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Like a ball of raging flame, Luo Zhan's body charged at Hissing Sky Phoenix with a loud rumble. The momentum of the charge shattered the space and thundered toward Hissing Sky Phoenix. The explosive sound of the sky brought waves of electrified air and created a distorting cry.

The shrieking cry of birds pierced the sky and startled all different sorts of animals around the mountain range. They fled in a state of panic. For a time, it seems earth was shattering under the effect of the boundless power from the battle.

Seeing Luo Zhan's temperament, although Hissing Sky Phoenix was fearless, he knew that he must not take this move head on. Instantly, he swayed to the side and delivered two rounds of fireballs from the side.

As the two fireballs flashed across the sky, it shot towards Luo Zhan's ribs like two rolling fire dragons. Luo Zhan had just acquired a opening, yet instantly, his ribs felt extreme uncomfortableness after being struck by these two fire dragons. At the moment, he did not dare to linger and still dashed forward regardless of his situation.

Moving forward was his only choice, and the only way he could survive.

If he could not break through this blockade the first time, certain death would be all that awaits for him. When he thought here, Luo Zhan chose to charge through it despite his injuries.

However, these three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage have worked together for an unknown number number of years. Their familiarity and tacit understanding of each other haD achieved some outrageous level.

When the flight of Hissing Sky Phoenix's fireballs reached its end, One Horn Mystical Horse was rushing from the side and blocked Luo Zhan's forward movement.

Luo Zhan slashed with his battle blade at One Horn Mystical Horse.

Different than Hissing Sky Phoenix, One Horn Mystical Horse's strength was frontal attacks. When attacking an opponent head-on, he was fearless against any elite warriors of the same level.

Seeing the lights slashing at him, the One Horn on his forehead lifted dramatically along with the wind. Like a knight's lance, he pointed towards the light of the blade directly.

When two austere moves clashed in the middle of the air, it created a miserable booming shockwave. One could only see the ripples spreading quickly outwards.

Violent sounds of metal clashing also echoed out along with the ripples.

Through this head-on clash, the web between the thumb and forefinger of Luo Zhan and One Horn Mystical Horse had become numb. They took a few steps back and barely stopped the surging blood in their body.

 "Such powerful impact!" Luo Zhan was full of worry inwardly.

Of course, One Horn Mystical Horse's situation was no better than Luo Zhan. Only, these twelve sealed beasts all had a domineering personality. Even if they were to suffer some losses during a heavy battle, they would never fall back. Not to mention, he knew that the other party would not feel any better than he was.

One Horn Mystical Horse suppressed the surging blood and glared at Luo Zhan. He said with an evil grin: "Old kid, you got some skills. But, there is no way if you want to pass from me!"

Feeling helpless inwardly, Luo Zhan watched the group of assailants that surrounded him. He knew that it would be extremely difficult if he wanted to break out of here smoothly.

He turned around and shot a glance. He fixed his gaze at Qin Wushuang and suddenly thought: "This Qin Wushuang has been hiding from far away, and would not dare to engage in battles. His own strength must not be a match to these spiritual beasts. I can make him enter the battle scene and catch him. He is a valuable target. As long as I get ahold of Qin Wushuang, I will have the advantage!"

When he thought here, Luo Zhan felt a wave of joy inwardly. He knew that this was his best option, and his only choice presently. If he could not acquire this opportunity, most likely he would die with grievance.

At the moment, he waved the battle blade and laughed: "Why should I fear when three of you hit one of me? Even if the four of you hit me, I will take it all!"

Despite speaking these heroic words, when Luo Zhan thought how his friend, Zuo Gang got killed easily, he was feeling insecure inwardly. However, he had no other way out.

Fight for his life!

Only by putting his life on the line, would he carve a path to survival!

When he thought here, not only did Luo Zhan keep escaping forward, he seize the opportunity and started to fall. His moment was swift and fierce as he was dashing directly towards at Qin Wushuang.

Although Hissing Sky Phoenix was between him and Qin Wushuang, Luo Zhan was ignoring the existence of Hissing Phoenix with his momentum.

Hissing Phoenix gave a high-pitched cry: "Master, please evade!"

These three spiritual beasts at the Profound Void Martial Stage knew Qin Wushuang was only at the Refined Void Martial Stage. In such a battle, theoretically he would not have any influence. Most likely he would even become a burden.

Yet, how could Qin Wushuang be some ordinary Refined Void Martial Stage warrior. He gave a loud roar: "Let him come!"

As he spoke, Qin Wushuang flicked his wings and twisted the Hegemon Breaking Formation Spear. A surge of spear light shot at Luo Zhan's forehead like a viper spitting its tongue with matchless speed.

With the first spear move unleashed, Qin Wushuang kept lashing out a dozen spear moves at a strangely fast speed. These moves even made a Profound Void Martial Stage warrior like Luo Zhan feel somewhat surprised.

Luo Zhan had never seen or heard such spear moves. These moves had contained different elemental attributes and formed a variety of profoundness.

When distorting elemental attributes mixed together, it formed into a complicated attack wave and rolled at Luo Zhan with a boom. This attack gave Luo Zhan the feeling that he was facing the attacks of a dozen opponents.

Qin Wushuang had used one spear to transform all unique attack traits from eighteen different weapons and overwhelmed Luo Zhan.

Normally, with his strength at the Profound Void Martial Stage, he could have ignored attacks from ordinary Refined Void Martial Stage warrior and sweep it away with one palm.

However, Qin Wushuang's level was incomparable to ordinary warriors of the Refined Void Martial Stage. Since he went through the divine light baptism, his attack power and level was much stronger than people of the same level. This was the biggest reason for Qin Wushuang being capable of dealing with people of a higher level than him.

Under such powerful attacks, even Luo Zhan would not dare to let down his guard. Thus, he withdrew the long blade and prepared to defend himself.

It was because Qin Wushuang's attacks would get in through every opening, like the vipers. If he did not guard over his door, most likely he would lose.

Being an elite warrior of the Profound Void Martial Stage, Luo Zhan was using a defense motion when he was facing a martial artist at the Refined Void Martial Stage! In this circumstance, if someone else was watching from the side, they would find it incredibly strange. Such situation had defied the common sense within the martial artist world.

Not to mention one at the Profound Void Martial Stage, even an elite at the Transformation Void Martial Stage could ignore the attacks from one at the Refined Stage. After all, after entering the Void Martial Stage, the difference between each two levels was apparent and not easy to make up.

Yet, Qin Wushuang's attacks were like the moving clouds and flowing water in which one could not determine the truth and the illusion. One could not even predict the move that was going to happen next.

Because of this, besides using his advantage of being at a higher stage, Luo Zhan had no other choice.

However, if he were to fight head-on, it was equivalent to lacking flexibilities and countering the situation through a passive way. His own attacks would have less of an impact than anticipated.

Since Qin Wushuang had the advantage of the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings, he was fearless against Luo Zhan's attacks. Especially when such passive counterattacks would not allow one to unleash one hundred percent of their power.

He lifted the wings slightly and his body disappeared like the swift wind before Luo Zhan.

Next moment, Luo Zhan only felt a surge of torrential attacks from his back. Qin Wushuang was holding the spear with one hand and held the five fingers of the other hand together. Shooting the Gang Sword intent of the "Coagulated Sword" technique from each of his fingers at a casual speed, Qin Wushuang felt that he was fastening the trigger and shooting bullets without stopping.

The power of the Gang Sword was not ordinary. Even an elite warrior of the Profound Void Martial Stage would not dare to take one. Behind the wide open and closing "Coagulated Sword" attacks, it also contained the nimbleness not possessed by weaponry.

To Luo Zhan, such fast attacks was the most uncomfortable. Luo Zhan waved the battle blade to send out surges of blade lights to be his shield and protected all the vital parts of the body.

Inwardly, he was feeling a mixture of urgency and anger. He realized that perhaps, the two people that had lured Luo Ba and Luo Xing away previously should be a part of Qin Wushuang's strategy. His goal was to separate the four Profound Void Martial Stage warriors and divide their strength. This way, Qin Wushuang and his friends could focus on dealing with two and break them in groups!

When he thought here, Luo Zhan gave a long whistle to the sky and waved the battle blade even more, as if not a drop of water could get past. He knew that at this moment, the most crucial point was to not become disorganized. Once he messed up, the enemy would easily strike him! Now, Luo Zhan had learned that Qin Wushuang, who had come from the human countries had some skills. It was not strange how a young and exceptional as Luo Ting had died at his hands.

Even for someone as knowledgeable and qualified as he was, he also felt extremely uncomfortable under Qin Wushuang's layers of attack. Such uncomfortableness was not the form of powerlessness when facing against a super elite warrior.

He clearly felt that he could defeat Qin Wushuang. Yet, he was incapable of initiating the attacks with ease. From the beginning, it seems the battle situation did not belong to him.

Such situation made Luo Zhan feel that he could not perform the skills he had. Under the situation where he did not use the Graceful Spiritual Bow, Qin Wushuang had used his wings, and a set of strange attack moves made Luo Zhan feel he could not gain the victory easily.

Unable to claim victory meant defeat under this situation. It was because next to him, there were three spiritual beasts of the Profound Void Martial Stage that eyed him covetously and would make a move on him at any moment.

Any one of the three spiritual beast would be enough to force him into a bitter battle. Not to mention there were three of them, plus this devilish Qin Wushuang.

Luo Zhan felt even more anxious inwardly as he kept whistling and trying to call back Luo Ba and Luo Xing. If three Elders of the Profound Void Martial Stage joined hands, perhaps they could not win, yet it would be easier to deal with the situation. He could fight with ease and would have more leeway in making decisions, whether he were to fight or to retreat.

Qin Wushuang kept changing his moves and unleashed all his trump skills one after another. The power of these consummate skills also continually developed as Qin Wushuang kept advancing forward. These skills would undergo an upgrade in levels.

Especially for the "Coagulated Sword" that had the boundary distribution, he was using it more smoothly. The dual-use of heart and hands close quarter combat techniques was more of a mind skill, rather than a move. To put it precisely, it was a form of battle skill.

Qin Wushuang used spear in one hand, and the other hand used the "Coagulated Sword". Together with the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings, he gained greater insight through battles. Inwardly, he felt a surge of confidence and calmness as if he was not facing an elite warrior of the Profound Void Martial Stage, but a martial artist of the same level.

Vividly, this form of confidence was the invisible upgrade of the stage. Presently, Qin Wushuang was undergoing enlightenment…

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