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In fact, the surge of tremors that had caused the pot of alcohol to drop to the ground was the trick planned by Qin Wushuang and his friends. The instant the pot of alcohol fell to the ground, he blew the pre-prepared poison into the alcohol pot with one breath.

This poison had been specially refined by Jade Hare. It would leave one unable to mobilize the spiritual Qi in their Dantian.

Landlord Zuo was not affected because he had already consumed the antidote. Since Luo Yang was not a celestial being, of course, he could not have predicted this disaster!

Currently, Moon Palace Jade Hare had already mastered the divine venomous insect. When Luo Yang fell under its control, naturally he had no room to resist.

All the procedures were precisely the same. When Luo Yang awoke, his spiritual perception was under the complete control of Qin Wushuang. The divine venomous insect inside his body had completely suppressed Luo Yang's consciousness.

 "My honor to meet with the Master." Luo Yang walked over respectfully.

Qin Wushuang looked at Luo Yang coldly and said while suppressing his rage forcefully: "For tonight's matter, you should know how to finish it up, right?"

 "Please rest assured, I know what to do."

In the Sea of Bamboo Courtyard, Luo Yang currently held the highest position. When Precious Pig and Mystical Horse captured Luo Yang's two subordinates earlier, all the movements in the courtyard had been eliminated.

Qin Wushuang was extremely satisfied with tonight's events. After they had taken care of Luo Yang, it was equivalent to making the first perfect step of the entire plan.

A good beginning is halfway to success. After they had taken care of Luo Yang, Qin Wushuang's head had become much clear. Although that surge of vengeful fury still burned vigorously inside his chest, Qin Wushuang would not lose his calm like he had previously.

He knew that the execution of the entire plan had become more assured.

Early next morning, Luo Yang brought his four trusted aides to report to Qin Wushuang since he was unwilling to let the dream linger longer.

"Master, now we can go." Luo Yang said.

Per the plan, the five great sealed spiritual beasts returned to the sealed scroll. Bao Bao and Lone continued to follow Qin Wushuang.

Landlord Zuo and his other three subordinates stayed in this Sea of Bamboo Courtyard to remain in contact at all time.

Among four of Luo Yang's subordinates, he only took two. Plus Qin Wushuang, Bao Bao and Lone, they were a total of six people.

After all, this was the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect's territory. When Qin Wushuang showed the route of the map to Luo Yang, he was also somewhat astonished and said: "Master, you are going to the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley?"

 "This place is called the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley?" Qin Wushuang pointed to the map and asked.

Luo Yang's expression appeared inscrutable as he said: "Yes, Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley." Apparently, this name caused even someone like Luo Yang to feel incredibly fearful.

 "Is this place forbidden?" Qin Wushuang could not help but asked.

 "It's not forbidden, but because this is place is way too dangerous!" There was a kind of profound fear within Luo Yang's tone. Clearly, to him, he had always restrained his fear toward this place.

 "Don't hold back. Look, for this route, how many layers of defense lie between the route to the Nine Refined Mysterious Valley?" Qin Wushuang asked.

Luo Yang did not dare to defy him and looked at it carefully. Suddenly, he shook his head: "It's not right, this route does not go to the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley. This should be a secret route and extremely arduous."

 "Is this a secret passage?" Qin Wushuang had not expected this.

 "Certainly it's a secret passage. From my information, the right path to go to the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley is this way." Luo Yang drew a path on top of the complicated routes.

 "Do we have to follow this route?" Qin Wushuang could not help but ask.

 "To go to the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley, you must walk on the correct path. Or else, with those heavy layers of mechanisms, all those unimaginable dangers will most likely appear. Most crucially, if you walk the secret path, it's possible for you to get discovered by the mountain patrol guards. In that case, regardless of your motive, you are trespassing in a forbidden area!"

Although Luo Yang had analyzed the advantage and disadvantage clearly, it had caused Qin Wushuang to fall into a difficult situation. There was a reason why Lu Xianlou had designated the secret passage.

It was because regardless of Lu Xianlou's power, he would not have the skills to predict the future. He would not have known that the person who inherited his deceased mission was able to perform the divine venomous insect skill and turn the Elder into a puppet to acquire an Elder identity plate. It meant that Lu Xinalou had never considered the possiblity of entering the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley through the correct path.

Currently, since Qin Wushuang controlled Luo Yang, he had a puppet with an Elder status leading the way for him. He could walk the right path and enter the area legally.

Of course, he could choose to walk this secret passage. The benefits of traversing the secret passage would allow him avoid having to worry about getting questioned. He would not need to find a reason and would not get exposed.

However, the disadvantages were apparent. He would encounter mechanisms and unexpected danger by taking the secret passage. It's highly possible for him to get caught by the mountain patrol guards.

Any of the risks from above would cause his plan to fail.

Clearly, Bao Bao and Lone had understood the advantages and disadvantages within it. They looked at Qin Wushuang and awaited his final decision.

After taking a moment to weigh the options, Qin Wushuang decided to keep using Luo Yang. He asked: "Luo Yang, although you are the Elder of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, since this Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley is a forbidden area, what reasons can you think of for entering?"

Luo Yang did not try to hide as he said with a bitter smile: "Honestly, I cannot find a persuasive reason."

 "Then in total, how many layers of defense are there on the main path?"

 "I know there are four checkpoints. These are all the known checkpoints. I do not know how many secret checkpoints are there."

Qin Wushuang fell silent. According to Luo Yang's words, it was truly not easy to enter this Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley. There were checkpoints in the bright daylight and hidden ones. Even if he was an Elder, it was not easy to enter.

After a moment of thinking, he asked: "Luo Yang, what kind of place is this Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley? Since the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect set it up as a forbidden area, there should be some reason behind it?"

Luo Yang said: "There are many rumors about the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley. The most genuine rumor should be that Subduing Devil Stone Tablet. In the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley, there is a Subduing Devil Stone Tablet and two spiritual beasts of the Divine Dao that had wrecked the Heavenly Sun Mountain sealed there."

 "Divine Dao spiritual beasts?"

Qin Wushuang found it astonishing. How could elite warriors of the Divine Dao be sealed inside the Heavenly Sun Mountain? Could it be that the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect once had elite warriors of the Divine Dao level?

 "Yes, the Subduing Devil Stone Table is indeed there. However, regarding of what kind of spiritual beast is sealed, I am afraid only the Head Dao Warrior, who had inherited the ancestor's legacy would know. The other people, even the Second Dao Warrior would not know about it." Luo Yang kept sighing with distress.

 "Besides the Subduing Devil Stone Tablet, what other rumors are there?"

 "It's rumored that Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley is the divine battlefield of ancient gods. Therefore, there is sufficient spiritual Qi in the valley. At the same time, it's also incredibly dangerous. In the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, for all core disciples, they have one chance in their entire life to enter the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley to train. This time period is three years. Therefore, the Wind Valley is normally not open to the public."

 "This way, even for you, it's hard to go in, right?"

Luo Yang said: "Not exactly. All Elders of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect are qualified to enter the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley. However, the condition is that you must have a reason to enter."

 "A reason?" A strange color flashed inside Qin Wushuang's eyes, "I trust that you have a reason, right?"

Luo Yang gritted his teeth and nodded heavily: "Yes, I've already thought of a reason."

 "Speak of it!" Qin Wushuang said in a low voice.

 "Every three years, Elders of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect have a chance to enter the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley. I have not been using this benefit for many years. In the sect, everyone knows that for my bloodline, I have no heir. There is no one to inherit my legacy."

"What about it?"

"I mentioned in the Sea of Bamboo Courtyard that I will select a person among my nephew's generations to inherit my power. To pass down the power, I must use the Inheritance Spiritual Pill. The refinement of the pill requires a specific material. This material can only be found in the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley."

This reason was rather adequate as it aligned with Luo Yang's personal situation. Qin Wushuang gave a carefree laugh and asked: "This reason will allow you to pass?"

"It will depend on how people guarding the checkpoint thinks of it!" In fact, Luo Yang knew that although he held the position of an Elder, the fact was, his position was inferior to those exceptional core disciples. Otherwise, he would not have received the news regarding the human countries from Luo Yun.

"Ha, this way, you are not confident about it."

Luo Yang said with depression: "My two sons have left the world one after another. Without a powerful successor, it seems I am not fated to have a future in the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. Therefore, I do not know whether those people guarding the checkpoint will let me pass."

These were big honest words.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Could it be that the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect guards against their own people? Could it be that they are scared you would destroy that Subduing Devil Stone Tablet and let out those two spiritual monsters of the Divine Dao?"

Luo Yang said with a bitter smile: "They are not in fear of this. For the Subduing Devil Stone Tablet, unless one possesses Divine Power, it's impossible to destroy it. Even elite warriors of the Exquisite Mysteries Boundary are unable to destroy it. With my little skill, it certainly will not work."

 "Then you must think more. In general, I don't care what method you use, we must enter the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley!" Qin Wushuang's tone was determined and full of coldness.

Luo Yang could not help but ask: "Master, what do you intend to do by entering that place?"

 "You will know in time." Qin Wushuang said coldly.

After they had made the decision, this group continued towards the main path. When people of the first two checkpoints saw Luo Yang's Elder identity plate, of course they let them go without questions.

After all, the more you were on the outside, it meant the lower your position. Naturally, you would show more admiration to the Elder.

At the third checkpoint, although Luo Yang showed the identity plate, he was still stopped for questions. Luo Yang talked about the reason he'd thought of.

After the disciple guarding the checkpoint saw that the Elder identity plate was genuine, he could only let him go and said: "Elder Luo Yang, we can let you pass our checkpoint. However, the last pass is managed by Elder Luo Zhen. We would not dare to make the decision whether he would let you go."

Luo Yang said indifferently: "I really do appreciate you guys for not stopping at this checkpoint. The last checkpoint is not your business; I will not make things difficult for you guys."

 "Ok, please, Elder Luo Yang."

He withdrew the Elder identity plate and continued forward. After they had travelled about a hundred miles, they arrived outside of the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley. The fourth checkpoint were not far outside the entrance to the valley. From this situation, it seemed that it would be difficult to go around the fourth checkpoint to enter the Wind Valley.

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