of blood vaguely shining through.

Cackling, he swung the club at Emperor Coiling Dragon without missing a beat. Clearly, he was veteran enough to see that this emperor was the weakest one present.

Emperor Coiling Dragon harrumphed, sweeping his own spear into the club's path.

The two great emperors began to duel each other steel-on-steel, just like mortal warriors would.

Emperor Coiling Dragon's clan was descended from an ancient draconic bloodline. Though he had only a trace of it left in his own blood, it gave him considerable bloodline strength nonetheless.

Anyone who had the benefit of bloodline strength gained a natural upper hand in contests of brute strength. Such men were able to fight cultivators somewhat stronger than themwithout fear.


The collision of the two weapons caused violent ripples to scatter throughout the space. The din of battle sounded, forcing the weaker cultivators to clutch their ears in discomfort.

A clash between two great emperors was a once-in-lifetime event for a normal cultivator, or perhaps even rarer than that. But these people had witnessed such a thing twice now within two days.

At first, it was two against one. But two companions of the great emperor senior had showed up.

It was three-on-two now!

A grand scene like this made the observing cultivators' blood boil with passion. Despite being from all over the world, all were moved by the magnificence of the fight. They had never even heard of a fight like this before now, much less seen one in person.

Skylaurel Kingdom's native cultivators were even more astounded. It was rare enough to see a fight between spirit realm cultivators here, but compared to the battle above them, a bout between spirit realm cultivators was like a babies' quarrel!

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