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However, it was this form of enlightenment that allowed Qin Wushuang to grasp the essence of the Void Martial Stage.

The Void Martial Stage was different than the Spiritual Martial Force, and not a level for one to accumulate spiritual Qi. The Spiritual Martial Force was the only stage for one to accumulate spiritual Qi. When the spiritual Qi had formed the essence and congealed into the Primordial Spirit in one's Dantian, one would have reached the Void Martial Stage.

The core of the Void Martial Stage lies with the word 'Void.' The word Void implied that the training process during this stage would not involve accumulating the spiritual Qi. This stage had far surpassed this aspect.

To climb the levels of the Void Martial Stage depended on the consolidation and refinement of the Primordial Spirit. Yet, the refinement of the Primordial Spirit and training the Dantian was one aspect. Comprehension and meditation during this stage was another aspect.

To reach the Primordial Spirit stage, it was possible to gain the insight during training. It was also possible to come to the realization during a random walk. Most likely, one could gain a flash of insight during meditation.

Thus, this form of miraculous feeling Qin Wushuang had acquired at this moment was in fact, a positive signal during the Void Martial Stage.

This was a qualitative change, and a favorable circumstance in which he had achieved through his continuous efforts and training.

Of course, at this moment, Qin Wushuang did not dwell too much on this aspect. He was becoming fascinated with this major battle.

To him, this battle was not a life and death fight, but something to be enjoyed. The more Qin Wushuang fought, the more confident he became. Each move he unleashed seemed free and graceful.

If it were someone that did not know the truth, they would see an illusion when they saw this battle. They would feel that this was a battle between two equal leveled elite warriors, and not a fight between two warriors of two different levels.

Compared to Qin Wushuang's effortless and relaxed stance, Luo Zhan wanted to die. He never imagined that he would be forced into an impossible situation by a young man.

Of course, this was not due to his inferior strength, but because he was incapable of fully unleashing his own power. One of the reasons was due to Qin Wushuang suppressing him. Secondly, it was because those three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage were eyeing him covetously from behind.

The pressure from these two sides left Luo Zhan incapable of performing to his full potential.

Those three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage were also infatuated as they watched this scene. Apparently, they had never expected that although their Master's level of strength was far less than the opponent's, they would be evenly matched. Although he had the advantage of the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings, it was enough for him to be proud that he was able to beat an elite warrior of the Profound Void Martial Stage into an embarrassing state.

Pure Altar Precious Pig was the first one to become impatient. He shook the fat flesh of his entire body with exaggeration and roared: "Master, I will help you!"

Precious Pig walked in large strides and charged to the middle of the air while using his fists to send continuous punches from the left and right. As the wind guided forth his fist movements, he aimed directly at Luo Zhan's face.

Such attacks were simple, rough and yet, it was the most effective. When Luo Zhan took one punch, he felt a suffocating feeling surge from his chest. It seemed that the surrounding air had been been rolled up into the wind that was carried by the punch. The torrent of air was attached to the fist and moved to smash him in the face.

Visibly, as the ripples fluctuated in the sky, a rugged whirlpool appeared. Of course, Luo Zhan could not take this fist head-on. Any kind of tough confrontation would be enough to force him to take another step towards an eternal slumber. Since the other party had three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage, they had enough manpower to use a tag-team strategy and consume all his spiritual Qi.

Following this fist attack, Luo Zhan retreated at a fast speed. He used the battle blade to open a path. Clearly, he was guarding against the joint attacks from the One Horn Spiritual Beast and Hissing Sky Phoenix.

Yet within this deep net, how could it not be an extremely difficult thing to not get attacked from two sides. Therefore, it may appear that he had stepped away from the most dangerous area, he was not safe.

From the two sides, Hissing Sky Phoenix and One Horn Mystical Horse dashed at him. Qin Wushuang used his Ying Yang Purple Cloud Wings to charge at Luo Zhan with the speed of the ghost.

He held up all five fingers and kept shooting the Gang sword intents like he was shooting bullets. He had shot these with rapid speed, like rain splitting the head and covering the face.

Luo Zhan was furious to the extent that he was about to vomit out a mouthful of blood. Again, he gathered his Genuine Qi and kept whistling. He also wondered depressingly about how and why did Luo Ba and Luo Xing had not returned, after they had gone to chase two guys that seemed to be average.

He had no idea that those two seemingly ordinary guys were, in fact, the altered forms of Jade Hare and Sky Pilfered Mole. These two spiritual beasts excelled at underground travelling techniques. Naturally, they could lead Luo Ba and Luo Xing on a merry chase. They had fully lured those two away from the battle scene.

Therefore, regardless of how much Luo Zhan whistled, he would not receive any response. The instant he became distracted, he felt a surge of piercing pain from his shoulder. A Young Rushing Sword attack had already shot into his scapula.

The power of the "Coagulated Sword" was significant. Especially, the congealed Gang Sword which possessed immense power. As soon as the sword intent reached its target, Luo Zhan felt a surge of twitches inwardly.

Regardless of consequences, he dashed forward and threw a spiritual talisman to the sky. He wanted to use it to escape. At this moment, Pure Altar Precious Pig from behind of him opened his mouth and emitted a surge of smoke to wrap up the surrounding air and to form an absolute vacuum state.

This absorption did not give Luo Zhan the time to throw the spiritual talisman and to activate it. The talisman had gotten directly absorbed by Precious Pig's strong suction power.

Almost at the same time, One Horn Mystical Horse had already arrived at his side, his horn poised to stab him. Displaying the imposing manner in which he was determined to split open everything, he drilled at Luo Zhan's chest.

As Luo Zhan kept ascending, he slashed at One Horn Mystical Horse's divine light and used the momentum to dash upwards, boom!

Instantly, Hissing Sky Phoenix clawed the air with his sharp claws. Countless claw shadows formed by invisible air currents pressed down on him one after another.

 "Luo Zhan, resign yourself to your fate!"

Qin Wushuang spoke with a definite tone as he activated the Hegemon Breaking Formation Spear fully to stab at Luo Zhan's throat. Suddenly, he pushed forward with his hands and a vortex of wind pushed the Hegemon Breaking Formation Spear.

This force behind the move instantly increased the speed of the Hegemon Breaking Formation Spear by a factor of ten. This was an evolution of the Profound Abstruse Move. Qin Wushuang had poured all of his power into this Profound Abstruse Move and prioritized the speed of the spear. Like the arrow departing from the bow string, the spear pierced at Luo Zhan's neck at full speed.

Surrounded by attacks from three spiritual beasts, Luo Zhan had no place to evade. With a cry, he contracted his neck and was about to dodge it. However, even if he could evade the first attack, how could he evade from Qin Wushuang's second one?

From an unknown moment, repeating his previous move, Qin Wushuang had shot the Purple Sun Sword forward at Luo Zhan's chest.

Upon hearing a "popping" sound, Luo Zhan's pupils suddenly shrank and his entire body seemed to have become petrified by an immobilization spell.

He stopped in the middle of the air where all of a sudden, different and complicated lights flashed across his eyes. As the looks of anger and despair flowed from his eyes, he threw the battle blade from his hand and slashed at Qin Wushuang with the last ounce of his strength.

Revealing a scornful smile, Qin Wushuang flapped his wings and flew a few hundred metres away. Watching Qin Wushuang escape his last attack with confidence and ease, a sadness seeped into the heart of Luo Zhan.

Each age offers its own man of parts…

At his deathbed, Luo Zhan had finally acknowledged that he was old, and incapable of stopping the rise of the younger generation. This Qin Wushuang… Without a doubt, he would become a calamity to the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. Luo Zhan only felt his Dantian shrinking and the Primordial Spirit from within dispersing at a rapid speed.

This was the omen of death where not even Heavenly Saints could save him by coming to the secular world. At this moment, Luo Zhan had no time to worry about his own survival. Despite using all of his remaining strength, he was powerless to deliver his dying message through the communication jade to Daoist Warrior of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect.

Suffused with anger and an unwillingness, Luo Zhan's breathing gradually stopped as his body slumped forlornly to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust. A Profound Void Martial Stage warrior had died in this nameless valley.

Qin Wushuang pull back his stance and instructed: "Sky Phoenix, you will take care of the aftermath. Bao Bao, go regroup with Lone. Stay to defend in the front and do not let any bystanders come in. I will take them to regroup with Mole and Jade Hare. The other two still waits for us to finish."

Bao Bao laughed: "With the leader dead, the rest are easy to take care."

Presently, Luo Ba and Luo Xing were becoming increasingly frustrated by the actions of Mole and Jade Hare. Despite feeling restless and angered, they were left without an option.

Regarding their strength, they were all elite warriors of the Profound Void Martial Stage and stronger than Mole and Jade Hare. However, Jade Hare and Pilfered Mole both had natural advantages. In such a game, they could not unleash their power fully.

Despite chasing with exhaustion, they realized that they were running back to their original place.

Just as they were feeling stunned, One Horn Mystical Horse arrived at the head of the vanguard. Pure Altar Precious Pig also roll into the battle behind him.

After finishing taking care of the aftermath, Hissing Sky Phoenix also joined in the battle.

It was relatively easier to handle these two. Qin Wushuang would not even needed to make a move.

Despite fighting like cornered animals, these two could not fight back against the opponent's numbers and died with an unfulfilled vengeance.

At this moment, all four Profound Void Martial Stage warriors stationed outside the Morning Sun Town had died. To the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, this was absolutely a great blow.

Although losing warriors of the Profound Void Martial Stage was not a fatal loss to the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, warriors of this level were after all, a core part of their force. When four of them had died at the same time, it was undoubtedly a heavy loss.

Seeing the battle had ended over here, Bao Bao and Lone regrouped with them. Bao Bao said with excitement: "Boss, this is a nice strategy, ha ha ha. The Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect was chasing us, and we have killed several of theirs. Nice, Boss, we shall fight this way!"

Initially, the core of the strategy thought up by Qin Wushuang was to separate the four of the enemies. Then, they could use their numbers and overwhelm two of the enemies with their full power. In the end, they would achieve the result of dividing and conquering them.

For any part of this strategy, such as the conversation and choosing the travelling path of the two errant freelance martial artists had been designed meticulously according to the map. Thus, when using it, they had lured Luo Zhan and his group into the trap unconsciously. The expression from Luo Ba and Luo Xing had revealed everything. Clearly, they never imagined in their dreams that this was a trap designed by Qin Wushuang!

By the time when they had realized it, they were at breathing their last breath and struggling at death door.

After killing the four of them, the scene of the battles were quite noticeable. Upon removing all traces of the bodies, Qin Wushuang did not bother to restore the scene.

Because of the mess in this battle scene, it was impossible to restore it. Sooner or later, people of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect would discover this place.

Currently, Qin Wushuang treasured time as if he were treasuring gold. He would take the initiative and grasp the lead beyond his enemies expectation.

Therefore, Qin Wushuang would not linger at this place. After they had finished cleaning the battle scene, they hastily continued their way towards the Divine Brilliance Prefecture.

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