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Before the fourth checkpoint, Qin Wushuang and his group were indeed stopped. There were only five disciples guarding this checkpoint along with an Elder overseeing the situation, in total there were only six people.

In terms of absolute power, these six people were certainly inferior to Qin Wushuang's group. However, since this checkpoint was an unavoidable path to enter the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley, it was set up with extremely powerful mechanisms and spiritual formations.

As soon as foreign enemies invaded, they could initiate the mechanism and the formation. The power of the mechanism and the spiritual formation far surpassed the power of the people overseeing the place.

Therefore, despite their lesser numbers, Qin Wushuang and his friends would not dare to charge recklessly in. Unless they could kill all six guardians before they had a chance to trigger the formation and the mechanism!

 "Brother Yang, what brings you to the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley?" As he caught the identity plate tossed by Luo Yang, Luo Zhen asked with a smile.

Since they were Elders of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, they were naturally familiar with each other. Additionally, they had a clear understanding and knowledge of each other's background, situation, and position.

Luo Yang knew that since Luo Zhen got sent here to guard the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley, it meant that he held an extraordinary position. At least in the sect, he was most welcomed to the Dao Warriors and valued more. Or else, he would not have been entrusted with this heavy responsibility. In comparison, Luo Yang only had the chance to oversee the Sea of Bamboo Forest temporarily when the sect was shorthanded. The difference between these two's statuses were incredibly big.

 "Brother Zhen, I have been preparing to craft the Inheritance Spiritual Pill. I have prepared almost all the other materials. Now, I only lack "Straw Mat Cloud Vine". This object can only be found in the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley. Could you let me in?"

Luo Zhen fell into a moment of silence. For your information, each Elder had a chance to enter the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley every three years. Of course, this Luo Yang was qualified.

However, since the current Heavenly Sun Mountain lacked people and Luo Yang left his own post after being entrusted with the task, this made Luo Zhen feel slightly dissatisfied.

 "Yang, it's current a most critical period of time. This Wind Valley is also our sect's forbidden place. And you have your responsibility. However, you can return here after the Celebration of the Dead. At that time, I will definitely open the path and welcome you."

Luo Yang had expected this result. Of course, it was unavoidable for Luo Zhen to make things difficult for him due to his position.

However, Luo Yang would not give up as he said with an indifferent tone: "Zhen, it's not too big of a difference to go before or after the Celebration of the Dead, right? Since I am here, if I return empty-handed, how would my disciples view me? Those who understands the situation might not say anything, those who don't will for sure talk about it. They would think me and you do not share a friendly relationship and unaligned teeth exists between the Elders. When talking about it, it will not serve to our sect's advantage, right?"

 "Ha ha, Yang, regarding those gossips, with your's and my breadth of mind, we can just ignore it."

Luo Yang frowned as he was also holding his anger back inwardly: "Zhen, in the end, I remember that all Elders of the sect are qualified to enter the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley to train. Now, I am only exercising my right. Could it be that you will refuse me at the door, as if you are dealing with an enemy?"

Luo Zhen gave a carefree laugh: "What are you talking about? I only feel that since our sect is short on manpower and most elite warriors are out doing missions, you should just not waste your energy inside the Wind Valley, with your heavy duty."

 "Zhen, this is my private matter. Although I am entrusted with mission, of course I have taken care of it. Certainly it will not affect the general situation!"

 "Yang, please don't make things difficult for me. During these special times, I only hope the Wind Valley to be safe and sound."

Luo Yang raised an eyebrow: "Zhen, could it be that I, Luo Yang, have become a threat of the Wind Valley? Are you not abusing me?"

"If you want to think of it this way, I will have no choice. Although each Elder is qualified to enter every three years, being the guardian of this place, I have the authority to implement emergency measures. Yang, I have the prerogative here."

Clearly, Luo Zhen's words were no longer kind. He had eliminated any hint of courtesy toward a colleague. It was because Luo Zhen knew better than anyone that with Luo Yang's position in the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, he was only showing his politeness out of formality. If they were to go against each other, he had nothing to fear of Luo Yang!

At this time, Qin Wushuang and his friends were Luo Yang's subordinates. Naturally, they could not speak up. However, he could use his spiritual perception to remind Luo Yang.

 "This Luo Zhen is being incredibly arrogant, could it be that you have no other ways against him?" Qin Wushuang asked coldly through his spiritual perception.

 "Since Luo Zhen is able to guard this place, he plainly holds a higher position than me and he has better background. Or else, how would he dare to be so arrogant?"

In fact, Luo Yang felt helpless. When encountering such guy, he could not think of a good way.

 "Does this Luo Zhen truly not feel scared of you? For example, what does he care about the most? Does he have any weakness? Can you not threaten him?"

Qin Wushuang's words had reminded Luo Yang of something.

Just when he was about to speak, Luo Zhen spoke: "Elder Luo Yang, I am incredibly busy here. If you really want to enter, I will let you in after the Dao Warriors return after the Celebration of the Dead. Additionally, if you are only looking for one "Straw Mat Cloud Vine", I can even let my disciples find one for you. You can just pick it up afterwards. For today, I am sorry, none of you guys are allowed to pass."

Even if Luo Yang was not controlled, certainly he would be furious when he heard Luo Zhen's words. After all, he was looking down on his position and was directly challenging him.

"Elder Luo Zhen, it seems that you have forgotten how we have become core disciples at the same time since our childhood, and everything we have experienced to be promoted to Elders in the same time period. For these old emotions, you do not care. Alright, let's not talk about any emotions, this is worthless."

Luo Yang said coldly: "That's right, I did not have much good luck, two of my sons had died one after another. Among my nephew's generation, none of them have exceptional talent. For everything, it makes sense that it has caused my position in the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect to decrease drastically!"

Luo Zhen said with a light smile: "Elder Luo Yang, for your family matters, it seems inappropriate to speak of it here."

"I am not recounting something to you, I am only stating a fact for you to hear. I believe that you know that I do not have much hope to count on. My strength will not increase and I do not have any offspring to widen the family's social status. I am a setting sun. Elder Luo Zhen, you look down on me and make things difficult for me deliberately, I can understand. If it were those reputable Elders, let me ask your conscience, would you refuse them? Would you dare to refuse them?"

Luo Zhen's expression bursts into spots of green color, then paled.

 "Elder Luo Yan, it seems your assumption is meaningless?"

Luo Yang laughed: "Not meaningful? I think it's incredibly meaningful. This is called the hypocrisy of the world. Very good, since you are not showing me any leniency, then I will speak frankly."

Inwardly, Luo Zhen was shocked. He looked at Luo Yang and was unaware of the implication of his words. Hearing Luo Yang's fanatical tone, Luo Zhen was somewhat worried.

 "I do not have much time, and only have two unrealized wishes. One of them is to pass all my power to one of my nephews. You know that to pass down the power, I must have the Inheritance Spiritual Pill. I have spent hundreds of years to collect materials for this plan. Whoever stops my plan and prevents me from fulfilling it, then they are my enemies!"

Luo Zhen drew a breath of cold air. It sounded as if Luo Yang had truly become obsessed with it. However, he was not afraid of Luo Yang's threats as he only said with a cold sneer: "Elder Luo Yang, I do not intend to stop your plan. I already said that for the "Straw Mat Vine", I can help you to look for it. Or else, come after the Celebration of the Dead."

 "Why does it have to be after the Celebration of the Dead? I do not want to wait half a day! Today I am exercising my right. When you are not letting me using my privilege, you are deliberately making things difficult for me and slapping my face! You can use those stupid excuses to scare those young disciples. We are all old guys, you think you can scare me? In the end, you feel that I am done for and you do not put me in your eyes. Great, you know that I don't have any other weakness, but I am narrow-minded. You look down on me, deliberately making things difficult, even if I am done for, I will fight you!"

Luo Zhen said with a cold sneer: "Luo Yang, you really feel you can fight me? Do you know that as long as I activate my mechanism, even if you are twice as powerful as your are now, you still cannot pass through it, not to mention getting close to me!"

 "Luo Zhen, are you really stupid, or pretending to be an idiot? Could it be that I can only make you feel regretful if I fight you here? Do you think that you do not have weaknesses or weak spots? Do not forget, although I am not part of the inner circle, I am overseeing the Sea of Bamboo Forest. Your direct descendent, your grandson is now training at the Wolf Ivory Peak. Do you think that if I were to make some movements, or make things difficult for him, would it be enough to make you regret it for the rest of your life?"

As soon as he spoke the words, Luo Zhen had truly become fearful.

He did not have to show a good attitude to Luo Yang and could ignore his objection. However, he could not ignore the words spoken by Luo Yang.

 "Luo Yang, are you threatening me?" Murderous intent flashed and surged inside Luo Zhen's eyes.

 "Yes, I am threatening you!" Luo Yang did not deny it at all as he said loudly, "You makes things difficult for me, get in the way of my plan, and leave me unable to fulfill my wish, thus, you are my sworn enemy. Even if I'm to burn both jade and common stone, I will fight you!"

Burn both jade and common stone!

These four words had evoked fear and trepidation in the face of Luo Zhen. Luo Zhen felt all his pores had opened up when he listened to these words. Hearing Luo Yang's fanatical tone, for sure he was not joking.

"It seems that old man Luo Yang has fallen into madness!" Luo Zhen do not fear Luo Yang when he was in his normal condition. However, he did feel somewhat restrained when he was facing current Luo Yang, who had turned mad.

Once a person had turned mad, he could do any crazy things. Just in case if Luo Yang had made a move towards his grandson, then his most prized bloodline would get cut off.

His grandson was his greatest capital for maintaining the social status of his bloodline. Once the grandson was lost, he would not enjoy a much better destiny than Luo Yang. It was the situation where one either thrive in glory, or lose everything.

When he thought here, Luo Zhen hesitated.

 "I don't want to speak anymore rubbish. Either you let me pass, or I will leave now!" Again, Luo Yang threw out his threats.

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