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Only when these two had walked past the hill, did Luo Zhan and the others appear. They exchanged a look and Luo Zhan asked: "For these two people, any of you know them?"

 "From their outfits, they should be freelance martial artists. With all those freelance martial artists in the world, how could we know them?"

 "These two actually knew Qin Wushuang's whereabouts? Hearing their tone, they seemed to have it all figured out. Regardless of where Qin Wushuang had gone, they seemed able to determine it."

The other three Elders all looked at Luo Zhan. Clearly, they were waiting for him to make the decision.

 "What do you guys think?" Luo Zhan was not in a rush to make his decision. Instead, he started to ask for his friends' advice.

 "I feel these two were not bluffing. From their words, Qin Wushuang's group should still be within the borders of the Danxia Prefecture."

 "How about we chase after those two and ask them. When dealing with two freelance martial artists, even if we use some ways to interrogate them, we are not afraid of them not speaking."

The name of this Elder was Luo Ba. His style had always been crude.

This suggestion immediately received agreements from the other Elders. They all looked at Luo Zhan and waited to hear his decision. After some moment of thinking, Luo Zhan feel that the two freelance martial artists should not pose too much of a threat. He nodded immediately: "Ok, Luo Ba, Luo Xing, you two will bring them back. Remember, do it cleanly."

 "Ha, they were only gone for a little while, it will only take fifteen minutes to catch them." Luo Ba even felt that it was unnecessary to have two people go together, "Zhan, it's enough for me to go alone, let Luo Xing stay here."

Yet, Luo Zhan prioritized stability as he said: "Since you are going, then I would ask for no troubles. It would be more safe and sound for two people to go together."

Luo Ba did not dare to defy him and he nodded: "Then we will go together. Zhan, here is up to you guys."

Luo Zhan nodded indifferently: "Go, make it quick, and come back quickly."

Luo Ba and Luo Xing accepted the order and left. They charged at a rapid speed towards the direction where those two freelance martial artists had gone. Initially, they thought that it would not be a difficult matter to chase up to those two people.

However, they still did not catch up them after following their tracks for fifteen minutes. Luo Xing could not help but feel hesitant: "Ba, we have not gone after the wrong route, right?"

Luo Ba said: "You are also a skilled person, do you think it looks we have gone the wrong way?"

Indeed, they had chased after the presence of those two and there would not be any mistake. Besides, this tracks kept continuing this way.

The sense of their presence gave them the feeling that these two were ahead. However, such presence had led them to keep chasing, yet they were incapable of catching up to them. After having chased them for a few hours, they still felt that these two were just ahead of them.

After more than two hours, they still gained nothing. This caused them to fall into a difficult situation as if they found it difficult to dismount a tiger. They were either to give up, or continue to move forward.

On the other hand, Luo Zhan and the Elder with the surname Zuo remained at the same place. Suddenly, two other people suddenly appeared. These two people rushed towards them at a rapid speed.

After these two had dashed out of the pass, they flew in the air and went ahead at full speed.

"Boss, we finally made it out of the Danxia Prefecture, ha ha, go quickly, quickly." This voice sounded extremely joyful and full of happiness.

"Next stop, Heavenly Emperor Mountain!" The person that was called Boss answered him while speeding by.

Inwardly, Luo Zhan and that Elder Zuo was stunned. They looked at the skyline with surprise and chased after them immediately. It was because at almost at the same time, a thought had flashed across their mind—Qin Wushuang!

The direction in which these two had flown was completely different than the direction of the previous two people.

Luo Zhan and Elder Zuo chased after them quickly. Instantly, they chased for a few hundred miles. When they turned around to a valley, those two suddenly dropped down into this valley.

Luo Zhan knew that most likely the other party had realized their pursuit. Immediately, he made a hand gesture and followed them to drop into the valley.

 "Come out!" Elder Zuo said with a cold sneer, "At this place, where are you looking to hide?"

Although Luo Zhan felt that the other party's strength would not pose a threat, he did not dare to let down his guard. He knew that this matter was of great importance. If the other party was Qin Wushuang, he must remain fully alert.

Elder Zuo cursed at them. Luo Zhan, however, did not speak and simply observed the surrounding terrain with a cold sneer. Suddenly, he stopped his gaze at a giant tree across them.

Two people appeared from behind the tree and one of them said with a cold sneer: "Who said we were hiding?"

Seeing these two, Luo Zhan exchanged a glance with Elder Zuo. In one leap, they arrived on the other side and was only several dozen metres away from those two people.

"Humph, you two, who are you, acting so sneaky, give me your names!" Elder Zuo asked with a cold tone.

 "Who is acting sneaky?" One of them said with ease, "I think the ones acting sneaky are you guys. How come you are following us, and what do you want?"

Luo Zhan still did not let go of his vigilance. He only sized these two up before him and said indifferently: "Everyone present are smart people, let's not speak in riddles. We are Elders of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect, we do have an idea of your identities. Why not open the window and speak honestly?"

 "Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect…" One of the young men smiled lightly and said with a mischievous tone, "Then, you must think that one of us is Qin Wushuang, right?"

 "Ha ha ha, then, are you?" Luo Zhan asked with a gloomy tone.

That person said with a light smile: "If I say no, you will for sure be disappointed, and would kill us to vent your anger. If I say yes, you will be overjoyed, right?"

Luo Zhan revealed murderous intentions: "Regardless of you being him or not, since you are here, do not think about getting out of here!"

That young man still carried that mischievous smile on his face: "Then I will tell you the truth, I am Qin Wushuang, you found the right person."

The expression of Luo Zhan and Elder Zuo changed drastically as the other party directly admitted the truth. This was beyond their expectation. They thought that even if the other party was certainly the target, he would deny it. If the other party was not their target, he would certainly deny the fact to the end. However, the other party had admitted the truth.

This caused Luo Zhan and Elder Zuo to feel extremely surprised. After the sense of surprise went away, a surge of coldness creeped down the back of their spine.

"You are truly Qin Wushuang?" Luo Zhan inhaled a breath of cold air and asked coldly.

Qin Wushuang said leisurely: "I am the real thing!"

As soon as he had finished speaking, suddenly, Luo Zhan felt a surge of violent movements from the ley lines underneath. The entire surrounding terrain started to tremble.

Next, a wave of black clouds engulfed them. A body as giant as the mountains pressed down directly. This spiritual beast with the giant body smashed down from the sky and opened his mouth to direct a suction effect at Luo Zhan. This absorption power was incredibly powerful and caused Luo Zhan to tremble involuntarily.

Instantly, Luo Zhan realized that something was wrong as he shouted: "We have fallen into their trap! Zuo Gang, hurry and contact the others to have them assist us outside the Mourning Sun Town!"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "It's too late!"

Before Elder Zuo had the chance to take out the communication jade, a fireball blazing like the red sun came roaring at him from the middle of the air. It shot towards his chest.

This surge of power was vigorous and domineering. It also carried a powerful heat. This power made Zuo Gang feel as if his entire body was about to melt. With his muscles becoming tense, it seemed that his skin was about to light on fire.

Zuo Gang gave a loud cry and dashed forward to try to get away from this all-consuming fireball attack. Charging at him, this fireball made a turn and went towards Zuo Gang's chest without stopping.

Almost at the same time, a wave of white light pierced from the side. One Horn Mystical Horse had used his unique light from his horn of the forehead to drill at him, like a super blade.

This drilling power let out waves of spiraling energy and twisted the air. It did not give Zuo Gang the chance to breathe as he dashed forward with all his efforts.

Only, because his dashing speed was too fast, he almost lost control of his body. When two powerful forces collided , Zuo Gang was out of moves.

Having observed the situation attentively, Qin Wushuang moved his hands and shot out the sword intent from the move of "Coagulated Sword." It brought out a colorful beam and shot at Zuo Gang's chest, like a bullet from a gun.

Qin Wushuang was almost in front of Zuo Gang. His level of the "Coagulated Sword" was unlike the ones from the past. It was at the third stage and the peak state in which Qin Wushuang could perform.

The third stage—Gang Sword!

One could imagine the power from this Gang Sword. Although Zuo Gang was an elite warrior of the Profound Void Martial Stage, under the current circumstances, he was defenseless and incapable of evading the third wave of attacks. Not to mention Qin Wushuang's "Coagulated Sword" was boundless and majestic, that would not allow Zuo Gang the opportunity to evade.

He was equivalent to a wooden target and was directly struck by Qin Wushuang's move.

For the ten Gang Sword strikes that shot out, not one of it had not hit its target. All of it had pierced Zuo Gang's left chest vital part. Almost at the same time, Zuo Gang's body had stopped moving.

He look at Qin Wushuang in disbelief and eyes full of astonishment. He opened his mouth and did not know what to say as the light in his eyes slowly dimmed.


Zuo Gang's body thumped onto the ground and no longer moved.

Upon watching this scene from the corner of his eyes, Luo Zhan's entire body could not help but tremble. He had been suppressed by Pure Altar Precious Pig and was incapable of sparing any energy to help Zuo Gang.

Most crucially, he never expected that Zuo Gang would be killed by the enemy at such rapid speed. For your information, although Zuo Gang's strength was less than Luo Zhan, it should have been impossible for him to be killed within a few moves.

If Zuo Gang got killed by the other party with such ease, then Luo Zhan would not have any chance! Thinking here, coldness engulfed his heart.

He charged forward at an urgent speed, jumping out of the battle circle and attempted to run away. However, Pure Altar Precious Pig would not allow him to escape. He gave a loud roar and collided against him, undaunted by any possible danger.

This attack style caused Luo Zhan to shiver from head to toe. He was fighting with his life depending on it. That One Horn Mystical Horse and Hissing Sky Phoenix also closed in from the other two sides almost at the same time.

The encirclement from three individuals did not leave the slightest opening for Luo Zhan to escape. He could only grit his teeth, grip the battle blade in his hand and slash at Hissing Sky Phoenix while wrapping his entire body into a ball of piercing lights. Indeed, he was fighting with a style regardless of the consequence to his own life, in order to exchange for lives of the enemies.

While Qin Wushuang watched this scene calmly, he was already holding the Hegemon Breaking Formation Spear in hand. Vividly, through this battle, he had gained some new knowledge in terms of understanding the Void Martial Stage.

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