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In the courtyard of the residence where the Zhen Wu Holy Place officials were currently residing, the two important representatives in charge of the "Family Class Evaluations" were reading from a pile of papers.

That grizzly-beard old man put down the paper and smiled: "Head Manager Huang, all information about the Humble Qin family are here."

"Hm…" That man with the sword-shaped eyebrows muttered to himself, "From the information, the ancestors of the Qin family had moved here from the outer provinces long ago. They currently have a few hundred years of history. From the record, a large group of elite offspring had disappeared a hundred years ago. This event had become the primary cause of their defeat in the Family Class Evaluations and caused them to drop down to the Prominent Class. In the next few Family Class Evaluations, they dropped to Humble Class. It's not hard to see that incident from a hundred years ago had had a tremendous impact on the Qin family."

The grizzly-beard old man nodded in agreement: "That incident was very strange. At that time, there was no war or plague and nobody else from the other families in River County had gone missing. Only, twenty or thirty people had disappeared from the Qin family. Those lost were all elite warriors too. Isn't this strange?"

"Not to mention, even if the Qin family had been part of the Wealthy Class from the beginning, they most likely hadn't passed down any precious martial arts technique books. Or else, the Qin family would not have been in such difficult situations in the past two Family Class Evaluations. But—This Qin Wushuang's performance is an anomaly when compared to the past legacy of the Qin family! Elder Zhou, you have always paid attention to this Qin Wushuang, right? You should know better than me."

A smile of appreciation immediately emerged on his face when that grizzly beard Elder Zhou talked about Qin Wushuang.

"Head Manager Huang, this time, you and I were appointed to supervise the Family Class Evaluation in this little county. We've unexpectedly discovered a rare talent. This Qin Wushuang, forget the fact that no martial arts student in River County could compete with him, even in the entire Southcloud State or even the Redwood Royal Territory, he is most likely the most exceptional youth among all of them."

The man with the sword-shaped eyebrows' surname was Huang and he was the highest official in charge of River County's "Family Class Evaluation." When he'd heard Elder Zhou's high praises for Qin Wushuang, a few traces of smile emerged on his serious face.

"I feel reassured since Elder Zhou has checked him out. Such an unpolished gem not only needs protection but will also need to undergo some tests. First, let's see what kind of performance the Qin family will give us in the battle for the Wealthy Class seat. The truth is, in the entire River County, everyone views the matter of the Qin family challenging the Wealthy Class seat as a joke. After all, the Humble Qin family are very few in numbers…"

Elder Zhou laughed casually: "Everything in this world is unpredictable. Because everyone is treating it as a joke, it's worth to seeing the outcome. An unpredictable performance is much more exciting to watch than a stale and boring performance, right?"

"From your perspective, Elder Zhou, how much chance of winning does the Qin family have?"

"If the Wealthy Xu family have no hidden trump cards, then in this fight, the Qin family will seize an overwhelming victory!"

"An overwhelming victory?" Head Manager Huang appeared suspicious, "The Humble Qin family will win?"

"Yes, the Humble Qin family will win!" Elder Zhou said with certainty.

"In the Wealthy Xu family, two of the elders have the strength at Stage Four of the Genuine Force. Plus, Patriarch Xu Sanli is at Stage Five. The Xu family are a stalwart force since they have many mighty warriors in the family! What extraordinary force does the Humble Qin family possess?"

Elder Zhou laughed casually: "That extraordinary force is Qin Wushuang! From my secret investigation, two guests were missing from Da Xi Yue's birthday party. One of them was an offspring of the Venerable family from another county. He is at Stage Three of the Genuine Force. Do you know why he failed to attend?"


"When this guy's friend had gotten into a conflict with Qin Wushuang, he tried to mount a sneak attack on him. He was beaten in one move quickly by Qin Wushuang and received injuries to his internal organs… Haha, Head Manager Huang, what does it mean if he can stop a mighty warrior at Stage Three of the Genuine Force in one move?"

A radiant light flashed from Head Manager Huang's eyes. He exclaimed: "This... We have certainly found a rare gem in this River County!"

Elder Zhou nodded with certainty: "Definitely! I am only worried that this kid will attract a disaster if he shows off too much at the Family Class Evaluation."

"Golden fishes are never meant to stay in a pool and will turn into a dragon once they've encountered a change of weather. This change of situation will arrive eventually, and our power alone will not stop it. Regardless of being a fish or dragon, how could it change per the situation? If this kid does have exceptional talent, he will have his chance to rise. We only need to go with the flow and lead him when necessary. As for hiding and protecting him, this would not be the right way to raise him."

Elder Zhou sighed and nodded: "Indeed, you speak wisely!"

Unlike the attitude of the officials from the Zhen Wu Holy Place, Xi Men Qian had returned to the Xu residence in a rage. His face was full of fury and annoyance. The entire household of the Xu family already learned the truth from Xu Zhou and his brothers. Nobody, including Xu Sanli, had dared to disturb Xi Men Qian during this hazardous moment.

"Zhen Wu Holy Place, hmph, Zhen Wu Holy Place!" Xi Men Qian muttered to himself, "Very impressive, very inauspicious, aren't they only a few slaves from an obsolete power? How dare they act so arrogantly!"

"Young Master, as they say, a dog threatens based on its master's power. Those two representatives are only third-rate people in Zhen Wu Holy Place. They flaunted their superiority because they wielded the power of the Zhen Wu Holy Place. Young Master, there is no need for you to be angry over these vile characters. You are still young and have a bright future. One day, when you enter the Zhen Wu Holy Place, you will surely be first-class. At that time, it would not be too late to punish them."

Xi Men Qian could not let go of his anger as he nodded with hatred: "It is the only way! For the moment, I cannot do anything to the people from Zhen Wu Holy Place. But, at least, I will not let the Humble Qin family off easily. Eleven, go and grab me that girl from the Qin family. I want to see what kind of magic does she possess that caused Da Xi Ming to lose himself."

A trace of a sly smile emerged from the corner of the vigorous guy's mouth. He answered respectfully: "Yes, I will do this immediately. Should I teach that son of the Qin family a lesson along the way?"

After a moment of silence, Xi Men Qian shook his head: "Since the people of the Zhen Wu Holy Place had spoken, for the time being, it's not suitable to inadvertently alert the enemy. You just need to bring me the girl without anybody noticing. As for the Qin family, the Xu family will naturally handle them for us…"


The vigorous guy left in a flash and vanished into the darkness like a shadow.

An extremely masculine and positive Genuine Qi was traveling through Qin Wushuang's body. Whenever it finished circulating, Qin Wushuang felt a certain resonance from his blood vessels.

This kind of resonance only appeared after the Genuine Qi had achieved its prime state.

In other words, Qin Wushuang had practiced technique to its highest level. Although it was still a little far from a full, perfect stage, he was only one step away.

This one step was equivalent to a pit. Once you crossed over it, you would reach the perfect and absolute stage. You would acquire the masculine and active power which would grant an invincibility where nothing could harm you.

Four years, it had taken nearly four years of time.

Qin Wushuang had grown into an independent adult since he had been thrust, confused and disoriented, into this new world. He was able to achieve this level because he had this set of from his former world in his memory.

This technique had allowed him to advance smoothly on his training after his reincarnation.

While sensing the surging Genuine Qi in his body, Qin Wushuang felt very gratified and proud as the Qi moved like monstrous waves roaring through his body when he made a slight adjustment.

Four years of hard work, a thousand days and nights. Finally, his effort had not been in vain. For the current Qin Wushuang, although he had not regained one hundred percent of the strength he'd had as a grandmaster from his former world, he did secure his advantage as a Stage Seven Genuine Force Warrior in this world.

He predicted that he was only one step away from Stage Eight.

However, regardless of combat ability, Qin Wushuang would not fear any of the present Stage Eight Genuine Force Warriors. After all, he had the strength to beat them.

From the set of , he could now use the palm techniques from the "The Rising Sun" to the eighth palm technique "The Scarce Burning Of The Eight Suns" freely and wholeheartedly.

Qin Wushuang was not in a rush to practice the ninth palm. That was the ultimate move in the technique - "The Nine Suns That Destroy The World."

This palm technique had a forceful power. Since merit will make a good fortune, when used against the enemies, they would die for sure.

Originally, Qin Wushuang had wanted to master the ninth palm after he had achieved the perfect stage of . But since plans were never set in stone, he must revise them.

Because of the interference from the Xi Men Feudal Lords, Qin Wushuang felt an immense pressure from the upper-class aristocrats. If he wanted to fight back against this force, the only way would be to use his iron fists to counterattack.

On the other hand, the Xi Men Feudal Lords, as one of the top five families in the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords" of Bai Yue Country, they possessed an immense network and power. Besides the Royal family and the Zhen Wu Holy Place, only the Four Royal families of the Royal Territory could most likely suppress them indefinitely.

Feudal Lords, as the second class of the upper-class aristocrats and one level below the four Royal Families, counted at least Stage Eight Genuine Force Warriors among their forces!

In his former world, Qin Wushuang had suffered due to his carelessness. In this world, he aimed to train steadily and securely as to avoid any form of mistakes. Xi Men Qian's hostility was very apparent.

If Xi Men Qian was the only person he had to deal with, then Qin Wushuang would not even put him on his mind. However, Xi Men Qian had the entire Xi Men Feudal Lord family behind him. The Xi Men Feudal Lords were like a mighty mountain that loomed above Qin Wushuang. At any time, they could become significant obstacles and were a constant threat.

Qin Wushuang's principles were—To destroy any form of danger in its embryonic state!

He slowly suppressed the Genuine Qi inside his body and stopped the circulation of the Qi in his blood vessels. After a short breathing exercise, he continued to let each of his body parts return to their normal state.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang twitched his ear.

A murderous intent, a wave of nearly perfect murderous intent seemed to be emanating from the darkness.

Qin Wushuang, who had encountered many sneak attacks from assassins in his previous life, instantly felt a growing sense of excitement spreading throughout every fiber of his body. This feeling was very familiar. In fact, it was the same as what he had experienced from his former world.

Qin Wushuang had grown accustomed to his life in this world and the regret of his failure in his previous life had been gradually buried deeply in his heart. But in that instant he sensed the murderous intent creeping in the dark, he remembered the moment when he had been the target of a plot by the seven ace assassins from the Blood Rose organization. He remembered that even at the moment of his death, he never knew if his sister was safe. Thus, a wave of malevolent intent instantly surged up in his chest.

Assassin? Qin Wushuang felt a great anger consume him as he tightly clenched his fists. He made a vow to himself—I will not stop until I have killed all of you!

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