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"Follow me!" Qin Wushuang left these words and rushed away.

He wanted to test whether Tong Yao's little brother had the skills and the kind of person he was. Just in case, if he were a useless character, then it would be tough to help him qualify.

After he had walked for a while, when he looked back, Nineteen had followed him without any hesitation.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang acknowledged him. The first impression was good. Regardless of the other aspects, at least on the courage part, this guy had that much. Since he could make a decision while other martial arts students did not dare, surely he was resolute.

After going up on a few hills, he came to a higher altitude location. Qin Wushuang checked the safety of this area. Plus, with the wind howling, it seemed he would need to worry about others listening in on his conversation.

Under such wind power, outside of hundred meters, it would be almost impossible for a martial arts student to listen in to other people's conversation.

"Tell me." Qin Wushuang was not in a hurry to speak. Firstly, he must make sure this Number Nineteen was Tong Yao's little brother. What if he made a mistake, wouldn't that be embarrassing?

Number Nineteen stopped about ten meters before Qin Wushuang. Both of his eyes gazed at him as if he was making some decision.

Qin Wushuang did not expose him and looked at him eye-to-eye.

Finally, Nineteen still lost during the battle of eye contacts. He smiled bitterly and asked: "You have such sharp eyes."

"Really? I think my eyes are calm."

"Your eyes are calm. However, you can keep your composure when someone else was staring at you. That is the ultimate sharpness."

Qin Wushuang could not help but laugh. He did not expect that Tong Yao's little brother had such a talented side. It seemed, he was also not ordinary.

"That Twenty-Five invited you, and you will go?" Suddenly, Number Nineteen asked again.

"Why not?"

"You are not afraid he was lying to you?"

"Initially, a test of getting the plates is to have mutual deception. If he lied to me, why can't I just lie to him?"

Number Nineteen looked at Qin Wushuang with some surprise. He nodded meaningfully and suddenly asked out of nowhere: "No offense, could I ask which Territory are you from?"

"Take a guess." Inwardly, Qin Wushuang thought, why did he suddenly asked his origin? Could Tong Yao had honestly told her little brother about this business?

"I guess that you are from the Redwood Royal Territory. And you should be from Southcloud State!"

Qin Wushuang was completely stunned. He looked at Number Nineteen with astonishment and did not answer either. He only waited for his next words. If Tong Yao had told everything to her brother, then now would be the time to reveal everything.

When Nineteen saw Qin Wushuang's expression, he did not felt surprised and asked with a smile: "Do you find it weird?"


"No?" Number Nineteen felt strange, "Then which Territory do you think I am from?"

"You are also from the Redwood Royal Territory."

This time, Number Nineteen was stunned: "How do you know?"

When Qin Wushuang saw his expression, doubts emerged. Tong Yao did not tell him? If that was the case, how come he was aware that he was from the Redwood Royal Territory?

"Tell me first how you knew I am from Redwood Royal Territory." Qin Wushuang disliked such beating around the bush. However, he had no choice. The Qin family owed Tong Yao; now it was time for him to repay that favor. Since Tong Yao said not to reveal the truth, of course, he must keep the secret for her.

"Accent." Nineteen suddenly said, "Initially, my family likes to collect intelligence. And I also loved to study different accents. Your accents apparently carried a little Southcloud dialect. I will not be wrong in this matter."

"I didn't expect you have such skill. Tell me, since you are looking for me, it's not simple as meeting someone from the same place, right?" Qin Wushuang continued to probe.

"I want to work with you!" Nineteen finally told his real intentions.

"Work together?"

"That's right!" Number Nineteen said with a determined tone and analyzed, "You are Six, and I am Nineteen. We don't have a conflicting interest. This is the first point for our collaboration. Secondly, we are from Redwood Royal Territory. Under the condition where our personal interests don't conflict, we can work together for our group. Thirdly, from my observation, regarding your personality, you are a reliable teammate!"

Qin Wushuang laughed. At least, the first two points of Nineteen's analyzing was persuasive enough.

One was Number Six, and the other was Number Nineteen. Both parties had neither corresponding digits nor the same ending digits. Their plates were not the one needed by the other party.

In other words, they did not have a conflicting jade plate! This fact had decided their working condition since they did not have a conflicting interest.

And for this exam, there were rewards if a group had achieved a good result. Under the situation where there was no conflict of personal interest, it would be reasonable to work as a team.

Although he had enough reasons, with Qin Wushuang's personality, if he weren't Tong Yao's little brother, he would not have agreed even if had ten times more the reasons.

"How about it?" Nineteen thought Qin Wushuang was considering when he became silent.

Next, he added: "To show my sincerity, I can tell you a one hundred percent reliable intel to you. Yes, if you have heard about my family in Redwood Royal Territory. Then, you should know that my intel is one-hundred-percent reliable."

Qin Wushuang had experienced firsthand Tong Yao's family's intelligence ability. On this point, he would not doubt. Just, right now, Nineteen had no idea the deal he had with Tong Yao.

This way, even if they were to work together, most likely Number Nineteen still had his little plans. By that time, when Qin Wushuang had tried every possible way to help him, this guy could use every method to plot against him.

It would be very depressing if such situation would occur.

"What sort of intel?" Qin Wushuang still decided to probe his intentions.

"A moment ago, that Number Twenty-Five said he had your number six jade plate. I can tell you that he was definitely lying. Maybe he had some other jade plates you need; it's impossible that he had the number six plate!"

When he said these words, Qin Wushuang's heart went "Thump" and revealed a thoughtful look. He looked at Number Nineteen doubtfully. Apparently, he wanted to know how could he be so sure.

"You want to ask me why am I so sure?"

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Yes, what evidence do you have?"

"Because I already have the number six plate!"

Number Nineteen's word had almost caused Qin Wushuang's jaw o drop.

Astonished, he looked at Number Nineteen: "You have it?"

"Of course I don't have it with me. However, if you can give me a plate that will benefit me, I can bring you over to get it now. Or else, you can also wait for me here. On one condition, you must have the plate that I need. Even if it would only worth five points. Because the number six I have would only be worth two points."

Number Nineteen's tone appeared much more sincerer than Number Twenty-Five.

"Sorry, I don't have the plate you need. But please keep the number six for me. I will find the jade plate you need for sure and will exchange it with you." On the other hand, Qin Wushuang believed him more.

Making Qin Wushuang wait here or to come with him to get it were two entirely different business. The amount of represented sincerity was also different.

If he were to go with him, God knows if he had set up many traps for him? And to wait here would be more at ease which would have a much lesser risk.

Thus, although these two all said they had the number six plate, Qin Wushuang believed Number Nineteen more. And it was not because he was Tong Yao's little brother.

Number Nineteen nodded: "Ok, since you said it, even if others came with my number Nineteen to exchange with me, I will consider you first. This is to show my sincerity and my desire to work with you."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Ok, it's a deal!"

The extended their palms and hit each other once. Qin Wushuang sighed with emotion: "Don't worry, if you have the number six plate, for sure, I will trade with plates that would not worth less than thirty points!"

Indeed, it was a curious coincidence. Could Tong Yao's little brother had supernaturally picked up my number six jade plate?

Qin Wushuang thought about it, and then, he heard Number Nineteen speaking again: "Ok, since we had a deal, our next target is Number Thirty-Two. That is my corresponding serial number. From my Intel, Number Thirty-Two would have already got the plate with his number. If you can help me to get this jade plate, then I will give you the number six for free!"

Free of charge? Inwardly, Qin Wushuang thought that indeed, this guy was good. He had the courage, the vision, and the boldness. He had the trait where he knew to sacrifice the smaller interest to chase a bigger profit!

With his strength at stage seven as a martial arts student, surely he would not have any winning chance. However, he knew to use his power and combined with the rules to seek the most suitable allies!

This trait could not help but to make one impressed. Compared to those martial arts students who only had strength, yet who was unwilling to use their brains, he surpassed those by more than one level!

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