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"Ok, three days after, meet me at this place. You will wait here with the number six jade plate. At that time, for sure I will bring the number thirty-two to exchange with you. Only if your intel is reliable."

"You… move alone?" Number Nineteen asked with surprise.

"Since you excel at intelligence, then we will divide our work. You go collect information and find out where the jade plates are. And I will take them. Remember, if your Intel is not correct, then our deal is off."

Although Number Nineteen was warned by Qin Wushuang, he did not care. On the contrary, he was feeling when the other party spoke like this, it meant he agreed on working together.

As long as his intel was accurate, surely their collaboration would get stronger. And collecting information was one of his strength.

At the moment, he nodded: "Ok, see you in three days!"

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly: "See you. Hopefully, on the qualifying list of the Redwood Territory, we could still see each other, ha ha ha…"

After he had finished, he walked away in broad steps.

"Where are you going?" From Qin Wushuang's words and actions, Number Nineteen had already realized that this person before him was not some thick-skin head like he acted before everyone else.

On the contrary, the more he talked with him, the more he appeared unfathomable like the star river is hidden deeply in length in the sky. Thus, he felt this person was extraordinary.

"I am going to meet that Number Twenty-Five. Although he didn't give any details, I feel that he would have some good things. It'd be better than going randomly. Having a goal and a direction is much better being than a headless fly."

Qin Wushuang's body left behind a trail of echoes as he had already traveled down the hill and, vanished.

After some time of distraction, Number Nineteen finally regained his senses. He thought: "It seemed that this collaborator I found is out of the ordinary. Luckily, my interest does not conflict with him. Or else, big trouble…"

With the information provided by Number Twenty-Five, Qin Wushuang moved about fifteen miles towards the west. Evidently, he saw a streamlet flowing slowly.

On the other side of the mountain stream, appearing rather serene and mysterious, a canyon passed through the two mountains.

Unhurried, Qin Wushuang stopped on this side of the streamlet. To a martial artist, it was common knowledge to know the so-called never enter the forest and never cross when meeting water.

Although his opponent was only a martial arts student, it was always right to be careful. Too many things were unpredictable in this world. It'd be alright to feel confident about your strength, yet you must forbid any possibilities of flipping your boat in a dark ditch.

Standing next to the stream, he observed for a while. Flowing smoothly, this water was clear and he could see right through to the bottom. At most, it would be as dark as the knee. Most likely, no tricks could get played under the water.

Regarding of putting poison, the success rate of injecting poison with a running water was nearly impossible. The possibility still exists. Qin Wushuang extended his hand into his chest and took out a silver needle. He tested it into the water for a while, and it did not turn color.

Now, he was sure that this streamlet had no problem.

Immediately, he did not show off his strength and waded through it. He knew that surely, that Number Twenty-Five was hiding in some corner and observing him. Now was not the time to expose his strength.

Indeed, after he had waded through the streamlet, a shadow figure appeared from the opposite hill. It was that Number Twenty-Five. In between this little canyon, it was only a dozen meters wide. Any martial arts students could jump over it.

"Haha, I knew you would come." Number Twenty-Five greeted with a smile.

Qin Wushuang stopped and used his martial artist instinct to feel his surroundings. He predicted that since this guy asked him to meet here, then certainly he had his plans.

"Nonsense, where is your jade plate?" Qin Wushuang swore cooly.

"Haha, not to lie to you. Honestly, I don't have the number six plate." Number Twenty-Five's voice sounded from the other side.

"You don't?" Qin Wushuang lightly frowned.

"Yes, I said that I have the number six plate a moment ago to confuse them. Please excuse me for that. In fact, I have the corresponding forty-five jade plate!"

Qin Wushuang was not in a hurry to reply nor did he become furious. Since Tong Yao's little brother had the number six plate, of course, this guy would not have it.

Why did he admit now? Could it be, he already sensed that I was suspicious of him?

Regardless of whatever tricks he was playing, if he had the number forty-five jade plate, it would be a surprise.

"Sh**, I see, when are you going to stop lying? Without the jade plate, I am not going to accompany you. You just play with yourself." Qin Wushuang deliberately loosens the reins and turned to leave.

"Don't be hasty, Big Brother." Number Twenty-Five immediately called out, "If you want to see, I will just show you. But, you must tell me the number of the jade plate you have. If it's not useful for me, I will not trade it with you."

With no one peeping on them, of course, Qin Wushuang was not worried about exposure. He took out the number twenty-six and plate and put it on his palm.

"Do you see it? You know how to read right? Twenty-six! It's your corresponding number and worth twenty points." Qin Wushuang did not put it back. He just lay it on top of his hand and allowed him to view it freely.

Number twenty-five could not take him off and look at it for a very long time. He secretly swallowed some of the saliva in his throat and muttered: "It is twenty-six. Ok, wait here."

After a moment, number twenty-five appeared from the hill. In his hand, he also put that jade plate in the center and said: "Look at it carefully, it's number forty-five, right?"

Of course, there were no fake jade plates. Qin Wushuang nodded: "Ok, let's call out "one two three" and throw it at each other, how about it?"

It would be best if the other party did not play any tricks. He did not want to cause any more trouble. Only, instinctively, he felt that this number twenty-five was not some kind person. Most likely, something would occur after.

Surely, number twenty-five shook: "No, if we throw at each other, there is no guarantee that one of us will throw it after the figures. It will be big trouble if one of us threw, and the other one did not."

"Then what do you think we should do?" Inwardly, Qin Wushuang sneered. If that dozen meters width of the canyon had not separate them, he would have shown no mercy already.

Even though, he was accumulating his power and ready to launch a surprise attack.

"This way, let's both put the jade plates at a safe place. Then, I will go pick up mine, and you will take mine. What do you think?"

The more he was acting like that, the more it proved that he was scheming something. Qin Wushuang now fully understood the depth of his plan. Only, since they got separated by a ditch, it would not be safe to act boldly. Thus, he followed the trend and said: "Ok, you put it first."

Number twenty-five nodded and said: "Ok, let it be me."

Then, he walked fifty meters to the right. After he stopped, he squats down and lightly put down the jade plate. Next, he stood up and said to Qin Wushuang from afar: "You put the plate at your place. We will walk intersectional, yes?"

Qin Wushuang had been looking at each of his movements attentively. At first, everything seemed natural. However, his last movement where he squatted down had emerged doubt for Qin Wushuang.

You were only going to put down a jade plate, was there need to squat down?

Again, he looked up to that region. Indeed, it was right across a forest opposite of the hill.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang kept being mindful and did not expose him. He laughed: "You are so careful. Look well; number twenty-six is put here."

He mimicked him and also squat down to put the number twenty-six jade plate. At the same time, he grabbed two cobblestones in between his five fingers.

"Ok, now, we will walk step-by-step. I will go back to my original place, and you walk over here. When we are close to the jade plate, we can then, jump across the canyon."

As he said, number twenty-five walked using his original routes.

When he walked half-way through, Qin Wushuang suddenly revealed a strange smile and kicked his feet continuously. A few of the earth crumbs got kicked, and with a Pu, Pu, Pu sound, they flew towards where the jade plate.

These earth crumbs had the size as a round-bottom wicker basket. When they dropped next to the jade plate, with a "boom" sound, instantly, five or six meters surrounding the jade plate caved in. A giant hole had appeared.

Twenty-five had been watching Qin Wushuang. When he saw his explosion, he knew something was wrong. Instantly, he turned to flee when he saw Qin Wushuang's mighty kicking strength.


The cobblestone held in Qin Wushuang's hand shot out through the air. With a deafening jeering sound, it had directly penetrated the back of Number Twenty-Five's head!


A bloody hole opened and blood spurt out of water. Instantly, Number Twenty-Five collapsed and died.

Qin Wushuang remained cautious and did not jump over in a rush. Instead, he picked up the earth crumbs from the ground and threw them into the surroundings of the giant hole. Indeed, when the stones landed, whoosh, many bamboo spears, and arrows shot out like a nailing locust from the different forest.

Instantly, bamboo spears and arrows filled the surrounding of the giant hole.

Qin Wushuang felt a wave of cold sweat inwardly. If he had not stay alert enough, these layers of traps would be big trouble to him.

Unexpectedly, this Number Twenty-Five is a master at traps. Just by looking at the surface, a master like Qin Wushuang had not seen through any trace of this trap.

If the last movement of that twenty-five had not caused doubt to Qin Wushuang, if he had gone over boldly, the consequence would be unimaginable…

"Where is that jade plate?" On the other hand, Qin Wushuang was more concerned about that number forty-five jade plate.

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